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7 Best Retro Gadgets 2024: Nostalgia Meets Tech! 🕹️✨

best retro gadgets

⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? The best retro gadgets based on our review is the Shargeek Retro Charger.

Introduction to our Guide to the Best Retro Gadgets

You're reading our guide on the best retro gadgets!

Retro gadgets have made a noticeable comeback, offering a blend of nostalgia and functionality that appeals to both enthusiasts and casual users. Amongst this broad category, the diverse array of retro tech gadgets of the 80sholds a special place, famously marked by its inventive and colourful design ethos. Whether for the kitchen or the general home environment, these gadgets hark back to a simpler time, when technology was just beginning to take a central role in our daily lives.

When shopping for retro gadgets, UK consumers in particular revel in the authenticity and originality these products offer. From classic tech gifts to cool accessories for iPhones, each item showcases a retro aesthetic while often still fulfilling modern needs. Kitchen gadgets, for instance, which feature designs from the past, provide both function and a certain charm that modern minimalist designs sometimes lack.

The key considerations when purchasing retro gadgets include build quality, authenticity, and compatibility with contemporary technology – if that's pertinent to their functionality. It's also important to consider the practicality of these gadgets in today's context. Some retro devices are more decorative than practical, whereas others ingeniously combine retro charm with modern utility.

Endeavouring to integrate a slice of the past into today’s technology-driven environment, consumers must balance aesthetic preferences with practical considerations. With keen attention to detail, one can curate a selection of retro gadgets that not only serve as conversation starters but also provide genuine usability. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the best retro gadgets that have stood the test of time and continue to bring joy to those who appreciate the flair of bygone eras.

Our List of Best Retro Gadgets:

  1. Shargeek Retro Charger – Ideal for Vintage Style Tech Charging
  2. Retro Plasma Lighter – Perfect for Stylish, Flameless Lighting
  3. Retro Screen Enlarger – Great for Classic Screen Magnification
  4. Suck UK Cassette Speaker – Superb for Nostalgic Music Lovers
  5. Cooluli Retro Coke Mini Fridge – Excellent for Compact, Retro Cooling
  6. Retro Record Drink Coasters – Best for Vinyl Enthusiasts' Beverages
  7. 7KEYS Retro Keyboard – Ideal for a Vintage Typing Experience
  8. Lily's Retro Kitchen Clock – Charming Addition to Any Retro Kitchen
  9. Retro 90's Tech Tee – Fashionable Choice for 90s Tech Fans

Quick Comparison of the Best Retro Gadgets

GadgetsFeatures and BenefitsPrice
Shargeek Retro ChargerFast charging, vintage design$29.99
Retro Plasma LighterElectric, windproof, retro design$24.88
Retro Screen EnlargerAmplifies screen size for a retro feel$25.99
Suck UK Cassette SpeakerPortable, Bluetooth connectivity, cassette tape design$22.80
Cooluli Retro Coke Mini FridgeCompact, cools or warms, retro Coca-Cola design$48.59
Retro Record Drink CoastersVinyl record design, protects surfaces from condensation$14.99
7KEYS Retro KeyboardMechanical keys, vintage aesthetic$79.99
Lily's Retro Kitchen ClockClassic design, easy-to-read numbers$21.95
Retro 90's Tech TeeVintage-inspired graphic tee, nostalgic design$24.99

Top Retro Gadgets to Rekindle Your Nostalgia

In an era where touchscreens dominate, there's a certain charm in the tactile buttons and analogue interfaces of retro gadgets. From the timeless appeal of 1980s technology to the classic designs that once adorned every kitchen, these gadgets serve both as a functional piece of history and a chic addition to any home. I have scoured the market to bring you a selection of retro gadgets that boast both style and nostalgia. Whether it's to enhance your iPhone with a vintage twist, inject some old-school cool into your living room, or find the perfect gift for a tech enthusiast, these gadgets will not disappoint.

Shargeek Retro Charger

Ideal for Vintage Style Tech Charging

shargeek retro 35w gan charger

This charger is a brilliant nod to nostalgia that marries the classic aesthetic with modern charging speed, a must-have for both retro enthusiasts and tech aficionados.


  • Retro design provides a unique, nostalgic aesthetic
  • Fast charging capability with smart LED indicators
  • Compact and foldable for easy portability


  • Only one USB port limits simultaneous charging
  • The fun design may not appeal to all users
  • Some devices require specific cables not included

Upon unboxing the Shargeek Retro Charger, I was instantly taken back to the days of the classic Macintosh. It’s not just a charger; it’s a delightful piece of decor for any space craving that vintage vibe. The fast charging technology is a game-changer – I charged my iPhone 14 Pro from dead to 50% in just about 30 minutes, and the charger stayed cool to the touch throughout.

