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DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo: 2024‘s Ultimate Showdown! πŸŽ₯πŸ’₯

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You're reading an epic showdown of DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo! When exploring the world of action cameras, DJI's offerings stand out for their innovative designs and feature sets. Among the latest to capture the attention of enthusiasts and professionals alike are the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo and the Power Combo. Each set caters to different user needs: the Dual Screen Combo is tailored for vloggers and content creators who require a front-facing screen to frame themselves, while the Power Combo offers extended battery life, making it ideal for capturing longer events or adventures without the need for frequent recharging.

Choosing between these two configurations comes down to assessing one's requirements and preferences. While the Dual Screen Combo excels in providing an additional display for selfie enthusiasts or vloggers, the Power Combo's enhanced battery module is a boon for extreme sports aficionados or outdoor adventurers who might not always have the luxury of stopping to charge. Moreover, DJI's modular design philosophy allows for an adaptive user experience, as one can mix and match accessories and modules to tailor the camera to the situation at hand. Price also plays a significant role, as budget constraints may influence the decision without necessarily compromising on the core action camera experience.

⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, the better action camera between the two for most people is the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo.

Key Takeaways

  • The DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo is suited for vloggers and content creators needing a front-facing screen.
  • The Power Combo offers longer battery life for extensive shooting sessions or remote adventures.
  • Applying to DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, DJI's modular design allows for customisation, mixing and matching accessories to fit specific use cases.
  • Dual Screen Combo: This configuration is particularly suited for vloggers or users who frequently switch between front and rear camera views. The additional front-facing OLED touchscreen allows for easy framing and interaction when filming oneself, making it a great choice for content creators who need that level of interaction and feedback.
  • Power Combo: This setup extends the camera's battery life significantly, making it ideal for longer shooting sessions where changing batteries frequently isn't feasible. It's more streamlined in terms of size and weight since it lacks the extra screen module, which also makes it a more rugged choice for action-packed scenarios.

Quick Comparison Table

The DJI Action 2 comes in two different configurations: the Dual Screen Combo and the Power Combo. Both setups are designed to offer versatility and performance in a compact action camera, but they cater to slightly different user needs depending on the specific accessories and functionalities included.

FeatureπŸ† DJI Action 2 Dual Screen ComboDJI Action 2 Power Combo
Main Camera UnitModular design with a detachable touch screenSame modular camera unit without the additional screen module
DisplayAdditional front-facing OLED touchscreen for vlogging and selfiesNo additional display; users rely on the back screen of the camera unit
Battery LifeShorter due to powering two screensLonger battery life with a larger battery module
AccessoriesComes with a dual screen module that connects to the main unitComes with a power module that extends battery life
PortabilitySlightly bulkier with the dual screen moduleMore compact due to the absence of the additional screen
UsageIdeal for vloggers and users who need front-facing interactionBest for extended use in situations where extra battery life is needed
PriceGenerally more expensive due to the extra screen moduleMore affordable option due to simpler configuration

Both combos are designed with the unique modular system of the DJI Action 2, allowing users to tailor the camera setup to their specific shooting requirements. The choice between them should be based on whether the priority is on dual-screen functionality for interactive filming or extended battery life for prolonged sessions.

Overview of DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo

I find the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo to be a standout offering for content creators who want versatility in an action camera. It includes a unique modular design and a secondary screen, which enhances its usability in a variety of shooting scenarios.

Features of Dual Screen Combo

dji action 2 dual screen combo 1

The Dual Screen Combo notably features a magnetic modular design that allows me to switch between modules with ease, enhancing the camera's flexibility. The main camera module itself offers a 4K/120fps video capability and boasts a super-wide 155Β° field of view. It's waterproof and drop-proof, cocooning advanced technology in a robust package.

The secondary module, which this combo is named for, provides me with a front-facing OLED screen. This is particularly useful for vlogging or any situation where I need to frame myself in the shot. The additional screen module communicates with the camera via magnetic contacts, which I find to be a quick and secure way to attach and detach components.

Ideal Use Cases

For vloggers and self-shooters, the Dual Screen Combo is a powerful tool. Its front-facing screen aids in framing and makes to-camera pieces, interviews, and selfie videos significantly easier to manage. Moreover, adventure enthusiasts who wish to capture point-of-view footage, while also being able to switch to front-facing shots with the same device, will see the benefit of this combo. The magnetic attachment system even allows me to quickly snap the camera onto metal surfaces for innovative shooting angles, which is invaluable for dynamic action sequences.

