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Blissy Pillow Reviews 2024: Experience the Dreamy Comfort! 😴✨

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Product Name: Blissy Silk Pillow Case

Product Description: Blissy Silk Pillow cover is made with pure mulberry 22-Momme silk, which prevents sleep creases and hair damage.

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Personal Experience

Okay, you're dying to know, right? Did the blissy silk pillowcase live up to the hype? Spoiler alert: It totally did.

When I swapped my regular cotton pillowcase for a Blissy, the difference was night and day—literally. I woke up feeling like my face had been to a spa. I'm talking hydrated skin and frizz-free hair. I'm not exaggerating when I say I looked like I had an extra hour of sleep.

But what surprised me the most? How well it regulated temperature. Y'all, I've had my fair share of sweaty nights, and let me tell you, this silk marvel wicks moisture like nobody's business.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Safe for sensitive skin;
  • Prevents bed head;
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial


  • Probably won’t work for those with oily skin;
  • Can be quite expensive for a pillow case

Introduction to our Blissy Pillow Reviews

Welcome to our Blissy Pillow reviews!

While bedhead doesn’t sound like the most pleasant thing in the world to wake up to, social media has shown us that the “woke up like this” trope does have an impact. Waking up with a gorgeous head of hair after a good night’s sleep does have its attractions, after all.

But there are many ways by which you can achieve the “right” sort of bed head – and, while it does sound like an old wives’ tale, sleeping with a silk pillowcase beneath your crowning glory actually works.

As with anything, however, not all silken pillowcases are alike. Not all of them may help you achieve the results that you want. For this reason, we’ll be doing a Blissy Pillow reviews to see whether or not these work for you.


Why is a Blissy Pillow Case important?

Believe it or not, it has been scientifically proven that resting your head on a silk pillow case has numerous benefits for your health and appearance. 

According to dermatologists and beauty experts, pillow cases made with real silk – as opposed to being merely silken in texture – can improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair whenever one wakes up. 

In which case, getting Blissy Pillow Cases is certainly something that people – especially women with curly or wavy hair or who have their hair done up in cornrows and braids – ought to consider.

What are Blissy Pillow Cases?

Blissy Pillow Cases are made with 100% pure mulberry 22-Momme silk and are available in five sizes:

  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King
  • Youth
  • Toddler

Environmental and Ethical Considerations


So you're into the Blissy silk pillowcase vibe, huh? But let's put on our green hats for a second. How does Blissy fare when it comes to sourcing its silk sustainably? Look, the planet's not gonna save itself, and every bit counts.

I did some digging and it turns out, Blissy is actually committed to environmentally-friendly practices. Their mulberry silk is sustainably harvested, keeping both Mother Earth and your conscience happy. A clear win-win!

So next time you're perusing blissy pillowcase reviews for that perfect silk pillowcase, remember: going Blissy means you're doing business with a company that's got its eye on the bigger, greener picture. It's not just about you; it's a responsible choice that resonates with the eco-conscious customer response. 🌍

Feel free to compare this to your other choices, because remember, a business that cares for the environment usually cares for you too!


Each Blissy Pillow cover is made with pure mulberry 22-Momme silk which prevents sleep creases on the skin by 47% and reduces friction on the skin by 43%. The fabric also prevents hair damage as one sleeps and is certainly gentler on the hair than the cotton used for most bed linens.

Silk pillow cases Blissy also deter dust mites and are both antibacterial and hypoallergenic – a great choice for those with sensitive skin as well as infants and older individuals.

These pillow cases also have the virtue of helping the skin and hair retain moisture and regulate your body temperature in different seasons.


How to use it?

Blissy Pillow Cases may be used instead of conventional cotton or linen pillow cases. As stated above, these come in five sizes and can be adapted for most commercially-sold pillows.


Care Instructions: Keep That Sheen, Keep It Clean

Look, a Blissy ain't your run-of-the-mill pillowcase. It's made of pure silk, a diva fabric that likes things a certain way. So, how do you keep this elegant piece looking fresh? Let's get into it.

Machine Washable? Yes, but there's a catch. Use cold water and opt for the delicate cycle. No bleach, please; we don't want any drama.

Dry Cleaning? Not necessary, but it's okay if you want to pamper it like that.

Drying Tips: Air-dry or tumble dry low, but keep it away from direct sunlight. Vampires and silk have something in common—they both dislike the sun.

A Little Extra Love: Using a mild, silk-friendly detergent can make all the difference. It's like giving your Blissy a spa day!

Durability: Is This Beauty a Beast in Disguise?

