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Awesome Hiya vs First Day 2024 Comparison: Who Wins?

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between Hiya vs First Day, the better children's vitamins for most people is Hiya.

Introduction to our Hiya vs First Day Comparison

Welcome to our Hiya vs First Day comparison!

Getting ample nutrition – and especially immune system-building nutrients – is a challenge at any age, but most especially for growing children.

In which case, pediatricians prescribe vitamins to improve kids’ health, either in syrup or chewable form. However, how can one be sure that these vitamins have enough nutrients to keep a child nourished? Also, in these health and wellness-conscious times, parents’ concerns revolve around any potentially harmful additives in these supplements. 

We seek to give you the answers in today’s Hiya vs First Day comparison review.

What are Hiya vs First Day Vitamins?

Hiya Vitamins are a child-specific multivitamin supplement recommended for children two years old and above. These were specifically formulated to address key aspects of childhood, namely healthy growth in terms of height and weight, mental and physical development, and strengthened immunity against viruses and other potential infections.

Hiya Vitamins also address growing concerns regarding excessive sugar consumption among children, juvenile diabetes, and juvenile obesity as these are sweetened with monkfruit extract rather than cane or beet sugar.

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First Day on the other hand, is a wellness company founded by two friends who graduated from Yale. They aimed to address some unanswered questions in the wellness space, coming up with a varied range of vitamins for people of all ages, including kids.

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Comparison Table of Hiya vs First Day

Note: Prices are subject to change over time. Please click the links to check for current pricing.

Feature🏆 Hiya (My Pick!)First Day 
Product TypeMeltaway tabletChewable gummy
DosageOne tablet, once a dayTwo gummies, once a day
Standard Weight1 gram per tabletUnspecified
Formulation13 essential nutrients9 essential nutrients
Standard Age of User2+3+
Customer SupportPhone, email, online formEmail only
Customer User ReviewsHighly recommended; customers appreciate how their children easily take to the vitaminSomewhat negative; customers have called out the company for erroneous claims
Unique FeaturePricing gets lower for households with multiple childrenSupposed to reduce ADHD with regular use
CostCheck Current PricingCheck Current Pricing



Hiya offers a blend of thirteen essential nutrients that are vital for your child’s health and wellness. These cover all the bases from immunity to proper cerebral, skeletal, and muscular development.

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First Day

First Day’s kids’ formulation has just nine key nutrients – which isn’t really a lot considering the massive nutritional needs of children in the growing-up years. We also noticed that your child needs two gums a day. Another thing that makes us uneasy about First Day is the fact that its marketing material claims that it can reduce the symptoms of ADHD – a claim that has yet to be confirmed by the US FDA.

first day 2

Winner – Hiya! Hiya gets the plus points here between First Day Vitamins vs Hiya.



In terms of flavor and whether or not it can easily be swallowed, Hiya scores well among both parents and children. Also, the fact that it is sweetened with monkfruit extract as opposed to sugar means it is completely sugar-free which means it can safely be taken by children with juvenile diabetes. We also like the fact that, being a one-a-day vitamin and a non-sugar-based one at that, it staves off juvenile obesity.

hiya 4

First Day

While First Day claims that their product isn’t made with animal gelatin, parents may not be so keen as to allow their children to keep taking it as it poses a choking hazard, especially to younger children. Likewise, despite its claims of being low-sugar, it still has around 2g of sugar per gummy – making it more like candy than a nutritional supplement.

first day 4

Winner – Hiya! Hiya wins in the reliability category if you compare First Day vs Hiya.



  • Each package has enough vitamins for 30 days;
  • Compounded with twelve organically-grown and sustainably-sourced fruits and vegetables;
  • Specifically crafted for children's digestion;
  • Formulated with thirteen key vitamins and minerals;
  • Naturally sweetened with monkfruit;
  • GMO, cane sugar, gluten, and dairy-free;
  • Packaged in eco-friendly materials;
  • Fresh deliveries made monthly; and
  • Produced domestically in the United States
hiya 5

First Day

  • Each package has enough vitamins for fifteen days;
  • Easily chewable vitamin format;
  • Formulated with nine key vitamins and minerals;
  • Offers a flavor assortment in each pack;
  • Made in Germany; and
  • Made with organic ingredients
first day 3

Winner – Hiya! Hiya takes the clear win in the features comparison of Hiya vs First Day.

Value for Money


On the official Hiya Vitamin website, a bottle with enough Hiya Vitamins for one month will set customers back by $30 per child rather than per unit.

hiya pricing

If you’re buying for more than one child, Hiya takes a certain amount off the price per kid:

  • $28 each for two children;
  • $25 each for three children; and
  • $24 each for four children.

Hiya Vitamins are distributed on a subscription basis, so a fresh supply is sent to a customer’s home every month until they choose to cancel their subscription. While no refunds are given, Hiya is ready to accept cancellations among those who want to stop buying the product, no questions asked.

Be sure to purchase only from their official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

First Day

According to the official First Day website, a one-time purchase bottle good for fifteen days will set you back by $39.00 per unit.

first day pricing

The brand likewise gives a 45-day money back guarantee.

Remember to purchase this product from the official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Winner – Hiya! Hiya definitely gives you your money’s worth if you compare Hiya vs First Day.

User Reviews


Hiya currently has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot, with five-star reviews making up 91% of the 632 currently on record. Customers appreciate how their children like the vitamin and how their pediatricians appreciate it, as well.

hiya trustpilot
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First Day

While First Day has a Trustpilot page, it does not have any reviews there as yet. However, despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews featured on the brand website, mommy bloggers and pediatricians claim that the vitamin lacks substance and that some children find the taste and texture off-putting.

Winner – Hiya! Hiya is a win among customers if you compare Hiya vs First Day Vitamins.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Hiya vs First Day Comparison

Who is Hiya best for?

Children from two years old onwards.

Who is First Day best for?

Definitely not a good choice in our opinion – and they should be clocked for the ADHD claim.

Hiya vs First Day Alternatives

SmartyPants Kids Formula is currently the highest ranked vitamin in the world in terms of both nutrition and palatability.

Hiya vs First Day Comparison Final Word

Hiya takes the win as it is the superior children’s nutritional here. In this case, it fares better than First Day on all aspects of our comparison.

Please note that to get authentic, high-quality products, we recommend that you avail of Hiya only from their official website. You may also get great discounts for multiple purchases. Beware of purchasing from marketplace sites claiming to be resellers so to avoid issues with refunds and returns in the future!


Why does Hiya Multivitamin come as a chewable and not a gummy?

Chewable tabs are a better way to deliver children's nutrition. Likewise, they don't have the same ingredients common to gummy vitamins which may get stuck to teeth and cause tooth decay. Hiya Vitamins are also a better choice as kids don't assume they're candy in the same way as gummy vitamins.

How nutritious are Hiya Vitamins?

Hiya Vitamins are compounded from twelve organic fruits and vegetables and sweetened without processed sugar, using monkfruit extract, instead. The product of research done by pediatricians and nutritionists, these are amply formulated with the recommended daily allowance of nutrients, and also free of GMOs, allergens, dairy, and gluten.

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