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Honest Karben Wallet Review 2023: Is It Worth It Or Not?

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Product Name: Karben Wallet

Product Description: An anti-theft wallet and card receptacle made of carbon fibre and aluminum.

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • More durable than a conventional wallet;
  • Conveniently carries up to twelve cards plus currency in bills;
  • Easily fits into one’s pockets


  • Not practical for those carrying around loose change;
  • Doesn’t offer other styles;
  • Can be considered too small by some people

Introduction to our Karben Wallet Review

Welcome to our Karben wallet review!

A wallet is one of the handiest things you need to have on your person. It holds your money, your credit or debit cards, even identification in the event of an emergency. 

They are also a stylish accessory, especially if they are made with good materials and crafted by renowned ateliers.

But in these wicked times, even the plainest wallets may be stolen. Or – thanks to technology in the hands of unscrupulous individuals, hacked. Indeed, you can have your credit/debit cards taken and your identity compromised in the process.


So, are there any possible solutions? Is there a wallet one can use that would help protect one’s identity and prevent anyone from using their personal information for fraudulent activities? That’s what this Karben Wallet review will try to find out.


In this Karben wallet review, we analyze what makes this wallet unlike any other. Its material? Carbon fibre.

Carbon fibre is a material commonly used to manufacture high-performance items like sporting gear. But you may have encountered it in technical specifications for aircraft and racecars. But did you know that this durable and lightweight material can be used for personal accessories like wallets?

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This material can easily be woven in pretty much the same way as conventional leather and can take on a variety of fine finishes for a truly elegant end product. Indeed, aside from making wallets more durable, they are also lighter to carry around and have the additional virtue of preventing RFID-using individuals from siphoning your personal information from the cards in the wallet.

In which case, let’s see how the Karben Wallet UK stacks up as a prime example of a carbon fiber wallet.

What is a Karben Wallet?

The Karben Wallet UK is more than just a receptacle for holding your money, credit or debit cards, and IDs. 

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Crafted from a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum, this somewhat diminutive device essentially works as an anti-theft and anti-fraud device as it blocks RFID signals that could draw upon your cards for information that could give unscrupulous individuals access to your bank and credit accounts.


The Karben Wallet UK measures 2.4 x 3.3 inches and weighs just 1.76oz. Its primary features are as follows:

  • Woven carbon fiber body with an aluminum frame;
  • Lanyard or keyring loop so you can attach it to a keychain, ID lanyard, or a carabiner attached to your belt loop; 
  • Slots for up to twelve cards;
  • Elastic band to securely hold currency in bills; and
  • RFID blocking feature.

An optional NFC sticker affixed to the wallet allows owners to link the wallet to their social media through an app (compatible with both Android and iOS devices). This allows them to input their personal information for emergencies or to serve as a virtual business card.

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How to use it?

In this Karben wallet review, be mindful of these Karben wallet instructions.

  • Simply slide your cards into the slots built into your Karben Wallet;
  • Use the elastic band to secure paper money;
  • Link the wallet to your social media to serve as a virtual calling card.

The carbon fiber essentially works as a jammer or shield, preventing RFID readers from siphoning information from any cards inserted into the wallet.

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Benefits and Advantages

The chief advantages of using a Karben Wallet UK are as follows:

  • You get a more durable alternative to a conventional wallet as the Karben is made with a material that doesn't fade, warp or fray over time. Plus, it can withstand extreme temperatures;
  • It's small and lightweight, making it highly portable as it easily fits into one's pockets; and
  • Automatically keeps RFID scanners from surreptitiously taking one's information through the cards in the wallet.
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Users' Karben Wallet Reviews

“Before I got my Karben, I used a Ridge wallet for about two years as it was so much better than the traditional style wallet. I saw the Karben wallet video and became intrigued. Wow! With my new Karben wallet, my cards can be extracted from the end without needing to open it. This makes it easier to extract the card I need. The best benefit in my opinion is price: you get a better, easier to use, and equally tough product for about half the price of a Ridge wallet.”

Robert S.

“I sent a Karben wallet UK to my son and he is happily using it. He told me that it holds all his credit cards, driver's and fishing licenses, and just about everything he needs to carry. He has stopped using a wallet in his back pocket and likes this small and easy to use card holder with an elastic band for a few bills of money. The way it easily fits into his pocket is also a really good feature.”

Joanne M.

“I like how it's very easy to organize. It's also much more convenient to carry compared to what I used to carry with me. Plus, the card reader blocker technology built into it gives me peace of mind.”

Eastep C.

Karben Wallet Pricing (Discounted)

For our Karben wallet review, what's the cost like?

On the official Karben website, the wallet is currently being sold for a discounted $49.99.

Discounts are offered for those buying multiple items in a single purchase on the official website only. Discounted prices are as follows:

karben pricing
Karben Wallet Pricing

Note that both of the aforementioned prices do not include shipping and handling.

Money-back guarantee  

Karben offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if one isn’t satisfied with the product. However, the item needs to be returned to the manufacturer in its original unopened packaging. Likewise, the cost of shipping the item back must be shouldered by the customer.

Where to buy? 

To ensure that you’re getting an authentic product, we recommend buying a Karben anti-theft wallet only from the official website.

Best to avoid reseller sites, like those Karben Wallet Amazon stores, eBayFacebook Marketplace, where refund policy issues can arise.

Conclusion to our Karben Wallet Review

The Karben anti-theft wallet is a sensible alternative to conventional wallets, and it does offer excellent protection against fraudsters who might try to use one’s identity in scams and cons.

What is it best for?

The Karben is most appropriate for those who prefer to use cards rather than case, and it’s also an excellent wallet for travelers.

What is it not best for?

Probably not a good choice for those who like carrying around loose change or prefer to pay for purchases in cash.

Karben Wallet Alternatives

If you’re in the market for a wallet that combines the capabilities of a carbon fiber wallet with the timeless elegance of a traditional wallet, Common Fibers offers a number of stylish yet equally functional alternatives to the Karben. 

Karben Wallet Review Final Word

As with our other gadget reviews, our Karben Wallet review are meant to help potential customers make informed decisions before committing to a purchase. However, we recommend that you give this wallet a spin – after all, there's a money-back guarantee!

Still, if you're not impressed, we recommend shopping around to find a carbon fiber wallet that suits both your requirements and your personal style.


What materials are used for a Karben Wallet?

Each Karben features a woven carbon fiber body built into an aluminum frame.

Can my Karben Wallet keep RFID snoopers from getting my personal information?

Yes, the carbon fiber serves as a natural shield against radio frequency signals.

How many cards can I put inside my Karben Wallet?

You can slot up to twelve cards into your Karben.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Karben wallet review, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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