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Simple Ulla Review: 2024‘s Smart Hydration Fix!💧✅

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Product Name: Ulla

Product Description: Ulla is a small clip-on gadget that one can attach to their regular water bottle or drinking glass. It was specifically developed to address the issues related to chronic dehydration.

Offer price: 27.99

Currency: USD

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Personal Experience Summary

Ulla has revolutionized my hydration game! Its vibrant reminders and sleek design make staying hydrated a breeze. I love how it encourages healthy habits without feeling intrusive. Plus, the customizable features add a fun, personalized touch to my daily routine. Stay hydrated and energized with Ulla by your side! 💧🌟

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Long-lasting battery pre-installed;
  • Blinks once an hour;
  • Fits any drinking receptacle


  • Doesn’t sync with a mobile device;
  • No way to monitor your actual intake;
  • No audio, so you have to keep it within your line of sight

Welcome to our Ulla review! Were you aware that 75% of people in developed countries suffer from chronic dehydration? Often, we get caught up in our daily routines and forget to stay hydrated. This can result in various health problems such as chronic constipation and kidney issues.

While a lot of products have been marketed to encourage people to drink more water, including drink bottles marked at regular intervals, not all of these have been effective in keeping people hydrated. Well, at least until the Ulla the Smart Hydration Reminder showed up.

In this Ulla Hydration Reminder review, we talk about how this small gadget helps users stay hydrated throughout the day. We’ll also look at how much the Ulla water reminder costs and just how effective it is in ensuring that the user adheres to the recommended amount of water a day.

Overview: What is Ulla Smart Hydration Device and What Does It Do?

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Developed by Slovenian firm Ulla Labs, the Ulla Smart water bottle Hydration device is a small clip-on gadget that one can attach to their regular water bottle or drinking glass.


It was specifically developed to address the issues related to chronic dehydration. These include:

  • Headaches;
  • Dry mouth and throat;
  • Constipation;
  • Poor skin quality and elasticity; and
  • Fatigue.


For our Ulla review, each purchase of the Ulla Smart Hydration device includes the following:

  • One Ulla drink reminder device;
    • Actual device measures 1.57×0.98×0.39 inches (4×2.5x1cm) and weighs 0.99 ounces (28g);
    • Built-in low-power microcontroller;
    • High precision three-axis accelerometer;
    • Ambient light sensor; and
    • Built-in thermometer
  • Silicone mounting band;
  • Pre-installed CR2032 coin battery that has a working life of six months; and
  • User manual

How to Use it?

In this Ulla review, the Ulla water reminder is one of the easiest hydration devices to use. All you have to do is:

  • Clip the device onto your water bottle, using the enclosed silicon band to secure it onto the surface of your bottle, glass, or jug; and
  • Switch the device on and the device will blink once every 30 to 45 minutes, and the blinking will stop once you’ve picked up the Ulla water bottle to take a drink.
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Admittedly, because the Ulla Smart Hydration reminder doesn’t make a sound, you will need to keep the bottle within your line of sight to ensure that you take a drink every hour.

Benefits and Advantages

Users can expect the following benefits whilst using an Ulla Smart Hydration device:

  • Ensures that you stay hydrated, thus improving your health and overall productivity at work, school, or even for doing household chores. Experts recommend that women drink at least 11 cups of water daily and 16 cups for men;
  • Wireless functionality, so you get a blinking reminder that isn't too intrusive so that you can have a drink every hour;
  • Serves as a hydration tracker, specifically monitoring your habits through its tilt and motion detectors which are similar to the motion sensors built into devices like mobile phones and smartwatches;
  • Can be used on any drinking vessel from athletic bottles to standard drinking glasses, and even larger drinking jugs;
  • Clues you in on the temperature of the water in your drinking bottle, as well as how much water you have left, making it easier to know when to refill; and
  • Long-lasting battery
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Users' Ulla Reviews

“A couple of weeks ago, [I saw] a review for this product. It flashes every 30 to 40 minutes. If you haven't taken a drink of water, it will stop flashing after a couple of times – so you can ignore it if you want. [But the blinking] will start back after you've picked it up again. I brought mine to the office today, and it works! It's just a little bit of a reminder to pick up the bottle – and as long as you have it in your hand, you might as well take a swallow or two.”

