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Blaux Bidet Reviews 2024: Experience Ultimate Cleanliness! 💦🌟

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Product Name: Blaux Portable Bidet

Product Description: The Blaux Bidet is a portable personal hygiene device that enables users to wash themselves properly after using the toilet just about anywhere.

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My Personal Experience Summary

In the month I've been using the Blaux Bidet, I've become a total convert. Traveling's less stressful and my sensitive skin's thanking me every day. With a battery that lasts up to 50 uses, it's a week of bathroom bliss on one charge.

Is it a splurge? Yeah, a bit. But for the convenience and cleanliness it brings to my life, it's worth every penny. Count me as one more fan in the sea of Blaux Bidet reviews. Feeling cleaner and greener has never been this easy! 🌿🌊

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • More eco-friendly;
  • Can be used anywhere by anyone;
  • Adjusts to your personal level of comfort


  • Only available online;
  • Cost can be prohibitive

Introduction to our Blaux Bidet Reviews

You're reading our Baux Bidet reviews!

Staying clean even on the go is an important thing in these illness-anxious days when we live in the constant fear of infection, as well as the ingrained recoil of disgust we feel at doing our personal business in what is, technically, an unfamiliar space. 

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Especially in public bathrooms or situations where the facilities aren’t exactly equipped to handle serious calls of nature, you find yourself worrying about how best to clean yourself in the worst-case scenario when neither toilet paper nor flushable wipes are within reach.

In today’s Blaux Bidet reviews, we present a possible solution to this issue – and, hopefully, you’ll find yourself happier and much cleaner and refreshed down there.


Bathroom technology, especially that used in public restrooms, went through numerous advancements over the past 20 years. We’ve seen everything from the inclusion of vending machines for vital feminine products, hands-free soap, and sanitizer dispensers, as well as sensor-driven sinks.

But perhaps the most significant innovation we’ve seen – and we thank the Japanese for this – is the way bidets or washlets are built into toilet seats. These are seen as a great way to protect the environment as they make using toilet paper or wipes unnecessary, and also give users a better, cleaner feeling after doing either number 1 or 2.

However, what if you’re in a place where there aren’t any bidets or washlets? Worse: you find yourself sans toilet paper and wipes. Nightmarish as that sounds (and icky), it’s a perfect situation for the Blaux Bidet.

What is the Blaux Bidet?

The Blaux Bidet is a portable personal hygiene device that enables users to wash themselves properly after using the toilet just about anywhere.

blaux bidet portable sprayer,  as featured in our blaux bidet reviews.

This miniature personal washing spray can be used up to 50 times on a single charge. It can be refilled at need, making it one of the most convenient devices you can have in your bag or pocket at any given time – and especially in places where you aren’t sure about the cleanliness of the facilities, or you’re roughing it in the Great Outdoors.


  • Rechargeable battery-powered portable washlet;
  • Detachable reservoir with a total capacity of 5.75 fluid ounces;
  • Ergonomically-designed washlet nozzle that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees;
  • Magnetic travel charging dongle (USB-A5v/1a); 
  • Two temperature settings for a more comfortable washing experience; and
  • Colored ID rings for personalization and easy identification
blaux bidet portable sprayer,  as featured in our blaux bidet reviews.

Battery Life: Powering Up Your Clean Routine

Let's dive into the juice that keeps your Blaux Bidet running smooth. Yeah, it's rechargeable, but how long does it really last?

Impressive Stamina

First off, the Blaux Bidet is like the marathon runner of portable bidets. A single charge will let you clean up your act up to 50 times. Perfect for a long weekend of camping or enduring a public restroom apocalypse.

Consistent Quality Over Time

Worried about declining performance? Don't be. In our tests and ongoing Bidet Blaux Portable reviews, we found no significant dip in power or water pressure even after months of regular use. That's reliability in a nutshell.

