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Honest Momme Silk vs Blissy Comparison 2024: Who Wins in Best Silk Pillowcases?

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between Momme Silk vs Blissy Pillowcase, the better silk pillowcase between the two is Blissy.

Introduction to Momme Silk vs Blissy Comparison

Welcome to our comparison of Momme Silk vs Blissy!

The term momme is one that appears to be synonymous with the fabric industry, particularly where silk and silk derivatives like satin, velvet, and velour are concerned.

The word itself is Japanese (which is why the actual pronunciation is moh-meh, as opposed to the moe-mee suggested by western fabric companies) and originally referred to a unit of measurement for weighing pearls. Later, the term was applied to a unit of measurement for fabrics, specifically referring to the density of the silk fibers used in a piece of cloth measuring 45in x 100yd. 

In today’s fabric industry, silk is then classified based on how low or high its momme count is, thus we have a range from habutai (sheer and primarily used for lingerie) to charmeuse, the thickest kind, which is used in bedding and drapes.

That said, for a bedding company to name itself as Mommesilk is a bold and cheeky move – what if it can’t exactly live up to the name? For this reason, we are doing a Mommesilk vs Blissy review to see how well the former lives up to the appellation and if the latter can actually do a better job.

Quick Comparison Table

Note: Prices are subject to change over time. Please click the links to check for current pricing.

FeatureMommesilk🏆 Blissy (Editor's Pick!)
Product TypeMulberry silk pillowcase, but with polyester blendMulberry silk pillowcase
CostCheck Current PricingCheck Current Pricing
Momme Count2222
Recommended UsageAesthetic: improves the skin and hairAn excellent choice for improving skin and hair quality, as well as staying cool
Available SizesOnly available in standard, queen, and kingAvailable in five sizes: toddler, youth, standard, queen, and king
Customer SupportDirect email and online chatEmail via form, standard surface or air mail. Hotline only available during PST business hours
Customer User Reviews4.4 out of 5 (Amazon)4.5 out of 5 (Amazon)
Unique Feature100% biodegradable fabricPest- and microbe-repellent fabric

Overview: What are Mommesilk vs Blissy Best Silk Pillowcases?

Since 2014, Mommesilk prides itself on being a business established by women for women and boldly declares its products to be “the world’s fairest” silk items. According to its website, it claims its products are OEKO-certified (note how it does not give the certification’s actual name of OEKO-TEX) and that all products are made with 100% mulberry silk. Likewise, the provenance of Mommesilk’s products needs to be looked into: the brand itself claims to be British, but we noted how all products were shipped out of China.

Blissy, on the other hand, is not one to make such overt claims. Indeed, this American silk pure pillowcase products brand allows its accolades to speak for itself: two certifications from Good Housekeeping magazine, as well as its adherence to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. Taken in total, its products are truly well-made and compliant with global standards for woven fabrics and fabric products.

momme silk vs blissy comparison: photo of woman using blissy silk pillowcases



One of Mommesilk’s bolder claims is that using its silk pillowcases on a regular basis will result in smoother and cleaner skin. Unfortunately, based on our tests, this was not the case.

Pure silk cases, in our longtime experience, do not crease, let alone leave creases on your face when you wake up. Such cases that do leave marks on your skin are usually made with cotton, synthetics like polyester, or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. Mommesilk falls into the third category.

What’s more, it did not deliver on its promise of cooler temperatures as you sleep as the pillowcase appeared to retain rather than repel body heat. Not a very useful pillow in light of the promises the brand makes.

mommesilk 6


Where Blissy is concerned, the quality speaks for itself in the usefulness category. The pillowcases stay smooth and cool on the surface no matter how long you’ve lain on them. Plus, to put it euphemistically, your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom when you wake up and your hair as smooth as the silk you laid upon.

We also appreciate the multiple size options offered by the brand, so practically everyone in the family can enjoy the benefits that pure silk can deliver in terms of skincare, as well as overall comfort. 

fishers finery vs blissy: photo of blissy silk cover

Winner – Blissy! This usability round goes to Blissy in this Momme Silk vs Blissy comparison.


A great silk pillowcase shouldn't just be about aesthetic – it should be durable and reliable. So which between Mommesilk vs Blissy gives you more confidence about quality?


Mommesilk was problematic for us straight off. Most of today’s silk pillowcases are made without zipper closures as these tend to irritate sleepers out of a good night’s sleep; unfortunately, that’s the only way by which you can secure a Mommesilk case over your pillow. This makes the Mommesilk unreliable to say the very least as we’ve noted how the cases tend to tear whenever these are slipped onto pillows – which says a lot about shoddy workmanship.


While Blissy is not as satiny smooth as most brands, we have to say that it does not skimp when it comes to craftsmanship. Slipping the cases onto pillows is a relatively painless and damage-free affair. Also, we noted less in the way of tearing, fraying, and pilling when we subjected Blissy pillowcases to a frequent wash cycle. Small wonder that standards-compliance bodies keep giving this brand awards!

