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What is Readyboost?: A Definitive Guide 2024

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Introduction on How to Enable Readyboost

Interested in a device that speeds up your computer? Welcome to our guide on what is Readyboost!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re working on your PC and it suddenly slows down? Most experts would recommend that you check your computer’s random access memory (RAM,) but did you know that your computer already has a solution already built into it?

This is ReadyBoost and we’ll see how this can either help or hinder you in your work.

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What is ReadyBoost?

Originally introduced when Windows Vista came out, ReadyBoost is a disk-caching program that enables NAND memory mass storage and CompactFlash. It also allows the use of SD cards and USB flash drives as caches between the computer's internal hard drive and RAM. That said, ReadyBoost is meant to increase your computer's speed and performance and adjusts the internal cache based on user activity.

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The program depends on SuperFetch technology which loads the most commonly used applications in the computer in advance in order to decrease loading time.

Having ReadyBoost in your machine increases the performance of all Windows releases following Vista without needing to install additional RAM. More to follow on how to enable Ready Boost below.

ReadyBoost How to Set It Up?

If you’re using Windows Vista or a Windows 7 PC, use the following method to enable ReadyBoost on your computer:

  1. Plug a flash drive into an available USB port on your PC;
  2. Double-click the MyComputer icon;
  3. Right-click the drive letter associated with the flash drive;
  4. Select PROPERTIES;
  5. Click on the ReadyBoost tab;
  6. Select Use This Device;
  7. Move the slider to allocate free space for ReadyBoost;
  8. Click OK to end the process.
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Follow this steps on how to activate Readyboost. Take note, however, that Windows 7 has reached its end of service. That said, ReadyBoost may still be used with Vista and Windows 10 via Readyboost Windows 10 free download.

What is ReadyBoost Requirements? 

So you might be wondering now, how to enable Readyboost Windows 10? What are the requirements on how to use Readyboost Windows 10? Minimum system requirements include the following:

  • Minimum total capacity for removable media (USB flash drive) needs to be at least 256 MB;
  • Access time of one millisecond or even less;
  • Removable device needs to have a minimum read speed of 2.5 MB per second for 4 KB random reads throughout your computer, and a minimum writing speed of 1.75 for 512 KB random writes; and
  • A flash memory to system RAM ratio between 1:1 and 2:5:1.
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Some Pointers to Know in this ReadyBoost Guide

In this short Readyboost review, here are some of the must-knows if you use this device:

  • In Windows Vista, ReadyBoost supports NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 from Service Pack 1 onwards;
  • In Windows 7 and 10, the program also supports the more contemporary exFAT file system;
  • Originally, ReadyBoost only supported a single removable device. In later Windows releases, however, it can support additional devices on a single workstation and users can expect an improvement in their computer's performance similar to that delivered by RAID 0;
  • ReadyBoost is automatically disabled if your version of Windows has a solid-state drive (SSD) as its default system drive as the speed is already pre-optimized;
  • ReadyBoost USB is not compatible with mobile phones, digital cameras, and other portable media devices or devices with emulated storage.

What is Readyboost's Advantages to your PC?

The thing about ReadyBoost is that the only Windows version it actually works for these days is Windows 10. But for such computers, the program helps when the device has a low RAM capacity or if the hard disk is beginning to slow down. This means your computer responds faster even when you're multitasking or if you're waking up the machine from sleep mode.

Having ReadyBoost Windows 10 or Readyboost Windows 11 can make applications and frequently opened files run faster as these are stored in a separate cache. It also means your PC doesn't have to rely so much on the hard drive, thus reducing both disk activity and noise.

In the case of laptops, the program helps extend the battery life as your computer uses less power as it uses the cache instead of the hard disk.

What’s the Best Readyboost Alternative?

Especially in newer Windows releases, ReadyBoost download is no longer a given or, more accurately, the best way to improve your PC's performance. What you need for your machine these days is an external device that can improve your PC's speed, performance, and overall reliability.

That device is the Xtra-PC. In essence, it is a small USB device that can easily be plugged into any desktop or laptop computer running later editions of Windows, and even into Chromebooks in order to give them an overall performance boost. As it has its own operating system, it will overwrite your device's existing operating system and replace it with something more contemporary and efficient.

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As Xtra-PC has its own internet browser, Office worksuite, and even programs for media playback, it's like getting a completely new computer at a fraction of the cost.


Which editions of Windows have the ReadyBoost program?

ReadyBoost was initially installed with Windows Vista. It was later applied to devices running versions 7 and 10, though the former has already reached its end of service.

Can I use ReadyBoost with my mobile phone?

Unfortunately, no. ReadyBoost does not work with mobile phones, digital cameras, and any device that has emulated storage.

If you've read all the way through this Readyboost guide, we are grateful. We have reviewed several other products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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