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Shocking Oclu Action Camera Review 2024 | Learn its Top Features!

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Product Name: Oclu Action Camera

Product Description: This pocket dynamo was designed by British industrial design wunderkind Hugo Martin to address numerous issues encountered in other action cameras currently on the market.

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Personal Summary Experience

Using the Occlu Action Camera has been an absolute game-changer for my adventures! Its compact design and powerful features make capturing memories a breeze. Whether I'm snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, hiking through dense forests, or skiing down snowy slopes, the Occlu delivers stunning, high-definition footage with vivid clarity and vibrant colors.

The built-in stabilization technology ensures my videos are buttery smooth, even during the wildest of rides, and the 4K resolution guarantees top-notch quality. Its waterproof design provides peace of mind in any weather condition, while the intuitive touchscreen and user-friendly interface make operating it a breeze. I can't get enough of the time-lapse and slow-motion modes that add a cinematic touch to my content. 

With the Occlu Action Camera, I've created unforgettable memories that I can't wait to share with the world. It's a must-have for all adventure enthusiasts and content creators!

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  • Powerful battery life even on a single charge;
  • Exceptional imaging technology;
  • Streamlined aesthetic;
  • Reasonably priced;
  • Intuitive software for control and editing


  • The waterproofing is substandard compared to other products in its class; 
  • Cannot film 60fps when set at 4K

Introduction to our Oclu Action Camera Review

You're reading our Oclu Action Camera review!

Thanks to brands like GoPro, DJI, and Akaso, action cameras have become a part of the active photography scene and have been deemed indispensable to those covering high-octane events like marathons, triathlons, and Formula One races, as well as those whose stock in trade is the sort of scenic footage that makes or breaks travelogs.

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While those three brands mentioned have certainly changed the game, one should not count out other brands that continue to innovate and develop more dynamic imaging technologies behind the scenes. 

Oclu is one such brand, and we’re talking about their product in today’s Oclu Action Camera review.


What exactly do people look for when it comes to action cameras?

For the most part, they look into practical aspects of the device: how good is its image stabilization technology? How clear is the image resolution? How many frames per second can it shoot?

Photographers and creators specializing in travel shoots, wildlife photography, and extreme sports will also look at how long they can use the device on a single charge, whether or not it's waterproof, and even how durable it is for those shoots in wild and wooly situations.

oclu action camera review: oclu action camera

But one factor that most people tend to ignore is design – and that's a pity because design can actually make or break a product. Most of the action cameras currently available are cumbersome squares, cubes, and rectangles. While we appreciate that these are mountable onto handlebars and helmets, they tend to be hard to tuck into a pocket and brought out for an a la minute shoot.

For this reason among many others, we think the Oclu Action Camera deserves a serious look on the part of action cam aficionados.

What is an Oclu Action Camera?

Rethink everything you know about action cameras, because the Oclu Action Camera turns everything you know about action cameras and turns it on its head to great effect.

Since it was launched, the Oclu Action Camera has won design awards in Europe thanks to the sleekly sophisticated and curvaceous body devised by British designer Hugo Martin. In his design, Martin took in mind a number of stylistic issues encountered by action cam users from conventional models, thus coming up with a cam that is more aerodynamic – perfect for moving footage – and with a considerably lower profile for greater stability no matter how quickly the user moves.

On top of such a stellar design, there is also a lot to commend about the app that comes with the Oclu Action Camera. Not only is it the camera's secondary control console, but it doubles as an editing suite on the fly, taking production on the go.

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The Oclu Action Camera's key features are as follows:

  • Ultra clear video resolution (4K / 30 frames a second and 1080p / 120 frames per second;)
  • 12-megapixel still camera resolution
  • Extra-smooth image stabilization technology that goes as far as 60 frames per second;
  • Four customizable shoot modes you can toggle to and fro even while on the move;
  • Proprietary LiveCut mobile editing technology;
  • One-touch recording; and
  • IPX7 standard-compliant water resistance.

