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Hootie Alarm Reviews 2022: Honest Pros and Cons Exposed!

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money

Quick Summary

Hootie is a personal safety alarm system that you can attach to a keychain. It has a loud siren, a powerful strobe light, and a trigger system that is easy to activate.


  • Easy pull trigger system
  • Does not go off on its own
  • Loud siren
  • Powerful strobe light
  • Lightweight
  • TSA approved for international travel
  • Firm carabiner


  • Might be useless if dropped or out of reach

Introduction to our Hootie Alarm Reviews

Welcome to our Hootie alarm reviews!

To say that being a woman is scary is not an exaggeration. One in three women is prone to physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. Walking alone at night can be dangerous. Moreover, they can be vulnerable to racial and/or sexual harassment, especially in places prone to such opportunities. Attacks of this nature pick no time or person, so it’s better for you to safeguard yourself.

You can never tell when horrible opportunists strike. For these reasons, we have a product that can help you in such situations – the Hootie safety alarm. 


Meet Hootie

Hootie is a personal safety alarm system that you can attach to a keychain. It has a loud siren, a powerful strobe light, and a trigger system that is easy to activate. The Hootie keychain is perfect for drawing attention and catching would-be assailants off-guard. Most importantly, you can carry it wherever you go. 



Here are key features of this personal safety alarm:

Loud Hootie Siren – the sound from the Hootie personal safety alarm rises up to 130 decibels. 

Easy Trigger System – simply pull the bottom part for the safety alarm to start blaring

Powerful Strobe Light – lightweight LED that flashes rapidly

Carabiner Keychain – the Hootie personal keychain alarm attaches firmly to handbags, purses, and other items. 


How to Use It?

For our Hootie personal alarm reviews, we find that the self-defense device is easy to use! Simply attach the carabiner to your handbag, purse, or any item that you can hook into. If you see or sense a potential threat, grab the bottom part of the gadget and pull it down.

This will trigger the lights and alarm, catching the attention of your assailant and bystanders. Once you feel you are safe, place the bottom part back in and this should turn off the alarm system.

Graphic Hootie

Benefits and Advantages

The Hootie alarm sound is quite loud, rating up to 130 decibels. For comparison, a lawnmower howls at 90 decibels. This should catch the attention of people nearby, even when they are inside their respective homes while you are walking on the street. If something is suspicious, they should come running to your aid.


It has an easy trigger system – you simply pull the bottom part. If you see a potential threat coming at you, you would be able to react in time to pull the pin. In the event that the assailant does grab a hold of your arm, you can still manage to trigger the device naturally and almost effortlessly. Doing so should trigger the loud siren and the LED lights so that people can spot you and where the danger is coming from.

The Hootie personal alarm comes with a powerful and lightweight strobe light that flashes rapidly. This should signal to other people where the alarm is coming from so they can help you if you’re caught in a dangerous situation. 


The carabiner keychain attaches firmly to any item of your choice. This allows you to pull the trigger system easily in the unlikely event that you are in dire trouble. 

To learn more about how amazing this personal safety device is, see below for some Hootie alarm reviews:

Hootie Colors 1
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Users' Hootie Alarm Reviews

“Bought the Hootie alarm for my wife as she works night shift and has to walk alone to get to the parking lot from the office. This gives me and her a sense of safety. We tested it and it works great!”

Terry I., office worker

It stays in place but you can pull it easily as well (to trigger the alarm system) This is very useful and I pray I don’t have to use it. The loudness of the siren is just right, not painful to the ear. Highly recommended!

Mary E., bartender

Few years ago, my purse got snatched. I wasn’t hurt but it taught me a lesson. Which is why I bought Hootie. It easily attaches to my car keys and I feel safe with it when walking alone. 

Gina P.

Hootie Alarm Pricing (Discounted)

Hootie comes in different packages that might interest you. It comes in six colors: black, white, red, blue, green, and purple.

Hootie Pricing

Money-back guarantee 

If you buy the Hootie alarm system and it ends up not the way you want, remember that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where to buy it? 

We recommend only buying Hootie from their official website if you want it from the source. We advise against buying from online shops or Amazon resellers as some of these may sell knock-offs. Also to avoid any Refund Policy issues.

Conclusion to our Hootie Alarm Reviews

To wrap up our Hootie alarm reviews;

What is it best used for?

Hootie keychain is best for women who feel unsafe in the streets, especially if they are walking alone or working night shifts.  

What is it not best used for?

Make sure to attach it to something that is always with you. If you drop it, you might not activate the easy trigger system.

Hootie Safety Alarm Alternatives

You can find other personal safety devices but most of these are either too small for big hands or too loud and irritating. You can also use pepper spray but there is a higher chance that assailants are prepared for it.

Hootie Alarm Reviews Final Word

Hootie deters incoming threats just by pulling an alarm device. This makes you feel more safe and comfortable, especially if you have to walk alone at night. Even out in the open, there is no telling when these opportunists will strike. For this reason, we recommend having a Hootie personal safety alarm with you at all times.


Will Hootie go off accidentally?

No, Hootie does not go when it is left alone. The trigger system requires some force but is easy to pull. On top of that, the attacker might set it off if he attempts to disarm it while you fight back.

Do I need a Hootie if I already use pepper spray?

Yes, Hootie works great with other personal safety devices. You can attract attention and fight the assailant at the same time. 

That's all for now:

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