The smart LED display caught my eye with its varying colours indicating the different charging statuses. Knowing at a glance the speed of charge is something I didn’t realise I needed until now. The foldable plug was another well-thought-out feature; it slots into my bag seamlessly, making it an excellent companion for travel.

Despite its appeal, the single USB port does limit its utility. I couldn’t charge my earbuds and phone simultaneously, which was a minor inconvenience. Others who prefer minimalist design might find the retro look a bit out of place. Additionally, since it came without an iPhone cable, I had to use my own, which wasn't a deal-breaker, but worth noting.

In conclusion, the Shargeek Retro Charger is a stellar fusion of retro charm and current-day technology. The benefits greatly outweigh the minor drawbacks. For someone like me who appreciates a dash of nostalgia without compromising on functionality, this charger is a smart investment.

Retro Plasma Lighter

Perfect for Stylish, Flameless Lighting

retro plasma lighter

I'd recommend this lighter to anyone who values a combination of nostalgia and modern utility in their gadgets.


  • Distinctive 90s design
  • Environmentally friendly with USB rechargeability
  • Windproof features making outdoor usage a breeze


  • Limited use time before needing a recharge
  • Somewhat niche appeal; not for everyone
  • Can be tricky for first-timers to operate

Having just used the Rolls Electric Lighter, the nostalgia hit me instantly with its retro gamer design, reminding me of my old handheld gaming console. Its compact size felt snug in my hand, and the metallic build gave it a substantial, premium feel.

I must say I am hugely impressed by the convenience it offers. It's USB rechargeable, which is terrific for the environment and my wallet, as it eliminates the need to buy disposable lighters. Charging it was as straightforward as charging a phone.

Its windproof capability proved itself when I used it on a blustery day. The dual arc design didn't falter, lighting my candle effortlessly without the usual dance of trying to shelter the flame. This lighter goes the distance, maintaining a reliable performance when you most need it.

Of course, it's not perfect. I noticed its power depletes quicker than expected; after a week of regular use, it requires a boost. For those not steeped in nostalgia or gaming culture, its design might feel a bit gimmicky. And certainly, there's a bit of a learning curve when first using the angled electrodes, but once mastered, it's a breeze.

Retro Screen Enlarger

Great for Classic Screen Magnification

retro tv amplifier

In drawing from my own use, I'd recommend this for anyone who enjoys vintage aesthetics and likes to amplify their mobile screen without any complex setups.


  • Protects eyes with HD 3D lens
  • Easy set-up suitable for all phones
  • Unique retro design as a standout piece


  • Some structural stability issues
  • Excludes the advertised tripod
  • May not accommodate all phone cases

After recently using the Hollamile Retro TV Amplifier, I found its classic look incredibly charming and perfect for adding a nostalgic touch. The 12″ screen truly enhances the viewing experience without strenuous eye strain, owing to the HD 3D lens aimed at minimizing harmful blue light exposure. I appreciate gadgets that marry form with function, and this device is no exception. Its style undeniably invokes a sense of 80s flair while serving as a practical smartphone accessory.

Setting up was a breeze; I slotted my phone in place in under a minute, and it was compatible without any hitches. Amidst various smartphone brands, finding a universal fit is a relief. It's refreshing not to fuss over tedious instructions or countless parts when longing for a larger screen to watch a quick video or show.

Nonetheless, while using it, I noticed a few structural issues. The panels forming the retro television were prone to detaching, hinting at less than ideal durability. Plus, the absence of the advertised triangular bracket was inconvenient, although the description updated me on its pending availability. I had to improvise to prop up the magnifier for an optimal viewing angle.

Despite the cool retro aesthetic, users with robust phone cases might encounter a hiccup; I had to strip my device of its protective outer layer for it to fit. A slight design miss, considering the popularity of sturdy cases for high-end smartphones.

In a nutshell, the Hollamile Retro TV Amplifier marries visual pleasure and functional utility in one neat package. Its design is bound to spark conversations, and its lens does a good job of shielding the eyes during binge-watching sessions. It's a good pick for a unique gift, as long as one is aware of its minor shortcomings.

Suck UK Cassette Speaker

Superb for Nostalgic Music Lovers

suck uk cassette tape bluetooth speaker

I think this portable speaker's unique retro cassette design makes it a fantastic nostalgic gift, as long as your primary desire isn't audiophile-quality sound.


