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Unveiling the Truth: DJI RS3 Pro Review 2024 – Know Surprising Facts!

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Product Name: DJI RS 3 Pro

Product Description: DJI RS 3 Pro is a top-of-the-line, advanced and highly comprehensive camera use expansion platform.

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Personal Summary Experience

The DJI RS 3 Pro is an absolute beast! This gimbal is like something out of a sci-fi movie. It's super high-tech but surprisingly user-friendly. I'm no Hollywood director, but this thing makes me feel like one. The way it smooths out every shot, even when I'm moving around like a maniac, is mind-blowing.

It's got more modes and settings than I can count, but they're all there to help you get that perfect shot. And the battery life? I've shot entire movies on a single charge. If you're serious about videography, the RS 3 Pro is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal.

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  • Built for professional use;
  • Better shooting algorithms;
  • Allows more comfortably carrying for a greater payload


  • High learning curve;
  • More expensive than other gimbals in the same category

Introduction to our DJI RS3 Pro Review

You're reading our DJI RS3 Pro review!

Over the past few weeks, we have turned our focus to the DJI RS series, particularly the RS3. In previous reviews, we’ve checked out the original RS3 and its more diminutive version, the RS3 Mini.

Today, we’re focusing on the big hitter of the line, the one recommended for the pros. Read through today’s DJI RS3 Pro review and see how this beast can change your shooting game in the most profound manner.

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Handheld gimbals have changed the way photographers and videographers capture the world. A more convenient alternative to rigging up a dolly for moving shots, especially on uneven ground or places where laying a rolling track could prove impossible. These allow creators to draw their audiences into where the action is taking place, letting them see – and feel – the action from the primary shooter’s perspective.

We’ve declared time and again that not all gimbals are made equal, and this is especially so in products developed and produced by DJI. The RS – Ronin Series – line, in particular, essentially stepped things up through a more manageable physical framework that allows users to set the gimbal up in the way they need it to be, a software application that offers a wide range of effects and setting with which to enhance a shoot, and compatibility with numerous camera and smartphone brands.

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After checking out the original RS3 and the RS3 Mini, it’s now the RS3 Pro’s turn to fall under our scrutiny so we can determine how well it works.

What is the DJI RS3 Pro?

Instead of referring to it as a mere gimbal, DJI refers to the top-of-the-line RS3 Pro as an advanced and highly comprehensive camera use expansion platform.

For this reason, unlike the original 3 and RS3 Mini, this device is equipped with DJI's SuperSmooth stabilizer technology to deliver lag- and jag-free footage even when one moves the camera at a rapid clip. This innovative addition boosts the gimbal's torque, allowing users to take it through its paces in highly dynamic scenarios.

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Those lucky enough to find themselves with a DJI RS 3 Pro gimbals will enjoy the use of the following features:

  • Automated axis locks that step up the game in terms of fast and efficient transition and can easily be manipulated with a push on the power button, thus ensuring easy storage, as well;
  • Extendable carbon fiber axis arms which deliver a greater amount of leveling space for larger cameras and are able to carry more advanced camera equipment combos with relative ease;
  • Total tested payload of around 4.5 kilograms / ten pounds;
  • State of the art LiDAR range finder with 43,200 ranging points that ensure more precise focus detection within a fourteen-meter radius;
  • Long-range O3 Pro video transmission system which supports ultra-low latency audio-visual transmission across 6 kilometers / 20,000 feet, keeping footage stable thanks to powerful controls; and
  • DJI RS SDK protocols which enable the gimbal to use an extensive array of accessories and connect to other pieces of production equipment.

How to use it?

To set up the DJI RS3 Pro with your camera:

  1. Ensure that the camera itself is properly set up with its battery and memory card inserted, and its lens cap taken off;
  2. Check if the gimbal is either switched off or in sleep mode before mounting;
  3. Toggle the gimbal's tilt and roll locks to the unlocked position, then make the necessary angle adjustments;
  4. Toggle the locks back into place;
  5. Attach the upper quick-release plate onto your camera, securing it into place by tightening the screw;
  6. Toggle the lever on the lower quick-release plate to unlock it;
  7. Insert the camera into the space provided, then toggle the lever again to lock it in;
  8. Attach the lens-fastening support to the lower quick release plate;
  9. Attach the camera setup to the gimbal by first toggling the lever on the camera mounting plate to its unlocked position; 
  10. Insert the lower quick-release plate and set the camera to a proper balance;

Once you've balanced your camera in place, toggle the lever again to secure it.

It should be assumed at this point that you have installed the Ronin app into a mobile device which you will use to control the gimbal. Activate Bluetooth on the phone or tablet and pair it with the gimbal; use the app to connect the device to the gimbal, and you are all set.

