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KoreScale Reviews 2024: Amazing Facts Revealed! 🔥🌟

⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short KoreScale Reviews summary:
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Product Name: KoreScale Gen2

Product Description: The KoreScale Gen2 is an intuitive smart scale that uses advanced bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology to scan your entire body, monitoring its overall composition to compute fourteen health-specific metrics.

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My Personal Experience Summary:

Let's cut to the chase—you're buried in KoreScale reviews, and you're wondering, “Is it actually any good?” From unboxing to everyday use, KoreScale Gen2 has become my go-to morning health guru. Setting it up on my phone had a few hiccups, but it was a one-time hassle. Every morning, I step on it and get hit with 14 health metrics that are real eye-openers. Is KoreScale worth it? For me, absolutely. It's not just a scale; it's like having a pocket-sized wellness coach. The batteries (AAA, not included) have lasted a solid few months, and while the app could be snappier, it’s not a deal-breaker.

So, my verdict after sifting through countless KoreScale Gen2 reviews and living with the gadget? It's a keeper—makes you reflect, helps you improve, and heck, it even complements my bathroom decor!

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • State of the art health monitoring technology;
  • Elegant modern aesthetic;
  • Offers fourteen diverse health metrics


  • Accuracy is one of its weak points;
  • Can be cumbersome to set up with one’s phone

Introduction to our KoreScale Reviews

You're reading our unbiased KoreScale reviews!

In today’s health-conscious world, devices that can perform several diagnostic and physical monitoring functions are seen as a godsend for those who have become anxious over the state of their health, specifically the battle of the bulge and the attendant health issues caused by excess weight.


In which case, today’s KoreScale reviews will present a new way by which you can properly keep tabs on your weight as well as other aspects of your health.


Smart devices that monitor different aspects of your health have been in vogue for several years now and run the gamut from wearable devices like smart watches, to Bluetooth-enabled items you can sync with your phone, and now even your bathroom scale.

As far-fetched as that sounds, we think our KoreScale smart scale review may change your mind. 

What is the KoreScale?

The KoreScale Gen 2 is an intuitive smart scale that uses advanced bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology to scan your entire body, monitoring its overall composition to compute fourteen health-specific metrics. The scale is unique in the sense that you can sync it with your phone and receive your metrics in order to get a better sense of the state of your health.

In doing so, you have a practical and convenient way to keep tabs on the aspects of your body that truly matter in terms of health and fitness.

How Accurate is the BIA Technology in KoreScale?

So, you're probably pumped about the bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) in your KoreScale, right? Well, hold onto your fitness tracker for a sec. Though BIA tech is nifty, it's not perfect.

Downsides to BIA Tech

  1. Not FDA-Approved: Yup, you read it right. BIA technology in KoreScale isn't FDA approved. That's not to say it's unreliable, but it's worth knowing.
  2. Affected by Hydration: If you just chugged a bottle of water, your readings might skew. BIA can be sensitive to your body's water levels.
  3. Not Ideal for All: Pregnant or have a pacemaker? This method isn't recommended for you.

Before you decide to use KoreScale Gen, keep in mind these limitations. Still, when it comes to getting a plethora of health metrics at your fingertips, KoreScale can be a game-changer.

Now, don't let these drawbacks scare you away! With KoreScale Gen2 Reviews like these, it's clear the scale has its merits. But as with anything, it's good to get the full picture. So, is KoreScale worth it? If you're cool with the above, it just might be!



The primary features of the KoreScale Gen 2 include:

  • Bioelectric impedance analysis to monitor the user’s overall physical composition;
  • Durable tempered glass body augmented with sensor technology;
  • Calibrated weight monitoring mechanism;
  • Fourteen built-in health monitoring metrics:
    • Body weight;
    • Body mass index (BMI);
    • Visceral fat;
    • Body water content;
    • Skeletal muscle;
    • Metabolic age;
    • Heart rate;
    • Calorie counter;
    • Fat-free body weight;
    • Protein consumption;
    • Muscle mass;
    • Subcutaneous fat;
    • Body fat; and
    • Bone mass;
  • Powered by AAA batteries (not included on purchase); and
  • Proprietary mobile KoreScale app

What's the Deal with Battery Life?

Ah, batteries. They're like the unsung heroes of our smart gadgets, including the KoreScale smart scale. But wait, the AAA batteries are not included. That's right, folks, you'll need to buy your own.

Battery Longevity: How Often Will You Be Running to the Store?

  1. Depends on Usage: The more often you're hopping on the scale, the quicker you'll be back in the battery aisle.
  2. Typical Lifespan: Generally speaking, with moderate use, you're looking at replacing batteries every 6-12 months.
  3. Low Battery Alert: Don't worry, your KoreScale won't ghost you. The device gives a heads-up when it's time for new juice.

So, how does this compare to its competitors? Honestly, pretty standard. Most smart scales run on AAA batteries and have similar lifespans.

Why It Matters

Sure, it's not a deal-breaker, but it's something to consider if you're counting pennies. Batteries aren't crazy expensive, but they're also not free. Factor that into your overall KoreScale reviews.

How to use it?

