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GoDonut Reviews 2023: My Honest Take Of This Phone Stand

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Product Name: GoDonut

Product Description: A multipurpose mobile device stand used with mobile gadgets of any size with or without protective casing.

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Very convenient to use and tote along
  • Fits most popular or commonly used mobile devices
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite expensive for an item that’s just a phone stand
  • Is not compatible with larger devices like the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface
  • You need to take your phone out of its case if you’re using a Morphie or OtterBox

Introduction to our GoDonut Reviews

Welcome to our GoDonut reviews!

Having a mobile device on hand at all times is one of the handiest conveniences of modern living. You can easily communicate with others, get some work done, and even keep references handy for work like cooking or crafting. But having your phone or tablet on hand isn't without its challenges: it can slip down, fall off a surface, or be hard to use if you get your hands dirty.

Mobile device stands are the quick solution, but – as with anything – these may not necessarily be of best use to you or be of good quality. In today's GoDonut reviews, we talk about this particular brand of mobile device stands and how its products can make having your phone or tablet within arm's reach so much easier.


Key Issues When it Comes to Using a Mobile Device Without a Stand

Especially if you’re using your phone as a point of reference – say, for example, steps in a recipe or a technical procedure, there is no way you can get anything done if you have to work with just one hand while the other is holding on to the gadget!

godonut ipad

Even if you lean your device against something to keep it vertical or at least keep the screen within one’s line of sight, there is always the danger of it tipping back or sliding down  – both of which could lead to a broken phone.

There is also the challenge of being able to use your phone if you’re charging it. Often, the cord is too short or it gets in the way of your conventional stand, preventing you from using your phone upright. Also, if you use a charging dock, it could be placed too far for you to be able to use your phone conveniently. Therefore, a great design for a cellphone stand is important.

Likewise, most device stands are compatible only with mobile phones. Larger items like iPads and Android tablets aren’t really supported, though a number of companies that make cases for large devices resolve this issue by adding magnetic components of material reinforcement to help these devices stand on their own.

Enter the GoDonut phone stand.


What is a GoDonut and What Can It Do for You?

A GoDonut phone stand is, essentially, a multipurpose mobile device stand. In its original iteration, it was created to be used with mobile gadgets of any size with or without protective casing. The GoDonut original was specifically engineered for users to be able to see a device’s screen from multiple angles, while more recent models can swivel, allowing for greater range of motion and visibility.


Key Features

Some of the GoDonut phone holder's main features are:

  • Lightweight plastic body;
  • Multiple-device compatibility;
  • GoDonut phone holder is available in multiple colours and finishes;
  • Models like the Go Donut Ultra are meant to be viewed from three different angles;
  • Models like the Go Donut Swivel and Go Donut 360 have a revolving base

How Does a GoDonut Phone Stand Work?

The circular GoDonut universal stand is constructed with several slots wherein one can place a digital device like a phone or a tablet. Since the base of the GoDonut original phone stand is rubberised, it has great traction and prevents one’s tablet from slipping, falling, or breaking.

In more advanced models, the placement of the slots in the circular base allows users to see their screens from multiple angles, while later versions with a swivelling base makes viewing a screen much easier and more convenient, particularly if you’re using a larger device like a tablet for work.


Benefits and User Advantages

In this GoDonut reviews, what benefits might end users expect from this stand?

  • Highly portable : Weighing only four ounces (113g), the GoDonut for phone stand is more convenient to tote along than most mobile phone stands and its compact shape makes it easy to put in one’s pocket or purse;
  • Engineered construction: The GoDonut phone stand features a rubberised base that ensures it has a good grip on whichever surface you place it on, and the slots cut into the base allow you to place your device at the best angle. It even has built-in slots for you to attach to charging cable, allowing you to use your device even while charging;
  • Allows maximum flexibility, hands-free:   The unique manner by which the GoDonut phone holder is built enables users to have it in place without needing to touch it unless necessary. This makes it perfect for meetings or even whilst driving a vehicle (but that’s something we’d rather not do for safety reasons;)
  • Easy to clean: This especially works for those who use their phone or tablet as a cookbook. The GoDonut original can easily be rinsed off in the sink and is even dishwasher-friendly.
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User GoDonut Reviews

Let's read actual GoDonut reviews from those who have used this universal stand:

This is a nice and simple study external stand that fits a variety of my electronics. I appreciate it for my Kindle Paperwhite [and] it also works great as a stand for my Google Pixel 3. The Go Donut for phone stand itself is very sturdy-feeling and has a nice non-slip rubber coating, with two angles to fit your needs best. I like the fact that it's not permanently attached to my device.

Bella C.

It usually sits on my desk in my office, and allows me to monitor my phone without having to pick it up. I have a slideshow of pictures as my wallpaper, so it’s like having a digital photo frame too! We also use it when camping to set our iPad on and watch shows while we eat or before bed. Easily fits in a backpack or purse. A good tool to have handy.

Artie Rivera

This thing works perfectly. Bought it specifically to set my phone or tablet on when I'm cooking so I can read my recipes. Works perfectly! Love the size! Easy to clean, just toss it in the sink with the dirty dishes.

B. O'Reilly

GoDonut Pricing (Discounted)

Pricing is dependent on the model:

godonut pricing 1

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and usually refunds customers’ payments without issue.

Where Can You Get a GoDonut?

All variations of the GoDonut device stand are available through the brand’s official web page. We would recommend that you buy one directly from the manufacturer’s web page as they offer discounts on bulk purchases and allow use of any GoDonut coupon.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, also for any possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our GoDonut Reviews

Now to wrap up our GoDonut reviews;

What is it best for?

Best for people on the go and content creators.

What is it not best for?

This may not be advisable for those who are on a budget and those who work on larger devices.

GoDonut Alternatives

Those who are on a budget can use universal phone stands or holders which come cheap. However, if you want something that approximates the GoDonut, your best alternatives are Omoton, Lamicall, and PopSockets.

GoDonut reviews Final Word

Having a phone stand is certainly a must these days, and the GoDonut is a high-quality albeit expensive choice. Also, while it does work with phones and tablets around the size of an iPad Mini, it doesn’t work so well with larger devices. Still, it does have its charms and may work well for those who need a stable base on which to place their devices while working.


Which devices can I use with a Go Donut original stand?

GoDonuts are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG,  and Kindle Fire, but will not fit an iPad Pro or devices with thicker cases like the OtterBox® Defender or devices with charging cases similar to the Mophie®

How do I care for a Go Donut phone holder?

Go Donuts are washable with soap and water and may be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Do I have to pay a subscription to get a Go Donut phone stand?

No, you only pay for its once.

That's all for now:

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