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Sincere Miracle Sheets Reviews 2022: Is It Legit or Not?

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Quick Summary

Revolutionary bed linens made with 350 to 500 thread count Supima cotton for ultimate comfort and luxury, almost like sleeping on a bed in a five-star hotel or resort.


  • Anti-microbial;
  • Fits any size bed;
  • High thread count for optimal comfort


  • More expensive than conventional bedding;
  • Limited range of colors;
  • May possibly shrink in the wash as these are made with cotton

Introduction to our Miracle Sheets Reviews

Welcome to our Miracle Sheets reviews!

A good night’s sleep eludes many of us in these stressful times. But while external factors make up the bulk of reasons behind chronic insomnia, we have to point out that your bedding could be to blame for your inability to get quality sleep.


While bed linens are meant to be serviceable enough, comfort is the primary reason people buy them. If lying on your sheets isn’t as comfortable as wearing one of your favorite T-shirts, then you’re in for some rough nights.

But we want to add safety and health as two other reasons for buying new bed sheets – and those are the points we’ll be taking a closer look at in today’s Miracle Sheets review.


To start this Miracle sheets reviews, did you know that the average Western household tends to change their bedsheets once every 25 to 30 days? Over that time, your sheets can be inundated with 500 million dead skin cells per night. As if that didn’t amp the ick factor enough, keep in mind that leaving bedding unwashed for even a week essentially transforms your bed into a petri dish harboring 17,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

In which case, Miracle Bed Sheets are your best bet in terms of comfort as well as transforming your bedroom into a healthier space where you can rest, knowing that you’re free of disease-causing bacteria and skin irritants.


What are Miracle Brand Sheets?

Miracle Sheets by Aloft take bedding right into the 21st century. These revolutionary bed linens are made with 350 to 500 thread count Supima cotton for ultimate comfort and luxury – why, it’s almost like sleeping on a bed in a five-star hotel or resort!

But what sets the Miracle Bed Sheets apart from conventional bed linens is that the thread used to weave them is infused with anti-microbial silver which helps get rid of 99.9% of harmful bacteria and staves off irritants like dust mites and bed bugs. These also help reduce the effects that mite and bug droppings may have on one’s skin and health in general.



In our Miracle Brand sheets reviews, let's understand what they are made of:

Miracle Made Sheets come in two types: Signature, a premium 350 thread count sheet set that feels downy and cottony on one’s skin; and Extra Luxe which has a 500 thread count and a luxuriously satiny feel. 

These sheets are also infused with anti-microbial silver ions from fine Supima cotton to ensure a healthier, more restful sleep.

Both types of Miracle Sheets are sold in sets that include the following:

  • Two pillowcases;
  • One fitted sheet; and
  • One flat sheet.

Miracle Sheets are available in five sizes to suit any bed: twin, queen, full, king, and Cali king. Note, however, that the sets in the twin size only have one pillowcase.

The sheets also come in three colors: Miracle Sheets’ signature pale blue, gray stone, and white.


How to use it?

Miracle Bed Sheets are used in the same way as conventional bed linens, but have the virtue of needing to be washed less frequently.


Benefits and Advantages

In this Miracle Sheets reviews, let's take a look at its benefits as follows:

  • You get to do less in the way of laundry – The fabric used for Miracle Sheets has the virtue of drying much faster than popular bed linen fabrics like percale and supercale, enabling you to have less laundry loads;
Miracle Sheets3
  • They can regulate temperature to ensure good sleep in any season – Miracle bed sheets can keep you warm in the depth of winter and pleasantly cool at the height of summer, making them an all-weathers must-have for your home;
  • They keep your skin healthy as they stave off irritants – Miracle silk sheets are made with cotton infused with anti-microbial silver ions to keep potential irritants, mites, allergens, and disease-causing microbes at bay. Likewise, they also help keep your skin young and fresh-looking; and
  • They are odor-free – Going to bed every night feels like sinking into a fresh set of sheets as the silver ions in the Miracle Sheets also get rid of odor-causing bacteria.
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Users' Miracle Sheets Reviews

“So far, I am very happy with the Miracle Sheets! It's true: they don't smell, and I [haven’t encountered a typical “bed”] smell. I have long believed in silver for combating bacteria, and think these sheets are a perfect idea. They are cool to sleep on and feel soft and silky. I'm very pleased I purchased these sheets.”

Isa A.

“Best sheets ever – so luxurious, so soft! I was skeptical [at first,] but they do what they say. One month in and still no odors.”

Andrea M.

“Very cool to the touch [and] comfortable. [They] don't seem to hold on to smells, which is great. So far, so good!”

Jane C.

Miracle Sheets Pricing (Discounted)

Pricing options

Signature / Extra Luxe Miracle Sheets prices set by size are currently discounted 20% as follows:

  • Twin with one pillowcase: $109 / 159
  • Queen: $129 / 179
  • Full: $119 / 169
  • King: $139 / 189
  • Cali King: $139 / 189
Miracle Sheets Signatuire Twin Pricing
Miracle Sheets Discounted Pricing

Money-back guarantee  

Miracle Sheets allows users who aren't satisfied with the product to return it within 30 days of delivery even if they have been used.

To begin the return/refund process, customers need to email Miracle Brand, the company behind Miracle Sheets, to get instructions on how to proceed.

Where to buy? 

To ensure product authenticity and quality, we recommend purchasing your Miracle Sheets only through the official site. Reseller sites, like at Amazon, should be avoided also for Refund Policy issues.

Conclusion to our Miracle Sheets Reviews

Now, to wrap up our reviews of Miracle Sheets;

A healthy and restful sleep is something that we all aspire to, and the Miracle Sheets will help turn that aspiration into a cozy and healthful reality. 

What is it best for?

People with allergic rhinitis, asthma, topical dermatitis, and eczema as these sheets remove potential irritants.

What is it not best for?

Given the sizes, people with narrower beds may find these sheets a bit cumbersome to put onto their beds.

Miracle Sheets Alternatives

Multiple-thread count sheets (350 or higher) sold as “hotel-style sheets” are a reasonable alternative, but we cannot be sure as to how good they are against dust mites and other skin irritants. 

Miracle Bed Sheets Reviews Final Word

If you’re looking for the perfect replacement for your sheets, then Miracle Sheets may be just the thing you need. Especially if you have allergies, these silver ion-infused sheets are bound to give you the best sleep ever. Buy it and take advantage of their money-back guarantee.


What materials are used in the creation of Miracle Sheets?

Miracle Sheets are made of 100% US-grown and processed Supima cotton whose fibers are infused with anti-microbial silver ions.

Will Miracle Sheets fit any size bed?

Yes. Miracle Sheets are available in twin, full, queen, king, and Cali king sizes.

What irritants can the silver in Miracle Sheets deal with?

The silver ions can stop disease-causing microbes left behind by dust mites and other pests.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Miracle by aloft reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;

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