The Oclu action camera is a versatile and robust device designed to meet the demands of various outdoor and adventure activities. Its innovative features and durability make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including action sports, travel and backpacking, content creation, vlogging, and motorsports. Some may even use it to boost their home security.

  1. Sports and Adventure: The Oclu Action Camera is a popular choice among athletes and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you're mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, or rock climbing, this camera can capture all the thrilling moments with exceptional clarity and stability.
  2. Underwater Exploration: The camera's waterproof design allows it to be used for underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. It can capture the mesmerizing beauty of marine life and underwater landscapes.
  3. Travel and Exploration: Travelers often rely on the Oclu Action Camera to document their journeys. Its compact size and rugged build make it ideal for backpacking, hiking, and exploring remote locations.
  4. Motorsports: Racing enthusiasts use the camera to record fast-paced motorsport events, such as car racing, motorcycle racing, and off-roading. It can endure the vibrations and high-speed environments.
  5. Aerial Shots: The camera can be mounted on drones to capture breathtaking aerial footage. It's a valuable tool for drone enthusiasts and professionals in cinematography and surveying.
  6. Family and Outdoor Events: Whether it's a family camping trip, a day at the beach, or a backyard barbecue, the Oclu Action Camera is perfect for capturing precious memories in high resolution.
  7. Vlogging and Content Creation: Many content creators, vloggers, and social media influencers use the Oclu Action Camera to produce engaging videos for their audience. It offers various shooting modes, including time-lapse and slow motion.
  8. Safety and Security: Some users deploy the camera as a security and surveillance device to monitor their surroundings or property. Its small size and durability make it suitable for outdoor surveillance.
  9. Professional Use: Beyond recreational purposes, the Oclu Action Camera is utilized by professionals in fields like sports coaching, filmmaking, and wildlife research.

That said, Oclu action camera offers a broad spectrum of applications, from documenting extreme sports and outdoor adventures to serving as a versatile content creation tool. Its durable build, high-quality video capabilities, and adaptability to various mounts and equipment make it a valuable asset for individuals seeking to capture and share their experiences in diverse environments.

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How to use it?

To set up your Oclu Action Camera:

  1. Release the door latch on the memory card slot;
  2. Insert your memory card and battery;
  3. Switch on the device by pressing and holding the Action button until the camera activates;
  4. Select your language of choice using the bottom select button;
  5. Click NEXT, then press SELECT to confirm your choice;
  6. Manually set the date and time by pressing the + symbol to adjust the value in the field, pressing NEXT to move between fields;
  7. Press SAVE to return to the main menu;
  8. Connect the device to an available WIFi connection by pressing the holding the Display State button until the WiFi icon turns green and the LED light in the back of the device turns blue;
  9. Toggle between shoot modes by pressing the bottom select button;
  10. Press ACTION to start or stop recording and / or take a picture, depending on which mode the camera is in;
  11. Switch the device off by pressing and holding the ACTION button until the lights and displays go out.

Benefits and Advantages

So, what do you stand to get from using an Oclu 4k Action Camera? Consider the following:

  • You have an ergonomically designed camera that easily fits your pocket, can be mounted just about anywhere, and has the additional benefit of being so stable that it can’t be easily knocked over;
  • Amazingly clear resolution in terms of both still photography and video recording, making it a handy thing to have on hand, especially if you’re the type of content creator who likes shooting on the fly;
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  • You can easily connect it to any strong WiFi connection to make transmitting videos easier regardless of their length; and
  • It offers a built-in editing suite in its mobile app – something that has eluded many of its competitors over the years – essentially making the Oclu Action Camera a portable production suite in its own right.
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Users' Oclu Reviews

Is this action camera worth it? Let's read some Oclu Action Camera reviews from users.

“The OCLU camera is pretty straightforward and offers a good video quality, making it a great alternative to a GoPro. There are nice software options, particularly the lens correction option that eliminates the fish-eye effect that the wide angle lens produces. It also allows WiFi downloads of your videos as well as doing it via the USB power cable. I also like the slim profile of the camera.”

Edward S.