Lissy, VA

“This little device seems like it would be useless – but it isn't! I simply was not drinking enough water during the day and this device changed that. I have been approached by many people at work asking me where I got it, as they need it too. We all get so busy that we forget to do the simplest things. Hydration is so important in making you feel better and be more productive. [I'm] very happy I did not overlook this little gem.”

Kelly L.

“I have been historically horrible about getting in my daily water consumption goal. Having this at my desk has truly changed that. Totally functional, [but rather expensive.] I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.”

ML Hanna
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Ulla on Reddit

Reddit reviews for Ulla, the hydration reminder, present a mix of perspectives. Some users praise its effectiveness in promoting water intake, especially for those prone to dehydration. Positive experiences emphasize its simplicity and contribution to healthier habits.

However, discussions include a subset expressing skepticism, with concerns about its necessity and reliance on technology for hydration reminders. While satisfied users integrate Ulla seamlessly into their routines, others question its value and efficacy, creating diverse opinions within the Reddit community.

Ulla on TrustPilot

TrustPilot reviews for Ulla showcase varied sentiments. Positive feedback often highlights Ulla's role in maintaining hydration levels and fostering healthier habits. Users commend its user-friendly design and impact on personal well-being.

However, critical reviews express concerns about its durability or necessity, with some users questioning its long-term value. The reviews illustrate a range of experiences, indicating that while many users find Ulla beneficial, others may encounter challenges or question its overall utility.

Customer Service Experience

Ulla's customer service experience receives mixed feedback. Satisfied users commend responsive support and effective issue resolution. However, some negative reviews express challenges in reaching customer service or dissatisfaction with problem resolution. The experiences vary, emphasizing the importance of consistent and efficient customer support.

Ulla Pricing (Discounted)

One Ulla Water Reminder kit will set you back at these discounted prices:

Ulla Discounted Pricing

You can get 15% off for every purchase of two water reminder devices, and 30% off for every purchase of four.

Money-Back Guarantee, return, refund, and shipping

The company will deduct original shipping costs from your refund, and you will need to pay your own return shipping costs.

Ulla has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should you be unsatisfied with how your Ulla water reminder works, you can request a refund within 30 days of delivery but you will need to shoulder the return shipping costs.

Ulla Labs will refund the amount you paid but will deduct the original cost of shipping.

Where Can You Get Ulla Smart Hydration?

We recommend that you only buy the product directly from the manufacturer’s official website. Reseller sites like that at Amazon should be avoided for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Ulla Hydration Review

What is it best used for?

  • Office workers who tend to ignore their water needs;
  • People who actively work out

What is not best used for?

Probably not a good choice for people who really need to monitor their hydration intake due to medical conditions

Ulla Alternatives

We like the HidrateMe combination drinking bottle and mobile phone app as it actively monitors your water intake and gives both visual and auditory reminders.

Ulla Review Final Word

In theory, having the Ulla Smart Hydration device seems like a great thing to have and it does feel handy for ensuring you drink enough water within a day. But our concern is that it probably won’t work for people who don’t keep their bottles within their line of sight. Also, it’s pretty hard to monitor your water intake as it doesn’t have a way to link to one’s smartphone, smartwatch, or even a desktop wellness app. But as a way of making you drink more water in a day, it does work.


Does the Ulla Smart Hydration device come with instructions?

Yes, each purchase of the hydration system comes with a user manual to guide you through setup and use.

Can I sync my Ulla Water Reminder with my phone?

Unfortunately, no; the Ulla Smart Hydration device doesn’t have a way to link and show its findings onto your mobile phone.

How does Ulla work?

By offering gentle, visual reminders, Ulla aims to promote consistent water consumption and help users develop healthier hydration habits. It is particularly useful for individuals who may forget to drink water regularly or need a simple cue to stay mindful of their hydration goals.

What is Ulla?

Ulla is a hydration reminder device designed to help users maintain proper water intake throughout the day.

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