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Simplified Cupstation Review 2024: Legit Or Not?

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⏳ Are you in a hurry? Then here’s your short Cupstation Reviews summary:

Quick Summary

The Cupstation is an expandable holder that you can use for just about anything in your car.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Can be expanded to fit a number of items;
  • Swiveling arm allows users to have it within reach;
  • Works with most water bottles and other containers


  • Flimsy construction;
  • Does not work in larger vehicles;
  • Tends to topple over because of an item’s weight

Introduction to our Cupstation Reviews

Welcome to our Cupstation reviews!

Staying hydrated is necessary even when you’re on the go. That’s why insulated flasks and bottles were created: to keep you refreshed no matter where you are. 

cupstation reviews 4
cupstation reviews 4

However, toting along a flask, bottle, and especially a store-bought drink in a takeaway cup poses challenges, especially among those who would rather drive than commute or walk. For these people, today’s Cupstation reviews offer a potential solution.


Whenever you drive, don’t you wish that there was more space to hold more stuff in your vehicle?

This especially applies to those who are always in a hurry and need to eat on the run. How in the world do you juggle drinking implements, takeaway boxes, or even disposable bowls while on the road?

It’s for situations like these that the Cupstation was created.

What is a Cupstation?

The Dual Cupstation is an expandable holder that you can use for just about anything in your car. Unlike other portable cup holders, the Cupstation has two chambers as well as a swiveling arm that can be turned 360 degrees – a quality that enables you to hold more within your car within convenient reach.

Likewise, the beauty of the Cupstation lies in the fact that you can expand it to hold more than just takeaway cups. You can use it for hydration flasks or thermal bottles of any size, takeaway bowls and cartons, mobile phones, or even irregularly-sized containers like the kind used for French fries.

cupstation reviews 5
cupstation reviews 5


The Cupstation’s key features are as follows:

  • Unique double-chambered design that holds more than conventional mobile cupholders;
  • Expanding arms enable the device to hold just about anything;
  • 360-degree swiveling arm allows users to position the Cupstation for optimal convenience;
  • Detachable foam pads to ensure a snug fit;
  • Universal fit into most cupholders built into a number of standard automotive models; and
  • Sturdy construction for maximum durability.
cupstation reviews 7
cupstation reviews 7

How to use it?

  • Set the Cupstation into one of your car’s standard cupholders;
  • Secure the Dual Cupstation using the foam spacers provided with the product;
  • Adjust the angle of the swiveling arm to ensure that your drinks or snacks are within reach.
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Benefits and Advantages

Putting a Dual CupStation in your vehicle allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • You have a holder that works with just about any size of travel cup, flask, or bottle;
  • The modern aesthetic with its carbon-fiber finish makes it both stylish and functional;
  • Can also be used for mobile phones for hands-free use;
  • You don’t have to worry about juggling items as you drive; and
  • This cupholder can keep everything in place even on the roughest roads.
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Users' Cupstation Reviews

“The Cupstation makes my life easier. I often have larger water bottles or cups with handles and this makes life so much easier in the car. It truly is something to have in every car!”

Kara D.

“I didn't realize how badly I needed a Cupstation until I got mine. My Hydroflask was always being tossed in the front seat of my car because it was too big and it would fly all over. But, with the Cupstation, it actually fits in my cupholder where I can reach it. I am so happy with my purchase – and now, all my friends want one, too!”

Listo V.

“Cupstation is a great product. It's perfect for my husband whenever he's driving and doesn't have a place to set his phone down in the car while he's using his GPS.”

Jessica C.
cupstation reviews 1

Cupstation Pricing

The Cupstation will set you back by around $29.99, excluding the cost of shipping and handling.

cupstation reviews pricing
cupstation reviews pricing

Limitless Innovations, the company behind the Cupstation, also offers discounted rates for those buying two, three, and up to four items in a single purchase. Again, these discounted rates do not include the cost of shipping and handling.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the way the Dual Cupstation works for you, Limitless Innovations offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Just send the item back in its original packaging within 30 days of receiving it

Keep in mind, however, that the cost of shipping the item back to the manufacturer needs to be shouldered by the customer.

Where to buy? 

To ensure that you’re getting the real deal, make it a point to buy the Cupstation from the official retail page.

Conclusion to our Cup Station Reviews

What is it best for?

People on the go, particularly those who drive conventional sedans or coupes.

What is it not best for?

We did notice, unfortunately, that the Cupstation doesn’t really work with cupholders in SUVs.

Cupstation Alternatives

Want something that offers more stability and functionality? We’d go with the OFY three-in-one car cupholder set which works on practically everything from mobile phones to large-sized popcorn buckets.

Cupstation Reviews Final Word

More than just another cupholder, the Cupstation is meant to make your drive both satisfying (for your appetite and thirst) and neat as it helps decrease clutter in your car. We recommend that you give this product a try!


How do I secure my Cupstation in my vehicle?

Prior to tucking the Cupstation in, attach the provided foam pads onto its base before inserting it into your car’s primary cupholder.

Can I use it to hold my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use it to hold your mobile device securely, enabling you to have a hands-free experience.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Cupstation reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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