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Fohm vs Qleanse: 2024‘s Battle of the Squeaky Clean! 🚿πŸ’₯

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Welcome to our in-depth comparison of Fohm vs Qleanse! In the realm of bathroom hygiene, the discussion often turns toward which products offer both cleanliness and convenience without compromising environmental integrity. Two contenders in this spaceβ€”Fohm and Qleanseβ€”aim to revolutionise the way we approach our toilet paper use. Both brands champion the use of foam to supplement traditional toilet paper, proposing a solution that's not only more effective at cleaning but also reduces the reliance on environmentally damaging wet wipes.

Fohm positions itself as a touchless dispenser that automatically coats toilet paper with a cleansing foam, while Qleanse offers a manual toilet paper foam spray that can be applied as needed. Users consider various factors when choosing between the two, evaluating aspects like ease of use, ingredient safety, and overall design. While Fohm touts a hands-free approach, Qleanse caters to those who may prefer direct control over the amount of product used. Additionally, both brands spotlight the flushable and biodegradable nature of their products, aiming to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

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Key Takeaways

  • Both Fohm vs Qleanse enhance traditional toilet paper as it turns ordinary toilet paper with a cleansing foam.
  • The main differences lie in their modes of application and user control.
  • Environmental impact and ingredient safety are central to both products.
  • Dispensing Method: Fohm offers a touchless, automated dispenser that can be mounted or placed on a counter, making it very convenient for home use, especially in family or shared bathrooms. Qleanse provides a more portable solution with a manual spray bottle that can be used anywhere.
  • Hygiene and Application: Both products aim to enhance toilet paper without causing the clogs and environmental issues associated with wet wipes. Fohm's touchless feature might be particularly appealing for those concerned with hygiene.
  • Cost and Refills: Fohm might require a higher initial investment due to the dispenser system but is convenient for ongoing use with its specific refill cartridges. Qleanse could be more economical initially, with the need for purchasing refills as needed.
  • Ingredients and Sensitivity: Both Fohm and Qleanse focus on being gentle and effective, offering formulations that are kind to sensitive skin and free from harsh chemicals.

Quick Comparison Table

Comparing Fohm and Qleanse, two innovative bathroom hygiene products designed to transform regular toilet paper into a more effective and soothing cleaning solution, can help you decide which system might best suit your personal care routine. Both aim to offer an alternative to traditional wet wipes by providing a way to enhance the cleansing properties of standard toilet paper, making it gentler and more effective without the plumbing issues associated with wet wipes.

FeatureπŸ† FohmQleanse
Product TypeDispenser that adds a cleansing foam to toilet paperDispenser that adds a cleansing spray to toilet paper
DesignWall-mounted or countertop dispenserHandheld spray bottle
IngredientspH balanced, paraben-free, and free from fragrances and alcoholHypoallergenic, free from alcohol, parabens, and fragrances
FunctionalityProvides a foam that moistens toilet paperProvides a spray that moistens toilet paper
Ease of UseTouchless dispenser for hygieneManual spray requires pressing for application
RefillableYes, with cartridges specific to the Fohm systemYes, can be refilled with Qleanse solution
InstallationCan be mounted to the wall with no tools required or placed on a countertopNo installation needed, more portable
Environmental ImpactDesigned to reduce waste from wet wipesSimilar in aim, provides an alternative to wet wipes
PriceGenerally requires an initial investment for the dispenserTypically less expensive upfront, but requires ongoing refills
SuitabilityIdeal for bathrooms, can accommodate multiple usersPortable, suitable for travel and home use

Overview of Fohm and Qleanse

In this section, I explore two innovative products designed to enhance personal hygiene in the bathroom: Fohm vs Qleanse. These solutions aim to provide a more effective clean compared to traditional toilet paper, leveraging the convenience of foam and the efficiency of modern dispensers.

What Is Fohm?

