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Fixd Premium vs Free 2024: Uncover the Ultimate Fix! 💥

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You're reading our in-depth comparison of FIXD Premium vs Free! When it comes to monitoring vehicle health and maintenance, the FIXD app has emerged as a popular tool for car owners. The app offers two versions: the free version and Fixd Premium. The free version provides access to the basic functionalities of the app such as engine light diagnostics and maintenance reminders. On the other hand, Fixd Premium transforms the experience by adding in-depth diagnostics, personalised maintenance notifications, access to a mechanic hotline, and much more.

The question of whether to use Fixd or Fixd Premium largely depends on the level of detail one desires and the willingness to incur additional costs. While the free version might suffice for those looking for a simple diagnostic tool, Fixd Premium could be the better choice for users who wish to get a more comprehensive understanding of their vehicle's health and performance. It is important for users like me who are considering upgrading to Premium to weigh the added benefits against the cost of the subscription.

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between FIXD Premium vs Free, the better OBD2 diagnostics options is FIXD Premium.

Key Takeaways

  • FIXD offers free and Premium versions for vehicle diagnostics and maintenance.
  • Fixd Premium provides enhanced features like in-depth diagnostics and access to a mechanic hotline.
  • Deciding between FIXD Premium vs Free depends on the user's need for detailed vehicle insights versus cost.

Quick Comparison Table

Here's a comparison table that highlights the differences between the free and premium versions of the FIXD diagnostic tool:

FeatureFIXD Free🏆 FIXD Premium
CostFreeSubscription-based ($69.99/year)
Issue DiagnosisBasic engine code readingComprehensive diagnostics including engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag
Maintenance AlertsBasic reminders based on mileageCustomized maintenance alerts based on vehicle specific data
Trip LoggingLimited to basic trip informationDetailed trip logs and vehicle performance data
Security FeaturesNot availableIncludes security features for data protection
Multi-Vehicle SupportSupports multiple vehiclesEnhanced support for multiple vehicles
Cost EstimatesNot availableProvides cost estimates for repairs
Repair GuidanceBasic guidanceDetailed repair instructions and tutorials
Live DataNot availableLive data feed for more accurate diagnostics
Customer SupportBasic supportPremium customer support with faster responses

This table shows how the premium version of FIXD offers a more comprehensive range of services and features, catering to users who require deeper insights and guidance for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Overview of FIXD

fixd premium vs free
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FIXD is an innovative diagnostic tool that allows me to understand my vehicle's health conveniently. It consists of a sensor that plugs into the OBD-II port of my car, easily found under the dash. I can use this device to keep tabs on various potential car problems, right from the comfort of my smartphone.

The sensor pairs with the FIXD app via Bluetooth, which presents me with a detailed analysis of my car. It includes translating the check engine light codes into simple, understandable terms. I can even detect issues related to the ABS and stability control systems, although it's vital to note that FIXD works most effectively on petrol vehicles and may not be fully compatible with diesel engines.

The app comes in two main versions, the free and the premium. While the former provides me with basic diagnostic information, the FIXD Premium version offers an enhanced automotive insight, including predictions for potential car problems. It can suggest the likely fix for the issues and provide cost estimates. However, to utilise all of these additional features, I will incur a cost for the premium service.

FIXD is versatile and designed for ease of use. It gives me real-time notifications if and when something goes wrong with my vehicle. Moreover, the app can aid me in passing emissions tests by ensuring I'm aware of any malfunctions beforehand.

  • Basic Free Version: Diagnose common issues.
  • Premium Version: Detailed analysis, problem prediction, mechanic hotline.

In essence, FIXD offers peace of mind by transforming complex car data into comprehensive, actionable information at my fingertips.

Understanding FIXD Free Version

To kick off this FIXD Premium vs Free comparison, let's first talk about FIXD Free version. When exploring the FIXD Free version, I find it crucial to highlight what users can expect without any associated costs. This includes basic diagnostic capabilities and some convenient features for regular maintenance.