Eco-Friendly Charging

Get this, it comes with a magnetic travel charging dongle that supports USB-A5v/1a. Charge it up while you're doing your office Zoom calls, and you're good to go.

Future-Proof? Almost.

The only downside? Like all rechargeable devices, the battery will eventually need replacing. But given its durable design, that's a worry for way down the line.

Build Quality: Can it Survive the Drop Test?

Okay, we've all been there. You're juggling your phone, your toiletries, and in this case, your Blaux Bidet. It slips. Does it shatter into a million regrettable pieces?

It's A Tough Cookie

Nah, this little guy is a trooper. Built with high-quality plastics, it's designed to withstand the trials and tribulations of your bathroom routine. Drop it from the bathroom countertop, and it'll come out the other side without a scratch or a leak, as our Bidet Blaux portable reviews confirm.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Let's talk looks. No ugly duckling, the Blaux Bidet has a sleek, ergonomic design. It’s the kind of gadget you’d proudly display on your bathroom shelf, not hide away in a drawer.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Concerned about wear and tear? You shouldn't be. The nozzle, the reservoir, the buttons—all are built to last. A closer examination reveals that the Blaux Bidet doesn't skimp on even the smallest details, which is pretty evident in a multitude of Blaux Bidet reviews.

A Word on Water Tightness

Oh, and did we mention it's leak-proof? That's right. You won't find any unseemly puddles forming in your bag when you carry it around.

So, if you're wondering how to use the Blaux Bidet without babying it, don't worry. This is not a fragile flower; it's a robust bloom designed to freshen up your toilet cleaning experience in a big way.

In conclusion, in our Blaux Bidet review, we can affirm that the build quality here is nothing short of excellent. So, whether you're at home or on-the-go, this is a durable choice that won't let you down.

Water Capacity: A Little Goes a Long Way?

Water capacity often doesn't get the limelight in bidet reviews, but it should. It's the fuel to your toilet cleaning experience, after all. This piece of the Blaux Bidet reviews puzzle is for those who are always asking, “Will I need to refill this thing every two minutes?”

The Magic Number: 140 mL

The Blaux Bidet comes with a detachable reservoir that holds approximately 140 mL of water. That might not sound like a lot, but don't let numbers fool ya. In practice, you'll find this usually suffices for one or two complete cleanings.

To Refill or Not to Refill

If you're someone who likes a long, luxurious bidet experience, be prepared to refill this puppy occasionally. But for a quick spritz, 140 mL should do you just fine. Don't worry; refilling is a breeze.

Accessories and Add-Ons:

So you've got your Blaux Bidet, and it's treating you well. But hold up! What if you could crank up the volume on your bidet experience? Well, guess what? There are some neat accessories to level up your portable bidet game.

Travel Case

The first thing you should consider is a sleek travel case. This makes it easier to bring your Blaux Bidet wherever life takes you. Slide it into your backpack, your suitcase, or even your glove compartment. With a dedicated case, you'll be organized and discreet.

Extra Reservoirs

While you can easily refill the reservoir, having an extra or two can be quite handy. Fill them up before you head out and boom! You're good for the whole day, especially helpful for those on-the-go moments.

Personalized ID Rings

Remember those colored ID rings we mentioned in the features section? Get a couple more of these to really make your Blaux Bidet uniquely yours. Plus, it helps if more than one person in the household uses a Blaux Bidet. No more awkward mix-ups!

How to use it?

For a comprehensive step how to use Blaux Bidet properly;

  1. Charge the device before you go out. This will take around two hours;
  2. When you need to use the Blaux Bidet, fill up the detachable reservoir with tap water or any clean water on hand;
  3. Attach the reservoir to the washlet;
  4. Choose your ideal temperature;
  5. Use the toggle to spray the area for cleaning. You may choose between regular or high pressure;
  6. Once you’re done, be sure to rinse and properly sanitize your Blaux Bidet before putting it away.
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Maintenance and Cleaning:

Hygiene is the name of the game, especially when you're talking about personal care gadgets like the Blaux Bidet. You want to keep this baby as clean as it keeps you. But how?