If you have a smartphone and an active Bluetooth connection, using the KoreScale ought to be a piece of cake:

  • You can use it as a basic scale, but you stand to benefit from its numerous metrics if you connect your scale to your phone through the app using Bluetooth;
  • The KoreScale Gen 2 generates the data as you stand on the scale, syncing it with the KoreHealth app on your phone;
  • You can also keep active tabs on your health by pairing the scale with wearable health monitors like the Apple Smartwatch, Google Fit, or a FitBit.

Connectivity Woes – The Real Deal

Let's spill the tea, shall we? You've seen in various KoreScale reviews that syncing this bad boy with your phone isn't all rainbows and unicorns. But what does that actually mean?

What's the Issue?

  1. Bluetooth Blunders: The KoreScale Gen2 has been reported to struggle with Bluetooth connections, especially if multiple devices are trying to connect.
  2. Initial Setup: Users have found the initial setup to be a bit like a game of charades with your phone—lots of guessing and checking.
  3. App Glitches: Occasionally, the KoreScale app has moments where it just decides to play hide-and-seek with your data.

Potential Fixes

  1. Software Update: Keep your app up-to-date. Developers are always ironing out the kinks.
  2. Reset and Pair: If all else fails, turn it off and on again (classic, right?).

How Secure is Your Data?

Alright, let's talk about something a lot of KoreScale reviews skim over: data security. This scale knows more about you than your bestie. We're talking weight, BMI, heart rate—the works. So, how secure is this treasure trove of health data?

How Does KoreScale Handle Your Data?

  1. Encrypted Transmission: The KoreScale Gen2 uses encrypted channels to send your data to your phone.
  2. App Permissions: Be mindful of the permissions you grant the app. Read before you click ‘Accept', folks!
  3. Third-Party Sharing: As of now, KoreScale hasn't mentioned sharing your data with third parties, but always read the fine print.

Why Should You Care?

We're living in a world where data is gold. With identity theft and other cyber shenanigans on the rise, knowing where your data is going is not just smart—it's essential.

So, should data security impact your KoreScale reviews? Absolutely! Is KoreScale the Fort Knox of smart scales? Maybe not, but it's doing alright. Keep an eye on those app permissions and stay savvy, people!

Benefits and Advantages

The core benefits of the Kore Scale Gen2 are as follows:

  • Provides a noninvasive way to monitor your health, particularly your body fat, heart rate, and even mineral consumption;
  • You can easily sync it with the mobile app to keep tabs on your health even when on the go;
  • The elegant design also amps up the aesthetic in your bedroom or bathroom; and
  • KoreScale accuracy promised. It utilizes highly accurate sensors to give you a comprehensive look at the state of your health.
korescale kh app 3

Korescale Customer Reviews

So is KoreScale legit? Or is it just a marketing ploy? Read what users say:

“I had bariatric surgery about six months ago, so I'm working on losing weight as well as building muscle and becoming more aware of my water intake. So I love everything about my Kore Scale Gen2; plus, it interacts with my fitness tracker, making it so easy to use.”

Erin T.

“I’ve never had a scale that could do so much. The Kore Scale Gen2 is an incredible product. Unlike other smart scales I’ve had in the past, the data this one generates is very consistent.”

Jacob K.

“Love this scale: it's easy to set up, generates great information, and is easy to use. The Kore Scale Gen2 is a very helpful tool for people who are looking to improve health and not just lose weight.” –

Terry B.

KoreScale on Reddit

KoreScale reviews on Reddit highlight its accuracy and versatility in tracking fitness metrics. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface, seamless connectivity, and the ability to monitor various health parameters. The device's reliability and affordability receive positive mentions, making it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts on the platform.

KoreScale on TrustPilot

oreScale users on TrustPilot praise its accuracy and user-friendly design. Positive reviews highlight its effectiveness in tracking fitness progress and providing valuable insights. Users appreciate the device's sleek design, easy setup, and the comprehensive health metrics it offers. Overall, satisfied customers emphasize KoreScale's contribution to their fitness journeys.

Unpacking Customer Support for Your KoreScale

When you get yourself wrapped up in tech tangles, good customer support isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. KoreScale has got a support system that's ready to jump in, whether it's a glitch in the app or you're just stumped on how to set the thing up. You can shoot them an email and expect a response within 24 to 48 hours. Want something faster? Their phone support is pretty solid and you're unlikely to be left hanging.

Ah, but what if you're the DIY type? Cool beans, KoreScale's got a range of self-help options to guide you out of the tech maze. We're talking FAQs that actually answer what you're asking, video tutorials that don't require a Ph.D. to understand, and a help center that's genuinely helpful. Just a heads-up, though: customer service lines can be a battlefield during peak hours, so if you're not into playing the waiting game, try contacting them during their less busy times.

Oh, and they've got a chat feature too. Great for you multitaskers who want to sort out your KoreScale conundrums while also pretending to work or binge-watching your favorite show.

KoreScale Price (Discounted)

A single KoreScale UK Gen2 smart scale will currently set you back by a discounted $99.99, excluding shipping and handling.

