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Ultimate KeySmart Review 2023: Is It Worth It? Read Before You Buy!

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Product Name: KeySmart

Product Description: An innovative key holder that allows users to conveniently hold several keys on a single fob.

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Innovative and durable design
  • Useful, compact, and attractive
  • Space for as many as 14 keys


  • Adding keys can be tedious
  • Some keys might not fit


Introduction to our KeySmart Review

In this KeySmart review, we make sense of KeySmart, a nifty little device that promises to lift a heavy weight off you!

There is a key for everything: your room, your house, your car, even the drawers in your desk at work. In the olden days, walking around with a massive keyring meant you were a person of property and high standing in society. These days, however, it’s a rather cumbersome thing to find yourself weighed down by so many keys hanging on the belt loop of your trousers or in the depths of your purse. It’s also a serious security risk: drop even a single one, and you find yourself worried that someone may have access to your home or office.

In today’s feature, learn how Key Smart will keep your keys safer and make them more convenient for you to access.

Product Image USB Bottle Opener 5 23 17

Is There a Way to Lighten Up Your Keyring?

Smart key rings are considered the keysmith or locksmith’s version of the Swiss Army knife. You can use them to handily store your keys without weighing you down. 

The best products in this category are those that offer functions aside from just holding your keys. Much like the Swiss Army knife which served as the inspiration for a number of product creators, the modern keyring may include a number of convenient attachments that could make your life easier, like small but powerful flashlights built into the device, or even a locator that helps you find your phone if you happen to misplace it.

Photo of Keysmart, as discussed in our Keysmart review.

One such product is the Key Smart. In this KeySmart Pro Review and KeySmart Max review, we’ll talk about what it does, what it can do for you, and whether or not it provides value for your money as a convenience item.

What is KeySmart?

In a nutshell, Key Smart is an innovative key holder that allows users to conveniently hold several keys on a single fob but without the inconvenient bulk that most conventional keyrings tend to have.

Very much like a Swiss Army knife, the KeySmart compact key holder features a distinctive semi-linear design rendered in lightweight aluminium and can hold anywhere between four and fourteen keys. Features for helping users find their keys and mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection are already built in the gadget. And, in some cases, additional features like a flashlight or a USB drive come with the package.

It is interesting to note that the original KeySmart wallet was created as a way to address the discomfort of having so many keys in one's pocket, damage to one's clothing, as well as preventing frustration among those who are prone to misplacing keys and other small but vital objects. Given the advances in technology, it can address all three and do a lot more.

Product Image USB 10 9 14
Product Image USB 10 9 14

Key Features of KeySmart

  • Aluminium body, making this gadget quite lightweight compared to conventional key rings;
  • Expandable key fob which allows users to slip on anywhere between four to fourteen keys, depending on the model selected;
  • Ring-style holder for attaching car keys;
  • Allows addition of compatible tools to the fob, also depending on the model selected, though some of these may already be built into premium models. Currently available options include the following:
    • Pocket clip;
    • Bottle opener;
    • GPS-driven tracker; and
    • LED flashlight; and
  • Compatibility with Tile, a Bluetooth-driven application that enables users to find their keys through a connected mobile device or vice-versa.
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How Does Key Smart Work?

As a gadget, it is one of those “some assembly required” items. In other words, you'll need to take out individual parts from the packaging, add your keys, and tighten a few screws in order to get everything into the fob. Once you're done, KeySmart wallet works in pretty much the same way as a standard multi-blade folding pocket knife wherein you simply tug the key you need from its space (no need to take it out; the business end of it will easily swivel out) and use it.

It's a design that keeps you from misplacing or losing your keys, prevents any wear and tear on your trouser pockets from constantly putting in or taking out individual keys, and is compact enough to slip into a purse pocket or even shirt pocket.

The construction of the Key Smart itself is similar to that of a USB flash drive or dongle – not surprising, as the more advanced models require charging via USB port for the LED flashlight, as well as the Tile function that enables you to find your keys anywhere.


The nifty thing about this device is that it can also fit your personal style as it comes in an appealing selection of colours and can even be customised with your personal or corporate logo.

Incidentally, we’ve noted that the instructions that come with a Key Smart aren’t exactly the most detailed ones. So, to help users out, here’s a detailed set of instructions on how to set up your Key Smart:

  • Remove the two screws from the opposite ends of your compact key holder with a screwdriver;
  • Take the top off of the device to reveal the posts and slots within;
  • Organize your keys from the shortest to the longest. Take note that the number of keys you can squeeze in will depend on the model you've purchased as well as the thickness of individual keys;
  • Place the shortest key on one of the posts;
  • Add an extender on top of that key
  • Move to the opposite end and add your next key, and repeat until you've managed to fit all the keys you can into the device;
  • Replace the top of the case back on;
  • Screw the top back into place with the gaskets pointing down, tightening as you go with a screwdriver.

