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PhotoStick Mobile Reviews 2023: Should You Buy It? Yay Or Nay?

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Quick Summary

ThePhotoStick Mobile is an external media storage option that works with digital devices.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Software starts to work in minutes
  • Versions available for both iOS and Android
  • Allows users to maximise file storage space


  • Quite expensive for such a product, especially for the iOS edition which easily costs twice as much as its Android counterpart
  • Can be difficult to use with one hand
  • Has been noted to fail to find specific files or file formats

Introduction to our PhotoStick Mobile Reviews

Welcome to our PhotoStick Mobile reviews!

In another review, we presented ThePhotoStick – a device for digital media storage- and it's a solution that works quite well for laptop and desktop computers.

However, more people are eschewing the conventional computer setup and relying on their mobile devices. So, in response, the team behind ThePhotoStick has decided to ‘micronise' the technology with a PhotoStick for phones. As a result, you have a storage device more compatible with smartphones and tablets that promises to expand its limited storage capacity.

In this review, we present ThePhotoStick Mobile – a gadget specifically created to work with such devices. In our run of ThePhotoStick Mobile reviews, we will see how this iteration of a popular tool works and whether or not it can stand the rigours of frequent use among people who are always on the go, ready to snap a photo or video at the slightest whim.


Key Issues In Backing Up Photos and Other Media on Your Mobile Device

Many of today's mobile phones claim to have a large capacity for storing photos, videos, and audio recordings made with the device. However, this is only true up to a certain extent and users need to slip in an SD card to optimise their phones' storage capacity – but even this is limited. For the same reason, people also resort to the use of secondary devices like external drives to have enough space for their media.

Water damage is the biggest issue among mobile users, though more recent smartphone models are now being made to be water-resistant, but only up to a certain degree. Even accidental splashing or, worse, dropping your phone in a puddle or even temporarily getting it doused during a downpour can wreak havoc on a phone.

Another issue that mobile users have, especially those dependent on cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, is the possibility of one's files getting lost in the cloud. It can be difficult to retrieve a single file out of hundreds – even thousands – you've backed up virtually, so a solution to help one retrieve any file at any given time is welcome.

Finally, even today's mobile devices are prone to hacking and malware. Even if you have a good mobile malware solution or mobile antivirus installed on your device, this does not guarantee that your files will be safe, let alone retrievable.


What is The PhotoStick Mobile and What Can It Do for You?

ThePhotoStick Mobile, is basically, a Photo Stick for mobile phones. It is an external media storage option that works, as its name so blatantly suggests, with mobile devices. Much like ThePhotoStick’s original edition which uses a USB dongle to work with laptop and desktop computers, ThePhotoStick Mobile is available as a dual-ended on the go (OTG)dongle on one side, with a standard USB plug on the other.

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It is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, but thanks to its USB plug, can also be connected to a laptop or desktop through its USB port. So don't worry, you can use a PhotoStick for Android phone and a PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone, too.

Key Features

Like the desktop-specific original, ThePhotoStick Mobile for Android phone and PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone offers a number of features that makes it quite handy for photographers, documentarists, and just about anyone who loves to take snapshots on the fly. These include:

  • System compatibility with both iOS and Android devices;
  • Built-in programme that automatically scans, retrieves, and stores visual media files;
  • Extensive storage space ranging between 32GB at its most basic to a 128GB for premium models;
  • Ability to save media in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, and PSD for still images, and MOV, MPEG4, AVI, and WMV for video; 
photostick mobile 03

How Does ThePhotoStick Mobile Work?

Believe it or not, but it’s actually easier to use ThePhotoStick Mobile on your smartphone or tablet than it is to set up ThePhotoStick Original on your desktop computer.

The smartphone and tablet-specific PhotoStick Mobile works by using a micro-USB drive as opposed to a conventional one – just the right size to connect via the charging port of your phone.

photostick mobile reviews

The first thing you need to do is launch the PhotoStick Mobile app. All you need to do is plug the micro-drive into your device and start it up. It will automatically go over the files on your phone or tablet, find the ones whose formats are compatible with it, then transfer them into its internal storage. As the process is automated, you needn't look through your files yourself. This is handy for files that you managed to forget – especially those you backed up to the cloud, as in the case of Google Photos – or have been stored in folders you've forgotten deep in your device.

