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Hiya Vitamins Reviews: 2024‘s Superb Breakthrough!🌟💊

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Product Name: Hiya

Product Description: Hiya Vitamins are a child-specific multivitamin supplement recommended for children two years old and above

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My Personal Experience with Hiya Vitamins

My little one and Hiya Vitamins? It's like a daily adventure in wellness! The vitamins are like tasty superhero treats, making the morning routine a breeze. My kiddo loves the fun shapes and flavors, and I love that it covers all the nutritional bases without the sugar overload. It's a win-win for both of us – a daily burst of goodness in a bottle.

Plus, no more battles over vitamins; it's a mom-approved lifesaver, making our mornings a bit brighter and healthier. Hiya Vitamins – where nutrition meets kid-approved fun!

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • GMO, gluten, dairy, and sugar-free
  • Formulated by a team of pediatricians and nutritionists
  • Made from organic ingredients


  • Quite pricey for a children’s nutritional supplement
  • The aftertaste may not be acceptable to some children
  • Some kids may balk that it’s a tablet and not a gummy

Welcome to our Hiya Vitamins reviews! Ensuring children receive adequate nutrition, especially immune system-boosting nutrients, can be a challenge. Paediatricians often recommend vitamins in syrup or chewable form to enhance children's health. But how can we be certain these vitamins contain enough nutrients to nourish a child?

Is there a good solution to this? Yes, and we’re doing a Hiya Vitamins review today to let you know all about it.

Overview: What Are They?

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Developed by pediatricians and Hiya Health Products LLC, Hiya Health Vitamins are a child-specific multivitamin supplement recommended for children two years old and above.

These were specifically formulated to address key aspects of childhood, namely healthy growth in terms of height and weight, mental and physical development, and strengthened immunity against viruses and other potential infections.

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The Hiya Multivitamin service is also one of the most sustainable nutritive solutions in terms of packaging and storage. The initial order arrives in a reusable glass bottle, while succeeding orders (if you've opted for the monthly subscription package) are delivered to a customer's house in plastic-free refill pouches that are biodegradable. 


For this Hiya Vitamins reviews, here are its features:

  • Each package has enough vitamins for 30 days;
  • Compounded with twelve organically-grown and sustainably-sourced fruits and vegetables;
  • Specifically crafted for children's digestion;
  • Packaged in eco-friendly materials;
  • Fresh deliveries made monthly; and
  • Produced domestically in the United States
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How to Use It?

Moving on with our Hiya Vitamins reviews, how do you use it?

Standard dosing for Hiya Kids Daily Multivitamins is one tablet a day for children two years old and above.

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Benefits and Advantages

Based on our own Hiya Multivitamin reviews, we’ve noted that they have the following benefits for children if taken on a regular basis:

  • Strengthened immunity  – Hiya Vitamins contain the recommended daily amounts of Vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and selenium to boost a child’s immunity against infections and reduce the risk of internal inflammation;
  • Improves a child’s strength and encourages healthy growth and weight gain  Has ample amounts of calcium and Vitamin D for proper bone development;
  • Better juvenile cardiac health   – One of the few children’s multivitamins that has a safe and adequate amount of Vitamin E to keep their cardiovascular systems strong and healthy;
  • Improved academic performance thanks to enhanced concentration and good eyesight – Among Hiya Vitamins ingredients contains Vitamin A and a selection of B-vitamins to improve sleep habits, concentration, and boost energy naturally;
  • Environment-friendly – One’s initial order will arrive in a reusable glass jar, while succeeding deliveries will be in plastic-free biodegradable pouches; and
  • Direct delivery – All orders are delivered directly to the customer.

Users' Hiya Multivitamin Reviews

“My kids love them, and I do, too. So grateful to have found this company. [The vitamins are] clean of any garbage normally put in kids' multivitamins. Our kids love the taste too, so we will continue giving these to them. I also love that these vitamins are refillable – less plastic in the world. The only issue / concern [I have] is that the lid feels a bit flimsy and sometimes doesn't open easily.”

– Maria S.

“[Hiya Vitamins are] a great alternative to sugary vitamins! I needed to switch to a chewable in the interest of dental health for my daughter. The packaging is a 10/10 experience: beautiful, simple, [easy to open], and – most importantly – is environmentally friendly.”

