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Honest SpeedPro Adapter Reviews 2024: Legit or Scam?

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Product Name: Speedpro Adapter

Product Description: It is more than just a universal travel adapter, the Speedpro Adapter doubles as your personal secure WiFi network regardless of where you are in the world - and you don't need to sign up for network access because it's absolutely yours!

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Personal Experience Summary

Let me share the saga of my cyber adventures with the Speedpro Adapter – it's the digital magic my connection was craving! Setting it up was a breeze; it's like giving your internet a superhero upgrade. The download speeds? Lightning fast! Streaming became a buffer-free haven, and online gaming? A lag-free battleground. 

But the real showstopper? The extended range! It's like turning my living space into a WiFi wonderland. No more dead spots; just seamless connectivity. 

The Speedpro WiFi Adapter isn't just a gadget; it's the unsung hero of my digital realm, transforming my connection glitches into a smooth-sailing cyber journey.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Can be used in up to 150 countries;
  • Doubles as a charging port for devices;
  • Plug and play capability


  • Needs to be connected to ethernet or LAN connection;
  • Expensive for what is essentially a travel plug;
  • Can be challenging to set up.

Introduction to our Speedpro Adapter Reviews

Welcome to our SpeedPro Adapter reviews!

Whenever we travel, there are two things that we really shouldn’t leave at home: a working charger and a portable WiFi network to ensure that our devices aren’t just powered up, but they keep us connected, as well.

Most of the time, we tend to carry one of each: a universal plug adapter that you can use for any socket available anywhere in the world; a mobile WiFi hub you can tote along to get a proper connection anywhere you go.

But what if we told you that you can have both of these things in a single device. That’s right – and that’s what we’re talking about in today’s Speedpro Adapter reviews.


One of the main challenges when it comes to toting any electrical appliance along on a trip overseas is knowing if the electrical capacity is the same as that in another country, the old 110v vs 220v question that needs to be looked into before one travels. On top of that, even the configuration of a plug’s insertable prongs tends to differ depending on which part of the world you’re in.

For this reason, universal travel adapters were developed. These modified plugs essentially allow you to plug your device into any socket, regardless of its configuration. This saves time and money on your part as you don’t need to buy devices or appliances that are specifically made for the electrical connections within a certain country.

On the other hand, connectivity is another key issue that travelers need to deal with, as the cost of getting connected overseas can run to some serious amounts. This is why a number of companies started offering mobile routers attuned to WiFi networks in different countries to those who need stable, reliable internet connections to stay in touch with loved ones or colleagues even while on the go.

But did you know that there’s a single device that brings the functions of these two devices together? Read on to learn more about the Speedpro Adapter.

What is a Speedpro Adapter?

Giving you the capability to plug into any electrical outlet anywhere in the world, the Speedpro WiFi Adapter by RangeXTD changes the game regarding convenient functionality.

But more than just a universal travel adapter, the Speedpro Adapter doubles as your personal secure WiFi network regardless of where you are in the world – and you don't need to sign up for network access because it's absolutely yours!

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To start our Speedpro Adapter reviews, what are its features? When you get a Speedpro Adapter, you get to enjoy the following features:

  • Your own personal password-protected WiFi network which keeps you safe from any online malcontents in whichever nation you’re in;
  • Several USB ports that let you attach devices for charging; and
  • Multiple socket prongs that can be used to plug your personal devices into sockets in over 150 countries. These prong configurations include:
    • EU-type;
    • UK-type;
    • US-type A; and
    • US-type B.
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How to use it?

Next up in our Speedpro Adapter reviews, how do you use it? All it takes to use the Speedpro Adapter are these easy steps:

  1. Select the plug / prong type appropriate to the available sockets;
  2. Plug the device in to power it up; and
  3. Attach the device to your accommodation’s ethernet cable or LAN connection.

Once connected, the device creates your own internet connection that you can protect with a password to ensure your online security.

Also, you can use the device to power up other items whose plugs may not necessarily be compatible with local sockets, as well as a charging port for phones, tablets, and cameras.