Fohm is a touchless dispenser system that provides a hygienic foam cleanser to be used in conjunction with toilet paper. It's a sleekly designed unit that can be mounted on a bathroom wall. Inside this dispenser, a cleanser cartridge releases a measured quantity of foam onto the toilet paper, thus replacing the need for wet wipes. The foam transforms the toilet paper into a moist wipe, which can be an especially gentle and effective way to maintain cleanliness.

What Is Qleanse?

Qleanse, on the other hand, is a toilet paper foam spray that offers a manual alternative to the automatic nature of Fohm. It comes in a bottle that one hangs next to their toilet roll. To use it, I must spray the desired amount of foam cleanser onto the toilet paper before use. This product ensures the toilet paper is flushable and biodegradable, aiming to address the environmental concerns associated with traditional wet wipes.

Features and Benefits

In comparing Fohm vs Qleanse, I'm focusing on key features and qualities that stand out, such as their ease of use, hygienic advantages, environmental impact, and travel-friendly characteristics.

Ease of Use

Fohm provides a hands-free experience with its touchless dispenser, which automatically releases foam, making it exceptionally user-friendly. In contrast, Qleanse requires a manual application; you need to spray the foam on the toilet paper, which involves a bit more effort.

Hygienic Advantages

Both Fohm toilet paper spray and Qleanse promote hygiene as they are alternatives to wet wipes, which can cause irritation. Fohm's dispenser is touchless, which reduces the risk of germ transmission. Qleanse, while it does require hand contact, is still a more hygienic option compared to dry toilet paper alone.

Environmental Impact

Considering the environment, Fohm and Qleanse are eco-friendlier than wet wipes that can clog sewers. Fohm's use of rechargeable batteries and refill packs minimises waste, similarly, Qleanse's refillable bottles contribute to reduced plastic usage.

Travel-Friendly Qualities

Qleanse's compact spray bottles are easily portable and convenient for travel. Fohm’s dispenser, while larger, can still fit into a suitcase, though it may be more suited for those who prefer to maintain their hygiene routines without the variability of travel-size products. Both are TSA-compliant, making them travel-friendly options.

Product Design and Accessibility

a sleek, modern fohm dispenser sits next to a user-friendly qleanse bottle, both designed with accessibility in mind

When examining Fohm vs Qleanse through the lens of product design and accessibility, my focus is firmly on the practical aspects: how the dispensers operate, the convenience they offer in cartridge replacement, their portability for diverse user environments, and the ease of wall mounting.

Dispenser Mechanism

Fohm features a touchless dispenser system which significantly aids in maintaining hygiene and reducing contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. I have noted that this is particularly beneficial for users with mobility issues or those who prioritise cleanliness. Qleanse, on the other hand, requires manual spraying, which may not be as convenient for all users.

Cartridge and Refill System

Both products have designed their refill systems with an eye for easy maintenance. Fohm utilises a simple cartridge system which can be easily swapped out when empty. Qleanse's refill process involves replacing the liquid spray, which, while still user-friendly, may not be as quick as switching a cartridge.

Portable Options

Considering portability, Qleanse offers an advantage due to its smaller and more portable form factor, making it a more versatile option for users on the move. However, Fohm's design, although slightly bulkier, can still be moved if necessary, albeit with less ease.

Wall Mounting

For those interested in a more permanent fixture, wall mounting is a desirable feature. Fohm is designed to be wall-mounted, providing a stable and accessible location for use. Qleanse, while primarily designed for portability, can also be placed considerately within easy reach, although it lacks a designated wall mount solution.

I have taken care to assess these aspects to ensure that potential buyers are well-informed of the intrinsic design features that could impact their everyday use and accessibility with these products.

Ingredients and Safety

When comparing Fohm vs Qleanse, it's crucial to discuss their respective highest quality ingredients and safety profiles. My approach will detail the chemical composition, inclusion of natural additives, and potential for allergens or irritants.

