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SHOCKING Qinux Airgo Reviews 2024! Legit or Not?

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Product Name: Qinux Airgo Portable AC

Product Description: An evaporative air conditioner built on a much smaller scale and devised by Swedish engineer Connor Brown to help individuals deal with scorching summer heat and soaring ambient temperatures.

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Personal Experience Summary

The portable air conditioner has been a lifesaver during scorching summers. Its compact design allows me to move it to any room, delivering quick relief from heat. The adjustable settings cater to my preferred temperature and fan speed, ensuring personalized comfort. The unit is surprisingly quiet, making it ideal for both work and sleep. Installation was a breeze, with no need for extensive modifications.

While it might not cool large spaces as efficiently as a central AC, it's a fantastic solution for smaller areas. As a female who values comfort and convenience, this portable air conditioner has truly made a difference in my summer comfort.

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  • Works rapidly to cool you down;
  • Doubles as a humidifier to prevent nasal and respiratory irritation;
  • Handy and portable


  • The water tank has a severely limited capacity;
  • Minimal effective radius;
  • Charging time is longer than usage time

Introduction to our Qinux Airgo Review

Welcome to our Qinux Airgo review!

In these days when climate change has wrought havoc upon the seasons, as well as the temperature around us, numerous devices have been developed to deal with the brutal heat that many of us experienced during the heatwaves that hit many regions this year.

Portable air coolers – a micronized version of air conditioning – are one such solution, and today’s Qinux Airgo review will show you how this particular device could make a difference in your personal comfort.


Evaporative air conditioning devices are products that require the placement of water or ice in a tank to work. The ice melts and the water evaporates as the device is switched on and begins blowing air out, effectively reducing the ambient temperature within its immediate radius.

While this severely limits the effective range of the device along with the amount of time it can be used, it nevertheless allows the user nearest to it to enjoy a cool refreshing breeze as they work, relax, or even sleep.

There are many brands available, and Qinux Airgo is just one of them. But what sets this device apart from the competition?

What is a Qinux Airgo?

To call Qinux Airgo a mini-fan is something of a misnomer because it is quite a bit more than that.

More accurately, the device is an evaporative air conditioner built on a much smaller scale and devised by Swedish engineer Connor Brown to help individuals deal with scorching summer heat and soaring ambient temperatures.

Using up to 70% less in terms of electricity, this small wonder is a dynamic device that helps you stay cool in and out of doors.

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This handy device’s primary features include:

  • A powerful yet silent motor which makes it an unobtrusive choice for nighttime or bedtime cooling for both children and adults;
  • Three fan speeds to help users customize their cooling levels;
  • A capacious water tank that handily holds water and ice for cooling; and
  • A removable filter that easily takes impurities out of the air, but may also be soaked in water and/or frozen for more cooling power.
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How to use it?

To use this portable air conditioning device:

  1. Charge your Qinux Airgo mini fan well beforehand;
  2. Before switching on, take the water tank out and fill it with water, ice, or a combination thereof;
  3. Return the tank to the device. If desired, you may also soak the filter in cold water beforehand or even freeze a soaked filter to ensure even greater cooling power;
  4. Switch on the cooler using the power button;
  5. Select your fan speed of choice;
  6. When you're done, simply press the power button again to switch the device off.

Be sure to remove the water tank and filter after use to properly drain, clean, and dry them before storage and reuse.

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Benefits and Advantages

Getting yourself a Qinux Airgo allows you to:

  • Enjoy cool air whenever and wherever you need it;
  • Take it with you whenever you travel or head outdoors;
  • Save electricity as it uses a bare fraction of the power it takes to run a conventional air conditioning unit; and
  • It is absolutely safe for use around children.
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Users' Reviews and Opinions of Qinux Airgo

“When my Qinux Airgo arrived,  I was surprised that it was smaller than I expected, but that's probably because I didn't check the dimensions carefully. When I tried to use it, though, there was just enough cold air to be enjoyed by a single person; so I put it next to my bed so I could enjoy cool air whenever I sleep.”

Corey T.

“Believe it or not, I actually use this in my car and not in my room. I read some Qinux Airgo reviews UK online and bought it. If the weather isn't too hot, the cooling mist the Qinux produces is enough to keep me cool as I drive and I don't need to switch on my car's air conditioning. The fact that it's rechargeable is also a major plus.”

Jimmy C.

“I like how it's definitely for personal use, as the cold air that comes out really is just enough for one person. I've used it in my bedroom as I don't have air-conditioning, and it's particularly helpful at bedtime. I like how I can easily recharge it during the day and use it at night, though it's a bit annoying to have to refill the tank every night. Still, I find Qinux Airgo UK very useful.”

Meggy N.
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Qinux Airgo on TrustPilot

Users commend its portability and long-lasting battery life, which suits their on-the-go needs. The quick charging feature is appreciated. Some reviewers mention minor connectivity and performance issues but are generally pleased with the product's convenience and reliability.

Qinux Airgo on Reddit

Users appreciate its compact design and portability, making it suitable for on-the-go tasks. The reliable battery life and quick charging also receive praise. However, some users report occasional connectivity issues and minor performance hiccups. Overall, Reddit reviews reflect satisfaction with the Qinux Airgo's convenience, battery life, and portability, with a few mentions of technical glitches.

Qinux Airgo Pricing

Qinux Airgo is currently being offered at 50% off its original retail price, so you can get a number of units at the following costs:

  • One cooler for $99.95;
  • Two coolers for $169.00;
  • Three coolers for $211; and
  • Five coolers for $317.00.
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Shipping is free wherever you are in the world.

Money-back guarantee  

A 30-day refund policy applies from the day you receive the device.

Where to buy? 

Buy the original Qinux Airgo exclusively through its official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Qinux Airgo Reviews

Need a new way to cool yourself down? Then stay cool and save money with a Qinux Airgo.

What is it best for?

Small areas such as one’s bedside or work cubicle.

What is it not best for?

Not recommended for cooling whole rooms.

Trimsher Qinux Airgo Alternatives

Need a stronger air cooler with a wider operational range? Check out the ChillWell Portable Air Conditioner or Arctos Tower Pure Evaporative Cooler.

Qinux Airgo Final Word

A Qinux Airgo may be a fantastic product, but it may not necessarily be the right one for you. In which case, we recommend shopping around to see which cooling solutions can catch your fancy and work best for your needs.


Do I have to keep the Qinux Airgo plugged in at all times?

Not necessarily. Once fully charged, the device can run for up to five hours.

Is it necessary to freeze the filter beforehand?

It’s optional, but certainly recommended if you want maximum cooling power.

What’s the total capacity of the water tank?

That would be approximately 300 to 500mL.

That's all for now;

If you've read all the way through this Qinux Airgo reviews , we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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