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Feelzing Reviews: 2024‘s Revolutionary Energy Wizard!⚡🎯

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⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short Feelzing Energy Patch Review summary:

Quick Summary

The Feelzing Energy Patch is a personal neurostimulation device specifically created to help improve both physical and mental health.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Offers a sustained boost of energy;
  • Non-toxic and non-habit forming; 
  • Users can also enjoy a good night’s sleep


  • Not recommended for those with electrical implants;
  • Not strong enough for therapeutic use;
  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women

Introduction to our Feelzing Energy Patch Reviews

You're reading our Feelzing reviews!

Some people are so full of energy that they actually jump out of their beds at the start of the day. Unfortunately for all the rest of us, that isn’t the case. We’d rather lie in for a few more minutes (well, maybe an hour) and, even then, struggle to crawl out from under the covers.

feelzing reviews 3
feelzing reviews 3

To have the energy to face the day, we rely on stimulants like caffeine or vitamin supplements to get us up and running. However, these rarely ever give a sustained rush of power into our veins, so we have to keep topping them up throughout the day. That, in and of itself, may prove harmful to the body in the long term.

That poses a good question: is there a way by which we can safely boost our energy levels without needing to resort to pick-me-ups every once so often? That’s what we intend to answer with today’s Feelzing Energy Patch review. 


Here’s a potentially new concept for you: neurostimulation.

Neurostimulation is the act of modulating nervous system activity by means of either invasive or noninvasive electric stimulation. In the medical field, neurostimulation is used in the therapeutic treatment of paralysis: electrical currents are passed through the body to “awaken” dormant nerves to facilitate movement or ease severe muscular pain.

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But did you know that, in smaller doses, neurostimulation can help boost one’s energy levels? This is the premise behind the Feelzing Energy Patch.

What is a Feelzing Energy Patch?

The Feelzing Energy Patch is a personal neurostimulation device specifically created to help improve both physical and mental health.

On the physical side, it helps boost energy naturally by stimulating the body’s neurons [nerve cells] and powers up the body’s different systems.

feelzing reviews 6
feelzing reviews 6

On the mental side, it helps combat the negative effects of stress and mental fatigue, enabling users to feel brighter, happier, and more optimistic.

Moreover, you don’t get a caffeine jag or sugar crash the way you would with coffee, tea, and energy drinks, making it a whole lot gentler to – and healthier for – your heart and nerves.


Each Feelzing Energy Patch is made up of three components:

  • A flexible hydrogel base which safely attaches to the skin without irritating it;
  • A smart circuit which serves as the device’s primary neurostimulator; and
  • A cotton cover that looks chic and makes wearing a patch more comfortable.

These patches also come in two variants:

  • Original Feelzing patches offer the standard energizing high-frequency / high-amplitude waveform for natural stimulation. This variant is recommended for first-timers and those with a minor need for stimulation; and
  • Extra-strength Feelzing patches, on the other hand, offer a stronger jolt, making it an excellent choice for athletes or for those with chronic pain.
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How to use it?

Each Feelzing Energy patch may be used twice. For standard stimulation, follow the steps below:

  1. Clean the skin behind your ear;
  2. Pull the tab on the patch to activate it;
  3. Apply the hydrogel side of the patch to the cleaned area of skin;
  4. Keep it on for as long as seven minutes to get the benefit of neurostimulation;
  5. Rewrap the patch for a second use, making sure that you reuse it within a 24-hour period.

You will be able to enjoy the energizing capability of the patch for around four hours without the jittery feeling you get from ingested stimulants.

feelzing how to use

Benefits and Advantages

  • Use does not result in palpitations the way chemical stimulants do;
  • Energy release is sustained throughout the day;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Non-habit-forming; and
  • Enables users to enjoy a good night’s sleep and be energetic the following day.
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Users' Feelzing Reviews

“The Feel zing Energy Patch is really amazing. I put on an original patch at the Post Office midday and had energy for days. The second dose was very similar to the first. I'll be ordering more of these patches to keep as a tool in my arsenal.”

Devon S.

“I tried the Feel zing Energy Patch this morning after a long on-call night where I had to leave the house in the middle of the night. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical – but wow! I still have tons of energy without any coffee midday.”

Hadley C.

“I'm from Germany and my friend brought me a few Feel zing Energy Patches from the States. I was just amazed by its effect; I can't say it's the same as coffee, but my mind just immediately cleared and I became super focused. I ordered a twelve-pack of original patches for myself – and it's great they ship to Germany.”

Michael H.
feelzing customer reviews
feelzing customer reviews

Feelzing Energy Patch Pricing

A four-pack of Feelzing Energy Patches (good for eight uses) will set you back by $120.00. You may purchase all original, all extra-strength, or a mix of both in a single purchase.

Larger bundles are priced as follows:

feelzing pricing 1

Thync Global, the company behind Feel zing, also offers a subscription service that allows customers to buy patch-packs at a lower price depending on the duration.

Note that the aforementioned costs do not include fees for shipping and handling. 

Money-back guarantee

If you aren’t happy or satisfied with the Feelzing Energy Patch, you can return the product for a refund within 45 days of delivery provided that less than 50% of the pack has been used.

Where can you buy Feelzing Energy Patches?

To ensure that you’re getting a genuine product, purchase your patches directly from the official product website.

Conclusion to our Feelzing Energy Patch Reviews

If you’re in need of a good energy boost that lasts longer than the kind you get from a cup of coffee (with less jitters), then you ought to consider stocking up on Feelzing Energy Patches.

What is it best for?

The standard edition works best for office workers, while the extra-strength patch would help hard-core athletes or those whose occupations demand a great deal of physical or mental effort.

What is it not best for?

Not medically recommended for individuals under the age of eighteen, pregnant or nursing mothers, and those with implanted electrical care devices like pacemakers.

Feelzing Energy Patch Alternatives

  • The Restore Patch offers a similar neurostimulant technology but comes at a lower cost.
  • The Kailo Patch is a natural relief patch that promises to relieve pain in 60 seconds.

Feelzing Energy Patch Review Final Word

While the effects of the Feelzing Energy Patch are amazing, we recommend you check with your healthcare professional before buying a pack to see if these would be good for you.


Does the Feelzing Energy Patch require charging before use?

No, you can use it right out of the pack. Also, there’s no need to connect to any gadgets if you’re going to use one.

Has the Feelzing Energy Patch been vetted medically?

While the Feelzing has yet to get formal accreditation from the US Food and Drug Administration, it has been vetted as safe for use by neurologists and neuroscientists following extensive clinical trials.

Is the Feelzing Energy Patch habit-forming?

No. Unlike caffeine drinks and chemical stimulants, it is unlikely that one will develop an addiction to these energy patches.

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