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Barkbox vs Pupbox: 2024‘s Amazing Showdown of Dog Subscription Boxes! 🐾 πŸŽ‰

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You're reading our in-depth comparison of Barkbox vs Pupbox! For pet owners considering a subscription-based service that caters to their furry companions, two notable options often come up: BarkBox and PupBox. These services aim to delight dogs and their parents with a curated selection of toys, treats, chews, and other dog-related products delivered right to their doorstep. Each of the two brings something unique to the table, with PupBox focusing specifically on puppies, providing age-appropriate items and training resources to assist in a new puppy's growth and development.

BarkBox, on the other hand, presents a celebration of themed surprises that can be personalised to a dog’s size and potential chewing habits. It is designed for canines of all ages and provides an opportunity to discover new products that might become your dog's next favourite thing. The choice between BarkBox and PupBox could come down to various factors including the age of the dog, your commitment to training, and the desire for customisation, all while considering the cost implications and the convenience of delivery and after-sales support.

⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between Barkbox vs Pupbox, the better subscription-based service for dogs between the two can go either way – depending on your specific needs and preferences – but personally, I'm rooting for Barkbox.

Key Takeaways

  • BarkBox and PupBox offer unique products tailored to dogs at different life stages.
  • Personalised options and training resources can influence the choice between the two services.
  • Evaluating cost, convenience, and support is crucial in selecting between Barkbox vs Pupbox.

Overview of Barkbox and Pupbox

barkbox vs pupbox

When examining the differences between Barkbox vs Pupbox, I find that each caters to the canine community in unique ways. Barkbox is renowned for its creative monthly themes and customisation options designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. On the other hand, Pupbox is more tailored to puppies, with an emphasis on age-specific needs including training materials. Here are the key features of each:

Subscription Costs:

  • Barkbox: Starts from approximately $22 per box with longer commitments offering better discounts.
  • Pupbox: Generally starts at $39 per month with potential discounts for longer subscription periods.


  • Barkbox: Typically includes two toys, two bags of all-natural treats, and a chew, with customisation available based on dog size and preferences.
  • Pupbox: Aside from toys, chews, and treats, it also provides educational material tailored to your puppy's development stage.


  • Barkbox: Offers fun themes and can be customised for your dog’s chew strength and other preferences.
  • Pupbox: Provides a more personalised experience aimed at puppies, with items suitable for their developmental stage.

Additionally, Barkbox is keen on giving back, with 10% of proceeds going to rescue organisations. On the contrary, Pupbox places a greater emphasis on the journey of raising a puppy. Each service presents a unique proposition depending on whether you're looking for a delightful monthly surprise for your mature dog or a developmental aid for your new puppy.

Comparing Subscription Box Contents

When examining the contents of Barkbox vs Pupbox, I notice that both brands have structured their offerings to appeal to dog owners, but their focus varies slightly. PupBox tends to include items that are age-appropriate for puppies. This means they often supply interactive toys designed to aid in a puppy's development and training materials. Their boxes might include plush toys which can be particularly appealing to younger dogs.

On the flip side, BarkBox provides a broader selection, aiming to cater to canines of all ages and sizes. Their themed boxes often contain two toys, a chew, and treatsβ€”usually two full-sized bags. What catches my attention is BarkBox's emphasis on creating fun toys and all-natural treats. They also have options for customisation, meaning if your dog prefers grain-free treats or has a penchant for bully sticks over bones, you can adapt your box to meet these preferences.

Both Barkbox vs Pupbox generally include a similar number of items, such as toys and treats. For instance, each BarkBox typically features two toys, a bag of dog treats, a chew, plus an additional item or two that adhere to their monthly themed boxes. The toys range from plush toys to more interactive toys, ensuring a mix of fun and engagement.

PupBox also promises a good assortment of full-sized products, with a strong emphasis on the inclusion of nutritious treats and chews suitable for a puppy's growing needs. With every item curated to be suitable for the pup's current life stage, you can expect toys that are meant to support their learning and development.

In conclusion, while both boxes offer a delightful mix of toys, treats, and chews, PupBox skews towards items that support a new puppy's journey, while BarkBox serves up a variety that appeals to dogs of all ages with a touch of monthly whimsy.