If you’re thinking of buying more than one scale for your home or are considering gifting the scale to friends, Kore offers discounts for those buying multiple items in a single purchase. Discounted rates are as follows:

korescale gen2 pricing
korescale price

Money-back guarantee  

If you find yourself unsatisfied or unimpressed by the KoreScale UK Gen 2, you can send it back to the manufacturer within 30 days of delivery. Simply send it back in its original packaging.

However, keep in mind that shipping and handling of products for return must be shouldered by the customer.


When you're shelling out cash for a health gadget, you've got to know it's backed up. The KoreScale Gen2 comes with a 12-month limited warranty. It covers any hardware defects or malfunctions that weren't your fault. So if your scale starts acting all Jekyll and Hyde, you've got a safety net. But hey, warranty doesn't cover accidental damage or mishandling. Treat your scale like you'd treat your grandma's vintage vase.

KoreScale Where to buy? 

Stick to buying directly from the official KoreScale website. This ensures you're getting the real deal, complete with all the bells and whistles, not to mention a legit warranty and customer support that actually exists.

Other Stores

Hey, folks! Pump the brakes before hitting that “Buy Now” button on some random website. When it comes to the KoreScale Gen2, you don't want to play Russian Roulette with your hard-earned cash. Why? Fakes and scams are lurking in the dark corners of the internet, ready to pounce. No joke. You don't want to open up a package only to find a glorified paperweight pretending to be a KoreScale, right? Tempted by discounts on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace? Tread carefully, young Padawan. You may not get that sweet refund policy or even an authentic product. Trust us, you don't want to compromise on something that's going to measure your visceral fat and metabolic age. Get it from the source, and rest easy.

Conclusion to our KoreScale Gen 2 Reviews

If you’re looking for a scale that does so much more than just tell you how heavy you’ve become and actually helps you pay closer attention to different aspects of your health, then the Kore Scale Gen2 is an excellent addition to your home.

What is it best for?

Those who want to actively monitor their weight and other aspects of their bodies to ensure that they’re living a healthier lifestyle.

What is it not best for?

Those who only need a scale to check their weight.

KoreScale Gen2 Alternatives

Let's cut to the chase. How does KoreScale Gen2 fare against giants like Fitbit Aria and Withings Scale? Time to lay down the facts.

KoreScale Gen2 vs Fitbit Aria:

Features: KoreScale Gen2 boasts 14 health metrics. Fitbit Aria? Just three—weight, BMI, body fat percentage.
Price: Aria's usually pricier. You're paying for the brand name, buddy.
Ease of Use: KoreScale's a bit fussy with phone syncing. Aria? Smooth sailing if you're already a Fitbit fan.
The Takeaway: KoreScale Gen2 is for the metric-hungry. Aria is for the Fitbit faithful.

KoreScale Gen2 vs Withings Scale:

Features: KoreScale Gen2 kills it with 14 metrics. Withings? Not so much.
Price: KoreScale's lighter on the wallet. Withings can lean toward pricey.
Ease of Use: KoreScale pairs via Bluetooth; Withings demands Wi-Fi. Your call.
The Takeaway: Go KoreScale Gen2 for a metric overload. Withings if Wi-Fi's your thing.

Quick Face-Off Table

FeatureFitbit AriaWithings ScaleKoreScale Gen2

Kore Scale Reviews Final Word

To wrap up our KoreScale reviews;

We find the Kore Scale Gen2 smart scale a great thing to have at home to keep tabs on your health and fitness. Therefore, we recommend that you buy one!

Nevertheless, our review is meant to help you make an informed decision before making a purchase, so we recommend shopping around for a product that works with your specific requirements.


What is the technology behind the KoreScale Gen2?

Along with state-of-the-art sensors, the KoreScale Gen2 is equipped with BIA technology to give users a comprehensive look at the state of their health.

Can I get a discount when I buy a KoreScale Gen2?

KoreScale’s current price is already 50% marked down from the original, but you can get additional savings when you buy more than one item.

Does the KoreScale actually work?

You bet! Look, we've dug deep into KoreScale reviews and the consensus is strong: This gadget is no snake oil. It provides a range of health metrics that can be super valuable for anyone looking to up their fitness game or just keep tabs on their general well-being. But remember, for the most accurate results, you've got to follow the setup guidelines to a T.

Does a KoreScale Gen 2 Really Work?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! The KoreScale Gen 2 is the next-gen iteration we've all been waiting for. It has an array of 14 health metrics, from body weight to bone mass. Now, is it FDA-approved medical equipment? Nah. But for everyday health tracking, it's a nifty tool to have in your arsenal.

Can More than One Person Use KoreScale?

Absolutely! Multi-user functionality is one of the selling points. Perfect for families or even roommates who are all looking to keep track of their health. Just sync up multiple profiles with the app, and you're golden.

Are Smart Scales Worth It?

If you're thinking, “Hey, why not just use an old-school scale?” then listen up. These smart scales, like KoreScale Gen2, aren't just weighing you; they're giving you an overview of what's going on under that skin of yours. In the grand scheme of things, the cost is a small price to pay for the wealth of information you'll receive.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this KoreScale Gen reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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