Key Features of FIXD Free

  • Diagnostic Reports: With the free version of FIXD, I can access essential diagnostic reports. These reports provide me with real-time insights into why my check engine light might be on. Utilising this feature allows me to better understand minor issues before they evolve into more significant problems.
  • Maintenance Reminders: Vehicle maintenance can slip my mind, but thankfully, the free version offers maintenance reminders. This keeps me updated on upcoming service needs based on my vehicle manufacturer’s recommended intervals.
  • Vehicle History: I appreciate that I can track my vehicle history, including past diagnostic reports and resolved issues.

Limitations of the Free Version

  • Customer Support: While I can diagnose issues using the free version, I lack access to FIXD’s customer support or the ask-a-mechanic hotline, which could leave me in the lurch if I need expert advice.
  • Alerts: I am able to receive alerts with the free version; however, the scope of these alerts is limited compared to the premium offering.
  • Additional Features: Most notably, the free version lacks more comprehensive features such as detailed reports, cost estimates, and access to expert mechanics, which means I might miss out on a depth of information that could save me time and money.

By understanding these features and limitations, I can better assess whether the free version of FIXD meets my needs or if I should consider upgrading to the premium version for enhanced diagnostic and support capabilities.

Advantages of FIXD Premium

When discussing the benefits of FIXD Premium vs Free, it's essential to focus on the comprehensive vehicle insights and support provided to users through this enhanced service.

Exclusive Premium Features

FIXD Premium offers a suite of additional features designed to extend the functionality of the standard FIXD app. For a monthly fee of $9.99 or an annual payment of $89.99, I can access enhanced diagnostic information, which can be crucial for pinpointing complex vehicle issues more accurately. This premium subscription also includes maintenance reminders that prompt me to schedule essential services, thus avoiding potential long-term damage.

An invaluable component of the FIXD Premium service is the mechanic hotline. This feature gives me direct access to expert advice, allowing me to make informed decisions about my car's health and any necessary repairs. Additionally, the FIXD issue forecast helps predict potential issues based on my car's make and model, which can be a proactive way to manage vehicle maintenance and potential costs.

Is FIXD Premium Worth the Upgrade?

Determining whether to upgrade to a premium subscription hinges on the perceived value relative to the cost. With FIXD Premium, the value proposition is reinforced by the ability to foresee and address car issues before they escalate, potentially saving money on expensive repairs down the line. Furthermore, the personal mechanic hotline can provide peace of mind, particularly for those of us who are not mechanically inclined.

In my assessment of FIXD Premium vs Free, if the additional features, such as the enhanced issue details provided by the premium subscription, align with my needs for more in-depth vehicle information and I value having professional support just a phone call away, then upgrading to FIXD Premium could be a wise investment in my vehicle's longevity and my peace of mind.

Pricing and Subscriptions

When deciding between the FIXD Premium vs Free subscription, it's essential to consider both cost implications and the range of features each option offers. I will provide a clear breakdown of the pricing structures.

FIXD Premium vs Free Pricing

FIXD Free: My use of FIXD's basic features doesn't cost anything. This includes fundamental diagnostic functions, which means I can scan my vehicle and identify basic issues without any subscription charges.

FIXD Premium Subscription:

  • Monthly: For my single vehicle, it runs at $9.99/month.
  • Annual: An annual subscription offers savings at $89.99/year per vehicle.
  • Extra Vehicles: Additional vehicles get discounted rates, adding $4.99/month or $49.99/year for each.

These premium subscription costs grant me access to enhanced diagnostics, scheduled maintenance reminders, and dedicated customer support.

How to Obtain FIXD Premium

Acquiring a FIXD Premium subscription involves downloading the FIXD app on my smartphone and choosing the Premium option within the app. Payment for the subscription can be securely processed through the app's built-in payment system. The free FIXD sensor offer included with the premium subscription is a beneficial addition, as it facilitates the advanced diagnostic features.

If you're interested in purchasing an OBD scanner like FIXD, be sure to do so only through their official website.

fixd pricing
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Setting Up Your FIXD Device

To ensure a smooth experience with your FIXD device, proper installation and smartphone connection are essential. Follow these straightforward steps to get started and address any potential issues that might arise during setup.