Customisation Options

various dog toys, treats, and accessories are displayed on a table. a logo for "barkbox" and "pupbox" is prominently featured, showcasing the different customization options available for pet owners

Customisation is paramount when choosing a subscription service – Barkbox vs Pupbox – for your dog. From catering to specific sizes and ages to considering chewing habits and allergies, both BarkBox and PupBox offer a range of customisable features.

By Dog Size and Age

BarkBox and PupBox provide options tailored to your dog's size and life stage. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can expect to receive age-appropriate items. BarkBox customises its boxes to fit dogs of all sizes.

Based on Dog's Chewing Behaviour

For dogs that are heavy chewing, the Super Chewer Box by BarkBox or the similarly robust options from PupBox are ideal as they include tough toys designed for power chewers.

Allergy Considerations

Both Pupbox vs Barkbox consider your dog's allergies to ensure they receive healthy, safe-to-consume treats. This customisation ensures your dog's health is not compromised.

Training and Development Needs

PupBox shines with its focus on puppies by including training guides and training material to assist in their development. Training treats also feature in these boxes to reinforce positive behaviour.

Personalising the Experience

Each box can be personalised to create a unique experience. Monthly themes, which are prevalent in BarkBox, add an element of surprise and keep the experience fresh.

Additional Features and Extras

BarkBox offers additional features, like customising extra toys or treats. PupBox often includes grooming tools and accessories as part of its extra offerings.

Subscription Levels and Exclusives

There are different subscription levels to choose from the best dog subscription boxes, which can include exclusive items. Higher-tier subscriptions may offer more personalised items or premium products.

Seasonal and Thematic Variations

Seasonal and thematic variations are significant in both BarkBox and PupBox. Themed boxes celebrate events and seasons, providing a unique unboxing experience each month.

Cost and Value Assessment

a colorful array of dog toys, treats, and accessories spill out of the open barkbox and pupbox, showcasing the variety and excitement of each subscription service

In this section, I will compare the cost and value of Barkbox vs Pupbox, focusing on various aspects such as price, savings, long-term benefits, and the quality offered by each subscription.

Price Comparisons

When assessing the monthly subscription cost, PupBox is priced at $39 for a one-month plan. In contrast, BarkBox offers a one-month plan at $35. However, both subscription services offer discounts for longer commitments.

  • PupBox:

    • One-month: $39
    • Six-month: $32 per box
    • Twelve-month: $29 per box
  • BarkBox:

    • One-month: $35
    • Six-month: $26 per box (or $23.16 if paid upfront)
    • Twelve-month: $22 per box (or $19.50 if paid upfront)

Both options present escalating savings for longer-term commitments, a typical practice for subscription boxes aimed at customer retention.

Discounts and Savings

Both Barkbox vs Pupbox provide opportunities for discounts and savings. Customers can often find promo codes or special discounts, especially during holidays or through referral programmes. Signing up for newsletters from these companies can sometimes yield exclusive offers and alerts on upcoming deals.

Long-Term Subscription Benefits

A commitment to a long-term subscription with either PupBox or BarkBox has clear financial benefits, with monthly costs decreasing significantly. For PupBox, the drop from $39 for a one-month plan to $29 for a twelve-month plan illustrates substantial savings over time. Similarly, BarkBox's twelve-month plan reduces the cost per box to $22, or even lower with upfront payment. The auto-renewal feature on both services also ensures uninterrupted delivery for ongoing enjoyment by your pet.

Value for Quality

I find that the value provided extends beyond just pricing. PupBox and BarkBox both pride themselves on delivering high-quality treats and toys. Customers have reported satisfaction with the delicious and nutritious treats included in both subscription services. Moreover, the added benefits such as training materials from PupBox and themed boxes from BarkBox enhance the overall value proposition of these monthly subscription boxes.

The choice between Barkbox vs Pupbox should weigh both affordability and the specific features that cater to your and your pet's needs. With customer service offering aid and satisfaction guarantees, you can be reassured that the value you seek aligns with the investment you're willing to make for your four-legged friend's happiness.

