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SCANDALOUS Hai Showerhead Review 2024: SHOCKING Reasons You Might REGRET Buying!

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Product Name: Hai Showerhead

Product Description: The Hai Showerhead is a Bluetooth-enabled device that you can connect to the corresponding app in order to set the water temperature to your desired level of heat or cold, as well as the target amount of water you intend to use every time you shower in order to conserve water.

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My Personal Experience with Hai Showerhead

Diving into the Hai Showerhead experience was a refreshing surprise! Its innovative design delivered a spa-like sensation, turning my daily shower routine into a luxurious escape. The multifunctional settings catered to every mood, from a gentle rainfall to an invigorating massage. Installation was a breeze, and the water-saving feature impressed.

However, a minor hiccup arose, revealing a quirk that customer service quickly addressed. Despite the brief setback, the Hai Showerhead stands as a symbol of relaxation and rejuvenation, elevating my shower moments with its unique blend of style and functionality.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Easy to install and use;
  • Reduces water wastage over time;
  • Allows you to set temperature, flow, and even the amount of water used with every shower


  • Does not have a hard water filter;
  • Only available online

Introduction to our Hai Showerhead Review

You're reading our Hai Showerhead review!

Nowadays, with the ongoing climate crisis, it doesn’t pay to waste water. In which case, it is a challenge for many of us to conserve water whenever we bathe. It is one of the few personal luxuries available to us in our hectic modern world, and we need all that water to wash away the day’s stresses.

But what if we told you that there is a way to shower luxuriously without needing to waste so much water? Plus, how would you feel if we told you that you can actually sync this solution with your mobile phone to keep tabs on your water consumption and it actually incorporates aromatherapy as one of its key features? Grand, yes?

You may be wondering if such products even exist. We can tell you frankly that they do and today’s Hai Showerhead review shows off one of them in the best light.


As a communications technology, Bluetooth has made it possible for us to connect numerous devices to others in the name of efficiency and functionality. Bluetooth is what allows you to connect your smartwatch to your mobile phone, and your smart TV to a bank of similarly-programmed speakers. But did you know that this technology has been applied to – of all things! – showerheads?

Bluetooth shower heads allow you to do numerous tasks, including setting the temperature of the water that flows through them, as well as the strength of the flow that comes out.

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In the case of more advanced models, these may also include mood lighting that one can adjust to either invigorate a bather at the start of the day, or to wind them down at the end of it.

While there are already a number of such products available, how does the Hai Showerhead fare in the face of the competition?

What is a Hai Showerhead?

Touted as the world's smartest and most sustainable showerhead, the Hai Showerhead is a Bluetooth-enabled device that you can connect to the corresponding app in order to set the water temperature to your desired level of heat or cold, as well as the target amount of water you intend to use every time you shower in order to conserve water.

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Along with customizable alerts, this is also energy-conserving as it doesn't require batteries and is dependent on water pressure for power. 


So, what makes the Hai Smart Showerhead different from the competition? Get a load of the following features:

  • Two spray strengths: a steady stream to get you clean in a jiffy and a fine mist if you want to take a more leisurely pace in the shower – both with a little push on the slider;
  • The proprietary Hai application which helps you keep tabs on your water usage, as well as your personal impact on the environment;
  • LED alerts that will advise you if the water is at your ideal temperature or if you've hit your target water use limit;
  • Six captivating colorways;
  • Stainless steel make; and
  • Mold-resistant PVC hose to ensure that your shower stays clean.
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How to use it?

To install and use the Hai Bluetooth Shower Head:

  1. Remove your current showerhead from the pipe;
  2. Screw on the Hai Smart showerhead, ensuring that it is properly aligned and tightly set in place;
  3. Download the Hai app and install it into your mobile phone or tablet;
  4. Switch on Bluetooth and pair the device with the showerhead;
  5. Go into the app to change the default settings to your desired temperature and water limit;
  6. When you wash, shift the flow slider from left to right to switch between a fine spa-style mist to a steadier flow;
  7. After you bathe, check the app and see how much water and time you spent.

Benefits and Advantages

Among the benefits offered by the Smart Showerhead by Hai, you may want to sink your teeth into the following:

  • It helps you reduce your water use / wastage by up to 30%;
  • You can switch up the spray force from invigorating to relaxing with a touch of the button;
  • It decreases your overall carbon footprint over time;
  • It enables you to save up to $300.00 on your water bill; and
  • It boosts the water pressure that flows through your shower.
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Users' Hai Smart Spa Shower System Reviews

So what do people love about the Hai Showerhead?