Overview of DJI Action 2 Power Combo

Between DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, I find the DJI Action 2 Power Combo to be a robust offering for extended recording times thanks to its additional Power Module. The package is designed specifically for users who require longer battery life for their action-packed adventures.

Features of Power Combo

dji action 2 power combo 1

The Power Combo is equipped with a unique module that enhances the DJI Action 2's functionality. This Power Module, included in the package, allows for significant extension of recording time, a feature that I consider quite beneficial for extended shooting sessions without frequent recharging.

Battery Life and Charging

The main attraction of the Power Combo is the extended battery life. With the Power Module, the recording time leaps from 70 minutes to an impressive 180 minutes. Notably, the Power Module also supports faster charging, ensuring that I spend less time tethered to a power outlet and more time capturing memorable content.

Design and Build Quality

oclu action camera 3

Comparing DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, the DJI Action 2 embraces a robust design philosophy, prioritising both aesthetic appeal and functional resilience. Here we'll explore the materials and craftsmanship that give the Action 2 models their distinctive edge.

Materials and Durability

The DJI Action 2's chassis is crafted from a heat-dissipating aluminium alloy, which contributes to its premium feel and durability. It's designed to withstand the rigours of action-packed environments which is evident from its high build quality. The camera unit is enhanced further for durability with its gorilla glass cover that resists scratches and impacts. This build is consistent across both the Dual Screen and Power Combo editions, assuring that toughness is a standard feature.

Portability and Mounting Options

Emphasising portability, between DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, I find the DJI Action 2 to be a triumph in compact camera design. It weighs a mere few ounces, making it exceptionally easy to mount anywhere – helmets, bikes, or surfboards. The magnetised mounting system is a clever innovation for quick attachment and detachment, providing numerous convenient options. The Dual Screen Combo enables vloggers and selfie takers to frame their shot with ease, while the Power Combo is more suited to extended recording sessions due to its additional battery module, without compromising on the camera's inherent portability.

Camera Performance and Features

When comparing the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, it’s important to focus on their camera performance and distinct features. Both models deliver exceptional image detail and a variety of features designed to enhance capture quality.

Image and Video Quality

dji action 2 dual screen combo 2

The DJI Action 2 cameras boast an upgraded camera sensor that significantly improves image resolution. The sensor provides greater image detail along with a wider field of view (FOV), ensuring comprehensive coverage in my recordings. Videos are recorded with impressive clarity, making the most of natural light and retaining the nuances of the environment. For more specifics, refer to the D1 Store's overview of these camera features.

Stabilisation Technology

One of the standout advancements in both the Dual Screen and Power Combo is the improved Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) algorithms. This technology effectively reduces camera shake, leading to smoother and more stable footage under a variety of conditions. The DJI Action 2’s stabilisation technology is an essential asset for producing professional-looking results without needing additional gear.

Modular System and Accessories

dji action 2 dual screen combo vs power combo

In this DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo comparison section, I've found the modular system to present a unique approach for users looking for customisation and versatility in their recording experiences.

Expanding Capabilities with Modules

The DJI Action 2 stands out with my ability to magnetically attach various modules to expand its functionality. For instance, the Dual Screen Combo includes a front touchscreen module which enhances vlogging capabilities by providing a front-facing display. Conversely, the Power Combo I should note is aimed at extending battery life, critical for long shooting sessions without the additional screen.

Accessory Compatibility

What about accessories compatible with DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo?

Accessory support for the DJI Action 2 is extensive, with each combo having its distinct offerings. The Dual Screen Combo, I observed, comes with the exclusive Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount, expanding my mounting options. Both combos have access to a variety of other accessories, although I must point out that only the Dual Screen Combo directly supports the attachment of the front touchscreen module.

User Interface and Control

When comparing DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, navigating the DJI Action 2's various settings and modes is a streamlined experience whether I'm using the Dual Screen or Power Combo. Both setups offer a responsive touchscreen and intuitive voice controls, catering to different user preferences.

Touchscreen Interface

The touchscreen on the DJI Action 2 is bright and responsive. With the Dual Screen Combo, I benefit from an additional front-facing OLED touchscreen, which enhances vlogging and selfie capabilities by allowing me to see myself while I'm recording. On the main screen, swiping and tapping through the settings is straightforward. With a resolution of 446 x 424 on the rear 1.76β€³ display, the visual feedback is crisp and easy to read under various lighting conditions.

