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Simple Blaux Bidet Reviews 2023: Yay Or Nay?

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Quick Summary

The Blaux Bidet is a portable personal hygiene device that enables users to wash themselves properly after using the toilet just about anywhere.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • More eco-friendly;
  • Can be used anywhere by anyone;
  • Adjusts to your personal level of comfort


  • Only available online;
  • Cost can be prohibitive

Introduction to our Blaux Bidet Reviews

You're reading our Baux Bidet reviews!

Staying clean even on the go is an important thing in these illness-anxious days when we live in the constant fear of infection, as well as the ingrained recoil of disgust we feel at doing our personal business in what is, technically, an unfamiliar space. 

blaux bidet 10
blaux bidet 10

Especially in public bathrooms or situations where the facilities aren’t exactly equipped to handle serious calls of nature, you find yourself worrying about how best to clean yourself in the worst-case scenario when neither toilet paper nor flushable wipes are within reach.

In today’s Blaux Bidet reviews, we present a possible solution to this issue – and, hopefully, you’ll find yourself happier and much cleaner and refreshed down there.


Bathroom technology, especially that used in public restrooms, went through numerous advancements over the past 20 years. We’ve seen everything from the inclusion of vending machines for vital feminine products, hands-free soap, and sanitizer dispensers, as well as sensor-driven sinks.

But perhaps the most significant innovation we’ve seen – and we thank the Japanese for this – is the way bidets or washlets are built into toilet seats. These are seen as a great way to protect the environment as they make using toilet paper or wipes unnecessary, and also give users a better, cleaner feeling after doing either number 1 or 2.

However, what if you’re in a place where there aren’t any bidets or washlets? Worse: you find yourself sans toilet paper and wipes. Nightmarish as that sounds (and icky), it’s a perfect situation for the Blaux Bidet.

What is the Blaux Bidet?

The Blaux Bidet is a portable personal hygiene device that enables users to wash themselves properly after using the toilet just about anywhere.

Blaux Bidet portable sprayer,  as featured in our Blaux Bidet reviews.

This miniature personal washing spray can be used up to 50 times on a single charge. It can be refilled at need, making it one of the most convenient devices you can have in your bag or pocket at any given time – and especially in places where you aren’t sure about the cleanliness of the facilities, or you’re roughing it in the Great Outdoors.


  • Rechargeable battery-powered portable washlet;
  • Detachable reservoir with a total capacity of 5.75 fluid ounces;
  • Ergonomically-designed washlet nozzle that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees;
  • Magnetic travel charging dongle (USB-A5v/1a); 
  • Two temperature settings for a more comfortable washing experience; and
  • Colored ID rings for personalization and easy identification
Blaux Bidet portable sprayer,  as featured in our Blaux Bidet reviews.

How to use it?

To use the Blaux Bidet properly:

  1. Charge the device before you go out. This will take around two hours;
  2. When you need to use the Blaux Bidet, fill up the detachable reservoir with tap water or any clean water on hand;
  3. Attach the reservoir to the washlet;
  4. Choose your ideal temperature;
  5. Use the toggle to spray the area for cleaning. You may choose between regular or high pressure;
  6. Once you’re done, be sure to rinse and properly sanitize your Blaux Bidet before putting it away.
portable bidet 1 phuong huynh thi xuan
portable bidet 1 phuong huynh thi xuan

Benefits and Advantages

Using a Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer has the following advantages:

  • You’re able to clean yourself properly in or out of your home;
  • It’s energy efficient as it can be used for up to 50 times on a single charge;
  • It offers a more comfortable clean than most conventional bidets as you can adjust both the temperature and water pressure;
  • It’s portable and TSA-compliant, making it a great thing to pack whenever you travel;
  • It’s safer for the environment as you don’t need to use paper products;
  • It’s good for your plumbing as it won’t clog up the pipes the way toilet paper and wipes do; and
  • It can be used by just about everyone.
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Users' Reviews

“I live in a colder part of the country, and let me tell you: the warm water spray on the Blaux Bidet feels nicer than anything. I'm so glad I switched to this. Best of all, you know that you're getting a good clean – which is more than I can say about any toilet paper I've ever used!”

Anson N.

“After years of using toilet paper that was either too expensive, too abrasive, or fell apart during use (which was more than a little gross,) I finally made the switch to a bidet. And I am really glad I chose the Blaux Bidet! It feels and looks great, and – best of all – provides an excellent clean. I totally recommend it for everyone.”

Lloyd M.

“My entire family converted to bidets over the past year. My husband was the hardest to convince, but using a Blaux Bidet Premium doesn't feel bad at all, and the warm spray is a real bonus. We ordered three of them – one for each bathroom – and got a better deal that way, and I am so glad we did. Now, I'm thinking of getting a couple for my parents, as well.”

Sharon C.

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Blaux Bidet Price

On the official website, the standard price for an individual unit is $69.99. If you’re buying more than one Portable Bidet Blaux in a single purchase, these discounted packages will be to your taste:

blaux bidet pricing
blaux bidet pricing

Again, these Blaux Bidet costs are for the product and exclude shipping and handling fees.

Money-back guarantee  

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but only for unused purchases still in the original packaging.

Simply ship the item back to the manufacturer for a refund. However, keep in mind that you will need to shoulder the cost of shipping the item back yourself. 

Where to buy? 

You can get the Blaux Bidet through the Official manufacturer’s website.

Conclusion to our Blaux Bidet Reviews

What is it best for?

Those who want to reduce their carbon footprint by using less toilet paper and wipes, as well as those who appreciate a cleaner feeling after using the bathroom.

What is it not best for?

Could pose a challenge for those in areas where water can be difficult to come by.

Blaux Bidet Alternatives

Looking for an equally effective yet less expensive option? Consider the brands HappyPo and SORBO for similar products. 

Blaux Bidet Reviews Final Word

Having a Blaux Bidet on hand is a great thing, especially if you travel a great deal or just need a fresher, more eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. As with all our reviews, our Blaux Bidet reviews are meant to help potential buyers make informed choices before making a purchase. In this case, we recommend that you buy this product.


Is the Blaux Bidet rechargeable?

Yes. Prior to initial use, it is recommended to charge the device for at least two hours and as needed afterwards.

How long can I use my Blaux Bidet on a single charge?

Depending on whether or not you use the warm temperature and high-pressure settings, you can use the Blaux Bidet between 40 to 50 times after charging. 

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