Winner – Blissy! Blissy is the more reliable of our two choices between Momme Silk vs Blissy.


It's not enough to have a usable silk pillowcase, you need to know what its key features are to get a better sense of which you should choose.


For MommeSilk, here are its features:

  • YKK zipper closure;
  • Ten colorways;
  • 600-thread count;
  • Biodegradable fabric
mommesilk 3


  • Moisture-repellent surface that keeps skincare products on the skin rather than on the pillow;
  • Naturally pest- and microbe-repellent;
  • Heat-repellent fabric;
  • Hypoallergenic, so you can be sure that it won’t irritate your skin or muss your hair as you sleep 
zimasilk vs blissy pillowcase: photo of a woman holding a blissy pillowcase

Winner – Blissy! Between Momme Silk vs Blissy, this was definitely Blissy’s round to win.

Value for Money


Prices on Mommesilk cases run between $39.00 and $69.00, and orders are shipped the day after you place your order, and you can pay an additional $8.00 if you want the items gift-wrapped in advance.

mommesilk pricing

A 100-day free trial period begins from the day the item is delivered to you.

Make sure to purchase Mommesilk pillow cases from their official website only.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.


When it comes to its standard, king, and queen cases, Blissy’s price range runs between $50.60 and $61.85. That’s a bit more expensive and they’re already offering a 25% discount at checkout – but believe us when we say that it’s pretty much worth every penny.

blissy silk pillow cases standard

Shipping is free regardless of how much you spent, and you may return the items for replacement or refund within 60 days of delivery

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Winner – Blissy! Between Momme Silk vs Blissy, Blissy’s pricing model is more realistic and its merch definitely delivers in terms of value.

User Reviews of Momme Silk vs Blissy

What do actual customers have to say about Momme Silk vs Blissy?


Mommesilk has a 4.4 out of five-stars rating on Amazon. While this stands in the middle of the road, the amount of vitriol customers have against the brand says a lot. The lack of customer service in the event of serious issues such as product theft, failure of delivery, and false claims drove numerous customers to put in seriously negative reviews.

mommesilk amazon
image © 2024. all rights reserved.


Blissy’s 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon speaks well of its quality and the level of customer service it offers those who buy their pillowcases. Customers say the texture of the pillowcase surface may not be smooth, but the brand delivers on virtually all of its promised features.

blissy amazon
image © 2024. all rights reserved.

Winner – Blissy! Between Mommesilk vs Blissy, Blissy is the customers’ choice.

Conclusion and Recommendations for our Momme Silk vs Blissy Comparison

It's time to wrap up this comparison of Momme Silk vs Blissy; so who wins?

Who is Mommesilk best for?

Our problem with Mommesilk is that we aren’t sure who would benefit best from it, given how it doesn’t really deliver on any of the features it claims to have.

Who is Blissy best for?

If you’re looking for real mulberry silk, Blissy pillowcases are made with the authentic item and it does do wonders for your skin and hair.

Momme Silk vs Blissy Alternatives

If you’re looking for real silk bedding, especially pillowcases, you may try brands like Slip Pure Silk Pillowcases and Tafts.

Momme Silk vs Blissy Comparison Final Word

Truth in advertising is overrated, according to those in marketing, but truthfulness when it comes to delivering on brand promises is something that many customers look out for. In this case, Mommesilk fails big time, but Blissy definitely delivers.

Remember to protect yourself as a consumer by purchasing only authentic, high-quality products. Thereforewe recommend that you buy Blissy Silk Pillowcases only from their official websiteNot only will you ensure you get legit products, but you can also save through discounted pricing for multiple buys. Beware of purchasing from marketplace sites claiming to be resellers so to avoid issues with refunds and returns in the future!


Why does momme matter when it comes to silk products?

Momme refers to the density of the silk fabric or, more accurately, the amount of silk that actually goes into a textile product. Rule of thumb: the higher the momme number, the more silk there is. In the case of charmeuse silk products such as those used for pillowcases and duvets, momme runs between fifteen and 30; as such, it speaks of the overall durability of these products.

Why are silk bedding articles pest- and microbe-repellent?

Real silk, the kind harvested from actual silkworms, has enzymes that naturally kill potentially harmful microorganisms. These same enzymes also drive away bedbugs and dust mites that can cause irritation or illness.

Is 25 momme silk better than 22 momme?

Your run of the mill silk pillowcase usually has a 19 to 22 momme thread count, but the 25 momme silk is better in terms of durability and quality.

What is the momme count for Blissy?

Blissy has a 22 momme thread count.

Thats all for now;

If you've read all the way through this Momme Silk vs Blissy comparison, we are grateful. We have reviewed several other products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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