Voice Control Functionality

Voice control adds a layer of convenience to the DJI Action 2 especially when it's impractical for me to use the touchscreen. Commands like “start recording” or “take photo” are recognised with good accuracy. This feature is particularly useful when I'm wearing gloves or when the camera is mounted out of reach. Both the Dual Screen and Power Combo units support this feature, ensuring I maintain control regardless of the configuration I'm using.

Software and Editing

image 58

Now let's talk about editing capabilities for DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo. In discussing software and editing for the DJI Action 2, I need to mention the seamless mobile app integration and the robust editing features offered. These stand out as significant aspects facilitating an enhanced user experience.

Mobile App Integration

For the DJI Action 2, whether it's the Dual Screen or Power Combo, I find the integration with the DJI Mimo mobile app indispensable. It allows me to effortlessly transfer footage from the camera to my mobile device. The app is available for download on various platforms and once installed, connects to the Action 2 via Wi-Fi. This integration enables quick editing and sharing, which is particularly useful when I'm on the go.

Editing Features

The editing features provided by the DJI Mimo app are quite advanced. I can trim clips, apply filters, add music, and even overlay text to my videos. The app's AI editor is particularly impressive, as it can automatically select and compile shots, creating content that looks like it's been edited by a professional. When comparing DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, both variants of the DJI Action 2 offer me the same level of editing capability within this app, ensuring no feature is locked behind a specific model.

Price Comparison

When considering the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, it's essential to compare their prices to understand the financial commitment involved.

Cost Analysis

The DJI Action 2 Power Combo typically retails for approximately $239.00. In contrast, the DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo comes with a higher price tag of about $299.00, making it $60 more expensive. These prices reflect the added features and accessories included with the Dual-Screen Combo.

  • DJI Action 2 Power Combo: $239.00
  • DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo: $299.00

Value for Money

When looking at what DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo offers, the Dual-Screen Combo includes an additional front-facing touchscreen, which simplifies vlogging and selfie framing. Therefore, for an extra $60, users gain enhanced usability, which could justify the additional investment for those prioritising front-facing camera features.

Free Trial/Refund Policy/Money-Back Guarantee

While purchasing directly from DJI or authorised retailers, it's important to note there usually isn't a free trial period for their hardware products. However, most retailers offer a refund policy, often spanning 14-30 days, provided the product is returned in its original condition, giving buyers a certain degree of financial protection.

  • Retailers' refund policy for DJI products may vary, so it's essential to confirm with the specific retailer regarding their terms and conditions.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Users' Reviews

In my research of DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, I've gathered insights from various users who've experienced both the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo and the Power Combo, exploring their practical usability. On TrustPilot, the consensus appears to indicate a preference towards the Dual Screen Combo, especially for vloggers who find the front-facing screen essential for framing shots.

On Reddit, discussions focus more on the modularity of both combos. Users post actively about the convenience the magnetic mounts offer but also share some concerns over the heating issues during prolonged use. Bullet points from Reddit include:

  • Ease of Use: Both combos praised for their intuitive design.
  • Battery Life: Concerns over the Power Combo lasting longer.
  • Display Utility: Users love the Dual Screen for selfies and vlogging.

Here's a comparison table of DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo based on users' reviews from these platforms:

Comparison AspectDual Screen ComboPower Combo
Screen AvailabilityFront and rear screensSingle rear screen
Battery PerformanceModerateExtended
Vlogging SuitabilityHighly suitableLess convenient
Heat ManagementHeats up with high-resSlightly better heat control
Accessory CompatibilityGoodGood

From personal examination of both DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, it's evident that those who value the ability to monitor themselves while recording lean towards the Dual Screen Combo. In contrast, users who prioritize longer recording times without needing to see themselves tend to opt for the Power Combo. It’s a matter of choosing which features align more with personal filming needs.

Comparison Winner in DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo

When evaluating the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo vs Power Combo, I find the selection largely depends on the user's specific requirements. For those prioritising a versatile display setup, the Dual Screen Combo shines with its additional front-facing OLED screen. This is immensely beneficial for vloggers and selfie enthusiasts as it allows users to see themselves while recording, ensuring the frame is always as desired.

  • Dual Screen Combo: Advantageous for vloggers with the additional front-facing screen.
  • Power Combo: Ideal for extended recording sessions with its extra battery life.

On the other hand, the Power Combo extends recording time substantially from a mere 70 minutes to up to 180 minutes. This is a considerable improvement, particularly when I consider situations where charging opportunities are scarce, like during long hikes or trips away from power sources. Its extended battery life is a compelling feature for adventurers who require longevity over screen functionality.

