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Bed Scrunchie Review: 2024‘s Genius Solution!🛏️✨

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Product Name: Bed Scrunchie

Product Description: A 360-degree bed sheet holder that keeps both fitted and plain sheets in place no matter how much one tosses or turns in bed at night.

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My Personal Experience with Bed Scrunchie

Meet my bedtime superhero – the Bed Scrunchie! It's like a magic wand for my sheets, banishing those annoying wrinkles and slipping nightmares. The setup? Easier than pie. Just clip, cinch, and voilà – a bed that stays pristine all night long. No more midnight wrestling matches with unruly sheets! It's my secret to waking up in a wrinkle-free paradise, feeling like royalty.

The Bed Scrunchie: where bedtime chaos meets sweet dreams! Who knew conquering sheet struggles could be so fun and game-changing? Life’s too short for crumpled sheets – thank you, Bed Scrunchie, for making bedtime a joy!

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Can be used on any size of mattress;
  • Easy to wash and dry;
  • Offers a lifetime service warranty


  • Somewhat expensive given the nature of the product;
  • Complicated to use at first;
  • Eight clips may not be enough for larger beds

Introduction to our Bed Scrunchie Review

Welcome to our Bed Scrunchie review!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and your bed is your own personal nest. That said, making one’s bed is actually something that some people look forward to. 

But do you know what people don’t look forward to? Their bed linens get all twisted up in a bunch after a few days and they have to spend every morning smoothing them back down (and, in the case of fitted sheets, ensuring that the garters stay in place) whenever they make their beds.

Is there a solution for this? That’s what our Bed Scrunchie review is here to do: show you that there’s a way to keep your bed sheets and covers in place no matter how much you toss and turn at night.

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What’s a Bed Scrunchie?

Developed by entrepreneur Jack Nekhala after he found himself struggling to make his bed every single time, a Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet holder that keeps both fitted and plain sheets in place no matter how much one tosses or turns in bed at night. This makes it easier to make one's bed in the morning and also helps maintain the overall aesthetic of one's bedroom as it keeps things neat.

It's a product that works well with any size of bed or bed linens. Whether you have a king-sized mattress, a couple of twin beds, or even inflatable mattresses for unexpected guests, the one-size-fits-all nature of Bed Scrunchie UK ensures that sheets fit your bed snugly. It's also portable, so you can use it to fit beds in an RV or outfitted tour bus, and – as stated earlier – even air mattresses used for camping out.

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For this Bed Scrunchie review, let's take a look at its features:

  • 360 Degree Bed Sheet Scrunchie Holder with a wheel lock that has a patented buckle to keep things in place. While it is secure enough, the wheel lock is easy to loosen, so one can remove and replace their sheets quickly whenever they need to be changed;
  • Eight fabric clips to keep sheets in place. These can support up to 70 pounds and were created to prevent ripping and tearing on one's sheets. Additional fabric clips may be purchased separately; and
  • Parachute-strength bungee cord to ensure that your bed scrunchie sheet holder straps don't lose their grip. Able to support nearly 500 pounds of resistance, this is what helps the scrunchie adjust to any mattress size.

How to Use It?

  1. Flip your fitted or flat sheet upside down;
  2. Clip the fabric clips to the sheet, placing two in each corner at around ten to twelve inches from the edge;
  3. Lay the bungee cord on top of the sheet, and align the wheel lock with the center of the sheet towards the foot of the bed;
  4. Secure Bed Scrunchie clips onto a Bed Scrunchie, starting from the foot of the bed;
  5. Flip the sheet and Bed Scrunchie over and start slipping it around the mattress;
  6. Move to the foot of the bed and tighten the buckle on the wheel lock by pulling on the draw cords as far as you can to tighten the sheets and smoothen out the wrinkles;
  7. Set the lock, then bundle the strings, sliding the lock beneath the mattress.

Benefits and Advantages

Bed Scrunchie offers the following benefits and advantages for its users:

  • Compatibility with beds of any size;
  • Compatible with fitted, flat, and top sheets, as well as mattress toppers, sheet protectors, and featherbeds;
  • Fairly easy to set up, even a kid could do it;
  • Easy to clean, as these are machine-washable and dryer-safe; and
  • Highly durable.
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Users' Bed Scrunchie Reviews

“Bed Scrunchie is worth every penny. I’ve tried so many products in the past, [but] a Bed Scrunchie works and it’s truly a high-quality product. If you’re not looking to mess around with your bed sheets every day and keep them on tight, Bed Scrunchie is what you need. It’s easy to use and made with quality materials. I have been using it for almost a month and can’t be happier.”

John H.

