Ultimate Huusk Knives Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying Or Not?

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Quick Summary

Huusk Knives is a series of precision cutting instruments meant for multiple purposes.


  • A great choice for both amateur and professional chefs;
  • Comes pre-oiled and has its own carrying sheath;
  • Can be used both in the home and outdoors


  • Not recommended for cutting inorganic materials;
  • Can be cumbersome to handle due to its construction;
  • One of the more expensive options available

Introduction to our Huusk Knives Review

Welcome to our Huusk Knives review!

Any chef worth their salt will tell you that it pays big time to have a proper set of appropriate – and well-maintained – knives in your personal kit.  But while most beginners tend to carry around a full roll of knives for specialized individual usage, older and more seasoned cooks find that all they need to get their jobs done is a single all-purpose knife for everything from peeling fruit and vegetables to fileting bony fish.

Today’s review of Huusk Handmade Knives aims to show readers how this particular product can be used by everyone, from professional chefs to home cooks.


Not all kitchen knives are made equal – and the very best are made by master craftsmen with decades’ worth of experience passed on to them through countless centuries.

For this Huusk knives review, it's important to note that the Japanese, in particular, excel at bladesmithing. From the sleek, elegant, and sharp katanas and kodachis [short swords] used throughout the golden age of the samurai in the Sengoku period to precision cutting instruments used in various professions in this day and age, Indeed, Japanese-made knives have made their way throughout the world from the world-famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo to the kitchens of the leading Michelin-starred restaurants.


But even home cooks, fishermen, and occasional hunters appreciate a good knife; that is what Huusk Handmade Knives are meant to be.

What are Huusk Handmade Knives?

Crafted using the best in terms of Japanese bladesmithing techniques, Huusk Handmade Knives – specifically the Huusk Viking Knife – is a series of precision cutting instruments meant for multiple purposes.

The HuuskJapan Viking Knife, in particular, is the sort of all-purpose blade that comes in handy in both home and professional kitchens, and also works as an excellent tool for the active outdoorsman.



For this Huusk Knives Review UK, a standard purchase of a Huusk Handmade Knife comes with the following:

  • A pre-oiled and hand-forged blade around 4mm thick made with high-grade ATS-34 steel with a hole cut into the lower portion of the knife to ensure a safe and secure grip on the part of the user;
  • An oaken handle with ample heft which can be held ambidextrously; and
  • Custom-crafted leather carrying Huusk Knife sheath.

The full-tang blade is produced from raw steel using a 138-step process by highly-trained craftsmen. Each blade is likewise sharpened by hand before being shipped to customers.

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How to Use It?

In this Huusk Knives review, Huusk Knives UK can be used in pretty much the same way as conventional knives, particularly chefs’ knives and hunting knives. These may be used to:

  • Peel, slice, and chop fruit and vegetables;
  • Carefully remove the skin from pork, beef, and game;
  • Joint and debone poultry, as well as larger cuts of meat;
  • Skin and filet even the most difficult to bonefish like whole salmon and both fresh and saltwater eels;
  • Carve roasts tableside;
  • Gut freshly caught fish for the kitchen; and even
  • Gut and skin game animals after a hunt.

Benefits and Advantages

For this Huusk knives review, using a Huusk Japanese Knife accords the owner the following advantages:

  • Being able to easily slice, dice, chop, and peel a variety of fruit, vegetables, and meats without needing to sharpen the blade regularly;
  • Cut through tougher materials like animal hides or the skin of certain fish or marine creatures whilst hunting outdoors;
  • Offers a unique design featuring a hole for the index finger in the blade for safer and more confident handling;
Ultimate huusk knives review [yr]: is it worth buying or not? 10
  • Oak handles make it easier to grip regardless of use;
  • The 138 steps involved in the forging of the blade ensure that you get a product that will give you years – if not decades – of good use;
  • Packaged with its own leather sheath, so one has a handy way of carrying it around and storing it; and
  • It can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they’re left- or right-handed.

Users' Huusk Knife Reviews

“First and foremost, this is a really cool looking knife. Don't believe in Huusk knives scam, they're not true. It feels comfortable in the hand, has good weight to it, a full tang, and a smooth wooden handle. It's pretty sharp right out of the box, so be careful with it though it does have a plastic blade point cover for safety. The sheath is real leather and has a buttoned strap to hold in the blade, [as well as] a holding loop on the back to attach to your belt. The lanyard hole at the end of the handle is a good addition as well. This knife would be great for any rustic or fantasy chef.”

Caleb L.

“I ordered this because I needed a good sturdy knife for boning and precision. It is not a light knife and can handle heavy kitchen work. The hole at the heel is a nice touch and adds even more stability. This is not a shy knife: it has some heft to it, so it could present a problem for someone with small hands or arthritis.”

Sloane E.

“[My Huusk Japanese Knife was] sharp out of the box, clean, with an even grind on the cutting edge. [It] performs very well with its heavy blade and forward weight, thus I use less force for cutting and chopping. It functions very well as designed and advertised, making it a great addition for home kitchen and camp kitchen cookware.”

Denny S.

Huusk Handmade Knives Pricing (Discounted)

Huusk Knives Price Options

On the official retail website, buying multiple knives in a single purchase accord varying discounts to customers:

Huusk Handmade Knives Pricing

Note that all prices quoted above exclude shipping and handling fees.

Money-back guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided that the user sends back the item within thirty days of delivery and in the original packaging.

Where to buy? 

For this Huusk review, to ensure that you get the real thing and not a knock-off product, make it a point to get your knife via the official product page. Beware of reseller sites, like on Amazon, also for possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Huusk Knives Review

Getting a good knife is a key to the success of a good chef or home cook and a seasoned outdoorsman. In which case, the Huusk Handmade Knife is something that we recommend buying.

What is it best for?

Standard kitchen or outdoors work.

What is it not best for?

Not recommended for cutting inorganic materials like plastic, concrete, or metal wire.

Huusk Handmade Knives Alternatives

If you’re in the market for truly reputable Japanese-made blades for the kitchen or a good all-around utility knife, brands like Monotaro and Musashimono should be up for your consideration.

Huusk Handmade Knives Final Word

As with all our product reviews, we recommend the Huusk Handmade Knives for home, professional kitchen, and outdoor use. However, we also recommend that readers do their research and shop around for a blade that works for them.


Where can I buy the Huusk Handmade Knives?

To ensure authenticity and quality, be sure to buy the knives at Huusk knives UK official website.

What makes Huusk Knives so special?

Each one is hand-forged using a 138-step process perfected over decades using the best in raw materials.

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