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Qinux FotGlee Review: Capture Every Moment 2024! 📸

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⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short Qinux Fotglee review summary:
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Product Name: Qinux Fotglee

Product Description: The Qinux FotGlee is a mechanized mat that considers the working principles of acupressure and reflexology, then blends it with EMS technology (specifically transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS) to provide a truly soothing and therapeutic experience that you can have at home - or just about anywhere as the mat setup is highly portable.

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Personal Experience Summary

Step into the world of relaxation with the Qinux Fotglee EMS massager, and you're in for a treat! This little wonder is like having a personal masseuse on speed dial. The variety of massage modes and intensity levels is a game-changer, catering to every mood and muscle need.

The portability is a win; it's my pocket-sized stress-buster wherever I go. And the design? Chic and modern – it's like a stylish accessory for self-care. 

But here's the real kicker – the customizable settings. It's like tailoring a massage to fit your exact preferences. The relaxation is next-level, and the tension just melts away. 

In a nutshell, Qinux Fotglee EMS massager isn't just a gadget; it's a wellness upgrade. It's the ultimate companion for those moments when you need a break from the hustle.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Combines contemporary EMS therapy with reflexology principles;
  • Non-pharmaceutical;
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating


  • Expensive for a massage device;
  • Not available on most retail sites;
  • Not vetted by any medical organization

You're reading our Qinux FotGlee review! Getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax one's body and restore it to improved health. Unfortunately, the hectic pace of modern living means that we are so busy taking care of business that we rarely have the time to take care of ourselves.

Fortunately, several devices deliver the benefits of a professional massage or, better yet, the positive effects of either acupuncture or acupressure in your home. The Qinux FotGlee is one of them, and today's Qinux FotGlee review will see just how practical and useful this device is for your health.

Overview Presentation

In previous reviews of several health-related instruments, the acronym EMS came up a number of times – and for good reason.

The acronym stands for electrical muscular stimulation, wherein electrical impulses are transmitted through one's skin to stimulate muscles and nerves. This is usually done for any of the following purposes:

  • Muscle relaxation following a period of stress or after a long day at work, especially if we are talking about the feet and legs;
  • Pain relief;
  • Reduction of edema or swelling caused by excess liquid pooling in the extremities; and
  • Physical therapy following a debilitating injury that affects the limbs, joints, and spine.
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In previous decades, this type of therapy was only available through a doctor's office, specialist's clinic, or hospital. Today, there are devices that offer the benefits of EMS therapy right in the comfort of one's home.

In which case, how does the Qinux FotGlee compare to other EMS devices currently available? We suggest you continue reading through today's Qinux Fotglee review to learn more. 

What is a Qinux FotGlee?

The Qinux FotGlee is a mechanized mat that considers the working principles of acupressure and reflexology, then blends it with EMS technology (specifically transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS) to provide a truly soothing and therapeutic experience that you can have at home – or just about anywhere as the mat setup is highly portable.

The application of the technology to the soles of your feet is meant to boost blood circulation in and out of the lower extremities, resulting in reduced swelling, muscle fatigue, and pain with regular use. Indeed, your feet will thank you, but so will your ankles, knees, and calves in the long run.

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Let's kick off our Qinux Fotglee review with features! The Qinux FotGlee's most visible features include the following:

  • State-of-the-art EMS technology with impulses that penetrate deep within your skin to reach nerves and muscles;
  • Easy-to-clean electrode-filled rubber matting which has specific areas mapped out onto it so you'll know where to place your feet during sessions;
  • Removable control console which allows you to select a treatment routine, as well as the level of intensity you need; and
  • A rechargeable and long-lasting lithium battery that lets you use the mat whenever you need it.
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How to use it?

Moving on in our Qinux Fotglee review, is it tough to use? No! It only takes three steps to use a Qinux FotGlee for personal therapy:

  1. Switch on the device, making sure that you've charged it well beforehand;
  2. Place your feet on the spaces provided for them. Ensure that these are properly aligned so you can enjoy the full benefit of the TENS impulses generated;
  3. Adjust the settings to your desired level of intensity.

The FotGlee will switch off automatically at the end of your therapy routine. You may want to stand, but to enjoy the soothing aspect of the device, we recommend that you sit down, keeping your feet flat on the mat.