Simple Steps to a Clean Bidet

Let's go step-by-step on how to keep your Blaux Bidet in tip-top shape. Cleaning this gadget is as easy as one-two-three:

  1. Detach the Reservoir: The reservoir is removable for a reason. Take it off and give it a good rinse under tap water.
  2. Disinfect the Nozzle: Use a mild disinfectant solution to wipe down the nozzle and any other parts that might come in contact with your skin.
  3. Dry and Reassemble: Pat it dry with a clean towel and put it back together. You're good to go!

Schedule It

Our advice? Make this a weekly ritual. You'll feel fresher and trust the device more when you know it's clean. Plus, it'll elongate the life of the Blaux Bidet, something that several Blaux Bidet reviews confirm.

Don't Forget the Charging Dock

Oh, and don’t forget the charging dock. Just a quick wipe down with a disinfecting wipe will keep it free from accumulating any icky stuff.

Clean Conscience

So, there you have it! A quick guide on maintenance and cleaning that can greatly enhance your toilet cleaning experience with the Blaux Bidet. Keeping your Blaux Bidet clean not only ensures a safe cleaning experience but also keeps the device in good working condition for a longer time.

When you follow these simple steps for upkeep, you can trust that the Blaux Bidet is as clean as it makes you feel. And that’s what we call a win-win in this Blaux Bidet review.

Benefits and Advantages

Using a Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer has the following advantages:

  • You’re able to clean yourself properly in or out of your home;
  • It’s energy efficient as it can be used for up to 50 times on a single charge;
  • It offers a more comfortable clean than most conventional bidets as you can adjust both the temperature and water pressure;
  • It’s portable and TSA-compliant, making it a great thing to pack whenever you travel;
  • It’s safer for the environment as you don’t need to use paper products;
  • It’s good for your plumbing as it won’t clog up the pipes the way toilet paper and wipes do; and
  • It can be used by just about everyone.
blaux bidet 2

Health Benefits: The Unsung Hero of Bidets

In our ongoing quest for cleanliness and comfort, let's not forget about the undeniable health benefits that often get overlooked. That's right, the Blaux Bidet isn't just about convenience; it's a game-changer for personal health.

Eases the Strain for Medical Conditions

If you've got hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, or you're a new mom struggling with postpartum discomfort, the Blaux Bidet's adjustable flow rate and temperature could be a literal relief for your bottom.

Senior and Mobility-Friendly

Older adults and people with mobility issues? They're singing praises for the Blaux Bidet. No need to reach and wipe aggressively, just a simple push of a button and you're clean as a whistle.


Wiping repeatedly with rough toilet paper? Ouch! That can irritate the skin. The Blaux Bidet is like a spa day for your nether regions, with zero abrasion. It's as if a dermatologist designed this thing.

Hygienic AF

Let's be honest, toilet paper doesn't always get the job done. For a toilet cleaning experience that feels complete and hygienic, you've gotta add the Blaux Bidet to your personal care arsenal.

Effect on Skin: A Breath of Fresh Air or a Sting in the Tail?

Alright, skin fanatics, let's get down to business. Skin's more temperamental than a cat on a hot tin roof. One wrong move and it's a hissy fit of rashes or irritation. This section of our Blaux Bidet reviews is for you!

Goodbye, Abrasive Paper!

First off, ditching toilet paper can be a boon for your booty, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Unlike toilet paper, which can be rough, using the Blaux Bidet feels like a gentle rainfall. The experience can be as soft as you want it to be, thanks to adjustable water pressure settings. Ah, comfort at last!

Water Temperature: Friend or Foe?

The Blaux Bidet offers two temperature settings for a more versatile toilet cleaning experience. Warm water is usually better for sensitive skin, while cooler water might sting a bit. Your choice, your comfort.

