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Our Ultimate Raptor 8K Drone Review 2024: Is It Good or Not?

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Product Name: Raptor 8K Drone

Product Description: The Raptor 8K Drone is a precision-engineered drone that can be safely used in or out of doors.

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Longer flight time;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Great image and flight stability 


  • Not beginner-friendly;
  • May not work for those requiring a higher image resolution

Introduction to our Raptor 8K Drone Review

Welcome to our Raptor 8K Drone review!

Drones have become a part of today's work scene, particularly among geological and structural surveyors, architects, filmmakers, landscape photographers, and photojournalists.

Quadcopter drones, in particular, have become the drone of choice for many of these professionals. They fly faster and farther, stay in the air longer, and – especially in the case of newer generation drones – are better equipped in terms of imaging technology and tools.

But there are a lot of quadcopter drones available these days. How do you know which one to choose? That’s a question we want to help you answer with today’s Raptor 8K Drone reviews.

Overview Presentation

From aerial photography to capturing live footage in potentially hazardous places, specialized drones are a great thing to have if you’re into aerial photography or need scenic or structural images that need to be taken from awkward, even precarious, angles. This applies to both professional and amateur shutterbugs.

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In this case, potential users need to consider the following qualities when choosing a drone:

  • These need to be easy to control;
  • Image stabilizers are a part of the package as the clarity of details of captured footage may make or break the project the drones are being used for;
  • Usability in all but the most extreme weather conditions is always an advantage, and 
  • A drone needs to have pinpoint accuracy when it comes to directions.

So, does the Raptor8K Drone hit the mark of all of these? That’s what we intend to find out in today’s Raptor 8K Drone reviews.

What is the Raptor8K Black Drone?

The Raptor8K Black Drone is a precision-engineered drone that can be safely used in or out of doors.

This particular drone was crafted to have exceptional stability in flight, as well as high-resolution imaging technology for clear, richly detailed footage.

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Primary features for the Raptor8K Drone are as follows:

  • Increased flight time compared to similar models;
  • Flight speed of around 12 meters a second;
  • Tri-axis gimbal stabilizer;
  • 720p maximum image resolution;
  • Panorama mode; and 
  • Built-in anti-collision system.
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How to use it?

It's quite easy to set up the Raptor8K Black Drone; just follow the steps presented below.

  1. Download the compatible app. You can do this by scanning the QR code printed in the user manual;
  2. Install the app onto your phone or tablet;
  3. Place the batteries into the drone and switch it on;
  4. Launch the app and connect your drone to it.

Your drone is now ready to fly and shoot.


Benefits and Advantages

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The advantages of using the Raptor 8K-Drone are as follows:

  • It can fly and shoot for fifteen minutes on a single charge, giving it more flight time than most commercially available drones;
  • Pinpoint accuracy and overall stability make for a smoother flight and clearer footage;
  • HD imaging technology allows users to take exceptionally clear photos and crisp videos with every flight;
  • It's lightweight and folds into itself, making it a great option for travel and landscape photography;
  • Its batteries are rechargeable; and
  • You can easily control this drone from any compatible mobile device using the app.
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Users' Raptor 8K Drone Reviews

“It's a very nice little drone with steady flight and altitude hold. You get a little more than what you paid for, in my opinion. You can stream live videos and take pictures you can access in real-time through your mobile device. I am very satisfied.”

Belinda K.

“The Raptor 8K Black Drone is great for learning how to pilot such a device. It's definitely not a toy, but a real drone with very easy to use features. The camera has decent image quality and does a good job. Shipping was fast and they kept me updated about the delivery the whole time.”

Caleb M.

“The Raptor 8K Black Drone is my first one, so I was excited to try it at home and see how it worked. It has good control sensitivity and responds well. I was pleased with the battery life; with extra batteries, I could pretty much fly as long as I wanted to.”

Sarah W.
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Raptor 8K Drone Pricing

A single Raptor 8K kit will set you back by $99.00, excluding shipping and handling.

Pricing options

Those getting multiple Raptor 8K in a single purchase can avail of discounted prices. These are as follows:

raptor pricing

Note that all purchases of the Raptor 8K come with a three-year warranty.

Money-back guarantee  

If you aren't satisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Simply send the drone back in its original packaging. Note, however, that shipping charges will be deducted from the refund.

Where to buy? 