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Benefits and Advantages

Moving on in our Speedpro Adapter reviews, how can you benefit from it? Having a Speedpro Adapter on hand when you travel offers the following benefits:

  • You never have to carry around multiple adapter plugs or cables whenever you travel;
  • You can stay connected even when you’re overseas;
  • Using it to create your own personal WiFi network protects your personal information from potential hackers and identity thieves; and
  • You can use it just about anywhere in the world.
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Users' Reviews

What do people say in their Speedpro Adapter reviews?

“I love the fact that the SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi adapter includes a pair of USB outlets on it. It lets me use the main socket to power my laptop while I use the USB ports to charge mine and my husband’s phones.”

Beatrice B.

“The combination of power socket adapter and Wi-Fi network creator simply can’t be beat. It really does give you the two most important things you need when you’re staying in a foreign nation.”

Donald G.

“I used to carry a bag of adapters whenever I’d travel, just hoping I’d have one with me that would work. The SPEEDPRO device makes everything so much easier – I always know I’ll have the adapter I need, no matter what country I’m visiting.”

Rodney R.

TrustPilot Reviews Summary of SpeedPro Adapter

Trustpilot reviews for the Speedpro WiFi adapter indicate a mixed sentiment. Positive feedback emphasizes its fast and stable connectivity, particularly in larger homes. Users commend its compatibility with various devices and user-friendly installation process. However, some negative reviews highlight occasional connectivity issues and express dissatisfaction with customer support, citing slow response times.

Reddit Reviews Summary of SpeedPro Adapter

Overall, the consensus among Reddit users is that the Speedpro WiFi adapter is a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and high-performing wireless connection, with the majority expressing satisfaction with their purchase.

Customer Service Experience

SpeedPro Adapter's customer service shines with quick responses and comprehensive assistance. Users appreciate the team's proficiency in addressing connectivity issues and providing helpful setup guidance. SpeedPro ensures a positive customer experience by resolving concerns promptly and offering expert support, earning praise for their commitment to ensuring users get the most from their WiFi adapter.

Speedpro Adapter Pricing

Most importantly in our Speedpro Adapter reviews, how much will it cost you?

A single Speedpro Adapter will set you back by $39.99, excluding the cost of shipping and handling, as well as relevant taxes.

If you need more than one – and especially if you need individual members of your family or tour party to have one each – consider the following bundles:

  • Two for $79.99;
  • Three for $89.99; and
  • Four for $119.99.

Again, keep in mind that these prices do not factor in taxes or shipping fees, both of which are computed at checkout.

Money-back guarantee  

It’s a bummer, but the 30-day money-back guarantee for the Speedpro Adapter only applies to unused and unopened merchandise.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available within 30 days from purchase.


No warranty is provided.

Shipping (Domestic, International, Tracking, Fees)

Shipping policies vary, with standard delivery times of 5-7 business days. Expedited options may be available at an additional cost.

Return Policy

The return policy generally requires items to be in unused condition with original packaging. Users may need to cover return shipping costs unless the product is faulty.

Where to buy? 

You won’t be able to find this anywhere except through the official retail site.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Speedpro Adapter Reviews

Now to wrap up our Speedpro Adapter reviews;

What is it best for?

Anyone who travels a great deal and requires a secure internet connection.

What is it not best for?

This takes some tech know-how to set up, so it may be a pain to use for complete novices.

Speedpro Adapter Alternatives

Capable of connecting up to sixteen devices on the go anywhere in the world, you may want to give the GlocalMe Lumen Air a shot.

Speedpro Adapter Reviews Final Word

So how do we rate this device in our Speedpro Adapter reviews? It’s the kind of device that ensures that you’re both powered up and connected wherever you are in the world. If you’re an intrepid traveler, then the Speedpro Adapter ought to be in your carry-on kit.


How many countries can the Speedpro Adapter be used in?

As of last count, the device can be used to connect in up to 150 countries.

Do you need a SIM card to use a Speedpro Adapter?

No, but you will need to link the device to a local internet network using an ethernet cable or a LAN connection.

What does a WiFi adapter do?

They are mobile routers attuned to WiFi networks in different countries to those who need stable, reliable internet connections to stay in touch with loved ones or colleagues even while on the go.

That's all for now;

If you've read all the way through this Speedpro Adapter reviews, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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