Assessing both practicality and functionality between DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, I discern that the Power Combo offers more utility for those who often find themselves far from power sources. The Dual Screen Combo is the victor for content creators focused on framing and monitoring their shots. My expertise leads me to believe that neither combo overwhelmingly outperforms the other; it truly hinges on individual needs.

Between DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, for extended recording and when power is scarce:

  • Extended Battery Life: Essential for longer shoots.
  • Power Combo: Up to 180 minutes of recording time.

For front-facing screen utility:

  • Additional OLED Screen: Beneficial for framing shots.
  • Dual Screen Combo: Facilitates vlogging and selfies.

In essence, the winner of this DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo comparison is contingent on whether the priority lies with screen functionality or battery longevity.

Conclusion & Recommendation

In my assessment of the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, I've found that the choice between the two ultimately hinges on the user’s specific needs. For those prioritising extended battery life, the Power Combo's additional power module, increasing filming time immensely, is particularly compelling. The significant boost from 70 to up to 180 minutes is a considerable advantage for long sessions of recording.

On the other hand, the Dual Screen Combo caters to vloggers and users who require front-facing screen functionality. This addition facilitates framing and interacting with the camera when you're in front of the lens, making it an ideal choice for content creators focused on capturing their adventures.

I appreciate the modular design that DJI introduces with these combos, allowing users to tailor their action camera to their particular uses. This kind of innovation in the action camera space is quite exciting and affords a level of customisation that's not commonly seen.

In sum, whether one opts for the enhanced viewing ability of the Dual Screen Combo or the extended recording time afforded by the Power Combo, both options maintain the DJI Action 2's core features, like 4K video quality, effective stabilisation, and a compact, waterproof build. The flexibility to choose between DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo sets the DJI Action 2 apart and showcases the brand's dedication to accommodating diverse user preferences.

In assessing the merits of the DJI Action 2 configurations, I've taken a close look at both the Dual Screen and Power Combo offerings. Each caters to distinct user needs and scenarios.

Who is DJI Action 2 Dual Screen best for?

The DJI Action 2 Dual Screen is an excellent choice for vloggers and creators who prioritise framing and self-capture. Its additional screen facilitates vlogging by allowing you to see yourself while recording. This setup is well-suited for those who often switch between first-person point-of-view and selfie footage.

Who is Power Combo best for?

In contrast, the Power Combo is ideal for adventurers and sports enthusiasts who need extended battery life. It's a robust option for lengthy outdoor activities where changing batteries isn't practical, ensuring you capture all the action without interruption.


If neither configuration suits your requirements, you might consider other action cameras on the market, such as the GoPro Hero series, which offer a range of options and accessories that may be more aligned with your specific needs.

Final Word

To wrap up our DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo comparison;

Individually, the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen and Power Combo both have their distinct advantages. Your choice should be guided by whether you value the added convenience of a front-facing screen or the extended battery life for longer captures.

Therefore, I go for the DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm here to clarify common queries regarding the DJI Action 2 camera models DJI Action 2 Dual Screen vs Power Combo, focusing on the differences between the Dual Screen and Power Combo, to assist you in making an informed decision.

What are the key differences between the Dual Screen and Power Combo versions of DJI Action 2?

The primary distinction lies in their configurations; the Dual Screen Combo includes an additional front-facing touchscreen for convenient vlogging, while the Power Combo comes with an extra battery module, greatly extending its recording time.

How long does the battery last in the Dual Screen Combo when recording continuously?

When using the Dual Screen Combo, the battery sustains up to 70 minutes of continuous recording, enabling you to capture plenty of footage without frequent interruptions to recharge.

Can the DJI Action 2 withstand submersion in water without additional casing?

Yes, the DJI Action 2 is designed to be waterproof and can be submerged without the need for extra housing, making it an excellent choice for underwater activities and adventure sports. You can contact DJI Action 2 support for more information.

What accessories are compatible with DJI Action 2 to enhance its functionality?

There are various thirdparty accessories to DJI Action 2, such as magnetic mounts, waterproof cases, and adhesive bases that complement the DJI Action 2, allowing for an adaptable and versatile user experience to suit different recording scenarios.

What solutions are available to mitigate overheating issues with DJI Action 2 during extended use?

To manage overheating during extended use, it's recommended to utilise the camera in intervals and consider adding a compatible heat sink or adjusting the settings to lower performance modes that generate less heat.

When was the DJI Action 2 initially released to the public?

The DJI Action 2 was officially launched on October 27, 2021, entering the market as an innovative modular action camera.

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