“It's powered through the water that’s coursing through it – how neat! From the included hai app, I can track exactly how much water I’ve used, and consciously factor that into my daily routines. Rather than the shower timers I get at conventions, which I always lose. The hai ecofriendly smart showerhead, is a product I never knew I needed. It’s like finding a $20 bill in your back-pocket. Just enjoy the luxurious mist-spray feature, and you’ll have an awesome start to your mornings!”

Anthony M.

“I was anticipating installation to be tricky but it took under 20 minutes as the instructions were very simple even for someone with zero plumbing skills. The water pressure is stronger than my former shower head with the option to reduce the mist for a more relaxing experience. The primary feature that drew me to Hai was to help reduce my water waste; the LED alert has been great – it lets me know I've been taking far too long in the shower! I've already made significant improvements in reducing my water use. I highly recommend it – and the handheld feature is great for pets!”

Erin H.

“I recently bought a Hai shower head and the Relax infusion. It’s been a total game changer for my nighttime routine. First, the mist setting is my favorite. Every night I feel like I’m in my own little spa. It has just the right amount of water pressure and it's much more modern looking than my previous shower head. The infusion is the best part of the entire experience. This little gem has taken my showers to a whole new level of relaxation.”

Brandon W.
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Hai Showerhead on Reddit

Reddit reviews on Hai Showerhead offer mixed opinions. Positive feedback applauds its modern design and versatile water settings, creating a spa-like experience. However, some users express concerns about durability and installation difficulties. Recommendations include checking water pressure compatibility. The discussions on Reddit provide valuable insights into both the impressive features and potential considerations when deciding on Hai Showerhead for your bathroom upgrade.

Hai Showerhead on TrustPilot

Trustpilot reviews for Hai Showerhead showcase a positive trend. Users praise its stylish design, efficient water-saving features, and ease of installation. The majority of reviewers highlight a satisfying shower experience with multiple settings. While a few mention minor concerns, overall satisfaction is evident, contributing to Hai Showerhead's positive reputation on Trustpilot. The reviews affirm its popularity for combining aesthetics with functionality in the bathroom.

Customer Service Experience

Navigating Hai Showerhead's customer service was a breeze. When a minor hiccup arose with my order, their support team's responsiveness was impressive. They not only swiftly addressed the issue but went the extra mile, ensuring a seamless resolution. Their courteous and efficient approach left a positive impression, turning a potential inconvenience into a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

It's reassuring to know that behind the Hai Showerhead is a team dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for their customers. Their exemplary service enhances the overall satisfaction with this stylish bathroom essential

Shift Shower Head Pricing

The original Hai Smart Showerhead will set you back by $199.00 on its official website, and the price is the same on Hai’s official Amazon storefront.

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Taxes are computed on checkout, while shipping is free for orders within the Mainland United States.

As for the mobile app, you can download it to your device through the QR code printed on the device’s packaging or, to play safe, download it through either Google Play for Androids or the App Store for iOS devices.

Money-back guarantee, warranty, return and refund policy, and shipping

Think of the first 60 days of having the Hai Showerhead as an extended trial period. If you aren’t happy with the device, you can easily ship it back for a replacement or refund – no questions asked.

Delivery within the contiguous United States usually requires approximately 3-5 business days. which may extend to up to 14 business days.

For holiday seasons, make sure to place them before December 17th to ensure prompt delivery.

Once your order is prepared for shipment, an email containing your tracking details will be sent, allowing you to monitor your order until it reaches its destination.

Where to buy? 

As we said, you may choose to buy the Hai Showerhead on Amazon, but you could get better deals through the official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Hai Showerhead Reviews

What is it best for?

Anyone who wants a more relaxing approach to showering, but also wants to decrease their carbon footprint.

What is it not best for?

This could prove to be a challenging choice for those in hard-water areas as, for all its merits, it isn’t equipped with filters.

Hai Smart Shower head Alternatives

Want a more relaxing approach to your showers? Try the Hai Infusion Smart Showerhead which includes an aromatherapy feature with several scents to choose from.

Hai Infusions Smart Showerhead Final Word

Today’s Hai Showerhead review is meant to show you one of numerous options currently available that can help you decrease your carbon footprint with every shower you take. For those who want a more environment-friendly approach to staying clean and relaxed, then we recommend you say “hai” to the Hai Showerhead.


How do I sync the Hai Showerhead with my device?

You need to switch on the Bluetooth on your device for it to work with the showerhead. Also, the app needs to be installed on your phone so that you can monitor the temperature and your water use.

How much water can I conserve when I use a Hai Showerhead?

Regular use of the Hai Showerhead allows you to reduce water wastage by up to 30%, which means you can save up to $300 on your water bill.

That's all for now;

If you've read all the way through this Hai Showerhead review, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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