If you don’t have a screwdriver ready, take note that the edge of a small coin will also work to loosen and tighten the gadget’s screws.

Benefits and User Advantages

First of all, let’s address one key point: who stands to benefit the most from using a KeySmart clean key? The short answer is just about anybody who doesn’t want the hassle of carrying around so many keys at any given time. But, for the most part, these would be people who need quick access to keys in the name of security, maintenance, or even business continuity. This list would include the following:

  • Security guards, particularly those working the night shift and require access to specific areas of a building or facility beyond business hours;
  • Business owners and managers, particularly those assigned to handle a till or safe;
  • Janitors and custodians who need to clean or make repairs within a space beyond normal business hours; and
  • Administrative staff, librarians, archivists, and curators who need to keep tabs on documents or precious items.

That said, what advantages would a KeySmart wallet give to its users? 

Most standard keys can fit into it   

The KeySmart compact key holder was designed to handle a number of keys, particularly the most common ones in use like front-door and gate keys, keys for luggage locks, and drawer keys. Likewise, you can also attach the mechanised fob for your car keys onto it using the ring attachment, allowing you to keep all your necessary keys in a single compact space;

Highly customisable thanks to a number of compatible accessories   

Aside from the standard slots and rings for your keys, the KeySmart compact key holder easily rivals the Swiss Army knife in terms of all the attachments you can add to it, including a nano LED flashlight for avid campers/hikers and those who need to drive at night, a handy bottle opener, a pocket clip to keep it from slipping out, and even a flash drive in case you need to download or upload files in a jiffy;

Compact design for modern living   

Weighing less than 0.3oz (around 0.85g) and made of aluminium, the device is a much lighter alternative to a conventional keyring and has the advantage of allowing you to fold your keys in to make a highly compact package you can neatly tuck away into a trouser or shirt pocket, or even a small purse.


It comes with a warranty   

For a product to have a warranty means its manufacturer adhered to the best possible production standards during its creation and is willing to offer free repairs or even a replacement if the item you purchased is damaged or flawed. Such is the case with KeySmart wallet, and its warranty runs for a good two years after the purchase date.

User KeySmart Reviews

“I've had mine a little over a year now and love it. Since I originally put my two keys on it it has remained intact, hasn't loosened, or wavered in any way. I love the simplicity of it; good product.”


“This key organizer is great: all my keys fit together in one [place.] I would definitely recommend this product to others or even give it as a gift to a friend or family member.”


“[The build is of] good quality. However, it's a little bulky in the pocket and your organised keys are not easy to pull out with one hand: you'll need your other hand, as well, making it a hassle if you're carrying something.”


“It works fine, and it helps if all the keys are similar size and the top is similar. It's a little cludgy to put together, but it works.”


KeySmart Wallet Pricing (Discounted)

Prices for individual KeySmart accessories and models, including KeySmart Pro, KeySmart Max, KeySmart Mini, are as follows:

keysmart pricing

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Items may be returned within 30 days of customer receipt. Refunds are no longer given if a defective item is sent in after the 30-day period.

Where Can You Buy It?

While the device can be purchased through Amazon resellers, we recommend you only buy directly from their official website.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, to avoid complications with any possible refunds.

Conclusion to our KeySmart Review

Now to wrap up our review;

What is it best for?

Those who want a compact keyring they can bring anywhere.

What is it not best for?

Not for those who don't want to spend too much on a key holder.

Keysmart Alternatives

Some alternatives include the Bellroy Key Cover Plus and the Orbitkey Key Organizer.

Key Smart Review Final Word

KeySmart compact key holder offers a streamlined modern alternative to the classic keyring and also provides a number of conveniences necessary for modern living. While it isn’t exactly perfect for everyone and it does have its flaws, it’s a handy thing to have, whether for the home or office.


How many keys can I put into my Key Smart?

Depending on the model, you can put in four to fourteen keys at any given time. Take note, however, that how many keys you can squeeze in will also depend on the size and thickness of the keys you have.

What attachments can I get for a Key Smart?

Among the most popular attachments available are the bottle opener and nano LED flashlight. Some models may already come equipped with a holding clip, flash drive, and the Tile locator.

Can I use a key locator other than Tile with my Key Smart?

Provided that your model is one with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your KeySmart compact key holder to any reliable GPS-driven tracking app.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this KeySmart reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this gadget! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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