Ultimate SabersPro Review 2023: Worth Having Or Not?

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Quick Summary

SabersPro light sabers are produced to inject realism in conventional cosplay. It is made with aluminum and impact-resistant polycarbonate, and the details are impeccably placed and the finishing is highly professional.


  • Made by artisans;
  • Gallery quality work;
  • Close to film originals


  • High price point
  • Not officially licensed

Introduction to our SabersPro Review

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George Lucas’ cinematic saga Star Wars has loomed in the collective consciousness of the world since the first film in the series, A New Hope, captivated audiences 45 years ago.

As a result dedicated fans have developed a subculture of their own, one that has spun off numerous products and collectibles. While the bulk of Star Wars-centric merchandise is officially licensed by Disney which now holds the copyright for the original film series and its spin-offs, artisans within the fan community continue to create stunning items that are a working testament to the lasting impact of the core story’s mythos.

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In this review of SabersPro, we’ll see how a fan-driven company’s products compare to the official items in terms of quality, creativity, and value for money.


With its striking appearance and unforgettable sound, the light saber is the most iconic item in the Star Wars lexicon. From the virtuous blue saber wielded by Obi Wan Kenobi to the truly intimidating double-ended staff / saber brandished by the villainous Darth Maul, light sabers are the dream collectible for many fans and their appeal has been undiminished by the passage of nearly five decades.


However, licensed merchandise will probably cost you more than the limbs Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader lost when Obi Wan took the high ground. But buying fan-made merchandise at a convention may also pose risks in terms of quality as well as safety; you may have bought something cheaply, but what are the chances of it being more than just another cheap plastic toy?

That said, the products offered by SabersPro UK may merit your consideration.

What is SabersPro?

Based in Long Island, NY, SabersPro could best be described as an artisan company that specializes in bespoke cinema-grade working light sabers that would certainly not be out of place in any of the Star Wars films or the streaming series which came after them.

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The brainchild of Russian emigres Sergey Kogan and Lev Glushkovskii, SabersPro products were originally created to bring a sense of thrilling realism to convention cosplay. Now, these items are collectibles in their own right.

Each light saber produced by the company is made with aluminum and impact-resistant polycarbonate, and the details are impeccably placed and the finishing is highly professional.


In this Saber Pro Lightsaber review, what are its features?

While the sabers produced by the company tend to differ as, in the films and shows, their qualities are dependent on the Jedi or Sith wielding them, the following features are fairly standard across all models:

  • Neopixel technology which uses bundled LED strips to create a realistic light effect in the blade of each saber;
  • Electronic core with the following components:
    • Microprocessor;
    • Audio amplifier;
    • Speaker; and 
    • Six-axis gyroscopic motion sensor;
  • Rapid ignition; and
  • Soundfont selection to modify the sound effects as you move.
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How to use it?

Each SabersPro lightsaber works in pretty much the same way as a prop sword and can withstand the standard blows of light to moderate dueling action.

Additional modes are dependent on the lightsaber you’ve chosen, but for the most part, these include:

  • Blaster deflection;
  • Blade color selection;
  • Blade lock-up;
  • Flash-on-clash; and
  • Smooth swing.
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Benefits and Advantages

While SabersPro UK products are not recognized as official Star Wars items under the auspices of Lucasfilm and Disney, they do offer the following advantages:

  • They add a nuance of realism to cosplay;
  • They can actually be used for dueling;
  • They are well-crafted and may be considered bespoke collectibles by fans and film memorabilia enthusiasts; and
  • They come with an assurance of safety and quality.
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Users' SabersPro Reviews

Is SabersPro legit or not? Here are some reviews from actual users.

“For just a plain baselit saber that is duel-ready and won’t empty your savings, this is a great deal. I’ve had mine for quite a while now and it’s super durable.”

Gage S.

“I just received a red baselit Inquisitor for my son's birthday; it's awesome! I have some master replica sabers but this piece by SabersPro is much better for dueling and so customisable. I might have to get myself one.”

Andy T.

“I got my first saber from SabersPro and was blown away by the quality. It's so much better than the official Disney ones, yet costs way less.”

George K.

SabersPro Pricing (Discounted)

The price of a gorgeously crafted saber ranges between those for generic or “padawan”-grade light sabers to the company’s more bespoke designs. These more pricey designs are inspired by specific characters from the series from Luke, Leia, and Lord Vader from the original films to the likes of Ahsoka and fighters from the Rebellion in the more recent streaming shows.

Don't worry about the prices – you can get a SabersPro discount code.

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Saberspro pricing

Money-back guarantee  

If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you may return the item within fifteen days of receiving it. Note, however, that shipping the item back is free for those in the United States and the United Kingdom. Customers from elsewhere in the world will need to shoulder the cost of shipping it back.

Where to buy? 

Get an authentic item exclusively from the official SabersPro website. Best to avoid reseller sites, like on Amazon, for possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our SabersPro Reviews

SabersPro is a company to watch out for. The quality of its products and the response the Star Wars fan community has had for them shows that the company means business. Now, Disney is notorious for suing artisans making fan merch, but they would be wrong to sue this team of intrepid artisans.

What is it best for?

Cosplay, as well as Jedi or Sith-style dueling workouts – provided that these aren’t high-impact on the blades. Also, an excellent alternative to official merchandise at a considerably lower cost.

What is it not best for?

Given the craftsmanship on these, we do not recommend these as mere toys for children.

SabersPro Alternatives

The only alternatives to these lightsabers worth checking out would be the official merchandise produced by licensed companies like Hasbro.

SabersPro Review Final Word

Our SabersPro review is meant to help readers make informed decisions prior to making a purchase. In which case, we recommend you do your own research to see what the best options are for your needs.


Is Saberspro officially licensed by either Lucasfilm or the Walt Disney Company?

No, SabersPro is a 100% independent fan collective that uses artisan techniques in its work.

What’s the price range for a SabersPro saber?

That would depend on the type of saber you want. In which case, the price runs between $89.95 and $660.95.

Can I use SabersPro lightsabers for dueling?

Yes, but keep in mind that these are only meant for light or medium-impact swordplay.

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