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Belly Orb Skinny Patch Reviews 2024: Should you buy these weight loss patches?

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Product Name: Belly Orb Skinny Patches

Product Description: A transdermal solution meant to address weight loss and fat management among those for whom exercise and diets have been of no use.

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Personal Experience Summary

This transdermal patch is non-invasive and safe to use. It is recommended for those who want a healthier and safer alternative to conventional weight loss methods.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • All-natural;
  • Non-invasive;
  • Developed using age-old principles of TCM


  • Not clinically vetted;
  • Takes time to work

Introduction to our Belly Orb Skinny Patch Reviews

Welcome to our Belly Orb Skinny Patch reviews!

Losing weight for either medical or aesthetic purposes is a challenge for many of us as it entails a measure of sacrifice on the part of the individual.

Prevailing medical wisdom tells us that maintaining a proper diet, regular exercise, managing stress, and ensuring proper sleep are the keys to losing weight and keeping bulges off. However, given the level of stress we deal with on a daily basis, many of us fall off the wagon and end up indulging in rich food and alcohol, lose sleep, fail to stick to an exercise routine, or end up working too hard. As a result, we end up losing the battle of the bulge despite our best efforts.

In which case, how does a product like the Belly Orb Skinny Patch help in terms of our weight reduction goals. Does a transdermal patch that goes over the belly button really help? That’s what we hope to learn in today’s Belly Orb Skinny Patch reviews.


Transdermal patches are self-adhesive or attachable plasters that have been infused with certain medications or made with technologies that are meant to stimulate the nerves through electrical impulses sent through the skin.

While most of these patches are meant to aid those recovering from addiction (as seen with nicotine patches) and pain relief (as seen in neuro-stimulant or magnesium-infused patches), they may also be used to deliver certain nutrients to improve one’s health. 

What is a Belly Orb Skinny Patch?

Developed and produced by Lure Essentials, the Belly Orb Skinny Patch is a transdermal solution meant to address weight loss and fat management among those for whom exercise and diets have been of no use.

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The Belly Orb’s primary stock in trade is built from precepts taught in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is to say its key ingredients are herbal / biological / bio-organic in nature and it is free of chemicals that could prove toxic to the human body. 

Each Belly Orb is compounded with the following:

  • Wormwood;
  • Dehydrated and pulverized longan;
  • Stimulant spice blend featuring Sichuan pepper, ginger, licorice, pepper seeds, cloves, cardamom, galangal, and cinnamon;
  • Baiju, a rhizome that aids spleen and stomach function;
  • Milk vetch for its antioxidant properties;
  • Purple nutsedge to aid digestive and endocrine conditions; 
  • Corydalis to improve one's metabolic function by relaxing the small intestine;
  • Szechuan lovage which improves circulation; 
  • Evodia fruit which stimulates digestive enzymes;
  • Tangerine peel;
  • White peony root; and
  • Honey.
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The Belly Orb Skinny Patch prides itself on the following features:

  • Transdermal delivery of TCM-mandated nutrients and digestive aids;
  • A non-habit forming and non-pharmaceutical way to improve digestion and metabolism;
  • Proven time-release technology that slowly yet effectively and efficiently delivers necessary substances into the bloodstream through the skin; and
  • A painless and non-invasive solution that works even as you sleep.
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How to use it

The beauty of the Belly Orb Skinny Patch is that you can wear it discreetly and even use it as you sleep.

To use the patch:

  1. Place one Belly Orb into a clean Skinny Patch;
  2. Affix the patch over your belly button (ideal) with the Orb snugly placed between the patch and the dip of your navel. Alternatively, you may also choose to stick this to the sole of your foot;
  3. Keep the patch on for at least eight hours to ensure that the time-release technology works and the vital components are absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin.

When you’re done, carefully remove the patch and thoroughly clean out the area.

You may see results as early as a week of use.

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Benefits and Advantages

With regular use, the Belly Orb Skinny Patch delivers on the following benefits:

  • A flatter, smoother belly;
  • Extensive body-wide detoxification that keeps harmful elements out while ensuring that one’s organs gain the full benefit of nutrition and curative substances;
  • Improved control over one’s appetite and metabolism, bringing both to a healthier, more manageable state; 
  • Improvements in one’s complexion and muscle tone, leading to a fresher and even younger appearance; and
  • Improved sleep over time, thus boosting one’s energy and vitality without need for caffeine or other chemical stimulants.
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Users' Belly Orb Skinny Patch Reviews

“I never thought a little patch could have such a big impact on my weight loss journey, but Belly Orb Skinny Patch proved me wrong! The convenience of just applying the patch and letting it work its magic has been a total game-changer. I feel more confident and energized than ever, and I'm thrilled with the progress I've made!”

Abria I.

“I’ve been using the Orbs for one week. So far I have noticed greater hunger control, better sleep, more energy, and my abdomen is going down. I like it so far!”

Deborah M.

“Before discovering the Belly Orb Skinny Patch, I felt like I was constantly bouncing from one diet to another with no real results. Belly Orb changed all that for me. It's been an amazing addition to my healthy lifestyle, and I'm finally seeing the results I've been dreaming of. I can't thank Belly Orb enough for helping me feel like the best version of myself!”

Heather D.
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Belly Orb Skinny Patch Pricing

A single pack of Belly Orb Skinny Patch will last 30 days and includes enough Orbs and patches to keep you covered throughout that period. One pack is priced at $39.90 for a one-time purchase, though Lure Essentials drops the price to $33.15 a month if you choose to go the subscription route. Note that the cost does not include taxes and shipping fees.

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If you feel the need to stock up on Belly Orb Skinny Patches, bundled deals are as follows:

  • Two packs for $68.98, excluding taxes and shipping fees; and
  • Three packs for $89.97 with free shipping and handling within the United States.

Money-back guarantee  

Lure Essentials offers a one-year warranty from the date of delivery and will accept returns for refund or replacement within the stipulated period.

Where to buy? 

Belly Orb Skinny Patches are not available through the usual retail platforms and may only be purchased through the official website.

Other Stores

Best to still with the official site and avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Belly Orb Skinny Patch Reviews

What is it best for?

Recommended for those who want a healthier and safer alternative to conventional weight loss methods.

What is it not best for?

Products may not be suitable for those with moderate to severe / chronic digestive or endocrine issues and may even be counterproductive or dangerous.

Belly Orb Skinny Patch Alternatives

Diet and nutrition site Noom now offers its own diet patches that look promising for those determined to win the battle of the bulge.

Belly Orb Skinny Patch Reviews Final Word

If you can’t seem to lose weight through the usual methods, then you will want to consider using Belly Orb Skinny Patch to meet your goals. Weight loss products like Belly Orb Skinny Patch may promise to be safe for anyone who uses them, but always consult a professional for your own peace of mind and safety. Still, from our end, this skinny patch is a keeper.


Is the Belly Orb Skinny Patch meant to be ingested?

Despite its appearance, no. Belly Orbs are meant to be used with the patch as a transdermal solution.

Can anyone use Belly Orb Skinny Patch?

Technically, yes. However, we suggest checking with a physician as you may be allergic to some of the botanicals in the Orbs.

Does the belly button slimming patch work?

Based on customer reviews, yes, these belly slimming patches are effective in meeting your weight goals.

If you've read all the way through this Belly Orb Skinny Patch reviews, we are grateful. We have reviewed all these products in detail, feel free to check them out;


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