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Duo Cover Microwave Review: 2024‘s Efficient Kitchen Genius!🍳✨

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Product Name: Duo Cover for Microwave

Product Description: The Duo Cover serves as an internal spatter guard for your microwave oven. It has a unique accordion dome shape that can be expanded or retracted to keep your food from splattering as it warms up in the microwave, as well as magnets that keep it attached to the ceiling of your microwave.

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Personal Experience Summary

Using the DuoCover for my microwave has been a game-changer in my kitchen routine. Gone are the days of splatters and endless cleaning. The DuoCover is easy to use—just pop it on top of any dish, and voilà, no more mess! It fits perfectly in my microwave, and the venting system ensures my food heats evenly without drying out.

Cleaning it is a breeze too; just a quick rinse or toss it in the dishwasher. It's durable and lightweight, making it a staple in my daily cooking. Plus, it saves me so much time on cleanup, I can't imagine microwaving without it!

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Keeps your microwave clean;
  • Helps prevent kitchen injuries;
  • Offers alternative mode of cooking


  • Limited availability;
  • Quite expensive for a kitchen splatter guard

You're reading our Duo Cover Microwave review! The microwave has made it so much easier for us to feed ourselves at mealtimes or even those odd moments when we feel peckish. With our hectic lives, it has enabled us to simply defrost and serve blue-plate meals directly from the freezer, reheat takeaway, or even enjoy an innovative range of snacks from microwavable popcorn to individually portioned desserts cooked from scratch in a matter of minutes.

What we don’t like about using the microwave, however, is the way food tends to splatter inside if you don’t bother to cover things properly. In which case, today’s Duo Cover Microwave review may just give us a great solution to keep our microwaving clean and easy.

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For the most part, so long as they aren’t made of metal, practically any dish can be used with a microwave. But this does not address the issue of sauces and fats splattering all over the interior of the oven. While most food container companies have come up with lidded receptacles for use in microwaves, it’s pretty common to encounter a few explosions whenever the stuff you’re heating up expands in the dish and pops the lid off with a bang.

In this case, you may want to swap those containers out in favor of the Duo Cover.

photo of a person holding a duo cover, as discussed in our duo cover microwave review.

What is a Duo Microwave Cover?

Originally conceived as a Kickstarter project, the Duo Cover is a product from a company called Two Pillars and serves as an internal spatter guard for your microwave oven.

The Duo Cover has a unique accordion dome shape that can be expanded or retracted to keep your food from splattering as it warms up in the microwave, as well as magnets that keep it attached to the ceiling of your microwave.

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In this Duo Cover Microwave review, here are the features you can expect:

  • Made of BPA-free and food-safe materials;
  • Expandable shape serves as a splatter guard to keep interior surfaces clear and prevent burnt fingers;
  • MoistureLock technology ensures that meats stay succulent after microwave heating and sauces don’t dry up during the heating process; and
  • Microwave-safe magnets to keep the Duo Cover in place during use.
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How to use it?

To use your Duo Cover for basic microwave reheating:

  1. Place the food you want to warm up on a microwave-safe plate or bowl;
  2. Expand the Duo Cover to the right width to safely cover the plated food;
  3. Close the MoistureLock knob on top. If you want your proteins to be extra juicy or want to thin out a sauce that’s thickened from chilling, add a bit of water through the provided receptacle;
  4. Activate the microwave and start the heating process;
  5. Once the food is done, use the Duo Cover handles to safely take the hot dish out;
  6. Allow the Duo Cover to cool, then wash and dry thoroughly;
  7. Return the Duo Cover to the microwave, securing it in place with the magnet provided.

The creators of the Duo Cover also offer a selection of recipes you may wish to try in order to maximize your use and provide you with deliciously healthy meals.

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Benefits and Advantages

Using the Duo Cover Microwave offers the following benefits and advantages to your home:

  • It’s food-safe and can be used more than once;
  • It’s BPA-free and non-toxic so you can enjoy food without any dangerous additives or substances that could impart unpleasant aftertastes to your meal;
  • It’s dishwasher-safe, but may also be easily washed with soap and water in the kitchen sink;
  • Storage is not a problem as you can retract the Duo Cover when you attach it using the magnets, keeping it well out of view yet allowing it to be pulled out easily for use;
  • It also keeps you from nasty burns as the heat-resistant cover allows you to take dishes out of the microwave in a safe, heat-proof manner; and
  • You can use it for so much more than heating food, as it can be used to steam, braise, roast, and even bake in your microwave.
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Users' Duo Cover Microwave Reviews

In this Duo Cover review, read what actual users say.

“I was introduced to the Duo Cover through a crowdfunding event. My main excitement with the cover was the magnets that would allow it to be moved out of the way when it is not in use, when heating something in a mug or after food is ready for example. I've always hated needing to move my cover outside of the microwave, but thanks to Duo Cover it’s now usually stowed inside the microwave.”

Natsy P.

“Duo Cover makes me so glad to move away from plastic microwave covers. I also super-like the ability to use the magnet to put the cover on the ceiling of the microwave to keep it out of the way.”

Ricci S.

“The Duo Microwave Cover is awesome. I like how it collapses flat and hides up above the rotating tray; it makes it so easy to clean – just rinse and go. I haven't tried steaming with it or any of the recipe ideas just yet, but I do enjoy using it.”

Don T.
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Duo Cover for Microwave on Reddit

Reddit users rave about the Duo Microwave Cover, praising its whimsical design and effective functionality. They highlight its ability to prevent splatters, maintain food texture, and simplify cleanup. Many appreciate its versatility with different dish sizes, making it a favorite kitchen companion for mess-free and enjoyable cooking experiences.