ThePhotoStick Mobile’s USB plug also makes it much easier to transfer media files to a laptop or desktop, provided that you have its firmware installed on your computer.

Take note, though, that, as with the case of desktop edition, ThePhotoStick Mobile may only transfer a single copy of any given file, enabling you to maximise your file storage.


Benefits and User Advantages

  • A durable, reliable, and efficient device: All drives used by ThePhotoStick team to create their products are vetted for quality and durability;
  • Ease of use: All you need to do is plug it into your mobile device, and it immediately scans, retrieves, and stores your files. Plus, it's easy enough to use for those who aren't so clued in with regard to using computers or photo editing, and file management software.
  • You only pay for it once: While most photo and file retrieval services demand monthly or annual subscriptions and regular software updates (all paid for, as well), one keen thing about ThePhotoStick Mobile is that you only need to pay for it once (essentially, just the price of the product itself) and you're all set;
  • It works fast: It's practically a “set it, forget it” type of product; once you set it up, your files will be ready and stored in just minutes;
  • Works with multiple platforms and formats: You can use it on both iOS and Android devices; and
  • You can use it without the internet: Especially useful for those who are reliant on mobile data plans.

User PhotoStick Mobile Reviews

Once I tried out this nifty little device, I was so grateful for it. At first, I was also unsure so I opted for the one with the smallest memory first. But after I got to try it out, I immediately ordered a bunch of the 128 GB!The only complaint I had for it was that I wished the Photo Stick UK came in an even bigger capacity.

Kelly B.

I was pretty impressed because it really does what it says. All my stuff is in neat little folders perfectly categorized. But when it came to the videos, I was shocked to see that it also actually worked amazingly! The PhotoStick Mobile did everything it said it would with the photos.

DeeJay K.

With ThePhotoStick Mobile, you simply pay once to purchase and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about paying a monthly subscription or create any sort of account.

Peter C.

PhotoStick Mobile Pricing (Discounted)

Average cost for ThePhotoStick Mobile is currently discounted as follows;

photostick mobile pricing

If you buy directly from their website, you will have the option of buying a second stick with your order at a discount of around 40 per cent.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The makers of ThePhotoStick offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy with the item, you may return it within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. Those who want to try the device out prior to making a purchase may do so risk-free by getting in touch directly with the manufacturer.

Where to Buy PhotoStick Mobile?

While it’s possible to purchase ThePhotoStick Mobile through Amazon and other online retail hubs, it would be better to purchase it directly through their official website, as the manufacturer offers a better warranty policy and service guarantee.

Conclusion to our PhotoStick Mobile Reviews

Now, to wrap up The PhotoStick Mobile reviews;

What is it best for?

Best for individual users and content creators who want peace of mind with their data storage and retrieval needs.

What is it not best for?

Can be somewhat cumbersome to use, so it is not for the impatient.

PhotoStick Mobile Alternatives

Among the best alternatives to the Photo Stick Mobile are the Samsung Duo Plus, The PhotoStick Omni, and Wansisen USB-C Flash Drive.

PhotoStick Mobile Reviews Final Word

ThePhotoStick changes the game when it comes to retrieving and storing visual media. While it can get somewhat cumbersome to use, the fact that it works on multiple platforms with a variety of formats make it something that avid shutterbugs and content creators will appreciate.


Which devices is ThePhotoStick Mobile compatible with?

PhotoStick Mobile UK works with mobile devices running either iOS or Android, regardless of version. The platform has yet to come up with an edition that works with Windows Mobile

Does the programme store duplicate files?

No, The PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone or PhotoStick Mobile Android only saves a single copy of every file in order to maximise storage space.

Do I have to pay a subscription to use PhotoStick Mobile Android or iPhone?

No, you only have to pay for the device once.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through the PhotoStick Mobile reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of PhotoStick Mobile UK! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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