Installation and Compatibility

What's the difference in installation between FIXD Premium vs Free?

I first ensure my vehicle is equipped with an OBD-II port, which is standard in vehicles manufactured after 1996. The FIXD sensor plugs directly into this port, typically found under the dash near the steering wheel. It's important to confirm the device's compatibility with my vehicle's make and model, as compatibility is key to successful diagnostics.

Connecting FIXD to Your Smartphone

Once installed, I download the FIXD app on my smartphone and enable Bluetooth to pair the sensor with my device. The app walks me through creating an account and connecting to the FIXD sensor. It's important for the phone's Bluetooth to be on and within range of the vehicle to establish a connection.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Occasionally, I might encounter issues such as the app unable to find sensor on my Android device. In such cases, I check to ensure the sensor is properly plugged in and that Bluetooth is active on my smartphone. If problems persist, I contact customer support for assistance. Keeping the FIXD app updated can help prevent common problems with connectivity and functionality.

Customer Support and Resources

a hand holding a fixd device, with a smartphone displaying the fixd app on the screen. the hand is connecting the device to the app and setting up fixd premium features

When choosing between FIXD Premium vs Free version, customer support and resources play a vital role. My focus here is to elucidate the kind of support and resources available to users, particularly the access to the Mechanic Hotline and the overall customer service experience provided by Fixd.

Access to the Mechanic Hotline

With Fixd Premium, I gain direct access to the Mechanic Hotline, a service that allows me to call for expert advice and second opinions on car repairs. This proves especially handy when I'm in need of a confirmed fix and cost estimates for issues diagnosed by the app. It's an exclusive feature that sets the premium service apart, providing a significant value-add for customers who prefer a guided experience.

FIXD Customer Service Experience

The customer service experience for users like me relies heavily on the quality and promptness of support received. A look at the FAQ section reveals a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, which efficiently clarifies common queries without the need for direct interaction. However, when personalised assistance is required, Fixd's customer support team endeavours to deliver tailored and timely resolutions to customers, further enhancing the value of Fixd Premium. I think this is an important consideration when choosing from FIXD Premium vs Free.

Effectiveness for Vehicle Maintenance

a mechanic uses fixd premium to efficiently maintain a vehicle. the app costs money but offers advanced features for vehicle maintenance

When assessing my vehicle's health, I find that maintenance alerts and reminders are crucial. In my experience, Fixd Premium enhances these features significantly. This service provides detailed diagnostic reports, which are far more comprehensive than what I'd get with the free version. For instance, it informs me of specific issues and the urgency for repairs.

Through my use of the service, I've noticed it helps prevent costly repairs by identifying problems early on. This predictive approach to car maintenance can have a positive impact on fuel economy, as a well-maintained vehicle typically runs more efficiently. Fixd Premium keeps me updated with regular maintenance alerts, which I consider essential to prolonging the lifespan of my car.

However, between FIXD Premium vs Free, I've discovered the Fixd Premium app is not free. However, considering the potential savings from avoiding significant repairs and improving fuel economy, it may prove economical in the long run. The cost of the subscription is balanced by avoiding the high price of unexpected repairs.

Here's a brief comparison:

  • Maintenance Reminders: Both versions send reminders, but Fixd Premium offers enhanced notifications.
  • Maintenance Alerts: With Fixd Premium, I receive immediate alerts about any detected issues.
  • Fuel Economy: Fixd Premium helps me maintain fuel efficiency by keeping my car in top condition.
  • Diagnostic Reports: While the free version provides basic information, Premium offers detailed analyses.

In terms of vehicle maintenance, the additional features about the Fixd Premium potentially contribute to more effective and cost-efficient car management. It provides a reassuring level of detail in its diagnostic reports that I value.

Comparing FIXD to Alternatives

fixd lifestyle 1 1

When considering an automotive diagnostic tool, I find it imperative to compare popular options like FIXD with other similar products in the market. It provides a perspective on the competitive advantages and pricing strategies of different brands.

