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Awesome Infinitikloud vs Photostick 2024 Comparison: Which is Better?

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between InfinitiKloud vs Photostick, the better storage device for most people is ThePhotoStick.

Introduction to our InfinitiKloud vs PhotoStick Comparison

You're reading our honest comparison of two powerful storage devices: InfinitiKloud vs Photostick!

We know how important data is nowadays, so having a reliable backup device is an important investment. However, which do you choose between Photo Stick vs InfinitiKloud? This article will make your decision-making easier.

Key Takeaways

  • Device Compatibility: InfinitiKloud offers a broader range of compatibility, supporting not only computers but also mobile devices, which makes it versatile for users who manage data across multiple platforms.
  • Functionality and User Interface: While both devices provide automatic backup solutions, InfinitiKloud allows for more user control over what gets backed up and includes file management tools. The PhotoStick focuses on simplicity, automatically scanning for all relevant media files to back up.
  • Price and Value: InfinitiKloud is typically more expensive due to its additional features and compatibility with mobile devices. The PhotoStick offers a more focused and less expensive solution for users who primarily need to back up from a computer.
  • Use Case: The choice between InfinitiKloud and PhotoStick should depend on where and how you manage your digital files. If you need a comprehensive backup solution that extends beyond your computer to mobile devices, InfinitiKloud is the better choice. If your primary need is a simple backup solution for a large number of files on your computer, then the PhotoStick might be more suitable.

Comparison Table of InfinitiKloud vs PhotoStick

When comparing the InfinitiKloud and the PhotoStick, we’re looking at two popular devices designed for easy data backup, specifically tailored to safeguard photos, videos, and other personal files. Both are intended to offer straightforward solutions for users who want to back up their digital memories without the complexities of traditional backup software. Here’s how they stack up against each other:

Note: Prices are subject to change over time. Please click the links to check for current pricing.

FeatureInfinitiKloud🏆 ThePhotoStick
CompatibilityCompatible with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devicesPrimarily designed for PC and Mac
Connection TypeUSB for PC and Mac, includes adapters for USB-C and Micro-USB for mobile devicesUSB connection for direct plug into PC and Mac
Storage OptionsAvailable in multiple capacities, typically from 32GB to 128GBAvailable in capacities from 8GB to 128GB
FunctionalityBacks up files automatically with the option for selective backup. Offers file management and restoration features.Automatically finds and backs up photos, videos, and documents without user intervention
SoftwareRequires installation of its app for use, which helps manage and organize filesComes with pre-installed software that simplifies the backup process
Ease of UseUser-friendly, especially with mobile devices due to app supportPlug-and-play device, extremely easy to use for non-tech-savvy users
PriceGenerally priced higher, reflecting its broader device compatibility and additional features

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Generally less expensive due to simpler functionality

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PortabilityCompact and portable, easy to carry and use across different devicesHighly portable, designed to be used primarily with desktops and laptops

Overview: What are InfinitiKloud and Photostick?

First things first: let's meet and greet our two contenders.

InfinitiKloud: Touted as an easy and secure way of keeping your data safe, the InfinitiKloud is a flash drive with a difference. This particular product handles more than just images and multimedia files, as it can also be used to save and back up documents and other file types. The beauty of InfinitiKloud lies in the fact that you can transfer files via wireless connection and even back them up in the cloud.

infinitikloud 1

ThePhotoStick, on the other hand, can well be called the OG or granddaddy of the photo stick scene. While it still sticks to saving multimedia files even in its latest iterations, customers have found it a most dependable way to store, sort, and back up digital images, videos, and even audio recordings.

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The InfinitiKloud fits in your pocket and using it is a breeze. It also works on any computer so it's convenient for just about any user. Moreover, it has a remote option so you access and transfer files anywhere and everywhere.

infinitikloud 2


Without a doubt, ThePhotoStick is easily the most user-friendly devices out there. All you have to do is connect it to your PC or Mac computer or laptop, and it backs up your devices and photos automatically. Moreover, it's handy to carry around anywhere so its portability gives it a little extra.


Winner – Draw! Both InfinitiKloud vs PhotoStick are super easy to use, portable, and simple. We have to declare this contest a tie.