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Benefits and Advantages

Let's now go to the benefits in our Qinux Fotglee review. Like many EMS and TENS devices, the benefits of using a Qinux FotGlee include the following:

  • Significantly improved blood circulation within the lower extremities, resulting in decreased fatigue, pain, and swelling;
  • Possible prevention of vascular conditions affecting the lower extremities;
  • The reflexology aspect of the FotGlee also means you can experience relief in other parts of the body; and
  • The foldable nature of the mat allows for easy storage within the home, or you can simply pack it into your luggage and use it while you're on a trip – perfect for those who do a lot of walking on tour.
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Users' Qinux Fotglee Reviews

What are some reviews from users about the Qinux Fotglee EMS foot massager?

“The design of the product is amazing, the quality of the material is excellent, very compact and easy to store. This foot massager really helps you relax. It has multiple modes that can be adjusted to different speeds, it is very efficient and works very well! I feel so much better when I use it!”

Jim Y.

“I have poor blood circulation and my legs always ache, even though I work sitting down. I looked up some reviews does it works online. This foot massager is like a mat that gives the sensation of little bumps. I love that it takes up hardly any space and you don't need to plug it in to use it.”

Sandra G.

“I say thumbs up in my personal Qinux Fotglee review! An excellent massager to relax the legs after an intense physical workout. In my case I have chronic pain in the heel area (plantar fasciitis) and my physiotherapist recommended this type of device. So far I am quite satisfied.”

Teyona E.

TrustPilot Reviews Summary of Qinux Fotglee

Trustpilot reviews for the Qinux Fotglee EMS massager generally convey positive sentiments, emphasizing its effectiveness in muscle stimulation and pain relief. Users appreciate its portable design and ease of use. However, a few reviews note variations in individual experiences. Overall, Trustpilot feedback suggests satisfaction with Qinux Fotglee EMS massager's performance.

Reddit Reviews Summary of Qinux Fotglee

Reddit reviews for the Qinux Fotglee EMS massager are largely positive, with users praising its effectiveness in muscle stimulation and pain relief. The portable and easy-to-use design receives appreciation. Users report improved muscle recovery and stress relief. However, some note variations in individual experiences. Overall, Reddit users express satisfaction with Qinux Fotglee EMS massager's performance.

Customer Service Experience

Qinux Fotglee sets a gold standard in customer service. Reviews consistently highlight their prompt and helpful responses, addressing queries with detailed information. Whether resolving issues or providing assistance with the massaging device, their dedicated support team impresses users with a commitment to ensuring a positive customer experience. It's a testament to Qinux Fotglee's reliability and customer-centric approach.

Qinux FotGlee Pricing

Of course, we won't miss tackling the important thing in this Qinux Fotglee review – its price!

One Qinux FotGlee will set you back by $69.95 on the official website, and you can avail of an extended warranty for $5.95 for one year and $9.95 for two.

Seeing how the FotGlee is an excellent gift to give health-conscious friends and relatives, you may want to consider purchasing multiple items at the following rates:

qinux fotglee pricing

Money-back guarantee  

The money-back guarantee on this device is a short one: you’ll need to send back the device fourteen days from the date of delivery if you want a refund or replacement. 

Refund Policy

Qinux Fotglee EMS massager offers a 14-day refund policy if they are dissatisfied.


The warranty typically covers manufacturing defects for one year.

Shipping (Domestic, International, Tracking, Fees)

Shipping is free worldwide.

Return Policy

The return policy generally requires items to be in unused condition with original packaging within 14 days from purchase.

Where to buy? 

Unfortunately, you won’t find this on any of the usual retail sites. We advise you to buy the original in the official store Qinux. That way, you won't be bothered if it works or scam.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Qinux FotGlee Review

Now to wrap up our Qinux Fotglee review;

What is it best for?

Those who suffer from mild conditions affecting the lower extremities, as well as those with easily resolvable circulation issues in that part of the body. This may also be considered supplemental therapy for those with sprains or muscle strain

What is it not best for?

Unfortunately, this may not be effective among those with severe vascular conditions of the lower extremities.

Qinux FotGlee Alternatives

If you’re looking for a similar device, you may want to look into shopping for a Nooro Foot Massager which follows similar operational principles.

Qinux FotGlee Review Final Word

No time to head to a spa or a reflexologist? Then you could be a prime candidate for the benefits of the Qinux FotGlee. Since we are looking at what is essentially a medical device, we feel that it would be best to check with your healthcare practitioner first before buying the Qinux FotGlee or similar EMS or TENS devices.


When is the best time to use a Qinux FotGlee?

We recommend using this after a long day on your feet to help you relax or, in case of an injury, after a physical therapy session or as mandated by your therapist.

Should I stand when using this device?

You may stand, but that would be uncomfortable! Instead, it is recommended that you sit down in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the mat.

That's all for now;

If you've read all the way through this Qinux Fotglee review, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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