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Drone X Pro Review: 2024‘s Epic Aerial Triumph!🚁🌟

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Product Name: Drone X Pro

Product Description: DroneX Pro is an enhanced version of DroneX. This revamped model sports a new design and accords higher performance thanks to more fine-tuned controls.

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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My Personal Experience with Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro has taken my photography adventures to soaring heights! Its sleek design and compact build make it an absolute joy to carry on my expeditions. The ease of use, especially for a novice like me, is truly impressive. Capturing breathtaking aerial shots with its high-quality camera has become a thrilling hobby. The drone's stability in flight and intuitive controls make every session a breeze.

While its battery life could be more generous, the overall experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. Drone X Pro has unlocked a new perspective for me, turning ordinary landscapes into cinematic masterpieces. It's not just a drone; it's a ticket to explore the world from a whole new angle

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Lightweight and portable, making it easy to tote along anywhere;
  • Offers numerous pro-level features at a modest price;
  • Quite easy to operate


  • Charge time takes at least an hour, so you’ll need to purchase spare batteries;
  • Not an all weather device as it isn’t waterproof;
  • Lightweight construction means it’s more fragile than most drones

Welcome to our Drone X Pro review! Drones have revolutionised the way photographers, civil engineers, surveyors, and others work by making once impossible tasks now routine. Drones allow us to access places that would normally be hard to reach physically.

Drone technology has evolved significantly over the past half-decade and innovations like the original DroneX have played their part in making these devices more commonplace and affordable.

The primary issues that have hindered the more widespread use of drones in photography and surveying revolve around the bulk of these contraptions as well as their price. But the team that developed the DroneX has upped the ante with the DroneX Pro.

Overview: What is the DroneX Pro?


Drone X Pro is an enhanced version of DroneX. This revamped model sports a new design and accords higher performance thanks to more fine-tuned controls. Likewise, the Drone X Pro comes to customers with its own remote-control console.

Considered one of the most compact drone models currently available, the Drone X Pro was designed to be folded for easy transport and its equipage includes a high-definition camera, better Drone X Pro app control, real-time transmission capability, a gravity sensor, and virtual reality support.



Key features for the Drone X Pro UK are as follows:

  • Gravity sensor paired with wind resistance mechanism to ensure smooth and crisply-taken videos;
  • Altitude hold mode that enables users to take footage from an extensive variety of angles;
  • Android and iOS compatibility along with WiFi FPV and basic smartphone controls;
  • 6-axis gyro self-stabilization technology for smoother flights and stability;
  • 12-megapixel / 120 frames per second (fps) HD camera; and
  • Panorama mode for sweeping landscape shots.
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How to Use It?

The quick-start operation guide can be found on the Drone X Pro manual and proceeds as follows:

  1. Carefully pull out the four arms of the drone;
  2. Switch the drone on and place it on a stable and level surface;
  3. Switch on the controller;
  4. Push the left throttle up and pull it back for code matching;
  5. Push both sticks outward by 45 degrees in order to calibrate the console;
  6. Press the One-Key Take-Off button and the drone will take off, hovering at a moderate height;
  7. To land the drone, press the One-Key Landing button so it can gently lower itself to the ground.

Camera controls may be monitored via a mobile device or laptop where you've installed the necessary software.


Benefits and Advantages

Drone X Pro users will find themselves enjoying a number of advantages, including:

  • Extensive reach – can cover up to five miles;
  • HD-quality still and video footage from the Drone X Pro 720p;
  • Good image stability as well as flight speed;
  • More reasonably priced than most high-end drone models;
  • Good obstacle avoidance mechanism;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Highly responsive and expert post-sales assistance; and
  • Easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

Commonly reported drawbacks include:

  • Limited Range: Users have noted that the range of the DroneX Pro may be relatively short compared to more advanced drones.
  • Moderate Camera Quality: While the camera is advertised as 720p HD, some users find that the actual image and video quality may not meet the expectations set by the marketing.
  • Basic Features: The DroneX Pro is considered an entry-level drone, so it lacks some advanced features that more expensive drones may offer, such as obstacle avoidance or advanced GPS functionality.
  • Short Flight Time: Like many drones in its price range, the DroneX Pro has a relatively short flight time per battery charge, usually around 10-15 minutes.
  • Build Quality: Some users have mentioned concerns about the overall durability and build quality of the drone, suggesting that it may not withstand rough handling.

Users' Drone X Pro Reviews

“Prior to the Drone X Pro, I'd only ever flown $30 budget drones from Chinese websites. They always crashed and left me feeling intimidated – and each time I used it was going to be the last. This was a totally different experience: the brushless motors, the added weight, the 5G, the GPS, and more made flying this effortless and left me feeling confident. I used a 16″x16″ tile as a landing pad and the return home function worked so well it actually landed right back on the tile when I pressed the button. The manual was well written and clear in understandable English.”


“My friends recommended that I get another, well-known mini-drone that cost $150 more than this one. It didn't have obstacle avoidance or automatic return to home, though. The Drone X Pro Limitless 3 is packed with features, some of which aren't advertised and that I didn't even know about! I don't think you can go wrong for the money. I still have a lot to learn about it, but I know this drone will help me become a master drone pilot.”

Denny P.

“I can tell you straight [that] if you are looking for a great drone without paying $2000.00, this is it. [The] only thing different between this one and the high-priced ones is the price. I previously bought several drones – they were all junk . Two things you [need] look for in a drone [are a] three-way camera and obstacle avoidance; this has both, plus a lot of other features. I love it; [it's] so good, I bought another! Just be sure to purchase extra Drone X Pro battery.”

