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Seedsheets Reviews: 2024‘s Revolutionary Garden Magic!🌱✨

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Product Name: Seedsheets

Product Description: Seedsheets are customizable gardening sheets which you simply drape over soil.

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My Personal Experience with Seedsheets

SeedSheets turned my gardening aspirations from a wishful thought to a flourishing reality. As a self-proclaimed plant novice, the simplicity of SeedSheets was a game-changer. The pre-seeded, dissolvable sheets made planting a breeze, and the excitement of watching my herbs and veggies sprout brought unexpected joy. The thoughtful layout and clear instructions catered perfectly to my green-thumb-in-training status.

Even when I had a query, their customer service was quick to assist, reflecting a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. From balcony to table, the journey with SeedSheets was not just about gardening; it was a delightful adventure into the world of homegrown freshness, proving that anyone can cultivate their own slice of nature.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Easy to use;
  • Can be customized based on your preferences;
  • Can be cut to fit for those who prefer container gardening


  • Not a good fit for cooler climes;
  • Not all seeds may grow


Welcome to our Seedsheets reviews!

With practically everyone trying to eat a bit healthier, there has been a shift toward vegetarianism and veganism. People are making it a point to eat more fruit and veg to improve their health. 

However, with inflation soaring and, with it, the prices of various commodities, including fresh foods, feeding yourself and your family good and healthy food is getting harder by the day. 

For this reason, urban gardening and farming initiatives have gained popularity.

But you may say that “That’s for people in big cities, but what about us who live out in the suburbs who need to drive out to buy food?” That question forms the perfect reason why you ought to read on through our Seedsheets review today.

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Now, let's move on with our Seedsheets reviews, what is it?

If you actively watch Shark Tank, you’ve probably marveled at the different product prototypes that are offered up for the panel’s consideration. While all of them are interesting, not all are given the opportunity for further development.

But this unique approach to gardening, even in a relatively small space, certainly got a good start thanks to Seedsheet Shark Tank.

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What are Seedsheets?

As seen on Shark Tank Seedsheets are customizable gardening sheets that you simply drape over soil. The seeds are already pre-planted into each pod on the sheets, so there’s no need to till the soil or plant them by hand.

By customizable, it means you can choose the selection of plants you can grow with your Seedsheet – from an all-salad selection to a bountiful array of seasonal produce and even Flower Seed Sheets.

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Upon purchase, users get the following items:

  • 32-pod 8′ x 4′  Seedsheet gardening sheet you can cut to any size;
  • Pre-planted selection of seeds that are both organic and non-GMO; and
  • Organic weed blocker.
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Your Seedsheets also have a two-year shelf life: if you don't feel like growing them now, you can easily grow them later.

Seedsheets are currently sold in four varieties:

  • Sunshine Garden which works best in hot and dry climates;
  • Fantastic Fall Garden, a seasonal variant;
  • Super Salad Garden which enables users to produce their favorite salad greens; and
  • The brand’s signature Super Value Garden which includes a highly nutritious selection of food-bearing plants.
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How to use it?

Seedsheets Shark Tank prides itself on making gardening ridiculously easy. In fact, growing your own food with Seedsheets just takes a few key steps:

  1. Select a sunny spot in your garden or backyard, particularly a location to the south that gets at least eight hours of direct sunlight a day;
  2. Fill your raised bed to the top with high-quality soil, particularly a type pre-enriched with nutrients;
  3. Place the Seedsheet seed-side down on the surface and pat it down with your hands until flat and level;
  4. Secure the Seedsheet in place with the green stakes included in the package, pushing them carefully through the pre-slit X-slots. In case your location is windy, it helps to weigh the sheet down with additional stones to keep it from blowing away;
  5. Water the Seedsheet using the green watering nozzle included in the package which fits most standard-sized one-liter bottles or, especially for those backyard gardening, a hose outfitted with a standard misting nozzle, gently applying water directly onto the pods; and
  6. Spray each pod for around five seconds, pause watering for 30 seconds, then repeat until all the pods have dissolved and any exposed soil has been thoroughly moistened.

As with all gardening projects, make it a point to water your Seedsheet daily, especially in hot and dry weather.