“I'm a mover in my sleep, which always causes my sheets to pop off my bed. To me, it's the most frustrating thing ever! Because of that, I've purchased many products [that claimed to] keep my sheets on my bed, and [was not] satisfied at all. They either didn't work or were extremely cumbersome to put on, so I never wanted to use the product again. With Bed Scrunchie [that wasn't] the case; [it's] seriously easy to use and makes my sheets tight on my bed.”

Julie K.

“We have an adjustable firmness mattress and recently added a 4“ memory foam topper. We could never seem to keep the sheets – even deep pocket sheets – on the bed for more than a night. The nightly routine consisted of resetting the corners before bedtime and hope it lasted through the night. I looked at several products and decided on Bed Scrunchie. You know those hotel-crisp sheets that stay tucked? Yeah, those – I now have them!”

Gemma D.

“No more getting hung up in the sheets or trying to re-tuck in the middle of the night – this keeps them on the bed with no hassle and no fuss! Installation was a little harder than with the sheets by themselves but, even with our king bed, I was able to do it by myself. The extra time will be well-saved for all the extra time it took daily to redo the sheets every night. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this if you have sheet struggles. They definitely bring new meaning to ‘good night, sleep tight!”

Lyle O.
stay blessed

Bed Scrunchie on Amazon

Amazon reviews for the Bed Scrunchie highlight its effectiveness in keeping sheets secure. Users praise its simple yet ingenious design, noting its ability to prevent sheets from slipping or coming off the mattress. The majority of reviews express satisfaction with the product's performance, making it a popular choice for those seeking a solution to keep their sheets snug and tidy.

Bed Scrunchie on Reddit

Reddit reviews of the Bed Scrunchie emphasize its success in preventing fitted sheets from slipping. Users appreciate its simple application and note its effectiveness on various bed types, including adjustable beds. The discussions highlight positive experiences with the Bed Scrunchie, making it a recommended solution for those looking to keep their sheets securely in place.

Customer Experience

The customer service for Bed Scrunchie is highly acclaimed, marked by prompt and attentive support. Users consistently praise the team's responsiveness, providing swift and effective solutions to queries. The customer support staff is recognized for their friendliness and commitment to ensuring a positive buying experience.

Whether addressing concerns or offering assistance, Bed Scrunchie's customer service goes above and beyond, fostering a strong rapport with customers. This dedication to excellent service enhances the overall satisfaction of ordering a Bed Scrunchie, transforming it into not just a product purchase but a positive interaction with a brand known for prioritizing customer needs.


Bed Scrunchie Pricing (Discounted)

The standard Bed Scrunchie set includes one scrunchie and eight fabric clips. Bed Scrunchie discount codes are offered for purchases of three or more sets.

bed scrunchie pricing
Bed Scrunchies Discounted Pricing

Money-Back Guarantee, refund, and return policy

The makers of Bed Scrunchie offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. For those unsatisfied with the product, they may ask for a complete refund sans the cost of shipping. But this can only be done within 100 days of the purchase and requests after the time period will not be accepted.


You get free shipping in this US if you buy over $99. Expect shipping within 24 hours and prompt delivery.

Where to buy Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchies are exclusively available through its official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

Conclusion to our Bed Scrunchie Review

Now let's wrap up our Bed Scrunchie review;

What is it best used for?

Homes used as tourist accommodations and guest houses.

What is not best used for?

Given its price, it may be too expensive for home use.

Bed Scrunchie Alternatives

Good fitted sheets, particularly those tailored to fit the mattresses one has, are the best possible alternative.

Bed Scrunchie Review Final Word

The Bed Scrunchie is a great solution for keeping your bed neat and keeping your sheets in good condition for years to come. While we do find it somewhat expensive for its price (you can only use one set per bed), it is a useful thing to have in a home, but it would work well for homes used under AirBnB as accommodations.


Aside from the Bed Scrunchies, does the manufacturer offer other products?

The Bedsheet Scrunchie is distributed by Luxor Linens which also offers a good selection of linens for the bedroom and bath. The only thing they don’t offer is mattresses.

Can I use a Bed Scrunchie discount code on multiple purchases of the Bed Scrunchie?

Yes. You can buy two and get one free, or buy three and get two free.

Does the Bed Scrunchie work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, the Bed Scrunchie is designed to work with adjustable beds. Its versatile design accommodates various bed types, including adjustable beds.

How much does Bed Scrunchie cost?

Its costs $49.99 a set.

Are bed sheet straps worth it?

Yes. The Bed Scrunchie features durable bands and clips that can securely hold the sheets in place, preventing them from slipping or coming loose, even when the bed is adjusted.

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  1. I found the product difficult to attach as the instructions were for a fitted sheet, not a flat sheet. I had to watch utube to find out how to attach to a fitted sheet. That needs to be addressed.

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