Chemical Composition

Fohm's formula is free from parabens and sulfates, focusing on a gentle clean without harmful chemicals. The product prides itself on a skin-friendly concoction, primarily using a coconut-derived surfactant and other safe ingredients. Qleanse, similarly, offers a product without harsh chemicals, advertised to be 100% flushable and biodegradable.

Natural Additives

Both products incorporate aloe in their formulas, which is known for its soothing and moisturising properties. I'm particularly attentive to such additives as they signal a commitment to not only efficacy but also skin care. It's these attributes that can deeply influence a user's experience, supporting skin's natural barrier against irritation.

Allergen and Irritant Information

I must highlight that neither Fohm nor Qleanse contains synthetic fragrancesβ€”a common irritant. They seem to understand the vulnerability of skin in sensitive areas, ensuring their formulations are as hypoallergenic as possible. Mindful of users who may be susceptible to allergies or irritation, they've designed their products to minimise any adverse reactions.

User Experience

a person using fohm dispenser on a dirty surface vs another person using qleanse dispenser on a clean surface

When comparing Fohm vs Qleanse, I focus on the practicalities that affect daily use, such as how simple the devices are to operate, their cleaning effectiveness, and what consumers are saying about their experiences.

Ease of Operation

Both Fohm and Qleanse are designed to improve the standard toilet paper experience by adding a cleansing foam or spray to the process. Fohm operates automatically and attaches to the wall, which I find quite user-friendly as it eliminates the need for manual intervention each time. In contrast, Qleanse requires the user to manually spray the toilet paper, which might be less convenient for some individuals.

Cleaning Efficacy

When it comes to cleaning, a product that provides perfect cleansing without being too harsh is the ideal. The cleansing foam dispensed by Fohm is designed to be safe and effective, leaving you feeling clean without the need for additional wet wipes. Similarly, Qleanse prides itself on being a 100% biodegradable spray that also aims to offer perfect cleaning, with an emphasis on its environmental benefits.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer feedback is crucial for gauging the real-world efficacy of products like Fohm and Qleanse. Reviews suggest Qleanse offers a feeling of freshness and cleanliness after use and is appreciated for its portability. On the other hand, Fohm's touchless dispenser is often praised for the convenience and hygienic appeal provided by its hands-free operation.

Cost and Value Analysis

In this analysis, I'll break down the cost implications and value provided by Fohm vs Qleanse, with a focus on what makes each product a worthy or unworthy long-term investment. I'll examine their comparative expenses and discuss how their refill economies stack up.

Long-Term Investment

Fohm positions itself as a long-lasting solution. The initial investment may seem high, but it's designed to last 5-6 months, hence potentially reducing the need for frequent purchases. Its durability comes with an upfront cost, but the idea is that it balances out over time due to its longevity.

Comparative Expense

Regarding price points, Fohm is noticeably more expensive than Qleanse, with the dispenser and foam costing around $79. On the other hand, Qleanse's toilet paper foam spray has a lower entry cost at approximately $11.99 for a single pack, which makes it accessible for those on a tighter budget.

If you do decide to buy Fohm, be sure to get it only from their official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Refill Economy

When looking at sustainability, the refill pack system of both Fohm and Qleanse is commendable. Refills are generally more cost-effective over time, and it's essential to consider them as part of the value analysis. Qleanse offers an economical advantage in this area, with its refills priced lower than Fohm's, which could be a decisive factor for budget-conscious consumers.

Comparative Overview

fohm featured

In this section, I'm going to examine the two products in question, Fohm vs Qleanse. I shall be looking at the direct comparison of their features and evaluating the pros and cons of each product to provide a balanced overview.

Fohm vs Qleanse Comparison

  • Price: Fohm is a bit pricier, marketed around $79 for the touchless dispenser and foam, while Qleanse offers its toilet paper foam spray and caddy starting from $12. Despite the higher cost, Fohm may provide a long-term solution as it can last up to 5-6 months.
  • Hygiene: Fohm boasts a touchless dispenser, which helps to maintain hygiene as there is no need to physically contact the device during use. In contrast, Qleanse requires the user to touch and spray the bottle manually before use.
  • Ingredients: Both products include substances known for their skin-soothing properties. Fohm includes ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe, while Qleanse is formulated with aloe vera and lavender oil amongst others.