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Benefits and Advantages

The benefits of using Seedsheets are as follows:

  • You can easily grow your own food right in your own backyard or garden;
  • You can grow your Seedsheet herb garden by choosing from an extensive variety of herbs, fruit-bearing plants, and even salad greens to make up your seed selection;
  • You get to enjoy fresh and organic produce at about a fraction of the cost; and
  • You can be sure that what you’ve grown is perfectly healthy, additive-free, and GMO-free.
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Users' Seedsheets Reviews

“I have used Seedsheet three separate times now. I love it so much! It’s easy to use and you can also cut the sheet to customize it further. My five-year-old did his own Seedsheets garden kits and put it in two separate pots. He’s now growing his own vegetables by himself and they are thriving.”

Kassandra H.

“Normally, I put my seeds in a greenhouse and I transplant everything by tax day in April. This year was so cold, and we still had frost as late as the end of April, so I took a chance and bought these Seedsheets from Seed sheets com. I highly recommend Seedsheets!”

Alison E.

“Seedsheets are amazing. Everything is growing beautifully and the few things that didn’t sprout were quickly replaced. What an incredible company and idea. I love the companion planting and ease of use; it's perfect for a beginner like me.”

Robert D.
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SeedSheets on Reddit

Users praise SeedSheets for simplifying gardening with its easy-to-use, all-in-one approach. They appreciate the convenience, variety of plant options, and the successful growth of herbs and vegetables.

SeedSheets on Trustpilot

Users rave about SeedSheets for its simplicity and convenience in growing herbs and vegetables. They appreciate the user-friendly design and the joy of effortlessly cultivating fresh produce at home.

Customer Service

SeedSheets impress users with responsive and helpful customer service after your initial complaint or inquiry. Reviews highlight quick assistance, knowledgeable support, and a commitment to resolving inquiries efficiently. Users appreciate the reliability of SeedSheets' customer support, contributing to a positive overall experience with the brand.

Seedsheets Pricing (Discounted)

Moving on with our Seedsheets reviews, what about price?

Regardless of variety, Seedsheets are sold per unit, excluding shipping and handling. For those who want carte blanche with the plants they want on their Seedsheets, the company will charge you additional fees.

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Money-back guarantee, return and refund, and shipping policy  

Seedsheets offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but only for standard seed packages. Custom seed selections are not eligible for refunds. Make sure to apply our Seedsheets discount code and Seedsheets coupon to save more!

Shipping is free within the United States for more than 1 seed package.

Where to buy? 

To ensure that you’re getting authentic Seedsheets, make it a point to buy yours from the official website.

Other Stores

Beware of reseller sites, like on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, to avoid possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Seed Sheets Reviews

If you think that gardening and growing your own food are both beyond you, Seedsheets will make you think again. Seedsheets’ Shark Tank presentation certainly wowed a lot of people – and many of them have harvested – literally – the fruit of their labors.

What is it best for?

Those with ample space in their homes for a garden, as well as those who want to save money by growing their own food.

What is it not best for?

Probably not a great choice for those living in cold and wet regions, particularly those that get little in the way of sunlight.

Seedsheets Alternatives

If you live in Europe, a company called Urban Cultivators offers a similar product.

Seed Sheets Reviews Final Word

To conclude our SeedSheets reviews, SeedSheets exceeded expectations, turning my gardening dreams into reality with ease. From planting to harvest, the journey was joyous. Its simplicity, combined with outstanding customer service, makes SeedSheets a gardening essential.


How many pods are in a standard Seedsheet?

The standard model comes with 32 seed pods, each encapsulated in a dissolvable/water-soluble membrane. The smaller herb grower's model comes with five pods.

I don’t really like the plants bundled with a standard Seedsheet; can I customize my own?

Yes, but customized sheets will set you back by an additional $10.00 and are not covered by the refund policy.

How did seed sheet do after Shark Tank?

SeedSheet appeared on Shark Tank in 2016 and secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. Since then, SeedSheet has experienced growth and expanded its product offerings.

Where is seedsheets located?

SeedSheet is located in Middlebury, Vermont, USA.

That's all for now:

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