The Breather Review 2023 – An Honest Take, Yay Or Nay?

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Quick Summary

The Breather is a respiratory trainer that eliminates all your breathing difficulties.


  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • TGA approved
  • Evidence-based
  • Drug-free
  • No side effects


  • May not work for everyone

Introduction to The Breather Review

Welcome to our The Breather review!

Are you having a hard time breathing? Do you notice this especially after working out? Does shortness of breath hinder you from sticking to your exercise routine? 

Meet The Breather

The Breather is a respiratory trainer that eliminates all your breathing difficulties. It can stabilize breathing resistance and improve breathing rate. This is perfect if you have weak lungs, suffer from a respiratory disease that does not seem to go away, and other respiratory problems. 



Here are the most salient features of this respiratory trainer

Exercise breathing muscles – designed to enhance inspiratory and expiratory muscles to improve breathing, speech, and swallowing processes.

Fix Respiratory Problems – improve the breathing process to relieve lung disorders and diseases that cause breathing difficulties

Aids in speech and swallowing difficulties – improve swallowing and speech function 

High-quality medical-grade material – the respiratory aid is durable, lightweight, and portable

Adjustable respiratory resistance levels – it has adjustable levels of resistance for inhaling and exhaling. You can choose from six inspiratory and five expiratory levels, depending on how much you can handle.

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How to Use It?

You can imagine The Breather device as dumbbells for your lungs. You use it to exercise the breathing muscles to solve tons of breathing, swallowing, and speech problems. 

Start by sitting upright against a chair then put the mouthpiece in your mouth, making sure not to bite it with your teeth. Breathe in with the device on for about 2 to 3 seconds then hold this breath for another second. Release your breath and exhale for 2 to 3 seconds, letting the air pass through the device. 

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You can see that the lung strengthening tool comes in six inhale and five exhale levels of resistance. Level one offers the least resistance while six is the maximum. Adjust these levels according to how much resistance you can handle. 

Comparing it to when you are building your biceps, make sure to pick a dumbbell that is not too light and not too heavy. Picking one that is too light might not help improve your breathing muscles. On the other hand, picking one that is too heavy will only stress the lung muscles too much.

Doing this regularly will improve not only your lung muscles but also strengthens your diaphragm. These can lead to a lot of health benefits. Additionally, The Breather training device will keep your airways clean.

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The whole process should not take you more than 10 to 20 minutes and you just need to do this once or twice a day.

Make sure to clean The Breather for COPD respiratory aid after use.

Benefits and Advantages

The main focus of The Breather fit device is to exercise your breathing muscles. This can lead to plenty of health benefits related to your breathing, speech, and swallowing functions.

As a result, the lung device fixes respiratory problems that impede breathing. This also improves cardio performance, heart rate, and stamina – perfect for athletes. It can also enhance breath control, which is advantageous for singers and musicians. The device can alleviate lung disorders and other diseases that make breathing more difficult. 

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Aside from that, it promotes better speech and swallowing functions. This relieves speech and swallowing difficulties caused by neuromuscular and other throat disorders. 

The respiratory device is made out of high-quality medical-grade material. That means it is durable, lightweight, and you can carry it with you everywhere you go. That way, you can use it even when you are on the go.

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If you want to know more benefits and advantages you can get from The Breather muscle trainer, simply refer to The Breather reviews below:

Users' The Breather Device Reviews

“I struggle with short breaths and the doctor advised me not to do strenuous activities for a while. That means I cannot exercise with my wife in the morning, so I decided to do something about it. Looked up solutions for short breathiness and found The Breather! This certainly improved my stamina and lung performance. Plus, I can go for a jog with my wife! I’d give this more than 5-stars if I could!”

Anthony S.

“I have asthma and they seem to get worse as years go by. So I bought this respiratory device hoping to relieve my coughing and breathing problems. I’m amazed at how beneficial it is that I had to drop a The Breather review. Thanks for changing my life!”

Paolo C.

“I read some articles about this product and how it can help with hypertension and breathing. So, I purchased one if it will work for me. Like a miracle, my blood pressure lowered and this happened when I wasn’t using my meds. Of course, you should not get rid of your meds and rely on this product entirely. It worked for me but might not work for everyone. Still, I am happy about the results and it certainly improved the quality of my life!”

Garfield P.
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The Breather Pricing (Discounted)

Breathe easy with the help of this respiratory aid device, which you can get for these prices:

The breather pricing

Money-back guarantee 

The Breather 1.1 is great for solving respiratory, speech, and swallowing problems. However, if the product does not seem to be working for you, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

Where to Buy? 

We recommend that you only buy this device from the official The Breather website. Other resellers on Amazon should be avoided so as to remove any Refund Policy issues.

Conclusion to our The Breather Review

What is it best used for?

This lung strengthening device is best for people who have difficulty swallowing, breathing, and talking (in relation to breath). It is a drug-free scientifically-engineered device that is easy to use. Get this product if you have a hard time breathing or swallowing due to respiratory or neuromuscular disorders. 

What is it not best used for?

You should not use this gadget to replace your regular medicines. This is also not a replacement for spray, puffer, inhaler, nebulizer, or oxygen tank. 

The Breather Alternatives

You can find other respiratory aid similar to The Breather. However, do note that only this device has adjustable levels of resistance for exhaling and inhaling.

The Breather Review Final Word

The Breather is an amazing respiratory device that can improve breathing, swallowing, and speech processes. It can also enhance physical performance and stamina, great for athletes and regular folks who want to exercise. 

The Breather respiratory aid is great for people who have a hard time breathing or swallowing due to pulmonary or neuromuscular diseases. However, don’t use the product to replace regular medication entirely. Instead, use it along with your meds for maximum results.


Will The Breather for COPD work for me?

It depends. To make sure that The Breather will work for you, consult your doctor. Ask them if a respiratory device can help you with your problem.

Can The Breather training device replace my medication?

No. You should not use the respiratory aid device to completely replace your medication. Instead, use it along with your medicines so that you can get maximum results. 

Is The Breather therapeutic?

Yes. According to PN Medical The Breather is therapeutic because it helps you inhale and exhale through the device. The resistance to inhalation strengthens the diaphragm. This is the major muscle involved in respiration and neck support, thus improving breathing. On the other hand, the resistance to exhalation keeps the airways clear. This leads to fewer obstacles when breathing, swallowing, and talking. 

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