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Moksha Beam Reviews: 2024‘s Serene Relaxation Master!🌿✨

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Quick Summary

The Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace is a two-chambered tube meant to teach users the principles of mindful breathing in order to ease a frantic mind and a tense body.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Non-toxic;
  • Non-habit-forming;
  • Teaches mindfulness


  • Not medically vetted;
  • Only works for occasional anxiety;
  • Expensive for a meditation tool

Introduction to our Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace Reviews

You're reading our Moksha Beam reviews!

While anxiety is a natural reaction when faced with the unknown, it can become a debilitating condition. 

According to a study conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), over 40 million people in the United States alone suffer from one form of anxiety disorder or another – and the number could go as high as over 60 million if we include those who have not been formally diagnosed with such conditions.

moksha beam reviews 1
moksha beam reviews 1

For the most part, mental healthcare professionals treat anxiety based on how severe it is. In milder cases, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is mandated, along with regular exercise and meditation. In more severe cases, however, or those who suffer from panic disorder and health anxiety, medication in the form of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are prescribed.

But, regardless of how bad your anxiety disorder is, what can you do to take care of yourself in the event that you find yourself worrying (even nearly panicking) when you’re alone? That’s what today’s Moksh Beam Anxiety Necklace reviews will try to find out.


In recent years, the number of people officially diagnosed with anxiety disorders has risen in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the way recession is currently looming on the horizon.

Indeed, the mental health sector has grown within the same amount of time and numerous solutions have arisen to help people cope with their feelings of dread and worry. 

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While pharmaceutical solutions and nutritional supplements are the top of mind answer for dealing with anxiety and panic, some of these can be severely habit-forming and may be detrimental to one’s health if used incorrectly or for a prolonged period.

In which case, meditation aids like apps and tangible tools offer a soothing alternative. The Beam necklace by Moksha is one such item and its benefits are quite surprising.

What is the Moksha Beam Breathing Necklace?

If you’ve heard of the concept of silent whistles, the Moksha necklace is an excellent example – but not in the way that you think.

Think of the Moksha Beam as a form of relaxation or mindfulness apparatus: the two-chambered tube is meant to teach users the principles of mindful breathing to ease a frantic mind and a tense body.

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Don’t we usually tell people who are freaking out to take a deep breath to calm themselves down? This is the principle behind the Beam breathing necklace and it’s a great way with which to train yourself to slow your racing thoughts and pounding heartbeat by being more aware of your breathing patterns.


The Moksha Beam anxiety necklace kit includes:

  • Dual-chambered stainless steel tube pendant for mindful breathing exercises;
  • One-month subscription to Moksha’s breathing app for iOS with access to over 1,000 breathing exercises and therapeutic insights;
  • Four colorways;
  • Lead- and nickel-free plating; and
  • 25-inch stainless steel chain.
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How to use it?

Using the Moksha Beam involves an easy-to-follow process:

  1. Inhale deeply through your nose, ensuring that you are properly engaging your stomach and diaphragm;
  2. Exhale slowly through the pendant;
  3. As you breathe, allow your mind to clear itself of racing or unwanted thoughts;
  4. Repeat the first steps until you achieve a feeling of calm relaxation.
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Benefits and Advantages

The Moksha Beam’s primary benefits are as follows:

  • Improved state of mental and physical health;
  • One is able to control their worrying or panicking through mindful breathing;
  • It offers a non-pharmaceutical / non-sedative way to induce calm; and
  • It’s non-habit forming.
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Users' Moksha Beam Reviews

“The Moksha Beam necklace does not make a loud whistle sound but a little wind sound instead. I used this to stop smoking; now, I use this when I start to get upset, or stressed, or want a cigarette. It gives my mouth and hand something to do to distract me, and the deep breaths help calm me.”

Adrienne H.

“Just received this product in the mail a few days ago and safe to say I will be keeping it handy at all times! Whenever I recently felt a wave of anxiety coming about, I was able to sit down and take some controlled and calming deep breaths into the device. It really helped me stay grounded and secure. I will also be pairing my Beam anxiety necklace with the Moksha app to get added benefits and long lasting coping techniques. I also love the durable chain it is attached to for a subtle and sleek finish, making it easy to carry around wherever I go!”

Azzah I.

“The Moksha necklace itself is an excellent tool that can be used for breathing and treating short term anxiety. I find it works best with the Moksha app that's provided for free along with the purchase, as the app provides a library of countless breathing exercises tailored to your given emotional state. What a stylish and functional purchase; I definitely recommend giving this a shot if you're even remotely interested in managing your day-to-day anxiety/stress while sporting a fashion piece!”

Sahana S.
moksha beam reviews 7
moksha beam reviews 7

Moksha Beam Pricing

On the official Moksha website, you can buy the Beam anxiety necklace for $39.99, excluding shipping and handling. You can also get Moksha Beam discount codes to lower costs.

moksha beam reviews pricing
moksha beam reviews pricing

Money-back guarantee and return policy

If you aren’t happy with your Moksha necklace, you can return it to the manufacturer within 30 days of receiving the item.


All orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours of receipt. Typically, Beam arrives within 3-5 business days in the United States. International orders may take 7-12 business days for delivery, with times varying depending on the destination country.

Where can you buy a Moksha Beam?

To ensure that you get an authentic product, buy your Beam anxiety necklace through its official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Moksha Beam Reviews

What is it best for?

Those suffering from occasional nervousness or anxiety.

What is it not best for?

Definitely not recommended for those who need professional intervention to deal with anxiety disorders or addictive behavior.

Moksha Beam Alternatives

Normally, we would recommend another product as an alternative. In this case, however, we recommend seeing a medical expert or specialist to see what sort of therapy would work best for you.

Moksha Beam Reviews Final Word

We confess that we find the Moksha Beam as a great meditation tool instead of a lasting solution for an anxiety disorder. Still, the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace offers some respite for momentary anxiety, and we recommend that you take advantage of their money-back guarantee and try it yourself.


Has the Moksha Beam been vetted professionally?

As of the time we did this review, Moksha has yet to get medical clearance of any kind for the Moksha Beam.

Does using the Moksha Beam involve the use of pharmaceutical products?

No, the Moksha Beam is meant to be a meditation tool and does not warrant the use of medication.

Is the Moksha Beam non-toxic?

Yes, as it is made with stainless steel with a plating that contains neither lead nor nickel.

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