Pros and Cons of Fohm vs Qleanse


  • Pros:
    • Hygienic touchless operation
    • Longer-lasting product usage
    • Fragrance-free formulations are available
  • Cons:
    • Higher initial purchase cost
    • Less travel-friendly due to its bulkier dispenser system


  • Pros:
    • More affordable and accessible
    • Compact and travel-friendly with a portable packaging
    • User-friendly design and easy to use
  • Cons:
    • Requires manual handling which might not be as hygienic
    • Shorter product lifespan compared to Fohm

When I consider the travel-friendly option, Qleanse arguably has the upper hand due to its compact design, making it convenient for on-the-go use. Fohm, while less suited for travel, still provides a hygienic home solution with its touchless dispenser system.

Conclusion & Personal Recommendation

After examining both the Fohm and Qleanse toilet paper foam products, I believe each offers distinct features. Fohm operates with a touchless dispenser, which enhances hygiene, and its refills can last several months, proving to be a long-term investment. Qleanse, on the other hand, is cost-effective, with a simple spray bottle and a biodegradable formula, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

In making my personal recommendation:

  • Fohm: For those prioritising hygiene and looking for a more fixed solution in their bathroom setup.
  • Qleanse: For users seeking a budget-friendly product that is easy to use and eco-conscious.

Ultimately, my preference leans towards Fohm for its hygienic touchless dispenser and long-lasting nature despite its higher upfront cost. The ease of use and reduced need to regularly purchase refills makes Fohm a practical choice in the long run. Nevertheless, Qleanse holds its own as an accessible and sustainable option, and I can understand why it could be the preferred choice for many.

All things considered, I'm going with Fohm as Comparison Winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find specific answers to common queries regarding the comparison between Fohm and Qleanse toilet paper foam spray, their effectiveness, discussions on forums, and the hygienic benefits they offer over traditional toilet paper.

What are the differences in user reviews between Fohm and Qleanse?

User reviews often highlight the ease of use with Fohm's touchless dispenser, contrasting with Qleanse's requirement to manually handle the spray bottle. While both aim to enhance hygiene, Fohm's higher price point is frequently mentioned in the context of its perceived durability.

How do Fohm and Qleanse compare in terms of effectiveness with toilet paper?

Both products are designed to work in conjunction with toilet paper. Fohm provides a touchless dispenser that applies foam directly onto the paper, enhancing its cleaning ability. Meanwhile, Qleanse offers a spray solution, which may require a bit more effort to apply but also aims to improve the paper's functionality.

Are there any notable discussions about Fohm versus Qleanse on forums such as Reddit?

Discussions on platforms like Reddit often reveal personal preferences and experiences with both Fohm and Qleanse. Anecdotes and recommendations vary widely, with some reviewers expressing strong preferences for one over the other based on features such as ease of use and price.

What are the advantages of choosing Fohm over other hygiene products?

The advantages of selecting Fohm include its long-lasting cartridges and the convenience of a touchless dispenser. Moreover, it positions itself as an environmentally-friendly and plumbing-safe alternative to flushable wipes.

From which country is Fohm sourced, and how does it impact its quality?

While the specific country of origin for Fohm is not typically addressed in reviews, the brand's commitment to quality is evident through its emphasis on offering a product designed to be safe for both the user's skin and household plumbing systems.

How do hygienic wet wipes fare against traditional toilet paper in terms of cleanliness?

Hygienic wet wipes such as those replicated by Fohm and Qleanse aim to offer superior cleanliness by helping to effectively clean the area without the harshness or ineffectiveness that can be associated with dry toilet paper alone. However, unlike wet wipes, Fohm and Qleanse turn your toilet paper into a flushable wipe that's safe for plumbing.

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