Allergens and Additives

Worried about allergens? Fear not. Since you're filling up the Blaux Bidet, you can opt for distilled or purified water if tap water makes you twitchy. And no, you don't have to add any soaps or chemicals; in fact, it's advised against. Just water, folks!

blaux bidet 3

User Experience

When we talk about user experience in our Blaux Bidet reviews, we're talking real-world applications, baby. Sure, a product can have a bunch of bells and whistles, but how does it perform where it matters?

Camping & Hiking: A Nature Lover's BFF

Imagine you're in the middle of the woods, far from civilization. The Blaux Bidet isn't just an item in your camping gear; it's your knight in shining armor. Low water capacity? More like portability and lightweight convenience! The Blaux Bidet is perfect for these adventures.

Office Setting: Cubicle to Restroom Excellence

You're at the office, and let's face it: those industrial toilet paper rolls are sandpaper to your delicate areas. Here's where the Blaux Bidet's comfort settings are a godsend. No more abrasive cleaning experiences; the Blaux Bidet brings the luxury to your 9-to-5 life.

Outdoor Events: Your Secret Weapon

At a concert, a sports game, or a festival? Public toilets can be a disaster zone. The Blaux Bidet offers a quick, clean, and more civilized toilet cleaning experience. It's a small, discreet game-changer.

The Downside

Like anything, the Blaux Bidet has its limits. In areas with scarce water supply or freezing temps, the 140 mL capacity and battery life could pose challenges. However, these are special circumstances and not a daily bummer.

Users' Reviews

“I live in a colder part of the country, and let me tell you: the warm water spray on the Blaux Bidet feels nicer than anything. I'm so glad I switched to this. Best of all, you know that you're getting a good clean – which is more than I can say about any toilet paper I've ever used!”

Anson N.

“After years of using toilet paper that was either too expensive, too abrasive, or fell apart during use (which was more than a little gross,) I finally made the switch to a bidet. And I am really glad I chose the Blaux Bidet! It feels and looks great, and – best of all – provides an excellent clean. I totally recommend it for everyone.”

Lloyd M.

“My entire family converted to bidets over the past year. My husband was the hardest to convince, but using a Blaux Bidet Premium doesn't feel bad at all, and the warm spray is a real bonus. We ordered three of them – one for each bathroom – and got a better deal that way, and I am so glad we did. Now, I'm thinking of getting a couple for my parents, as well.”

Sharon C.

Customer Support

Ah, customer support, the unsung hero in the background. We’ve all been there: something goes south, and we need help, stat! Well, good news: Blaux's customer service team is genuinely impressive, and many Blaux Bidet reviews give them a thumbs-up.

Reach Out and Get Help

They offer multiple channels to get in touch: email, phone, and even live chat. Responses? Quick. Support agents? Knowledgeable. Problem-solving? On point. Whether you need step-by-step instructions on how to use Blaux Bidet, or you've got an issue that needs resolving, they’re on it like white on rice.

Language Barriers? Not Here

Also, let's give a shoutout to multilingual support! Your query, no matter the language, is welcomed here.

Two Thumbs Up for Customer Support

In conclusion, when it comes to customer service, Blaux has you covered. It's this kind of support that adds an extra layer of confidence to your purchase.

Blaux Bidet Price

On the official website, the standard price for an individual unit is $69.99. If you’re buying more than one Portable Bidet Blaux in a single purchase, these discounted packages will be to your taste:

blaux bidet pricing
image © 2024. all rights reserved.

Again, these Blaux Bidet costs are for the product and exclude shipping and handling fees.

Money-back guarantee  

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but only for unused purchases still in the original packaging.

Simply ship the item back to the manufacturer for a refund. However, keep in mind that you will need to shoulder the cost of shipping the item back yourself. 

Where to buy? 