So you're all about that silk pillowcase blissy offers, huh? But listen, we gotta talk longevity. No one wants a one-season wonder. If you're dropping that coin on a silk pillowcase, you better believe you want that baby to last!

After scouring customer response and trying it out myself, I can vouch that this is no flash in the pan. The 22-Momme mulberry silk is tough stuff. It resists fraying and, guess what, it doesn't lose its luster easily. The colors stay vivid, even after several washes.

But hey, don't just take my word for it. Check out the heap of blissy silk pillowcase reviews that echo the same sentiment—this pillowcase has serious staying power.

Remember, a quality product is also about durability, and here, Blissy delivers. Business-wise, they're not just about catching your eye; they're about giving you a long-lasting relationship with their product.

Benefits and Advantages

Using Blissy Silk Pillow Cases offers the following benefits to sleepers:

  • These pillow cases help prevent wrinkles as the texture of the silken surface results in less friction whenever it comes into contact with one's skin, so your skin is less stressed and stays smooth as you sleep;
  • These keep your hair from frizzing up as there is less friction between the surface and your head. This means you can wake up with less frizz and fewer tangles. As women who have curly, wavy, or highly textured hair will attest, it's the best way to wake up with great hair, and it keeps hairstyles like cornrows from looking thrashed;
  • Skin and hair stay hydrated as, unlike cotton bedding, silken pillowcases absorb less moisture from the skin – a great thing to consider, particularly during dry months; and
  • They can help regulate the temperature in your bed as silk wicks off moisture from sweat and naturally keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Compatibility: Does It Gel with Your Gel?

You're not the only one who has a nightly beauty ritual. So, let's see if your fave skincare products and that expensive hair treatment can cohabitate peacefully with Blissy's silk.

Skincare Products:

  • Serums & Creams: Silk is less absorbent than cotton, so your pricey potions should, for the most part, stay on your face rather than your pillowcase.
  • Oils: The less absorbent surface might make oils sit a bit, so maybe go light on the coconut oil tonight.

Hair Treatments:

  • Leave-in Conditioners: Yeah, they'll still work.
  • Hair Oils: Same story as skincare oils—less is more.

Is it a Match?

Given its moisture-wicking properties, Blissy's silk is actually a pal to most beauty treatments. So, your $100 serum won't slide off into the abyss.

In this Blissy silk pillowcase review, it's important to note that while it plays nicely with most treatments, those with super oily concoctions may need to do a patch test. Let's not have a ‘Romeo and Juliet' situation with incompatible substances, shall we?

Keeping your glow while enjoying all the Blissy advantages? Now, that's a ‘customer business response' that makes everyone happy!

Users' Blissy Pillow Reviews

“For me, there are no pillow cases quite as comfortable in all seasons and temperatures as those that are 100% silk. These [Blissy Silk Pillow Cases] are no exception. The silk fabric is perfect, the zippers reliable, and washing and drying them in the machines – with the delicates, of course – works just fine. Do yourself a favor: [Blissy Silk Pillow Cases are really different!]”

Dee R.

“This is the perfect silky pillowcase for my new pillow. I have been sleeping better and my hair seems to look better in the morning. [My Blissy Silk Pillow Case] washed and dried with no wrinkles; all the other silky cases I ordered were totally wrinkled. This is the second one I ordered because I also love the hidden zipper.”

Goldie O.

“I bought one of these for my daughter months ago, then one for me. I then decided I’d treat myself to a spare for when I wash the first one. I’ll be buying my kiddo a spare too and wouldn’t hesitate to buy a third for me. They’re that good.”

Jennifer M.

Blissy Silk Pillow on Reddit

Reddit reviews for The Chill Pill showcase diverse opinions. Satisfied users commend its stress-relief benefits and enjoyable flavors, sharing positive experiences. However, some discussions express concerns about effectiveness or personal preferences, presenting a mix of favorable and critical viewpoints within the Reddit community.

Blissy Silk Pillow on TrustPilot

TrustPilot reviews for The Chill Pill reveal varying sentiments. Positive feedback often emphasizes relaxation and satisfaction with the product. Conversely, critical reviews mention issues like taste preferences or perceived effectiveness, highlighting a range of experiences and opinions from TrustPilot users.

Customer Service Experience

The Chill Pill's customer service garners positive feedback. Users appreciate the responsive support team, efficient query resolution, and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Although occasional delays are mentioned, overall, the customer service demonstrates a commitment to providing a positive experience for The Chill Pill users.

Blissy Silk Pillow Cases Pricing (Discounted)

Colour options;

Size Options;

Blissy pillow cases for sale are priced as follows;

For Standard Size –

blissy silk pillow cases standard
Standard Size

For Queen Size –

blissy silk pillow cases queen
Queen Size

For King Size –

blissy silk pillow cases king
King Size

Note that these prices do not include costs for shipping and handling.