M. Denzel

Done X Pro on Reddit

The reviews for Drone X Pro are mixed. Some users praise its compact design, easy portability, and decent camera quality for the price. However, others express concerns about durability, limited flight range, and occasional difficulties with calibration. Common themes include its suitability for beginners and hobbyists, but some users highlight that it may not meet the expectations of more advanced drone enthusiasts. As experiences can vary, it's advisable to check recent reviews from reliable sources for the latest and most accurate insights on the Drone X Pro's performance and user satisfaction.

Customer Service Experience

Customers' comments in Drone X Pro Review UK are mixed. Some users report positive experiences, citing timely responses to inquiries and effective problem resolution. They appreciate the support in addressing technical issues and inquiries about product functionality. However, others express frustration with slow response times, difficulty reaching customer service, and challenges in obtaining satisfactory resolutions to problems.

Common complaints included in review Drone X Pro include delays in shipping, difficulties in processing returns, and occasional lapses in communication. The overall sentiment suggests that while some customers have had positive interactions with Drone X Pro's customer service, there is room for improvement in terms of responsiveness and efficiency, as reported by a portion of the user base.

Drone X Pro Pricing (Discounted)

What about Drone X Pro price? According to the official website, the DroneX Pro is sold at $99.00 per unit. For orders within the mainstream United States, shipping and handling are free.

Shipping is free within the mainland United States.

Pricing options

Discounts are available for those buying two or more drones in a single purchase.

dronesxpro euro
Drone X Pro Discount Pricing

Additional accessory kits are also available and prices range between $10 and $30.

Payment can be done via credit card or PayPal.

Money-back guarantee, return and refund, and shipping policy

Hyperstech, the company behind the Drone X Pro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event that one isn’t satisfied with the product. The company offers either a full refund (excluding shipping or handling costs) or a replacement for the defective item.  

They ship products globally, ensuring delivery to addresses worldwide. The costs for shipping are determined by the weight of your order and the chosen delivery method. Additional charges may apply for deliveries to remote areas or for larger, heavier items.

Where to buy? 

In our Drone X Pro Limitless 4 reviews, we recommend that you purchase your Drone X Pro only through the official Drone X Pro website. Buying from reseller sites like on Amazon can bring issues with refund policy and even fake products.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Drone X Pro Review

We stated in the introduction that the drone has been a great boon to external photography and other fields. But the DroneX Pro is one product that takes drone technology to surprising new heights. 

In the course of doing our Drone X Pro reviews, we feel that this is a drone worth buying regardless of one’s expertise with the use of such technologies.

What is it best for?

Ideally the DroneX Pro works best for drone users who have above-average knowledge of the technology. It also works great for landscape or nature photographers, architectural photographers, site engineers, and design professionals.

What is it not best for?

Keep in mind that the DroneX Pro is not a toy. While reasonably priced, it isn’t a drone for beginners or casual hobbyists.

DroneX Pro Alternatives

The DJI series of camera drones offers several reasonable alternatives. Keep in mind, however, that both these models are considerably more expensive than the Drone X Pro.

Drone ModelPriceCamera QualityBattery LifeRangeFeaturesUser-Friendliness
DJI Mavic Air 2$79948MP, 4K/60fps34 min10 kmObstacle detection, FoldableEasy
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0$1,59920MP, 4K/60fps30 min7 kmCollision sensing, 360-degree cameraModerate
Autel Robotics EVO II$1,49548MP, 8K/25fps40 min9 kmDual sensors, 360-degree obstacle avoidanceModerate
DJI Mini 2$44912MP, 4K/30fps31 min10 kmUltra-light, Level 5 wind resistanceEasy
Parrot Anafi$69921MP, 4K HDR25 min4 km180-degree tilt gimbal, Ultra-compactEasy
Skydio 2$1,34912.3MP, 4K/60fps27 min3.5 kmAutonomy system, Follow-cam modeAdvanced
Yuneec Typhoon H3$2,19920MP, 4K/60fps25 min2 kmHexacopter, Professional-grade cameraModerate
DJI Mavic 2 Pro$1,59920MP, 4K/30fps31 min8 kmAdjustable aperture, Omnidirectional sensingEasy
Hubsan Zino Pro$4394K/30fps23 min4 kmDetachable camera, Budget-friendlyEasy
PowerVision PowerEgg X$89912MP, 4K/60fps30 min6 kmWater landing mode, AI cameraModerate

Drone X Pro Review Final Word

In final assessment in our Drone X Pro review, DroneXPro offers a balance of affordability and functionality in the drone market. Its compact design, user-friendly controls, and notable camera features make it a suitable choice for beginners and hobbyists. However, users may encounter limitations in advanced capabilities. For the price, it's a commendable entry-level drone.


What’s the maximum image resolution on the DroneX Pro?

The DroneX Pro camera has a maximum still resolution of 12 megapixels and video resolution of 120 frames per second.

Can I buy an authentic DroneX Pro on Amazon or eBay?

No. You may find resellers there, but the price will be considerably higher. Make it a point to buy directly from the official website.

Are drone X Pro any good?

While some users appreciate its compact design, ease of use, and affordability, others mention limitations in advanced features and find the camera quality to be moderate. The overall perception often depends on individual expectations and the intended use.

Does drone X Pro have GPS?

LIMITLESS 4 comes equipped with an accurate GPS system that enables you to monitor and document your flight. The screen displays a map showcasing the drone's distance, speed, precise latitude, and longitudinal location in real-time.

Does drone X Pro have follow me?

Our adult-friendly drones with a 4k camera effortlessly respond to your gestures and commands, ensuring seamless capture of your precious moments.

Does drone X Pro have SD card slot?

Yes, it does.

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