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Simplified Treva Bug Fan Reviews 2024: Worth it or Not?

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Product Name: Treva Bug Fan

Product Description: The Treva Bug Fan is a mechanized version of conventional insect-swatting devices, but one with a key difference.

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Personal Experience Summary

The Treva Bug Fan is ideal for smaller rooms or areas closest to your outdoor activities.  And – overall, it is a great way to deal with flying insects.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Does not use harmful chemicals;
  • Silent motor, so it isn’t disturbing; 
  • Works on flies and mosquitoes


  • Not proven on smaller, more insidious pests;
  • Limited range of effectiveness

Introduction to our Treva Bug Fan Reviews

You're reading our Treva Bug Fan reviews!

Household pests are the worst. They aren’t just annoying or distracting, but they also have the ability to bring disease into your home. 

Most people would attack bugs using conventional pesticides, but this has the side effect of causing a number of debilitating health conditions, including respiratory problems and skin allergies. Likewise, using pesticides also adds pollutants to the air in and around your home, as well as the soil and groundwater.

So is there any way by which one can get rid of household pests without causing harm to others? Well, that’s why we’re doing today’s Treva Bug Fan reviews to see if this can get rid of pests as effectively as conventional solutions.


We’ve all known the stress and frustration of having to get rid of flies, fruit flies, and mosquitoes whenever we’re trying to cook or grill, or even when we’re just minding our own business and trying to relax.

In order to deal with these harmful insects, non-pesticidal options include fly swatters and organic irritants like citronella which helps drive away mosquitoes. One may even resort to using specially-made incense coils to get rid of flying pests, but the aroma of some brands is just as annoying as a standard bug spray. Also, you can’t swat flies and focus on your work at the same time – it’s just impossible!

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But what if you mounted a swatter onto a fan that keeps oscillating even as you’re busy with something else? Now, we’re talking – and that’s precisely what the Treva Personal Fan can do for you.

What is a Treva Bug Fan?

The Treva Bug repellent battery powered fan is a mechanized version of conventional insect-swatting devices, but one with a key difference.

This device uses light – or, to be more accurate about it, the reflection of the light on blades sporting a holographic pattern. As the blades move, any light shining on them is refracted to create a distorted array of reflections that most flying insects will shy away from. 

As it spins at a constant speed, insects keep their distance so you can go on with what you were doing without any pesky or potentially harmful distractions.

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Your Treva Bug Fan will come with the following features:

  • Pliable yet touch-friendly holographic-patterned blades;
  • Soft-stop technology so it can stop moving at a gentle touch;
  • Constant blade speed to ensure that insects keep away;
  • Lightweight construction and a handy size that makes it totable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; and
  • A quiet motor to ensure that no one is disturbed as it moves.
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How to use it

Using the Treva Bug Fan is as easy. You just need to stick in the Treva nontoxic bug repellent battery as switching it on. Place the activated fan anywhere near your workspace or where your children are to keep it bug-free and safe.

When you’re done, simply switch it off and take out the batteries.

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Benefits and Advantages

Having a Treva Bug Fan allows you to:

  • Enjoy a picnic, cook, or grill without being impeded by a swatter in one hand as the device is totally hands-free;
  • Keep flying pests at bay without resorting to potentially hazardous sprays or noxious insect coils that could cause health issues, especially among children, the elderly, and those with allergies; and 
  • It’s light enough, so you can take it to the beach, to camp, on a hike – well, just about anywhere you might encounter pests.
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Users' Treva Bug Reviews

“I am very happy with how quiet the Treva Bug Repellent Fan is. The blades are very soft and do not hurt if you should get in the way.  You can feel the air movement but don’t have to worry about things blowing off the table. I was happy to find a non-chemical alternative to try.”

June M.

“This fan is perfect for outdoor gatherings! It is both quiet and efficient. It works very well as it takes care of pesky bugs! It is an absolute necessity for outdoor gatherings and makes the outdoors enjoyable with no smelly insect repellent needed.”

Louise L.

“I get eaten alive by mosquitos and these things are a lifesaver! I sat outside with my husband for a couple hours the other evening and didn’t get any bites at all. Plus, it's a nontoxic bug repellent battery powered fan. I would highly recommend this product!!”

May I.

Treva Bug Fan Pricing

One Treva Bug Fan will cost you $14.99, excluding shipping fees and taxes. The product is also available in four colors, so you can choose one to suit your home or personal aesthetic.

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Money-back guarantee  

The 30-day money-back guarantee is applied from the date the Treva Bug Fan is delivered to your home.

Where to buy? 

This product is available on Amazon, but you should get it from the official website in order to get the best value.

Conclusion to our Treva Bug Fan Reviews

What is it best for?

Smaller rooms or areas closest to your outdoor activities. It is a great way to deal with flying insects.

What is it not best for?

Given its size, it may be less effective for larger spaces. Also, this device doesn’t work on fleas, bedbugs, and mites.

Treva Bug Fan Alternatives

Treva may have the experts’ nod, but the iLiving Indoor / Outdoor Fan also shows significant promise as a solution against flying pests.

Treva Bug Fan Reviews Final Word

You can now say goodbye to your conventional fly swatter as well as those icky chemical pesticides. Treva Bug Fan has you covered and it will help keep your home bug-free. That said, the Treva Bug Fan does deliver great results, so it may just be your cup of tea!


How does the bug fan work?

The device works using two AA batteries. For better value, we recommend using rechargeable lithium AAs.

Do fly repellent fans work?

Yes, they do, for smaller room spaces. While we do say yes to this, its size means that the Treva Bug Fan has a limited range. In which case, you may need to use more than one to cover an entire area.

If you've read all the way through this Treva Bug Fan reviews, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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