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Tenikle Review 2024: Uncover the Surprising Truth About This Innovative Gadget! 💡🌟

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Product Name: Tenikle 360 Phone Holder

Product Description: The Tenikle 360 is a tentacle-styled phone mount that sticks to any surface, securely grips your device, is strong enough to hold both phones and tablets, and stays in place for hours.

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Personal Experience Summary

This quirky phone mount is everything to content creators and tech reviewers like me. Having a flexible armature on a tripod or similar stabilizer allows me to capture the perfect scene. Thanks to its unique design, i find that you can use it standing up or hanging and its strong grip ensures that your footage remains stable. Best of all, i find it’s small enough to put in your bag so you can shoot whenever and wherever with ease.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money
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    Value for Money


  • Portable;
  • Can be adjusted in numerous ways;
  • Great stability on flat surfaces


  • Cannot be used on textured surfaces;
  • Incompatible with some phone cases

Introduction to our Tenikle Review

You're reading our Tenikle review!

In today’s content-crazy world, there is a growing demand for tripods and other items that can help ensure the stability of a mobile device during production or even for personal reasons like attending online meetings or watching something on your favorite streaming app.

However, mobile tripods and phone holders tend to differ in terms of quality and stability. Likewise, not all of them have the means to hold your device safely while staying put on any surface. In which case, how does a device like the Tenikle differ? That’s what we want to discover in today’s Tenikle review.


What do content creators look for when it comes to stabilization equipment like tripods and phone holders? Well, stability is the primary factor, obviously; but when it comes to getting the right angle and position for a shot, especially for a video, flexibility is what matters. 

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Having flexible armature on a tripod or similar stabilizer allows cineastes and content creators to capture the perfect scene. Unfortunately, not all tripods allow for the kind of flexibility that many creators need and this has driven some entrepreneurs to reconsider the item and develop ways to improve it in terms of design and functionality.

This brings us to today’s topic, the Tenikle.

What is a Tenikle?

Yes, its name is something of a baby-talk pronunciation of the word “tentacle” – but that’s also because the item’s design was inspired by the suction cups on a cephalopod’s tentacles.

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Initially seen on Shark Tank, the Tenikle 360 can easily be considered the ultimate in terms of basic stabilization. Tenikle is a superversatile flexible tripod that sticks to any surface, securely grips your device, is strong enough to hold both phones and tablets, and stays in place for hours.


For our Tenikle review, Tenikle’s creators factored in the following features when they developed the device:

  • Tenikle universal mount flexible suction;
  • Simple yet effective flexibility with almost thrice as much rigidity as the original Tenikle;
  • 360-degree movement thanks to a new innovation: a fourth appendage that easily grips your device and holds it in place even as you position the arm for the best angle;
  • Silicone suction cups with a powerful grip for maximum stability on practically any surface; and 
  • Despite its size, it can easily hold up to 30 lbs – practically 100 times its own weight.

How to use it?

Next up on our Tenikle reviews, using the Tenikle Tripod is as easy as pie. All you need to do is attach your phone, tablet, or even a DSLR/lomography camera to the tripod by way of the suction cups or the provided phone clip.

Stick the Tenikle phone mount onto your surface of choice using the other suction cups, then bend the armature to get to the angle that you need for the shoot – it's that simple!

Plus, thanks to its unique construction, you can even wrap the tentacles around a tree branch or pole if that's what it takes to get your perfect shot.

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Benefits and Advantages

Having a Shark Tank Tenikle 360 on hand delivers on the following benefits:

  • Thanks to its unique design, you can use it standing up or hanging;
  • Its strong grip ensures that your footage remains stable;
  • You can use it for professional-grade photo or video shoots;
  • You can use it to stabilize your device for meetings or even just watching your favorite videos and
  • Best of all, it’s small enough to put in your bag so you can shoot whenever and wherever with ease.
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Users' Reviews

For our Tenikle review, let's take a look at what users have to say about this universal mount flexible suction tripod.

“The Tenikle Shark Tank update phone mount is definitely sturdy, which makes it rather hard to adjust to the position you want it to be. Also slightly difficult to put in a phone if it has a thicker phone case. The suction on the window worked well.”

Amy C.

“This product is flexible, good for holding the phone at a precise angle, and for wrapping around something (like a bike handle, or a pole for taking pictures. However, if you want to take a video with it stuck to a vertical surface, it doesn't work that well. I tried shooting a three-minute dance for my dance team with it stuck to the dance studio mirror. Unfortunately, it fell off a minute into shooting. and broke the phone holder. That being said, I emailed customer service, and they got right back to me and mailed me a replacement.”

Mandy W.

“This Tenikle mount is an awesome phone holder, as highlighted in several Tenikle reviews. The only struggle I had was that I didn’t realize the attachment, to hold an actual phone, will only hold phones with a maximum width of 3.067 inches wide. I have an iPhone plus size and it just fit the holder.”

Tania A.

Tenikle Pricing

Next up in our Tenikle review, is it expensive?

The Tenikle Suction Tripod will set you back by $29.99, excluding taxes and shipping, and you get a 10% discount on your initial purchase.

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Shipping is free for orders worth $75.00 or higher.

Money-back guarantee  

The brand offers a one-year warranty, but you can return it for refunds or replacement within 30 days of delivery.

Where to buy? 

It’s available on Amazon, but you can get a better deal on the official website.

Other Stores

Best to still with the official site and avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Tenikle Review

Now, it's time to wrap up our Tenikle review;

What is it best for?

Content creators and those who need a stable base to provide hands-free use of their mobile devices.

What is it not best for?

For all its flexibility, this is not the sort of device we would recommend for shoots on a bigger scale.

Tenikle Phone Holder Alternatives

If you’re doing travel shoots in a vehicle, the Tenikle 2, developed by the same firm, is an equally useful buy.

Tenikle 360 Review Final Word

If you want more stable shots in your work, then the Tenikle could work for you. An innovative approach to keeping your devices stable, Tenikle also brings a touch of welcome whimsy to make the art of shooting content even more appealing.


Can I use my Tenikle with any sort of phone casing?

Unfortunately, no. The Tenikle needs some adjustments if it is to work with cases from Otterbox, as well as those with leather or fabric cases. The device is also less effective on textured cases.

Do I get a phone clip with a Tenikle?

Yes, and it comes in handy if, as above, the case on your phone doesn’t work with the suction cups.

Does Tenikle offer a technical warranty of any kind?

Yes, and it runs for about one year from the date of purchase.

If you've read all the way through this Tenikle review, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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