To make sure that you get an authentic device, we recommend that you purchase the Raptor 8K from its official website.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, also for any possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Raptor 8K Drone Review

What is it best for?

We recommend this to professional photojournalists, scenic photographers, and filmmakers.

What is it not best for?

Given the image resolution, it may not be the best choice for geological and architectural surveying.

Raptor 8K Black Drone Alternatives

If you want to level up your drone use and expertise, consider looking at the more expensive DJI line of camera drones. Keep in mind, however, that both these models are considerably more expensive than the Raptor 8K Drone.

Drone ModelPriceCamera QualityBattery LifeRangeFeaturesUser-Friendliness
DJI Mavic Air 2$79948MP, 4K/60fps34 min10 kmObstacle detection, FoldableEasy
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0$1,59920MP, 4K/60fps30 min7 kmCollision sensing, 360-degree cameraModerate
Autel Robotics EVO II$1,49548MP, 8K/25fps40 min9 kmDual sensors, 360-degree obstacle avoidanceModerate
DJI Mini 2$44912MP, 4K/30fps31 min10 kmUltra-light, Level 5 wind resistanceEasy
Parrot Anafi$69921MP, 4K HDR25 min4 km180-degree tilt gimbal, Ultra-compactEasy
Skydio 2$1,34912.3MP, 4K/60fps27 min3.5 kmAutonomy system, Follow-cam modeAdvanced
Yuneec Typhoon H3$2,19920MP, 4K/60fps25 min2 kmHexacopter, Professional-grade cameraModerate
DJI Mavic 2 Pro$1,59920MP, 4K/30fps31 min8 kmAdjustable aperture, Omnidirectional sensingEasy
Hubsan Zino Pro$4394K/30fps23 min4 kmDetachable camera, Budget-friendlyEasy
PowerVision PowerEgg X$89912MP, 4K/60fps30 min6 kmWater landing mode, AI cameraModerate

Raptor 8K Drone Review Final Word

The Raptor 8K Black Drone is a great device to have on hand for those who want to try drone photography for the first time, but also works brilliantly for professionals.


What's the standard image resolution for the Raptor8K Drone?

You can shoot high-definition stills and 720p HD video.

What's the average speed for flight?

The Raptor8K flies at around twelve meters per second at best.

If you've read all the way through this Raptor 8K Drone review, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


  1. I ordered your raptor 8K on the November 5 2023 I paid with my debit card on line and have not received it yet and would like to know why I have a copy of my receipt in my photo library I can send you i paid $131.89. Would you please check my order and let me know if I was scammed or not this is for my kids Christmas so please get back to me.

  2. Before deciding to get the Raptor 8K, I did a lot of information searching on the web, including “review sites” like yours, and several “apparent” news releases, and decided, based on these reviews, to purchase a Raptor 8K yesterday from their website. Since then I have also found a YouTube review on this drone that defines it and the company that sells it, as a SCAM! In this video review they point to an exact copy (or vise versa) of the Raptor 8K sold as the “Enchine E58” as being the exact same item, comparing the described attributes of each, and pointing out that the Raptor 8K does not perform as the website advertises, nor has the quality of camera, battery life, and distance it can can travel as stated on their website. I purchased my Raptor 8K for $89 plus shipping and tax. If you look at the Enchine E58 on Amazon, it can be purchased for $43.99 with a 10% off coupon, less than half what I paid. I should have been wary of the Raptor8K.com sales pitch. It definitely was too good to be true. Now I’m stuck with a cheap mediocre mini-drone, worth probably $40. By the way, it appears that Renewing Rain LLC in Sebring, FL is the owner of Raptor8k.com.

  3. Just got mine after waiting a month. I think I’ll go to my local R/C shop and buy something that works!!! No flight time 10 min top. Fell from 15 to 20 feet and now neither one will work!!! I think I’ll check on refund and if can’t get one then I’ll really tell what I think of this drone!!! Buy the way no name one the unit or remote 🤔🤔, if they will not put there name on it….they must think it sucks too!!!

  4. This drone is not anywhere near as good as all these reviews make it out to be. I either got a bad one or all of these positive reviews are fake.
    I was using the drone in my yard keeping it low to ground when all of a sudden it just took off on its own. I had no control to bring it down or move it in any direction. All I could do was watch it disappear into a small black dot. I have not idea where it went. I just wasted my 120 dollars.

    I would not spend my money on this thing and I’m going to guess that this review will never be seen.

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