Much as we would have loved the InfinitiKloud, we have issues with the way it works. The product has a wireless iteration that is supposed to back files up from your mobile. However, it tends to lag and, worse, it can be challenging to set up. We also don’t like how it fails to detect files – a difficult thing if you need to back things up in a hurry.

infinitikloud 3


ThePhotoStick Omni, the brand’s top of the line model, comes with an adapter that connects the drive to a diverse range of devices. Likewise, the mobile app works well on both Android and iOS smartphones, so getting stuff backed up on your phone or tablet is practically effortless.

infinitikloud vs photostick: person holding a photostick omni

Winner – PhotoStick! In this reliaibility round of our Photo Stick vs InfinitiKloud comparison, the PhotoStick emerges as the better product.



  • Capacity ranges from 64GB to 512GB;
  • Compatible with Android devices, as well as Mac and PC computers – but there’s actually a separate model that can be synced with iOS gadgets;
  • Built-in security features;
  • Cloud syncing

ThePhotoStick Omni

  • Multi-device compatibility;
  • Works with Android, iOS, Windows (XP onwards), and MacOS;
  • Automatic scanning, retrieval, and storage feature;
  • Supplemental application for use with mobile devices; and
  • Ability to save a wide variety of multimedia file formats
tpsomni product010

Winner – Draw! In this features round of our InfinitiKloud vs PhotoStick comparison, both devices are level with one another.

Value for Money


The price range for InfinitiKloud’s Gen1, the brand’s flagship product, ranges between $27.99 and $149.99 and it works for Android, Windows, and MacOS. The Charge model for iOS costs $28.99 and the Wireless model goes for $39.99.

infinitikloud pricing

If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return the item within 30 days of delivery. However, InfinitiKloud does not offer refunds. To ensure you have authentic items, buy only from their official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.


The price range offered on ThePhotoStick’s official website, specifically for the Omni, runs between $79.99 and $198.99. This is considerably higher than any of the InfinitiKloud’s offerings, but we appreciate how it works and offers so much more in terms of capacity.

thephotostickomni pricing
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We also like how PhotoStick offers a refund if you return your purchase within 30 days of receiving it. Just make sure that you only purchase through the official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Winner – PhotoStick! When it comes to which has better value for money – Photo Stick vs InfinitiKloud, PhotoStick takes the cake.

User Reviews


InfinitiKloud has a very poor score on Trustpilot: a mere 1.3 stars out of five. Customers are up in arms over the poor quality of the company’s service and how the product fails to work or live up to their expectations.

infinitikloud trustpilot
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PhotoStick holds an average rating – 2.8 stars out of five – on Trustpilot. But customers like how the brand takes care of their issues, specifically how they are walked through product use and after-care issues. 

photostick omni trustpilot
image © 2024. all rights reserved.

Winner – PhotoStick! Clearly, customers rate PhotoStick higher than InfinitiKloud in this Photo Stick vs InfinitiKloud comparison.

Conclusion and Recommendations to our InfinitiKloud vs Photostick Comparison

What is InfinitiKloud best for?

We’d consider this product a generic drive for saving a wide variety of files.

What is Photostick best for?

Photographers – professional and otherwise – would appreciate ThePhotoStick as it has a seriously large capacity for their multimedia files.

InfinitiKloud vs Photostick Alternatives

The Samsung Duo Plus, a relatively new player in the photo stick market, offers a great deal in terms of price and capacity.

InfinitiKloud vs Photostick Final Word

Hands down, ThePhotoStick offers the best value for money and overall quality compared to the InfinitiKloud, so we suggest that you buy one for yourself!

Please note that to get authentic, high-quality products, we recommend that you avail of PhotoStick Omni only from their official website. You may also get great discounts for multiple purchases. Beware of purchasing from marketplace sites claiming to be resellers so to avoid issues with refunds and returns in the future!


What’s the maximum capacity on either of these products?

512GB is the maximum for both InfinitiKloud and ThePhotoStick.

Can I use either device for non-photo files?

ThePhotoStick is strictly a multimedia drive. The InfinitiKloud, on the other hand works for media files, as well as documents.

If you've read all the way through this InfinitiKloud vs Photo Stick comparison, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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