Maria D.

“[Hiya Vitamins Amazon are] simply the best. I purchased Hiya for my grandson [when he was] a year old. I raised my grown girls on a squeaky clean diet in the 80s when it [wasn't the norm.] My eldest still [eats clean, but my] grandson’s mommy [is the opposite.] My grandson, unfortunately, doesn’t eat as well as he should. I truly believe Hiya Vitamins have kept him well: his second birthday is coming up and he is pretty healthy. He will never go without Hiya as long as his grandma is around.”

Michele R.

Customer Service Experience

Hiya Vitamins reviews suggest exceptional customer service. Users consistently praise the team's responsiveness and dedication to addressing inquiries promptly. Customer support is lauded for its friendly and helpful approach, ensuring a positive experience for users. Hiya's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in efficient issue resolution and clear communication.

Hiya Vitamins Pricing (Discounted)

Off to an important section in our Hiya Vitamins reviews, pricing!

On the official Hiya Vitamin website, a bottle with enough Hiya Vitamins for one month will set customers back by $30 per child rather than per unit. If you’re buying for more than one child, Hiya takes a certain amount off the price per kid:

hiya pricing
Hiya Vitamins Pricing

Hiya Vitamins are distributed on a subscription basis, so a fresh supply is sent to a customer’s home every month until they choose to cancel their subscription.

Money-Back Guarantee, refund, and return policy

Keep in mind that Hiya doesn't give refunds for discounted orders. If, however, you aren't satisfied with the product, the company will refund the payment. You will need to cancel your subscription within three business days from your first order

Also, Hiya reserves the right not to grant a refund if the circumstances of the requests do not meet their standards. Any additional refunds will be issued per the company's discretion.

No product returns are necessary for requesting refunds.


For now, only available in the United States.

They dispatch the product within 3-5 business days through USPS, UPS, or FedEx. However, please note that unexpected delays may occur, potentially extending the delivery timeframe.

Where Can You Avail of Hiya Vitamins or Opt for a Hiya Multivitamin Subscription?

Hiya Vitamins are exclusively available at the official website. One can buy a single-time purchase or sign up for the monthly delivery service.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Hiya Vitamins Reviews

What is it best used for?

Hiya Vitamins are best for children between the ages of two and twelve, as these are the ones who need the most in terms of nutrition for growth as well as both physical and mental development.

What is not best used for?

Probably not the best choice for adolescents, particularly girls who are undergoing puberty as the amount of key nutrients may no longer be enough for their evolving needs.

Hiya Multivitamin Alternatives

Olly Hiya. There are other alternatives like Olly, if you want a multivitamin showdown between Hiya Olly. Possibly, only prescription-strength supplements mandated by a pediatrician would be the only alternative.

Hiya Vitamins Reviews Final Word

Featuring healthier ingredients and much less in the way of potentially toxic additives, Hiya Vitamins are one of the best options for keeping children healthy and properly nourished. Not only do these have no harmful ingredients, but they’re also sugar-free. We certainly recommend these for parents whose children are picky eaters, as well as those who want to give their kids healthier alternatives to conventional children’s vitamins.


Is the Hiya vitamin A gummy?

Chewable tabs are a better way to deliver children's nutrition. Likewise, they don't have the same ingredients common to gummy vitamins which may get stuck to teeth and cause tooth decay. Hiya Vitamins are also a better choice as kids don't assume they're candy in the same way as gummy vitamins.

Are Hiya vitamins good?

Hiya Vitamins are compounded from twelve organic fruits and vegetables and sweetened without processed sugar, using monkfruit extract, instead. The product of research done by pediatricians and nutritionists, these are amply formulated with the recommended daily allowance of nutrients, and also free of GMOs, allergens, dairy, and gluten.

What age are Hiya vitamins for?

Hiya Vitamins are designed for children. They offer a range of children's multivitamins and supplements formulated to meet the nutritional needs of kids.

How much sugar is in Hiya vitamins?

Hiya Vitamins typically aims to provide low-sugar or no-added-sugar options for children's health.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Hiya vitamins reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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