Shipping Info:

  • Domestic? You bet.
  • International? Yep, they got you covered.
    But keep in mind, overseas shipping will have your cost converted to local currency. A minor headache for international ‘business response,' but hey, Blissy has a global fanbase for a reason.

Money-back guarantee  

Suppose one isn’t satisfied with the quality of their purchase. In that case, they may return their Blissy Pillow Cases to the manufacturer for either exchange or a refund within 60 days. All orders returned must be in their original packaging.

Note that the option for returns and refunds is only available for customers in the mainland United States. Likewise, customers must shoulder the cost of shipping the defective product back to the manufacturer.


Okay, so the 60-day money-back guarantee is cool and all, but what then? Post-60 days, you're out of the standard return window. Sad face. However, Blissy's customer service is known to be pretty responsive. If there's a significant issue with the product, they generally aim to resolve it efficiently.

After the 60 Days: No official warranty extends past the 60 days, but if you encounter an issue, don't hesitate to reach out to their customer support. You might just get the help you're seeking. In the world of ‘customer response,' it never hurts to try!

Where to buy? 

We recommend buying Blissy Pillow Cases only through their official product site to ensure quality and authenticity.

The site accepts international orders and accepts payment via major credit cards or PayPal. Note that the cost of overseas orders will be converted to local currency.

Other Stores

Reseller stores on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace should be avoided also for refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Blissy Pillow Reviews

Blissy Pillow Cases are a great way to keep your skin and hair looking and feeling great after a good night’s sleep. The fabric used is also toxin-free, making it a much healthier alternative than less expensive types of bedding.

What is it best for?

We recommend these pillow cases for those with very sensitive skin, those with allergies, as well as infants.

What is it not best for?

Given the fact that these are moisture-wicking, they may not work for those with oily skin.

Blissy Silk Pillow Cases Alternatives

If Blissy's not tickling your fancy or you're the sort that loves to shop around, I got you. Here are some big names in the silk pillowcase game:

  1. Slip Silk Pillowcase: This one's a fave in the beauty community. It's luxe, but also luxe-priced.
  2. Fishers Finery: Also uses Mulberry silk and is a bit more budget-friendly. Eco-friendly too!
  3. Alaska Bear: Natural silk pillowcase that's easy on the wallet.
  4. LilySilk: Offers a variety of Momme counts and is pretty darn stylish.
  5. ZIMASILK: Another 100% Mulberry silk option that's been well-reviewed.
  6. Celestial Silk: These guys claim to offer more silk per square inch than others.

So go ahead, put these through the wringer. But let's be real, Blissy holds its own in this league.

Blissy Pillow Reviews Final Word

We recommend you test this product out, especially with their money-back guarantee. Blissy Silk Pillow Cases appeal to those with skin and hair problems. However, if you don't feel like it works for you, we suggest you shop around and see what material is a better fit.


What are Blissy Silk Pillow Cases made of?

Each pillow case is made of 100% pure and natural mulberry silk.

Can Blissy Silk Pillow Cases prevent split ends on my hair?

Yes, they can. However, we recommend you check first as these may have different results depending on your hair type.

Are Blissy pillowcases really worth it?

Based on ours and the numerous other Blissy pillowcase reviews and my personal experience, I'd say they're the real deal. But hey, the 60-day money-back guarantee is there for a reason. Try it out!

What is the downside of silk pillowcase?

The only real downside might be that it's not the best choice for super oily skin, given its moisture-wicking abilities. And of course, premium silk has a premium price tag.

Are Blissy silk pillowcases legit?

Totally. Made of 100% mulberry silk, they're the epitome of bedroom luxury. And they're not just pretty; they got skin and hair benefits too.

What is so great about the Blissy pillowcase?

The real question is, what's not great? It's a skincare regimen, a haircare routine, and a plush sleeping experience—all wrapped into one!

Is Blissy Pillowcase good for curly hair?

Absolutely, curly-haired queens and kings! Silk creates less friction, meaning your ringlets stay fabulous, not frizzy.

Can I use Blissy with any type of pillow?

You betcha. Blissy comes in multiple sizes to fit standard, queen, king, toddler, and even youth pillows. It's like the one-size-fits-all tee of the silk world.

Are there any seasonal limitations (e.g., too hot for summer)?

Nah, silk's got your back—er, head. It wicks moisture in the summer and insulates in the winter. So Blissy's a year-round MVP.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through our Blissy Pillow Case reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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