MonitorKey FeaturesPrice RangeBest For
🏆 FIXDReads and clears error codes, continuous monitoring, easy to use app$59.99

Check Current Pricing
Best overall car health monitor
BlueDriverEnhanced diagnostics for American, European, Asian cars, real-time data$119.95Best for professional diagnostics on North American cars
BAFXWorks on all vehicles 1996 & newer (OBDII), real-time data, compatible with Android only$20.99Best budget-friendly option for Android users
CarlyCoding, real-time data, used car check, maintenance trackingStarts at $80Best for in-depth diagnostics and coding on European cars
OBDLink MX+Fast and reliable, supports SW-CAN & MS-CAN, compatible with iOS and Android$99.95Best for enthusiast drivers with multiple vehicle types
HUM by VerizonProvides speed and boundary alerts, vehicle location, roadside assistance$99 + subscriptionBest for integrated roadside assistance and safety alerts
Automatic ProReal-time vehicle tracking, trip logging, engine light diagnostics, 3G connectivity$129.99Best for comprehensive vehicle tracking and diagnostics
ZubieLocation tracking, engine diagnostics, driving insights, easy to install$99.95/yearBest for fleet management and tracking
Veepeak OBDCheckSupports full OBDII diagnostic functions, Bluetooth connectivity, affordable$29.99Best low-cost option for basic diagnostics and data logging
Autel AutoLink AL519Reads and clears codes, live data, freeze frame data, one-click I/M readiness key$59.99Best for reliable diagnostics with physical buttons and screen

FIXD vs. Bluedriver

FIXD is a diagnostic scanner that interfaces with an app on your smartphone, offering real-time data about your car’s health. It's like having a personal mechanic in your pocket. BlueDriver, on the other hand, is another popular scan tool that comes with its dedicated app and provides advanced diagnostics similar to what professional mechanics access. Both FIXD and BlueDriver are designed to be user-friendly and aimed at car owners who wish to understand and maintain their vehicles better without needing complex technical knowledge.

The advantages of FIXD include the provision of maintenance reminders and cost-effective pricing for the free version, while BlueDriver excels with its enhanced diagnostic reports and live data capabilities. FIXD offers a premium subscription model that includes enhanced diagnostics and a direct line to the customer service team, whereas BlueDriver charges a one-time fee providing full feature access without ongoing costs.

Availability Options

On Amazon and Walmart, customers have the freedom to browse through a diverse set of automotive diagnostic tools. FIXD is readily available on both platforms, offering a competitive price point for its free version and the FIXD sensor. Customers appreciate the convenience of Amazon for the seamless shopping experience and Amazon Prime shipping benefits. Walmart also facilitates easy access to FIXD, providing an alternative for those who might prefer shopping from this retailer, either online or in physical stores.

The pricing on these platforms is usually consistent with the retail price; however, they may offer seasonal or promotional discounts. When I investigate the customer reviews, it becomes clear that FIXD is a commonly preferred product due to its affordability and user-friendly app. It is important to note that while both Amazon and Walmart offer a range of alternatives, they generally do not list BlueDriver, which is sold primarily through its official website or authorized dealers, guiding potential customers towards a more direct business model.

If you're interested in purchasing an OBD scanner like FIXD, be sure to do so only through their official website.

Making the Best Choice for Your Needs

a person comparing fixd premium and free options, considering cost and features. fixd app displayed on a smartphone, with a price tag and comparison chart visible

When it comes to maintaining my vehicle, I appreciate having tools that enhance the experience and provide useful insights. Fixd has come to attention with its vehicle health monitoring system offered in both a free and premium version. Deciding between FIXD Premium vs Free version hinges on my vehicle's needs and my comfort with car maintenance.

The free version serves as a solid entry point, allowing me to understand basic vehicle diagnostics. This includes reading and clearing check engine light codes, which can be quite enlightening without any cost. It's compatible with any petrol vehicle made since 2001 and any diesel vehicle from 2004 onwards, providing a broad compatibility spectrum.

However, the premium version, with a monthly or annual fee, offers several enhancements:

  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Customer service team support

Here's a quick breakdown of the costs, payments and charges:

  • Individual vehicle: £7.99/month or £71.99/year
  • Additional vehicles: £3.99/month or £39.99/year per vehicle

I find the upgrade to the premium version particularly valuable if I'm looking for in-depth diagnosis and the convenience of the Fixd Mechanic Hotline. The additional cost estimates for repairs and issue forecast features help me plan and budget for future maintenance. This potentially saves me from costly repairs down the road.

