FlexSafe Reviews 2023: Exciting Features, Pros And Cons Explained

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  • Value for Money

Quick Summary

Flexsafe is a portable bag that is essentially a specially designed travel safe to keep your belongings away from thieves.


  • Safe and secure
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Flap and lock on any fixed item


  • Not entirely slash-proof

Introduction to our FlexSafe Reviews

Welcome to our FlexSafe reviews!

If you love to travel or go outdoors, you always want to enjoy the moment or savour the experience. This is amazing and all, but that would also mean that your attention would be elsewhere. You end up leaving your valuables unattended. 

Whether you set your belongings aside for a couple of minutes or even within a blink of an eye, this is all the opportunity thieves need to have their way with your things. One second you are enjoying the fireworks or taking a dive on the beach and, before you know it, your precious valuables are gone! 

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Luckily, the FlexSafe portable travel safe bag is a product that can stop thieves in their tracks. Read Flexsafe reviews below to know more about how this wonderful product can help you!

Meet FlexSafe

The Flexsafe portable bag is a specially designed travel safe where you can keep your belongings away from thieves. You can keep important items such as phones, car keys, purses, wallets, money, and others in the portable bag for safekeeping. 

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When these valuables are inside the bag, thieves will have a harder time fishing them out from you than when they are inside your pocket. Additionally, snatchers won’t be able to pull the travel bag off you because you can latch it on to something secure. 

This thief-deterrent product is so innovative that it was featured in Shark Tank, Good Morning America, Forbes, Today, and ABC. 


FlexSafe is a great portable bag to keep your belongings safe from thieves for various reasons.

Slash-resistant material – It has a 5-layer material that is resistant to cutting or slashing using a sharp object.

RFID blocking material – It is a feature that protects your debit cards, credit cards, and other personal documents from an electronic pickpocketing called RFID skimming. 

Durable lock – It has a heavy-duty nickel alloy lock protected by a reprogrammable 3-digit combination. The material is resistant to fire, rust, or water. 

Secure belt loop – Fasten the travel bag to a fixed object or to your belt and treat it like a belt bag. 

Lightweight – FlexSafe portable travel safe by AquaVault is like a portable safe in the form of a fabric bag.

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Benefits and Advantages

In our FlexSafe reviews, expect the following benefits from this portable bag:

Anti-theft material

Thieves will have a hard time opening the travel bag because of its slash-resistant material. The 3-digit combination lock is durable enough to withstand forceful prying. You can reprogram the code on the lock, just make sure to keep a note of it so that you won’t forget your hidden code. 


Safe and secure

You can latch the FlexSafe bag cover to a fixed object to secure it in place. Fasten it to a pole or on your bike. This is perfect when you are at the beach and you go for a swim. You can leave the bag unattended while you enjoy your moment and some peace of mind. Some of the suggested fixed objects where you can latch the travel bag are chairs, strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, umbrella poles, and a lot more. 


Tech pickpocketers won’t be able to scan the bag for sensitive information from debit cards, credit cards, etc. –  thanks to the RFID blocking material of the portable safe.  

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Portable and travel-friendly

Compared to a traditional lockbox, the Aqua Vault is less bulky and less heavy. It is more convenient to bring with you around than a metal box. On top of that, it has a similar appearance to that of a regular belt bag. This means it draws lesser attention to it compared to a portable strongbox.

Easy access

It has mesh pockets so you can access less valuable items easier. The inside of the bag does not have dividers and this gives you plenty of space to put your valuables. 

Can use anywhere

The FlexSafe anti-theft travel bag is great for theme parks, water parks, swimming pools, beaches, cruise ships, hospitals, and other interesting locations.

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Refer below for Flex Safe reviews to know what to expect from the product.

Users' FlexSafe Reviews

“The FlexSafe by AquaVault is very useful, especially since I have season passes to my favorite water park. I go there every weekend and bring the travel bag with me and attach it to a chair before I go for a swim. People would get curious about where I got it and they want one for themselves too. This is a clever idea!”

Irene D.

“The bag has an amazing quality and design. The locking mechanism is sturdy enough to keep purse-snatchers at bay. It is great for what it is intended but you will have to adjust your expectations. It will make the life of thieves difficult but don’t leave your belongings unattended for too long either.”

Gayle A.

“I bought this after seeing one from Shark Tank. I take it on vacation and this is very good at keeping things inside safe and secured. I put my wallet and keys inside and attach the bag to a nearby pole when I go to the hotel pool. This puts my mind at ease and it is good for what I need it for.”

Jonathan R.
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FlexSafe Pricing (Discounted)

The Aqua Vault Flex Safe comes in two colours: Heather Blue and Heather Grey.

Current discounted pricing follows;

Neck Hammock Bundle pricing

Money-back Guarantee 

FlexSafe Plus comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days

Where to Buy It? 

We recommend buying your own Flex Safe directly from only their official website. Reseller sites, like that with Amazon brings risk for fake goods and also refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our FlexSafe Reviews

To wrap up our FlexSafe Plus review;

What is it best for?

It's perfect for travel, swimming on the beach, outdoor exercise, fishing, and any situation where your valuables may be stolen in the midst of activity.

What is it not best for?

Not for bigger or heavier valuables, since the bag is quite small.

FlexSafe Bag Alternatives:

If you're interested in anti-theft bags, you can check out PacSafe TravelSafe Portable Safe or Travelon Ant-Theft Active DayPack.

FlexSafe Reviews Final Word:

As mentioned in the FlexSafe Plus review, this anti-theft product is an amazing item. You can keep your belongings safe and secured as you go for a swim on the beach or if your focus goes elsewhere. You will enjoy the moment with confidence and peace of mind that your valuables remain untouched by opportunistic thieves. We highly recommend that you give it a try by availing of their 30-day money-back guarantee.


I can’t seem to unlock the FlexSafe travel bag. Does this have a reset code?

When this happens, contact the official FlexSafe customer support and they will send you the code. Make sure to keep the code safe somewhere so you can refer to it every time you forget the pass number to the portable travel safe.

I may not like the bag. Can I have a refund?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That's all for now:

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