Benefits and Advantages

Using a DJI RS3 Pro lets you enjoy the following advantages:

  • You have a gimbal capable of supporting both full-frame and cinematic camera setups;
  • Payloads of up to ten pounds are easy to manage;
  • The battery easily accords twelve hours of use on a single charge;
  • Colored touch screen allows you to stay in control of production; and
  • Controls are easily managed / accessed via USB connection or Bluetooth.
dji rs3 pro review: dji rs 3 pro

Users' Reviews

“This is my sixth gimbal stabilizer and by far the best. I had a Crane, a Weebill, a DJI RS 3 Mini, and a few smaller ones for phones and action cameras. The Ronin is by far the best. In every aspect does this one top the competition. First and foremost, the algorithms are superior to the others. Out of the box it will generate excellent smooth shots without any issues. It filters all unwanted shake and erratic motion while still allowing you to control the camera angle well. It handles the Nikon Z9 with a 24-120 lens with ease.

David H.

“As much as I hate gimbals, the Ronin RS 3 pro DJI product is as good as everyone says. The following focus works flawlessly. I use this gimbal mainly for work rather than creative stuff as it does give a bit of a rigid shot.”

Elliot S.

“As a tool I only seldomly reach for, I found it difficult to spend the money on the RS 3 and RS pro. I debated between the pro and the regular rs3 to fly my FX3 and Sigma 24-70 2.8 on. Glad I went with the pro version. Though it definitely doesn’t max the gimbal out, I am able to do almost any move without putting strain on the gimbal motors.”

Tyler N.

“The user interface of the DJI RS3pro is also well designed and intuitive. I absolutely love the extended handle for shots where I want the camera close to the ground. Changing the battery grip is a matter of seconds as well. Another great feature is it automatically locks and unlocks all motors when you turn it on or off. This is such an amazing feature. With other gimbals you have to do that by hand three times again and again.”

Mimi T.

DJI RS3 Pro on TrustPilot

Trustpilot reviews of the DJI RS 3 Pro gimbal stabilizer highlight its exceptional performance and versatility. Users praise its robust build quality and advanced features, making it an ideal choice for professional filmmakers. Positive feedback emphasizes its compatibility with various camera setups, enhancing its usability. However, some reviews note a relatively higher price point, which could be a drawback for budget-conscious buyers.

DJI RS3 Pro on Reddit

Reddit reviews of the DJI RS 3 Pro gimbal stabilizer emphasize its outstanding performance and innovative features. Users like its impressive stability, versatility, and ease of use, catering to both amateur and professional videographers. They also highlight its compatibility with various camera setups, making it a versatile tool for creative projects. However, many raise concerns about its price, suggesting it could be a significant investment.

DJI RS3 Pro Price

Now let's talk cost in this DJI RS3 Pro review. On its own, the RS3 Pro DJI will cost you $869.00 on both the official DJI site. Buyers also get a 1% DJI credit reward per purchase.

dji rs 3 pro pricing

Pricing options

You can also get the DJI RS 3 Pro Combo for $1,099, and this will throw in the Ronin Image Transmitter, Focus Motor, and an extended lower quick-release plate for your use.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the DJI Ronin RS3 Pro and the item has no visible physical defects, you may return it to the manufacturer for either a refund or replacement within fourteen calendar days of delivery.

The fourteen-day rule also applies to purchases wherein the product is defective or has visible damage.

Keep in mind that the money-back guarantee only applies to devices bought directly off the DJI website.

Where to buy?

For the best deals, buy yours directly from the DJI product page.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our DJI RS 3 Pro Review

What is it best for?

Highly experienced photographers and cameramen need a lot more leeway when taking and framing more complicated shots.

What is it not best for?

Definitely not for beginners, as using this particular gimbal involves a more advanced range of complex maneuvers.

DJI RS 3 Pro Alternatives

For those who feel they aren’t quite ready just yet to handle the DJI RS3 Pro Combo, the standard DJI RS3 is a more viable – and manageable – option. You can also check out DJI Transmission Lidar Indepth reviews to know if this option works.

DJI RS3 Pro Combo Review Final Word

We greatly respect DJI and laud it for releasing so many brilliant pieces of equipment like the RS3 line. If you’re a pro who’s ready to take their work to the next level in terms of photography or cinematography, the DJI RS3 Pro is definitely a gimbal to add to your working arsenal.


What makes the extended axis arms on the RS3 Pro different from those on the RS3?

Interestingly, the extended carbon fiber axis arms may be lighter, but these are also amazingly sturdier and stiffer than those on the RS3. This is because these are made from layers of uncut carbon fiber sheeting which allows for greater rigidity and durability.

Is the screen on the RS3 Pro larger than that on the RS3?

No, both screens measure around 1.8.”

Is RS 3 Pro worth it?

It is for highly experienced photographers and cameramen need a lot more leeway when taking and framing more complicated shots.

How long does the DJI RS3 Pro battery last?

It can run for up to 12 hours.

What is difference between DJI RS2 and RS 3?

DJI RS 3 has a larger touchscreen display of 1.8″ than RS2's 1.4″.

Thats all for now;

If you've read all the way through this DJI RS3 Pro review, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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