Duo Cover for Microwave on TrustPilot

Trustpilot users consistently applaud the Duo Microwave Cover for its innovative design and practicality. They emphasize its effectiveness in preventing splatters, maintaining food quality during reheating, and facilitating easy cleaning. Users express high satisfaction with the cover's versatility and consider it a valuable addition to their kitchen routine, earning positive Duo Cover Microwave reviews.

Customer Service

Duo Microwave Cover's customer service is lauded for its prompt responsiveness and helpful assistance. Users commend the company for addressing inquiries and resolving issues efficiently. The team is praised for its friendliness and commitment to ensuring a positive experience, enhancing the overall satisfaction of customers.

Duo Cover for Microwave Pricing (Discounted)

In this Duo Cover review, what about cost?

The Duo Microwave Cover is sold for $39.95 and currently comes in two colors. Note that the cost does not include shipping and handling fees.

Pricing options

For those pledging $40.00 or more for the further development of the Duo Cover on Kickstarter, Two Pillars offers a bundled deal which includes one Duo Cover paired with one Swedish Dishcloth and a reusable SnackZipPack. Note that this Kickstarter offer is only available for those in the Mainland United States.

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Money-back guarantee, return, refund, and shipping policy  

In our Duo Cover Microwave review, for those who aren’t happy with the Duo Microwave Cover, Two Pillars offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, customers need to shoulder the cost of sending the item back to the manufacturer.

Where to buy? 

The Duo Cover for Microwave is available through the official website.

Other Stores

Beware of reseller sites, like on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, to avoid possible refund policy issues.


Now to wrap up our Duo Cover Microwave review;

What is it best for?

Microwave reheating and cooking.

What is it not best for?

Not for use in conventional ovens or on standard cooktops.

Duo Microwave Cover Alternatives

At present, the EZY Active Microwave Splatter Cover is the top choice and is within the same price range and is made of similar materials.

Duo Cover Microwave Review Final Word

The Duo Cover for Microwave is certainly a godsend for many of us who have been stressed out at needing to clean out our microwave ovens after use, and it gives us an alternative cooking method that is certainly healthier. Therefore, we highly recommend that you try it out!


Where can I buy a Duo Cover?

The Duo Cover may be purchased through the official Two Pillars website or through the Kickstarter page.

Is the Duo Cover reusable?

Yes, as it is dishwasher-safe and can easily be washed. Plus, the material used for it is highly durable and heat-resistant.

What is the best cover to use in a microwave?

The best cover to use in a microwave is a microwave-safe cover or lid made from materials such as glass, ceramic, or microwave-safe plastics. These covers are specifically designed to withstand the heat generated by microwaves and prevent splatters inside the microwave during cooking. Microwave-safe covers come in various sizes and shapes, offering versatility for different dishes. They often include venting options to release steam, ensuring that your food heats evenly without creating excessive pressure. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for microwave safety and usage to ensure that the cover is suitable for your specific microwave oven.

What is the safest microwave splatter cover?

The safest microwave splatter covers are those made from microwave-safe materials like glass, ceramic, or certain types of microwave-safe plastics. Glass and ceramic covers are generally considered safe choices, as they don't release harmful chemicals when exposed to microwaves.

When choosing a microwave splatter cover, look for one labeled “microwave-safe” and check the manufacturer's guidelines for usage. Covers with venting options allow steam to escape, preventing pressure buildup. Additionally, covers with heat-resistant handles or knobs provide a safe way to lift the cover without burning your hands.

Always follow the recommended usage instructions and precautions to ensure the safest microwave cooking experience.

Is it good to use plastic cover in microwave?

Using plastic covers in the microwave can be safe, but it depends on the type of plastic and whether it is labeled as microwave-safe. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  1. Microwave-Safe Plastic: Choose plastic covers specifically labeled as “microwave-safe” or with a microwave icon. These plastics are designed to withstand the heat generated during microwave cooking without releasing harmful chemicals.
  2. Check the Label: Look for labels such as “microwave-safe,” “FDA-approved,” or similar indications. Avoid using plastics that are not explicitly designated for microwave use.
  3. Ventilation: If using plastic covers, ensure they have venting options to allow steam to escape. This helps prevent pressure buildup inside the container.
  4. Avoid Non-Microwave-Safe Plastics: Plastics not intended for microwave use may release harmful substances when exposed to heat, posing health risks.

Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for using plastic covers in the microwave and exercise caution to prevent overheating or melting. When in doubt, choose microwave-safe glass or ceramic covers for a safer cooking experience.

How do you use a duo microwave cover?

Using a duo microwave cover is generally simple, and the specific steps may vary depending on the brand and design. However, here's a general guide on how to use a duo microwave cover:

  1. Cleaning: Before use, ensure that the duo microwave cover is clean and free of any food particles or residue from previous use.
  2. Adjustability: Check if the cover has an adjustable vent or steam vent. Many duo microwave covers have a venting feature that can be opened or closed to control the release of steam during cooking.
  3. Placement: Place the duo microwave cover over the dish or container you are using to cover the food.
  4. Microwave-Safe: Confirm that the duo microwave cover is made of microwave-safe materials. Most covers made for microwave use are labeled as such, but it's essential to verify.
  5. Cooking Time: Adjust the cooking time as needed, depending on the dish you are preparing. The cover helps trap heat and steam, facilitating even cooking.
  6. Venting: If your cover has adjustable vents, you can leave them open for dishes that require ventilation or close them for dishes that need to retain moisture.
  7. Reheating and Storage: The duo microwave cover can also be used for reheating leftovers. After use, clean the cover and store it appropriately.

Always refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your duo microwave cover for the most accurate guidance.

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