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Honest Paingone Plus Reviews 2024: Legit or Not?

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Product Name: Paingone Plus

Product Description: Looks like a retractable pen, but it’s the sort of pen that can write off your pain in a single click.

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Rapid action;
  • One-click pain relief;
  • Micronized TENS technology


  • Limited coverage

Introduction to our Paingone Plus Reviews

Welcome to our Paingone Plus reviews!

Pain in any form is never a comfortable thing. If it isn’t too bad, some of us just grin and bear it. If it gets in the way of daily life, then we consider a massage, pharmaceutical pain relievers, even a visit to a medical specialist.

But what if your pain doesn’t have to be so bloody inconvenient or invasive? What if you have a ready solution that can stop it in its tracks? Then we suggest you read through today’s Paingone Plus reviews to know more.


There are a number of alternatives to conventional pain relief methods that have gained popularity over the past two decades. The use of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology, for example, wherein FIRs are generated within a carbon fiber-lined chamber to penetrate deep into one’s skin and well into the muscles.

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Then, there is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). In this form of physical therapy, a battery-powered device is attached to the surface of one's skin with the use of electrode patches. These patches are placed over areas that hurt or at physical trigger points. Electrical impulses are then transmitted through the electrodes to stimulate the nerves in those areas to bring about pain relief.

Most of the time, TENS therapy involves having to hitch a patient to a machine – and, yes, this is done at hospitals, clinics, rejuvenation spas, and therapy centers. But what if you aren’t anywhere near such a facility? That’s where something as handy as the Paingone Plus comes in.

What is the Paingone Plus?

It may look like a retractable pen, but it’s the sort of pen that can write off your pain in a single click.

What is the difference between Paingone and Paingone Plus?

An advancement on the original Paingone device, the Paingone Plus is a battery-operated TENS system that you simply press onto the skin over the painful areas of your body. Click the device, and you get almost instantaneous pain relief.

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  • Portable, streamlined design;
  • Smaller than a conventional TENS device and highly portable;
  • One-click pain relief;
  • Powered by a single AAA battery;
  • Can be used 800 times without having to replace the battery; and
  • Can be safely applied directly to the skin or through one’s clothing.
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How to use it?

To use your Paingone Plus:

  1. Press the point of the Paingone Plus onto the affected area, either directly onto the skin or through your clothing;
  2. Press and hold the activating button for 30 seconds;
  3. While the activating button is depressed, the devices delivers a relay of controlled therapeutic impulses to stimulate the nerves in the affected area;
  4. Release the activating button when the 30 seconds are up and feel instantaneous relief.

To treat larger areas, move the Paingone Plus over the affected body part(s) to deliver relief. The device may be used as often as necessary within the day with no lasting side effects.

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Benefits and Advantages

  • Rapid pain relief anytime, anywhere;
  • Portable construction;
  • Does not need pharmaceutical additives;
  • Multiple uses with a single battery; and
  • Comes at a more reasonable cost than conventional TENS therapy, topical pain relievers, and other pharmaceutical analgesics.
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Users' Paingone Plus Reviews

As a brand, Paingone currently has a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, with five-star ratings making up 59% of 37 reviews. Here’s what happy customers have to say about it: 

“I love my PaingonePlus. I use it primarily on my hands, and it really helps keep the pain at bay. However, its usefulness would depend on the size of the area you are trying to treat. I've used it successfully on hands, ankles, and knees. It is very portable, not bad on batteries, but I would still advise getting rechargeables.”

Chloe R.

“I've only used the Paingone Plus for a second day, but the improvement is already noticeable. Looking forward to pain-free thumb joints again.”

Colin T.

“I concur with everything that's been written  about this device. The pen is great for accessible joints but it's not so effective over a larger area like the base of the back, but my TENS pads have that covered. For finger joints it is superb: way better than medication and cheaper in the long run than topical gels.”

Steven B.

Paingone Plus Pricing

On the official website, Paingone Plus cheapest goes for $59.99. However, if you want the Paingone Plus best price, we recommend that you grab their Buy 1 Get 1 promo.

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Money-back guarantee  

You may return items within 60 days of delivery, provided that these are sent back in their original packaging and accompanied by a proof of purchase.

Where to buy? 

While they may currently be cheaper on Amazon, Paingone Plus offers Buy One Get One and Buy Two Get One deals on its official retail site.

Note: The price quoted on the official Paingone website is in pounds sterling. Also, if you live in the United Kingdom, the item may also be purchased at Sainsbury’s.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Pain Gone Plus Review

What is it best for?

Minor aches and pains, stiffened joints in the wrists, hands, ankles, and feet.

What is it not best for?

It’s a bit too small to be more effective for larger areas of the body.

Paingone Plus Alternatives

Need to deliver pain relief to larger areas of your body? Consider Paingone’s Qalm and Aegis devices.

Paingone Plus Final Word

Pain relief in a single click without needing to pop a pill? Paingone Plus certainly delivers on the promise of rapid, medication-free pain relief. As the Paingone Plus offers pain relief, it would be an entirely prudent move to check with your healthcare practitioner before purchasing the device or other pain relief solutions.


Do I need to keep clicking the Paingone Plus to get relief?

No, just hold the device over the affected part of your body, hold down the activating button for 30 seconds, and you get relief instantly.

Can this replace conventional TENS therapy?

For minor cases such as stiff fingers and aching wrists, yes. However, more widespread TENS impulses are necessary for more serious cases involving chronic pain and injury.

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