“The design of the OCLU is really well thought out from the compact low profile form, to the mounting system that works with a traditional screen mount, as well as the other action camera systems. Thanks to all that, I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about the camera. What surprised me the most, however, was the screen location – it’s perfect for the way I use an action camera. I look forward to seeing how the line evolves.”

Jeffrey H.

“My initial experience with the Oclu Action Camera UK was great. The mount fit my handlebars perfectly. I'm glad they're made to be flexible, as my motorcycle handle bars are not, and I could get them on with ease. I thought there would be vibration from riding in the video but it was super stable. Can't wait to try using this while skiing.”

Paris D.

“All these awesome features in one camera? I'm sold! Being able to record and edit on the fly has been amazing, not to mention the great quality and variety of modes this allows. I do a lot of gym recordings for my exercises and this camera works great for that and, honestly, for pretty much anything!”

Patrick H.

Oclu on TrustPilot

Trustpilot reviews of the Oclu Action Camera show its positive aspects, such as its durable build, waterproof features, and suitability for outdoor and action-packed activities. Reviews generally depict the Oclu Action Camera as a reliable choice for adventurers, but with some potential reservations regarding the ecosystem and availability of additional accessories.

Oclu on Reddit

Reddit reviews of the Oclu Action Camera highlight its compact design, waterproof capabilities, and versatility for capturing outdoor adventures. Users note its impressive image quality and user-friendly interface, making it a suitable alternative to more prominent action camera brands. They commend Oclu's innovative features, such as the customizable shooting modes and voice control, adding a layer of convenience. However, some users express concerns over the availability of third-party accessories and potential limitations in terms of community support and software updates.

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Oclu Action Camera Price

The official retail price for the Oclu Action Camera stands at $299.00; shipping is free on all orders.

oclu pricing

However, at the time we conducted our Oclu Action Camera review, the company offered an online coupon that niftily slashes $100 off every purchase, putting the price at just $199.00.

Pricing options

You will need to pay extra for accessories for your Oclu Action Camera. Fortunately, the brand also offers these in purpose-specific bundles:

  • Adventure bundle for extreme sports enthusiasts and nature or travel journos at $145.99;
  • Instabundle for social media creators at $54.99; and
  • Motobundle for racing fans and road warriors for $69.99.
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Money-back guarantee

You don’t have any costs to cover if you aren’t happy with your Oclu Action Camera or if you received defective merchandise. Simply send the item back to the manufacturer for a refund or replacement within 30 days of receiving the product.

Where to buy?

You won’t be able to find this compact beauty on Amazon. The product is exclusively available through its official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Oclu 4k Action Camera Reviews

Award-winning design and a powerful editing app of its own? We’re sold: the Oclu Action Camera is definitely a product to consider.

What is it best for?

We would recommend this product to social media content creators, short format filmmakers, and journalists who need to capture footage on the fly.

What is it not best for?

Unfortunately, this may not be a good match for more advanced professionals. There are some glitches that need to be worked out in terms of maximum levels in terms of stability and image clarity in extreme conditions.

Oclu Action Camera Alternatives

For those who prefer a more old-school action camera built along conventional lines, the best product we see is the DJI Osmo Action 4.

Oclu Action Camera Review Final Word

If you’re in the market for an action camera, the Oclu is worth looking into. But is it in keeping with your personal shooting style? The best person to answer that would be you, but we are vouching for this action camera!


What awards has the Oclu Action Camera won?

When it was launched in 2016, this camera received accolades from:

  • The iF Design Awards (2016);
  • The RedDot Design Award 2016; and
  • The European Product Design Award in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

How many devices can I use the camera with at any given time?

Unfortunately for multitaskers, this is a one camera – one device type of deal. You can only use your Oclu with one phone at a time.

Does Oclu have internal memory?

No, you will need to insert an SD card to serve as the camera’s main storage.

Is OCLU camera good?

Yes, it is a good action camera. It has even won awards for its quality.

Where are OCLU cameras made?

It is manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.

What is the battery life of OCLU?

A fully charged battery can run up to 90 minutes.

Thats all for now;

If you've read all the way through this Oclu Action Camera review, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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