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Honest Maji Air Drone Reviews 2024: Legit or Not?

maji air drone
⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short Maji Air Drone review summary:

Product Name: Maji Air Drone

Product Description: The Maji Air Drone is a remote-controlled portable drone that could be of great use for campers, hunters, and hikers - well, just about anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors.

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Reasonable flight time;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Great image and flight stability 



  • Not beginner-friendly;
  • May not work for those requiring a higher image resolution 
  • Price can be too high for hobbyists

Introduction to our Maji Air Drone Reviews

You're reading our Maji Air Drone reviews!

These days, it’s like photo/video-capable drones are a dime a dozen. They’re everywhere, practically anyone can use them, and there are so many brands and types to choose from.

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So today’s Maji Air Drone reviews are meant to inform our readers about this specific brand, what its product does, how well it stacks up against others, and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.


Quadcopter drones – the ones that have four spinning rotors to carry them into the air – have become the gold standard for both professional and hobby-only drones. They tend to fly farther, stay in the air longer, and are equipped with better cameras than most conventional drones.

While there are multiple brands specializing in quadcopters, today’s Maji Air Drone review will focus on this particular product line.

What is a Maji Air Drone?

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The Maji Air Drone is a remote-controlled portable drone that could be of great use for campers, hunters, and hikers – well, just about anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors.

Foldable and lightweight, it can be used by both professionals and amateur drone enthusiasts who will appreciate the fact that it is foldable, lightweight, offers an extensive range of motions, as well as high-precision image capture technology.

Best of all, unlike most of its competitors, it allows users to control the drone using their mobile phones rather than simply rely on the included controller.


The Maji Air Drone boasts of the following features:

  • App-based controls that you deploy through your mobile phone, regardless of whether you're running Android or iOS;
  • Separate remote control for those who are more skilled or prefer a different way of running a drone;
  • Built-in gravity sensor for absolute control over your drone's flight route;
  • Track setting to determine your flight path well beforehand;
  • 120° wide angle Full HD camera that takes 12MP stills and 120fps videos;
  • 360° panorama mode;
  • One-key takeoff;
  • Multiple flight modes; and
  • Foldable construction for easy portability.
Photo of Maji Air Done, in this Maji Air Drone reviews

How to use it?

Setting up your Maji Air Drone involves the following procedure:

  1. Download the compatible Maji Air Drone app. You can do this by scanning the QR code printed in the user manual;
  2. Install the app onto your phone or tablet;
  3. Place the batteries into the drone and switch it on;
  4. Launch the app and connect your drone to it.

The drone is now ready to fly and shoot. Also, as stated previously, the Maji Air Drone app can be installed and deployed in both Android and iOS devices.

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Benefits and Advantages

Like most of the current generation of drones, this drone offers the following benefits to its users:

  • It can fly and shoot for 20 minutes on a single charge – and that’s definitely more flight time than most commercially available drones which only go up to fifteen minutes;
  • Pinpoint accuracy and overall stability make for a smoother flight and clearer footage;
  • HD imaging technology allows users to take exceptionally clear photos and crisp videos with every flight;
  • It's lightweight and folds into itself, making it a great option for travel and landscape photography;
  • Its batteries are rechargeable; and
  • You can easily control the drone from any compatible mobile device using the companion app.
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Users' Maji Air Drone Reviews

“It's a great drone for learning how to pilot one. This is definitely not a toy but a real drone – and one with very easy to use features. Its camera has decent image quality and does a good job shooting both still and moving footage.”

Gino B.

“This is a very good drone for the money! It's easy to control and works perfectly indoors and even outdoors in calm conditions. The drone arrived in perfect condition and fast; the seller was also great.”

Terrel C.

“The Maji Air Drone is a great product for the money. It's a pity I cannot upload here a video where I show how I can easily fly it in my room. The altitude hold and barometer air pressure both work very well. The app is good, as the drone connects to the smartphone with no hassle.”

Valentine S.

Maji Air Drone Pricing (Discounted)

The Maji AirDrone will set you back by $99.00, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.

If you want additional protection, you can pay an additional $29.95 for an extended warranty wherein the manufacturer will replace your drone within 365 days of purchase if it gets lost, stolen, or broken at no extra charge.

Pricing options

If you’re thinking about buying more than one drone to either give as a gift, keep one as a spare, or build a fleet for professional production, you may want to consider the following package deals:

maji air drone pricing

Note that you will need to pay additional for shipping and handling.

Money-back guarantee  

If you aren’t happy with the Maji Air Drone, you can send it back for a refund or replacement within 30 days of delivery.

Where to buy? 

Make sure that you’re getting the real deal by buying through the official website.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace for authenticity and any possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Maji Air Drone Reviews

What is it best for?

We recommend this to professional photojournalists, scenic photographers, and filmmakers.

What is it not best for?

Given the image resolution, it may not be the best choice for geological and architectural surveying.

Maji AirDrone Alternatives

Based on a number of reviews we’ve conducted, many of the examples produced by the brand DJI will serve as an excellent option for avid drone users.

The DJI series of camera drones offers several reasonable alternatives. Keep in mind, however, that both these models are considerably more expensive.

Maji Air Drone Reviews Final Word

As with all our reviews, our Maji Air Drone reviews are meant to help potential customers make informed decisions regarding products they hope to purchase. Considering its more reasonable cost, the Maji Air Drone can easily give more expensive drones a run for their money thanks to its portability, functionality, and ease of use.


What's the standard image resolution of the Maji Air Drone?

Still images are shot at 12 megapixels while video resolution is at 120 frames per second.

What's the standard flight time on a single charge?

20 minutes is the maximum time you can fly the Maji Air Drone without needing to land and recharge.

If you've read all the way through this Maji Air Drone review, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


  1. The Maji Air drone mini version is a P.O.S.
    The body and blades are flimsy.
    The instructions indicate photos only up to 12′ in distance.
    The product is cheaply made.
    Not worth even the low price.

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