You can get the Blaux Bidet through the Official manufacturer’s website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of AmazonFacebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.


In the world of gadgets, warranties can often be an afterthought. Not so with the Blaux Bidet. Here's the rundown on the warranty situation to complete your Blaux Bidet review experience.

What’s Covered?

The standard warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. That means if something goes kaput that's not your fault, you're not left in the lurch.

How to Claim?

Got an issue? Claiming your warranty is straightforward. Just get in touch with customer support, show them proof of purchase, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Blaux Bidet Alternatives

Let's get down to brass tacks. We've sung the praises of the Blaux Bidet, but how does it stack up against its arch-nemeses, HappyPo and SORBO? Below, we give you the 411 in a snappy comparison table.

FeaturesBlaux BidetHappyPoSORBO
Battery LifeUp to 50 uses30 uses35 uses
Water Capacity5.75 fluid ounces5 fluid ounces6 fluid ounces
Temperature SettingsTwo (Warm & Cool)One (Cool)None
PortabilitySuper PortablePortableSomewhat Portable
Warranty30-day money-back15-day money-backNo warranty

What Stands Out?

So, you see? The Blaux Bidet offers the best balance between premium features and solid performance. You've got two temperature settings, which neither HappyPo nor SORBO offer. Plus, let's not forget the 5.75-ounce water capacity, which comfortably sits between HappyPo's and SORBO's offerings.

When to Consider the Others?

Looking for something more budget-friendly? SORBO is cheaper, but remember, you get what you pay for. No temperature settings and no warranty? That's a hard pass for us.

Our Blaux Bidet reviews underline the best value for the features offered. When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, or, um, let's say, between toilet paper and a bidet, Blaux Bidet is your go-to solution. It holds its ground well when put head-to-head with its competitors.

Conclusion to our Blaux Portable Bidet Reviews

What is it best for?

Those who want to reduce their carbon footprint by using less toilet paper and wipes, as well as those who appreciate a cleaner feeling after using the bathroom.

What is it not best for?

Could pose a challenge for those in areas where water can be difficult to come by.

My Final Word

Having a Blaux Bidet on hand is a great thing, especially if you travel a great deal or just need a fresher, more eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. As with all our reviews, our Blaux Bidet reviews are meant to help potential buyers make informed choices before making a purchase. In this case, we recommend that you buy this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Blaux Bidet rechargeable?

Yes. Prior to initial use, it is recommended to charge the device for at least two hours and as needed afterwards.

How long can I use my Blaux Bidet on a single charge?

Depending on whether or not you use the warm temperature and high-pressure settings, you can use the Blaux Bidet between 40 to 50 times after charging. 

Is a Portable Bidet Worth It?

Is a good espresso worth it? Absolutely! A portable bidet, like the Blaux Bidet, delivers a superior cleaning experience that wipes away (pun intended) the traditional TP routine. It's an investment in cleanliness, comfort, and, hey, let's face it—pure luxury for your behind.

How Does Blaux Portable Bidet Work?

In our review, we've walked you through the specifics. But here's the lowdown: Charge it, fill it up, aim, and fire. Two temperature settings, no fumbling, no mess. That's how to use Blaux. It's like having a spa day, but for your tush.

Is the Blaux an Alternative to Toilet Paper?

You betcha! In our bidet step how to guide, we made it crystal clear: Blaux Bidet is the future, and TP is so yesterday. It's eco-friendly, more hygienic, and if you've got sensitive skin, this baby is a dream. Don't just take our word for it—our review is backed by personal experience and a bunch of satisfied users.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Blaux Bidet?

Got 90 minutes? That's all it takes for a full charge. And guess what? That one charge will last you up to 50 glorious uses. In the battle of battery life, this one's a champ.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Blaux Bidet reviews, we are grateful. Hopefully, you now know the features, as well as pros and cons of this amazing product! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of gadgets, consumer products, and others! Feel free to check them out;


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