In summary, when choosing between FIXD Premium vs Free, if I only require basic diagnostic information, the free version may suffice. However, for a comprehensive understanding of my vehicle's health and proactive maintenance insights, Fixd Premium appears to be a worthwhile investment. I must consider the long-term benefits of the premium features against the investment to ensure it aligns with my vehicular needs and financial comfort.

Conclusion & Personal Recommendation

a comparison between fixd premium and free versions. a smartphone displaying both apps with clear price labels. text: "fixd premium vs free."

As someone who takes an interest in automotive technology, I've come across the Fixd car diagnostic tool and its accompanying app. Fixd offers a free version and a paid subscription, known as Fixd Premium.

Free Fixd App:

  • Basic diagnostics
  • Trouble code identification

Fixd Premium (monthly/annual fee):

  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Dedicated customer support

Personally, I find the free version suitable for basic needs, such as checking engine light codes. However, for a more thorough insight into vehicle health, Fixd Premium does offer additional value. The service is available at a fee of $9.99 per month or at a discounted annual rate, and an extra vehicle can be added for a lower additional cost.

So how do you pick between FIXD Premium vs Free? The decision hinges on how often you want detailed diagnostic information and support. I do not shy away from recommending the premium service if these features sound beneficial. But for those who are just looking for occasional troubleshooting, sticking with the free version would suffice.

In evaluating Fixd versus Fixd Premium, if budget is a major concern, I'd advise starting with the free app, since it provides fundamental diagnostic abilities without any outlay. The premium service may be warranted for dedicated car enthusiasts or those managing multiple vehicles.

To decide whether the Fixd app itself justifies its cost, consider the one-time purchase of the Fixd sensor, which, when used with a third-party app, might offer enough diagnostic insights without ongoing fees. My take is to assess your specific requirements and preferences before choosing between the free and premium versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I'll address some common inquiries regarding FIXD Premium vs Free‘s services, offering clarity on what to expect with the premium subscription and its comparison to the free version.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using FIXD?

Using FIXD provides the convenience of understanding complex car issues in simple terms. The free FIXD app translates over 7000 engine codes into plain English, helps assess the seriousness of car issues, and delivers maintenance alerts. However, the premium subscription offers additional benefits such as detailed diagnostics, cost estimates, and a mechanic hotline, which come with a cost.

How can I cancel my FIXD premium subscription?

To cancel a FIXD Premium subscription, users need to follow the specific instructions provided by FIXD, which usually involve logging into the FIXD app or account portal and selecting the cancellation option. They provide a smooth process for users opting out of their subscription service.

Is investing in FIXD premium a worthwhile decision?

When choosing between FIXD Premium vs Free, investing in FIXD Premium is typically worthwhile for individuals seeking enhanced diagnostic information, maintenance notifications, and dedicated customer support. However, the value of the investment depends on personal needs, such as the number of vehicles owned and the desire for additional features like real-time data and mechanic consultations.

How do user reviews rate FIXD against similar car diagnostic tools?

User reviews generally indicate that FIXD fares well against comparable car diagnostic tools. It's praised for its user-friendly interface and features, with many finding the FIXD sensor and app to be efficient in diagnosing car problems accurately. However, some users may prefer other products based on specific features or pricing.

Is it necessary to make a payment for the FIXD Premium service?

Yes, the FIXD Premium service requires a payment. While the base app is free, the Premium version has a monthly or annual fee for its enhanced features. It offers expanded capabilities and tailored assistance, which justify the service's cost.

Does the FIXD application function effectively in diagnosing car issues?

The FIXD application is effective in diagnosing car issues, as it facilitates straightforward communication about engine problems. With a FIXD sensor and the free version of the app, users can access essential diagnostic information. The Premium subscription further enhances this with detailed repair guides and predicted issue forecasts, aiming for preemptive maintenance and peace of mind.

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