  • Vintage cassette tape design that is quite a conversation starter
  • Highly portable and easy to connect to via Bluetooth
  • Surprisingly loud volume for its compact size


  • Sound quality may not meet the expectations of discerning listeners
  • Limited battery life compared to some modern Bluetooth speakers
  • A few users reported connectivity issues

I recently had the chance to use the Suck UK Cassette Bluetooth Speaker and it was a playful throwback to the 80s that easily caught the attention of my friends. The pairing process with my iPhone was straightforward, and I was playing my favourite 80s hits in no time. The speaker doesn't just look good, but it's built for modern utility, easily sliding into my jacket pocket when I head out.

Even with its small size, the speaker's volume packed a punch. I didn't expect such a loud output from such a compact device, which made it perfect for casual gatherings. I had it playing in the background during a small picnic, and it set a fantastic nostalgic mood without being overpowering.

However, while the volume was impressive, audio purists should note that the sound quality won't rival high-end speakers. It's certainly ample for casual listening, but it doesn't have the depth that would satisfy serious audiophiles. Plus, while I've had smooth playback most times, I've read about some instances where buyers faced connectivity issues.

All in all, the Suck UK Cassette Speaker is a great choice if you're after something that's fun and can catch the eye with its retro charm. It's a splendid gift for those who appreciate a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality.

Cooluli Retro Coke Mini Fridge

Excellent for Compact, Retro Cooling

cooluli retro coke mini fridge

This charming little fridge lives up to its chic design and proves ideal for those needing to keep a few drinks or snacks cool in a compact and stylish manner.


  • Replicates the iconic Coke design, appealing to collectors
  • Portable and light, ideal for small spaces
  • Swaps from cooling to warming easily for versatile use


  • Limited storage capacity
  • May take longer to cool items compared to larger fridges
  • Higher price point due to branding

Having just chilled my drinks in the Cooluli Retro Coke Mini Fridge, I note its performance as well as its limitations. Clearly aimed at enthusiasts of the classic brand, its red exterior bears the nostalgic Coca-Cola logo which instantly catches the eye. It's not only a functional appliance but also a decorative piece that would spark conversations in any room.

Its compact size meant it fit neatly on my desk, and it was a breeze to switch from the mains to using the USB cord. I found it particularly suitable for small living spaces or to have as a personal cooler in a larger office setting. One significant advantage noted was the quiet operation – it never became a source of disturbance.

Considering functionality, it's best to manage expectations. As cozy as it is, you can't store a week's worth of groceries, but it's perfect for keeping a few cans or beauty products chilled. Also, patience is a virtue as it doesn't cool as rapidly as larger refrigerators. Yet, the dual cooling and warming feature provides valuable versatility, particularly when switching between food and drink or beauty products.

In terms of portability, it couldn't be simpler – I carried it from one spot to another without any hassle. The thoughtful inclusion of multiple cords and the lightweight nature make it perfect for travel, seamlessly transition from indoor to vehicular use in my experience.

To sum up, the Cooluli Retro Coke Mini Fridge serves as a delightful embodiment of form and function. While it won't replace your main refrigerator, it offers a unique combination of portability, design, and versatility, which makes it a worthy purchase for specific needs and settings.

Retro Record Drink Coasters

Best for Vinyl Enthusiasts' Beverages

retro record drink coasters

For those seeking a dash of nostalgia and a functional conversation starter, these coasters are a brilliant choice with a practical edge.


  • Truly reminiscent of the vinyl era, adding an authentic retro touch.
  • Become talking points at gatherings, showcasing a quirky and creative design.
  • Complete with non-slip rubber, ensuring they stay put and protect surfaces splendidly.


  • Not dishwasher safe—hand wash is required to maintain their novelty appearance.
  • The centre hole could potentially allow drips onto surfaces, detracting from their primary function.
  • The sticker-based design might raise longevity concerns with intensive use.

I've recently started using these DuoMuo coasters in my flat, and they've promptly become a focal point in my lounge. Every visitor comments on their unique look, nodding to iconic vinyl records, and they always spark discussions of music favourites and memories from decades past.

These coasters are as much a decorative element as they are practical. I found the small rubber disc underneath each one grips the table firmly, which means no sliding around when you plonk down your drink. There's a sense of detail in each coaster that feels thoughtful, from the label designs to the grooves that mimic the real thing.

Nevertheless, there are a few niggles. They're hand wash only, which means they won't survive a cycle in the dishwasher after a particularly raucous shindig. While they've fared well under my mugs of tea and glasses of water, the hole in the centre means I'm vigilant with condensation-heavy drinks that could trickle onto my table, willing the coasters to live up to their protective purpose.

