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Honest Trigger Point Rocker Review 2023: Worth Your Money Or Not?

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⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short Trigger Point Rocker Review summary:

Quick Summary

An exercise board ergonomically designed so that key points on the user’s back are targeted.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Easy to use;
  • Portable;
  • Ergonomically designed by a physical therapist


  • Expensive for an item of its type;
  • May not be used by those with more severe back or neck injuries;
  • Requires more research to determine full level of effectiveness

Introduction to our Trigger Point Rocker Review

Welcome to our Trigger Point Rocker review!

Can you get relief for stiff and aching muscles while building them to their maximum potential? Those appear to be two opposing concepts!


On one hand, much as we would like to build bigger and leaner muscles, working out entails much effort and physical discomfort. On the other, muscles that are too relaxed tend not to gain much in the way of mass.

Who knows, our Trigger Point Back Rocker review may change your mind.


What is a Trigger Point made of?

Trigger points are defined as small patches of tightly contracted skeletal / voluntary muscle. Whenever these are formed, these can cause a significant amount of pain and tension that can severely hamper physical movement and mess with the normal functioning of one's limbs. If trigger points affect the shoulder and neck, these could also cause tension headaches.


In the practice of Asian healing modalities like acupuncture and acupressure, healers or therapists will specifically press on these to release the tension and bring relief to the affected muscles.

But in these hectic days, not everyone has the time nor the budget to head out for a therapeutic spa treatment. In which case, solutions such as personal massagers have been developed and sold over the past several years, but with varying rates of effectiveness. In which case, perhaps it’s time to consider something like a Trigger Point Rocker.

What is a Trigger Point Rocker?

Developed by physical therapist Aaron Fu, the Trigger Point Rocker is an exercise board with a difference.


Ergonomically designed and crafted from high-grade materials, it is made in such a way that key points on the user’s back are targeted. As the user works out, they not only build muscle, but also release the tension in their trigger points, leading to lasting muscular relief.


The Trigger Point Rocker’s key features are as follows:

  • Two firmness options to choose from, ensuring that one’s workout / therapy session is both comfortable and impactful;
  • Trigger knobs developed to bring relief and tension release to the following parts of the body;
    • Shoulders;
    • Head and neck; 
    • Suboccipital muscles; and
    • The spine for proper alignment of posture;
  • Uniquely curved design that allows for side-to-side rocking motion to both build muscle and relieve physical discomfort; and
  • Highly durable construction using safe, high-quality, non-toxic materials.

How to use it?

Trigger Point Rocker exercises begin with the basics. Here are Trigger Point Rocker instructions to follow:

  1. Slowly lower your body onto the Trigger Point Rocker;
  2. Align your neck, shoulders, and lower back with the knobs on the Rocker;
  3. Place deep pressure (bear your weight down) on specific knobs in order to target your trigger points;
  4. Rock from side to side to release the tightness in your muscles;
  5. Continue the exercise for five to ten minutes.

In addition, for those who want to use the Trigger Point Rocker to build muscle mass, you can remove the upper layer of the Rocker for harder-hitting and more intense workouts.

The Trigger Point Rocker may also be used for a working back rest to support your neck, back, and spine while you’re at your desk.


Benefits and Advantages

Using the Trigger Point Back Rocker regularly brings users the following benefits:

  • Relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain without pharmaceutical assistance;
  • Trigger Point Rocker build muscle & relieve pain with regular use;
  • Relaxes the muscles to prevent the formation of trigger points;
Feeling Great Older
  • Properly aligns the spine to improve one’s posture;
  • Strengthens the muscular core;
  • Improves mood via pain reduction; and
  • Provides a safe and fun way to exercise even for those who don’t really like working out.
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Users' Trigger Point Rocker Reviews

So does it work or not? Here are some customer reviews for you:

“As a mother and dentist who struggles with pain in my back and shoulder blades, I finally found relief with the Trigger Point Bck Rocker. I heartily recommend it for anyone suffering from similar issues.”

Desiree Y.

“I'm a tattoo artist and I spend hours every day in a chair tattooing clients, working the business side on my computer, or sketching at my desk – and that's caused pain down my back. My Trigger Point Rocker helps reduce those aches and pains whenever they flare up.”

John L.

“As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, I see many cases of back and neck pain on a daily basis.I'm pleased to see the Trigger Point Rocker, a product developed by a qualified medical specialist, that is both safe and effective for my patients to use.”

Garett L.
Feeling Great

Trigger Point Rocker Pricing (Discounted)

Now let's go to cost in this Trigger Point Rocker review.

trigger point rocker pricing

Thanks to the Trigger Point Rocker Kickstarter, its creator is offering it currently discounted at $79.99 per unit, excluding the cost of shipping and handling. If you live within the mainland United States, however, shipping and handling are free.

Additional workout and portability accessories are also available on the website and cost between $14.00 and $28.00 each.

Money-back guarantee  

The makers of the Trigger Point Rocker have what’s known as a happiness guarantee. If, at any time after your purchase, you find yourself unsatisfied with the product, you can simply send it back for a refund, no questions asked.

Where to buy? 

While similar items may be purchased via Amazon and other online marketplaces, we recommend you get an authentic item specifically from the official website. Beware of reseller sites also for possible refund policy issues. .

Conclusion to our Trigger Point Rocker Review

There are a number of workout options and relaxation tools available, but we have yet to see something similar to one that offers a dual benefit like the Trigger Point Rocker.

What is it best for?

Those in relatively good health who suffer from neck and back pains but are also seeking alternative to conventional workouts.

What is it not best for?

Those whose physical movement has been greatly decreased by age or severe injury.

Trigger Point Rocker Alternatives

While it looks rudimentary compared to the Trigger Point Rocker, the Fenix Trigger Point Massager tool may be suitable for those who just need a massage rather than a full-on workout.

Trigger Point Rocker Review Final Word

As with all our gadget reviews, our Trigger Point Rocker review is meant to help readers make informed decisions prior to making a purchase. In which case, we recommend shopping around and doing your research when it comes to finding a product that suits your needs. Also, it is advisable to check with your physician prior to using this item or similar workout / relaxation tools.


Is the Trigger Point Rocker painful to use?

It can cause some pain and discomfort, particularly when you hit your trigger points and knotted muscles. But the pain goes away in the first few minutes of using the item.

How long should a Trigger Point Rocker workout last?

Ideally, your workout should run from five to ten minutes for optimal results.

I’m recovering from injuries. Is it okay for me to use a Trigger Point Rocker?

It would be best to discuss the matter with your doctor or therapist first before using the item or any other workout device.

That's all for now:

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