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Simplified CoolEdge Aircon Review 2023: Buy It or Skip It?

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Product Name: CoolEdge Portable Air Conditioner

Product Description: CoolEdge is a box-style personal air cooler with a difference.

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Portable and convenient to use;
  • Also serves as a portable air filtration device;
  • Serves as a humidifier for a healthier indoor climate


  • Is expensive for a product of its kind;
  • Limited cooling capacity;
  • Limited cooling distance

Introduction to our CoolEdge Aircon Reviews

Wecleom to our CoolEdge Air Cooler Review!

Thanks to climate change, our summers have become progressively harsher over the past several years. Modern technology has, of course, tried to take the edge off the hot season by offering numerous cooling solutions, including those that are particularly helpful for overheated individuals.

In today’s review of the CoolEdge Portable Air Conditioner, we’ll see how this particular personal cooling device works and whether or not it’s a good buy to keep you refreshed even on the muggiest days of summer.

hot weather
hot weather


Personal cooling devices are presently enjoying a serious vogue throughout the world, seeing how temperatures in the summer hit record highs throughout a three-month period.

Previously, battery-powered fans were the cooler of choice. But with temperatures soaring to serious heights over the past several months, personal air coolers have become a more practical choice for many people.

The CoolEdge air cooler is one such device and in today’s CoolEdge Air Cooler Review UK, we’ll see how it stacks up compared to other personal cooling solutions.


What is the CoolEdge Portable Air Conditioner?

CoolEdge is a box-style personal air cooler with a difference. Unlike most personal cooling solutions which only serve to refresh overheated individuals, the CoolEdge cooler actually serves three specific purposes.

First of all, it is a cooling fan to keep users refreshed even in hot weather and humid conditions. Second, it doubles as a humidifier which makes it handy even in cooler seasons as it keeps the air within your living space breathable as opposed to chokingly dry. Finally, and this is a key function in these pandemic-stressed days, it even works as an air filter to keep dust, pollutants, and microbes out of your personal radius.

Compared to a conventional air conditioning unit or space cooler, the CoolEdge is roughly the size of a handbag and has the advantage of having a carrying strap so you can take it with you on the go.



Moving on with our CoolEdge AC review UK, the key features of the CoolEdge are as follows:

  • Compact and portable construction, enabling users to carry it around wherever they go;
  • Available in two color schemes: classic green and modern white;
  • Replaceable blades to ensure the device works properly – and quietly – over time;
  • Three-purpose construction for optimal use:
    • Personal air cooler that works even in high temperatures within your immediate vicinity with a fan that works at three speeds;
    • State of the art air filter to siphon out infectious microbes, pollutant particles, and dust from the air around you; and
    • Humidifier function (air misting technology) to prevent your skin and lips from drying out in interior spaces; and
  • Stent for holding up your mobile device while on the go.

How to use it?

Now, in this CoolEdge aircon review, let's discuss how to use it. If you have used a condenser fan in your home, you can easily operate the CoolEdge Air Cooler UK:

  • Charge the battery of your CoolEdge Air Cooler;
  • When your cooler is fully charged, fill the tank with the recommended amount of water; 
  • Finally, switch on the CoolEdge at your desired setting.

To ensure that the device works properly, be sure to top up the water in the tank from time to time.


Benefits and Advantages

In our CoolEdge Aircon review, the advantages of using the CoolEdge Personal Air Conditioner include the following:

  • You get a device that helps keep you cool while keeping the air around you clean and healthy;
  • It saves on space as it is much smaller than most conventional air conditioning units or space coolers;
  • You get three devices for the price of one; and
  • It saves energy as it can run for eight hours on a single charge.
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Users' CoolEdge Aircon Reviews

Here's what users have said about the CoolEdge portable air conditioner;

“I ordered a CoolEdge air cooler for those warmer days at work when it's just not quite warm enough to crank up the AC and it is perfect. I would like to note that this is definitely not a room-wide air conditioner; so, as long as you don't expect it to perform like one, it's great! It will not actually lower the temperature in the room, but it does make you feel cooler.”

Mack F.

“It's pretty cute and it's been hot so I bought it in a rush. So, the CoolEdge keeps me pretty cool, but I have to adjust for it to hit me. The humidifier lasts for more than eight hours when it's full of water. It's pretty small, so it isn't going to make the whole room cold but it will keep you alone cool. I am satisfied and so is my cat; it keeps us cool.”

Linda R.

“My air conditioning went out and I wanted something fast and affordable. I found the CoolEdge and actually ordered two. They aren't really big, but, when I followed the instructions for use, they worked pretty well.”

Ava C.
CoolEdge 23

CoolEdge Pricing (Discounted)

A single unit of the CoolEdge Air Cooler will set you back at different prices, excluding shipping and handling.

Discounts are offered for multiple item purchases. Rates are as follows:

cooledge pricing
CoolEdge Pricing

Money-back guarantee  

CoolEdge’s manufacturer offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to shoulder the cost of shipping it back to the company.

Where to buy? 

To ensure that you’re getting an authentic item, make it a point to only buy the CoolEdge from the official retail site.

We recommend avoiding any reseller stores on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace for authenticity and any possible refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our CoolEdge Aircon Review Reviews

To wrap up our CoolEdge Aircon reviews;

What is it best for?

Excellent for personal cooling on the go or within a smaller space such as a home office or cubicle.

What is it not best for?

Not recommended for cooling large spaces; for that, you need a conventional air conditioner.

CoolEdge Alternatives

For a more personal approach to cooling on the go, the Arctic Air Freedom cooler is a wearable alternative you can easily sling around your neck.

CoolEdge Aircon Review Final Word

The CoolEdge Personal Air Conditioner is a handy thing to have on hand regardless of the seasons as you can use it to both cool your space and keep the air within from getting too dry.

As with all our gadget reviews, our CoolEdge aircon review is meant to help readers make informed decisions prior to making a purchase. Hence, we recommend shopping around and checking out product specs to ensure that you’re getting something that suits your purposes.


Does the CoolEdge Personal Air Conditioner work in the same way as a conventional air conditioner?

No, the CoolEdge works on the same principle as an evaporative cooler and may only cool the air within a much smaller space.

How long will my CoolEdge run on a single charge?

A fully charged device with a properly filled water tank can go for over eight hours without needing to recharge or top up the tank.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this CoolEdge Aircon review, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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