Overall, if you're a vinyl enthusiast or looking to gift something to a music lover, these coasters are a quality choice worth considering – just be ready to give them the gentle care they require.

7KEYS Retro Keyboard

Ideal for a Vintage Typing Experience

7keys retro keyboard

This 7KEYS Retro Typewriter Keyboard combines the charm of vintage design with modern tech and is a treat for those who delight in tactile typing.


  • Provides tactile typing with the nostalgic clickety-clack reminiscent of vintage typewriters.
  • Backlit round keys and volume roller add to the convenience without foregoing the retro aesthetic.
  • Compatible across multiple devices and operating systems, enhancing versatility.


  • Only 83 keys, which may lack some functionality for users accustomed to a full-size keyboard.
  • The typewriter sound might be distracting in quiet environments.
  • The robust design could feel bulky compared to sleek modern keyboards.

The first time I laid my hands on the 7KEYS Retro Typewriter Keyboard, the auditory satisfaction was immediate. Typing feels responsive, and there's a real pleasure in hearing the click of each key, much like the typing machines of old. The backlit keys come in handy during late-night sessions, and adjusting the light's brightness is smooth with the built-in wheels.

Having used it with my tablet, laptop, and smartphone, I can attest to its plug-and-play simplicity. The keyboard's design, featuring black pull rods and retro-inspired round keycaps, never fails to draw attentions and compliments. It strikes a unique balance between ornamental and functional that I find particularly appealing.

Regarding ergonomics, while it's portable, it's not the thinnest option available. This isn't a drawback for me personally, but for those frequently on the move, it might be. The novelty of noisy keystrokes sometimes clashes with the need for quiet, a small sacrifice for such a delightful typing experience. All in all, it's been a reliable addition to my gadget collection, merging nostalgia with everyday practicality.

Lily's Retro Kitchen Clock

Charming Addition to Any Retro Kitchen

best retro gadgets

If you're after a blend of nostalgia and utility for your kitchen, this charming clock nails it with aplomb.


  • Adds a vintage charm to any kitchen
  • In-built thermometer and timer amplify its utility
  • Straightforward to mount and battery-operated for clutter-free placement


  • Battery not included, which is a slight inconvenience
  • Thermometer accuracy can be a hit or miss based on user feedback
  • Some users report the timer's ticking sound, which might not be everyone's cup of tea

I recently incorporated Lily's Retro Kitchen Clock into my kitchen setup, and it's been a delightful addition not just for its functionality but for the lively pop of turquoise it introduces. The combination of a clock, timer, and thermometer in a single, stylish package is exceptionally useful.

The process of installing it was fuss-free. A single nail was all it took, and without the hassle of wires, my kitchen walls remained pristine. The large black digits against the off-white backdrop stand out, ensuring I can easily read the time from across the room while juggling cooking tasks.

Yet, it's not without its quirks. The absence of a battery in the package meant an extra trip to the shop. And while the retro design is a draw, it felt like the thermometer didn't always reflect the room's true ambiance – a slight tick against its practicality. The clock's audible ticking could be nostalgic to some, but it might not suit those preferring a silent environment.

Still, Lily's Retro Kitchen Clock evoked memories of baking as a youngster at my grandmother's abode. It's rare to find a gadget that's both a conversation starter and a genuinely handy kitchen partner. Despite the minor setbacks, I find myself smitten by its charm and recommend it to anyone who loves a dash of retro flair in their modern kitchen.

Retro 90's Tech Tee

Fashionable Choice for 90s Tech Fans

retro 90s tech tee

If you’re after a nostalgic nod to the 90’s, this t-shirt from Retro Tech Co. is a comfortable and stylish walk down memory lane.


  • Captures 90's nostalgia brilliantly
  • Comfortable fit that remains true after washing
  • Vibrant design that's garnered compliments


  • Limited design options available
  • Could offer more size variety
  • Print may fade with numerous washes

Stumbling upon the Retro Tech Co. ‘s vintage 90's technology t-shirt, I was taken back to the days of chunky monitors and brick mobile phones. The print quality caught my eye immediately, boasting vibrant colours that brought the retro gadgets to life.

I found the cotton material soft against my skin and appreciated the lack of shrinkage after throwing it in the wash, a testament to its build quality. It's a piece that speaks not just to comfort but to a shared cultural memory among those who lived through the era.

