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Amazing Nuzzle Pillow Review 2024: Buy it or Not?

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Product Name: Nuzzle Zero Gravity Pillow

Product Description: The Nuzzle Zero Gravity Pillow is a pillow that delivers a truly comfortable floating-on-air experience while providing cervical support as you sleep.

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Lets you sleep comfortably regardless of your position of choice;
  • Easily regulates temperature for comfort;
  • Helps correct the curvature of your spine as you sleep


  • Expensive for a pillow;
  • Not officially endorsed by any scientific body;
  • Available only through its website

Introduction to our Nuzzle Pillow Review

You're reading my Nuzzle Pillow reviews!

Many of us love having a lot of pillows in our beds. There is something comforting about having so many soft and fluffy things surrounding us; it’s practically like sleeping on a cloud.

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Well, at least till you wake up with a stiff neck in the morning! Over time, even the sturdiest pillows will seem to have had the stuffing plucked out of them, leaving you with something flat, uncomfortable, and incapable of supporting your head, neck, and shoulders as you sleep.

If you’re looking for a better pillow to sleep on, read through today’s Nuzzle Pillow reviews to see whether or not this space-age innovation can work for you.


Getting a good night’s sleep is one thing; getting a good night’s sleep that helps you feel refreshed and rested is a completely different thing altogether. 

For this reason, we may want to look beyond normal sleep science in order to find solutions to common complications arising from poor sleep, such as neck stiffness on waking, unrefreshing sleep, joint pains in the shoulders, and even morning migraines.

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Surprisingly, many of the more recent advancements in sleep medicine actually come from the science of space exploration, specifically the use of zero-gravity simulation to lull the body into a state of rest. 

In the case of pillows, this sense of feeling like you’re floating on air is achieved by the use of thousands of nano-fibers that easily cushion the head and neck without being crushed in the process. 

Likewise, some new-generation pillow makers apply fabric technology similar to that used in astronauts’ suits to keep the pillow's temperature at a comfortable constant regardless of how long one has been lying on it.

The Nuzzle Pillow includes both technologies to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

What is a Nuzzle Pillow?

Developed using comfort technologies similar to those used by NASA for space shuttle astronauts and personnel deployed to the International Space Station, the Nuzzle Zero Gravity Pillow is a pillow that delivers a truly comfortable floating-on-air experience while providing cervical support as you sleep.

Utilizing thousands of nano-coil fibers pushing against gravity at a molecular level, it gently cradles one's head and neck to ensure pain-free mornings.

It's also the only pillow that has adjustable layers that you can retain or remove depending on how you sleep at night.

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The Nuzzle Zero-Gravity Pillow’s primary features include:

  • Thousands of nano-coil fibers to provide head and cervical support;
  • Made with NASA-inspired phase change fabric which automatically adjusts the temperature to ensure physical comfort;
  • Two adjustable layers that can be used in three different configurations depending on the position one sleeps in; 
  • Machine-washable outer cover
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How to use it?

Using a Nuzzle Pillow is as easy as changing a pillowcase as all you need to do is choose which layer you need depending on your position when you sleep:

  • The soft layer works for those who sleep on their bellies as it provides support and comfortable softness;
  • The medium layer is firmer and meant to keep the spine aligned. It works best for those who sleep on their backs or combination sleepers; and 
  • Using both layers in tandem ensures that the weight of one’s head is evenly distributed so as not to cause strain on the neck.
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Benefits and Advantages

Using a Nuzzle Pillow instead of a conventional pillow allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Promotes proper spine alignment as you sleep;
  • Works on pressure points to relieve pain;
  • Provides comfort regardless of which position you sleep in; and
  • It's easy to launder.
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Users' Nuzzle Pillow Review

Here are what some actual Nuzzle Pillow reviews from those who've bought and used it.

“Loving the Nuzzle Pillow as seen on TV! The medium layer has been super comfortable for me as a back / combination sleeper. The neck support has been great too. The pillow has stayed nice and cool, with the pillow case being a fantastic addition too!”

Russel P.

“We received our Nuzzles last week and can already see an improvement in our quality of sleep! Love the ability to customize height. I'm a stomach sleeper and always struggle to find a pillow that is low enough but still supportive. My husband has even stopped snoring! Can't wait for summer to hit so we can test out the cooling abilities, too.”

Kate V.

“It's an extremely comfortable pillow! I prefer a firmer pillow, and I must confess to some skepticism about how firm Nuzzel Pillows might be, having been disappointed by other makes in the past – but no complaints here!The pillow case is also a bonus: its silky smooth finish contributes to a good night's sleep.”

David B.
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Nuzzle Pillow Price (Discounted)

Nuzzle Pillows are currently available at these prices, 35% to 53% off from its standard cost. Shipping and handling will set you back by $8.85 within the United States. Be sure to apply a Nuzzle Pillow coupon when you're purchasing.

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Money-back guarantee  

The Nuzzle Pillow’s 90-day money-back guarantee only applies to customers within the United States. Note that the cost of shipping defective or unsatisfactory items back to the manufacturer needs to be shouldered by the customer.

Where to buy? 

The Nuzzle Zero Gravity Pillow is exclusively available through its official website.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores, like those on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, also for any possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Nuzzle Pillow Reviews

What is it best for?

It’s an excellent pillow for anyone who suffers from stiff neck or shoulders, as well as those who no longer feel comfortable with conventional pillows.

What is it not best for?

This may not be a viable solution for those suffering from chronic cervico-spinal pain as these may need medically-mandated solutions

Nuzzle Pillow Alternatives

Nuzzle Pillow vs My Pillow. These two pillows are often interchanged but are not made by the same company. My Pillow uses polyurethane foam for its filling and cotton for its cover and is reviewed as ideal for back sleepers.

The Space Foam Zero-gravity Cooling Pillow is made using similar technologies, but was specifically created to ensure a constantly comfortable temperature while you sleep.

Nuzzle Pillow Review Final Word

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping or wake up tired and have a stiff neck, it may be time to change your pillow. We recommend that you consider getting a Nuzzle Pillow.


Is the Nuzzle Pillow hypoallergenic?

Yes. Not only is its phase change fabric adaptable in terms of temperature and comfort, but it was specifically designed to be non-irritating to the skin and nasal passages.

Is the Nuzzle Pillow an official NASA product?

No. While the Nuzzle Pillow was inspired by NASA-developed technologies, it is not being endorsed in any way by the agency.

Is the Nuzzle Pillow washable?

Yes, it may easily be laundered in your washing machine.

If you've read all the way through this the Nuzzle Pillow reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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