Gadget Testing Jobs in 2024: We Want You!

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How To Be A Gadget Reviewer

In need of a meaningful career? We have gadget testing jobs for you!

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys trying out new things, has a keen eye on upcoming technologies, and is absolutely honest with their opinions regarding products and services, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We are a lifestyle website that focuses on everything related to gadgets. Our mission is to empower consumers to make informed decisions by providing honest reviews on tech products. Through our reviews, we aim to educate even those who are not tech-savvy. Through our team of the best gadget reviews, we post written and video reviews on a wide range of products and amplify our work on social media.

We've helped thousands of consumers make educated purchases, and are expanding our team of gadget product testers! Our company is on the lookout for gadget product testers/gadget reviewers who have what it takes to try out innovative solutions to everyday living and share their honest and unbridled thoughts on what today’s market should (and shouldn’t) bring into their daily lives. So if you're that person, then we have just the gadget review jobs for you!

What Does a Product Gadget Tester Do?

Content created by the best gadget reviewers includes product comparisons, individual product reviews, and “best” lists for a wide range of product categories. We categorise all reviews into different segmenets, such as consumer products, eletronics, gaming, mobile, and security. Gadget product reviews are writte after hands-on testing and research are performed in accordance with our pledge towards accuracy and fairness.

To be the right person for this gadget testing jobs, you have know your stuff. Gadget product testers and gadget tester UK applicants should be experts in a niche and write content focusing on their expertise. We commit to an honesty pledge to ensure all information released by the website is unbiased and does not depend on payments, budgets, or advertising.

Previously, our gadget testing jobs include full-time, part-time, on-site and remote work. Yes, we encourage telecommuters to apply so you can work wherever you are in the world!

Are You The Best Gadget Product Tester?

To qualify for the gadget testing jobs we offer, here are some of our requirements:

  • High standard of written English
  • 21+ years old
  • Have working digital literacy, including experience in SEO-driven content writing and keyword placement; 
  • Committed to an initial working contract of two months with a minimum work time of fifteen (15) hours a week; and
  • Passionate about tech, gadgets and toys, and how to use them for everyday living.

What You’ll Be Doing as a Gadget Reviewer

Key Responsibilities of a Gadget Reviewer

  • If you’re one of those who makes the cut for our gadget testing jobs, you will be expected to –
  • Try out and write about various gadgets and even tech-toys which will be sent to your home for your review. These may include drones and gimbals, personal transport solutions, and even home-bots;
  • Complete at least three reviews a week, all of which along with any related content need to be turned over to your line manager every Friday;
  • How to get gadgets for review? While we expect your absolute honesty regarding the gadgets we ask you to review, we also expect you to be creative in terms of your writing – so you'll need to write with flair in order to draw in and engage readers, eventually leading them to (or from) a purchase; and finally
  • Be able to incorporate given keywords into the body of your reviews.

So, How Do We Choose You as the Best Gadget Reviewer?

Shortlisted gadget reviewer applicants will be contacted through email in order to schedule their interviews via Zoom. Be sure to mark any communications from us as “not spam” and keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

Those who make the shortlist for gadget testing jobs will also be asked to sit for several writing exams in order to gauge their capabilities for the position.

What Perks Can You Expect From Us?

Successful gadget tester UK applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • $30,000 pro-rata salary;
  • The possibility of extending their contract beyond the initial two-month period;
  • Work for a minimum of 15 hours a week;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Remote working arrangements;
  • The opportunity to become part of a growing team of equally passionate content writers;
  • Work with emergent brands that are set to make their mark on the market; and
  • The opportunity to keep some of the gadgets you'll be testing.
  • Be part of a growing and friendly team of content writers
  • Work on exciting brands

About Us

Our company has broken through the gadget industry since 2019 and we are just getting started. We are made up of an incredible talented team with a passionate love for tech and gadgets and who have the expertise to educate people about innovative gadgets!

We are modern and forward-thinking, and we use this approach to our work as well. We provide flexibility and work-life balance so that you can be at your best. We also search for spaces and opportunities so you can learn, grow, and thrive.

If you’ve had it with the traditional work environment and want to do things differently this time, you’re welcome to our global team as our new gadget reviewer!

Why Work With Us?

We want to advance technology in a substantial way through product reviews and how-to guides. We believe in the power of technology to make people’s lives easier and more meaningful. Therefore, we need talented people with diverse skills who believe in the same vision on board.

If you love cool gadgets and products as much as we do, then you should apply today.

When Do We Need You For Gadget Testing Jobs?

As much as possible, we need the best gadget reviewer now!

Start date will be discussed with applicants who will successfully pass through both the interview and the examinations.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to become a part of our growing team of gadget testers and reviewers today! Grab the best gadget testing jobs and grow with us!

We want to get to know you!

Are you interested in working with us? If yes, then send us an email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Location
  • We want to get to know you! In not more than 500 words, please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you can bring to this role. You can include details about your previous work, credentials related to writing, SEO, or digital marketing, and of course, why you love tech and toys!

Don't miss this opportunity to advance your tech career. Apply today!