Gifted to a friend who is a collector of all things throwback, the delight it sparked was palpable. It fits seamlessly into a casual wardrobe, pairing well with jeans for a laid-back look. With every wear, it invites conversation and storytelling about the good old days of tech.

Let's be honest, as much as the design is a winner, one must keep in mind that the longevity of the print remains to be seen over countless wash cycles. Additionally, whilst the current sizing caters to most, extending the range could further its appeal. The verdict? It's a charming buy for those with an affinity for retro tech.

Buying Guide

When I'm in the market for retro gadgets, be it for my kitchen, home, or a tech gift, I look for a few key features. My approach is to find products that balance nostalgia with functionality.

Consider Compatibility

If I'm shopping for retro gadgets for my iPhone, I ensure compatibility with my device's model and operating system. It's crucial because some retro accessories might not support the latest technology.

Assess Build Quality

I examine the build quality and materials. Retro gadgets made with durable materials are likely to last longer, making them a better investment.

Check Aesthetic Appeal

For retro gadgets, the appearance is often as important as utility. I select items that authentically capture the look and feel of the respective era.

Compare Functionality

I always compare the functionality of similar gadgets to find the one that provides the best experience. A table like the one below helps me to evaluate key features quickly.

DesignHighMatches the era
CompatibilityHighWorks with current devices
QualityHighDurable and well-made
FunctionalityMediumHow well it performs its purpose
PriceMediumWithin my budget

Price Consideration

I look for the best value for money. This involves comparing prices and weighing them against the overall quality and feature set of the product.

While nostalgia plays a significant role in choosing retro gadgets, I never compromise on the essential features for the sake of a retro look. My priority is always a balance between form and function.

Final Word

In exploring the realm of retro gadgets, I've uncovered a treasure trove that merges nostalgia with functionality. Whether you're drawn to the charm of 1980s electronics, vintage computer desktops, retro universal remote control, the allure of retro kitchen gadgets, or the unique offerings of retro gadgets UK, there's a pervasive sense of pleasure in reconnecting with technology from bygone eras.

  • Retro Tech Gifts: Giving a gift imbued with the spirit of the past can be profoundly meaningful.
  • Cool Retro Gadgets: They're not just novelties; many hold up remarkably well today.
  • Retro Gadgets for Sale: With a burgeoning market, purchasing these gadgets is more accessible than ever.
  • Retro Gadgets for Home: Integrating classic design with contemporary living spaces can create an unmatched ambience.
  • Retro Gadgets for iPhone: Marrying vintage aesthetics with modern technology combines the best of both worlds.

I find the pursuit and use of retro gadgets far more than a passing fad. They offer a tangible link to the past, highlighting how far we've come while reminding us of the foundational blocks of current technology. The joy elicited from using a classic gadget, whether for its intended purpose or as a conversation piece, reinforces my belief in their lasting appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I address common queries related to retro gadgets, including their resurgence, availability, and compatibility with modern technology.

What are the top retro gadgets that have made a comeback in recent years?

Retro gadgets like the Polaroid camera, vinyl turntables, and classic gaming consoles such as the NES and SNES have seen a revival. These gadgets have been reintroduced with modern enhancements, allowing users to enjoy a nostalgic experience without sacrificing contemporary functionality.

Which vintage kitchen appliances are now considered collectibles?

The Sunbeam Mixmaster and the classic SMEG refrigerators have become sought-after collectibles. These items are prized for their iconic designs and are often found in the homes of avid collectors or enthusiasts of vintage decor.

Can you recommend any classic tech gifts for those who appreciate nostalgia?

For tech enthusiasts with a penchant for nostalgia, gifts like a Tamagotchi, a Casio digital watch, or a Mini Disc player serve as delightful reminders of technology from the past. These gadgets evoke a sense of 80s and 90s culture and technology.

Where might one find authentic retro gadgets from the 1980s for purchase?

Authentic retro gadgets can be found at specialised vintage stores, online auctions on eBay, or through private collectors and retro-themed marketplaces. It's essential to verify the authenticity and working condition before purchasing.

How can I integrate retro tech into a modern smart home setup?

Integrating retro tech into a smart home can involve using smart plugs to control vintage lamps or connecting a record player to wireless speakers via a Bluetooth transmitter. My advice is to ensure these classic gadgets are well-maintained for optimal performance alongside modern tech.

Are there any gadgets from the past that are compatible with today's iPhones?

Certain retro gadgets like the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone now come with iPhone compatibility. Additionally, docking stations shaped like a classic Macintosh or retro handset attachments are designed to work with iPhones, blending past and present technology.

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