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Amazing Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews 2024: Yes or No?

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Product Name: Snapshot Shelfystand 360

Product Description: The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is an intelligent rotating selfie stand that automatically tracks and takes photos for a superior selfie experience. 

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Handy and convenient to bring around;
  • 360-degree motion tracking;
  • State of the art facial recognition



  • App can be difficult to use;
  • Bluetooth syncing tends to be faulty

Introduction to our Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews

You're reading our Snapshot Shelfystand 360 reviews!

The invention of self-directed digital photography – what we now call a selfie – has revolutionized the art of portraiture. From something that was the province of the wealthy, taking selfies is something that anyone can now do.

Photo of a boy taking a selfie, in this Snapshot Shelfystand 360 reviews.
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But while selfie sticks and automated tripods that have built-in timers have been a great help, they tend to fall flat when it comes to enabling users to shoot and record continuously without having to adjust their phones or cameras.

For this reason, we suggest you sit back and read through today’s Snapshot Shelfystand 360 reviews to see if this nifty little gadget could be a viable tool for you.


Camera stabilization technology has changed a great deal from the original tripods and built-in camera timers. With the launch of applications like Vine, and eventually TikTok, visual content creators are looking for better ways by which they can shoot their material.

Photo of a selfie stand, in this Snapshot Shelfystand 360 reviews.

Selfie sticks are cumbersome to begin with, and it takes time to set up a tripod. Likewise, lower stands that can be set on a flat surface don’t do much to improve the stability of one’s videos, especially if you’re shooting something dynamic like a dance or gymnastics routine. 

Also, even if newer generation phones have facial recognition technology that enables the camera to focus on a selfie taker’s face, it’s all for naught if what you’re using to hold your phone has no stability or the ability to follow you as you move.

That said, how can the Snapshot Shelf Stand 360 help you out?

What is a Snapshot Shelfystand 360?

The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is an intelligent rotating selfie stand that automatically tracks and takes photos for a superior selfie experience. 

It essentially does away with problems like missing the timer and being unable to be in the image when the shutter goes off, and it is dynamic enough to keep track of you as you move.

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Best of all, it comes with Apai Genie, an intuitive image stabilization app, to make taking self-portraits and digital content so much easier.


The Snapshot Shelfystand 360’s primary features are as follows:

  • Automatic turning stand with built-in facial detection and motion-tracking features;
  • Built-in tripod with its own auto-tracking mechanism;
  • Adjustable holder which tilts to the correct angle; 
  • Apai Genie intuitive imaging app which includes image filters and dynamic effects;
  • Built-in object tracking; and
  • Can be used for streaming and blogging.
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How to use it?

  1. Insert three AAA batteries into the base of the Shelfystand;
  2. Attach your mobile phone to the stand;
  3. Download and install the Apai Genie application;
  4. Press and hold the Shelfystand’s ON button;
  5. Sync the device with the Apai Genie app.

Your Shelfystand is now ready to use.

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Benefits and Advantages

  • Offers 360-degree motion tracking and facial recognition;
  • Superior image stability even for videos;
  • Securely holds any phone regardless of brand or model;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Portable construction
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Users' Reviews

“The Shelfystand is really useful, especially when used within the app for recording videos and taking photographs. The face tracking works well and, even if you go out of range for a moment, it catches up when you come back.”

Erika I.

“I use this product for doing video presentations to be uploaded to different platforms. It is pretty sensitive to the presenter’s motion whether they're walking or pacing, so it works as long as it the movement is not too fast or jerky. It is easy to use.”

Leonard U.

“It was pretty difficult to connect to my phone completely and took some time to get it working. Although if it starts connecting properly it can be very useful for my YouTube and Facebook cover and original songs videos. Not a bad item for the price.”

Wallace B.

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Pricing (Discounted)

Getting a Snapshot Shelfystand 360 will only set you back by around $39.99, excluding shipping and handling fees and taxes.

Pricing options

You can buy multiple items in a single purchase and get them at discounted rates:

snapshot shelfystand pricing
snapshot shelfystand pricing

As above, shipping and handling fees as well as domestic or international taxes are not computed in the stated costs.

Money-back guarantee  

All orders are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you send them back within 30 days of delivery. Note that the cost of shipping items back needs to be covered by the customer.

Where to buy? 

To ensure that you’re getting an authentic product, we recommend buying your Snapshot Shelfystand 360 only through the official retail site.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores, like those on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, also for any possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews

If you’re a digital content creator, then we suggest you look into the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 as a way of augmenting your creative capabilities.

What is it best for? 

Digital content creators who post their work on various social media platforms, as well as those who just want to take better selfies or want to level up their own photography / videography skills.

What is it not best for?

However, given the size and the power of the Snapshot Shelfystand 360, this is not a good choice for those who are more into independent film production as its abilities for filmmaking are seriously limited.

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Alternatives

It’s twice the price of the Snapshot Shelfystand, but the PHOSNOVA Automated Face Tracking Selfie Stick is a great alternative. While it, too, is reliant on an application, it also offers built-in AI technology to help users take better selfies and videos.

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Final Word

Today’s Snapshot Shelfystand 360 reviews are meant to help digital content creators make informed decisions regarding the type of selfie stick alternatives they want to use. But we also recommend shopping around to see what works best for you.


Do I need to download an app to use the Snapshot Shelfystand 360?

Yes, you will need to get the Apai Genie into your phone for the device to work.

Is the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 rechargeable?

No, you will need to use three AAA batteries to power up the device.

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