Availability and Shipping Policies

a stack of packages labeled "barkbox" and "pupbox" with shipping labels and delivery trucks in the background

When selecting a pet subscription service, it's important to consider their shipping policies and how frequently you can expect deliveries. Here's how Barkbox vs Pupbox differ in these regards.

Shipping in the United States

BarkBox offers free shipping within the contiguous United States, but charges a $8 shipping fee for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. As for PupBox, they provide free shipping to anywhere in the US, which includes the contiguous states and extends to Alaska and Hawaii without additional charges.

Shipping to Canada

For pet owners in Canada, BarkBox applies the noted $8 shipping fee. Conversely, PupBox currently doesn't ship to Canada, which is a consideration for Canadian pet owners in need of a subscription service.

Delivery Frequency Options

With both Barkbox vs Pupbox, the default delivery frequency is monthly. However, BarkBox allows for more flexibility by offering various plan lengths, such as 12 months, 6 months, and a monthly subscription, each with potential savings if you pay upfront. With BarkBox, you might find packages for as little as $22 per box for a 12-month plan if billed annually. PupBox sticks to a monthly delivery frequency without as many upfront payment options, simplifying the choice for subscribers.

If you're interested in buying BarkBox, it's always better if you purchase it online via their official website.

Other Stores

Best to avoid reseller sites like that of Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and eBay for possible fake products and refund policy issues.

After-Sale Support and Services

a happy dog sitting next to a customer service representative, receiving assistance with a barkbox and pupbox

When assessing Barkbox vs Pupbox, I find it crucial to consider their after-sale support and services, as this greatly enhances customer experience. The following subsections will detail the specifics of customer service, subscription management, satisfaction policies, and their community impact.

Customer Service and Support

My experience with customer service is a key factor when subscribing to a service. With BarkBox, I've noted that they offer considerable support options including email and chat. PupBox also stands out with responsive support for any queries or issues. Comments in customer reviews often reflect the approachability and helpfulness of both services' support teams.

Flexible Subscription Management

I appreciate a subscription service that allows me to manage my plan easily. Both BarkBox and PupBox enable me to cancel or adjust my auto-renewal preferences without much hassle. The websites provide clear instructions on how to manage these settings, demonstrating an understanding of the need for flexible subscription management.

Satisfaction Guarates and Returns

A strong satisfaction guarantee serves as a testament to a company's confidence in their product. PupBox reassures me with replacement items if my dog is not satisfied, while BarkBox extends a similar pledge. They'll replace any item that doesn't meet my dog's needs, ensuring that I am content with my purchase.

Community and Social Impact

Finally, the impact of Barkbox vs Pupbox on the community is of utmost importance to me. BarkBox's commitment to donate 10% of its proceeds to rescue organizations aligns with my values of supporting animal welfare. Additionally, they've partnered with Andrea Arden, an esteemed dog trainer, to offer expert advice, illustrating their investment in both community and social impact and the well-being of pets.

Testimonials and Customer Insights

dogs playing with barkbox and pupbox toys, surrounded by happy owners sharing positive feedback

In my research, I've focused on what customers are actually saying about Barkbox vs Pupbox, as well as insights from veterinary professionals. The following sections detail user experiences and expert opinions which are essential in evaluating the best dog subscription box for your canine companion.

Customer Reviews and Ratings


  • Average Rating: 4.2/5 stars
  • Frequency of Praise: Monthly themes, toy quality
  • Common Criticisms: Occasional delivery issues


  • Average Rating: 3.9/5 stars
  • Frequency of Praise: Age-specific items, training tips
  • Common Criticisms: Higher cost, fewer customisation options

From my understanding, customer reviews often highlight BarkBox's ability to cater to individual dog profiles and the excitement their themes bring. However, some users mention concerns about shipping. PupBox is usually praised for its educational components and age-appropriate selection but does come at a cost that some find slightly less appealing.

Veterinary and Professional Feedback

Expert Name: Andrea Arden

  • Credentials: Renowned dog trainer
  • Opinion on BarkBox: Recommends for variety and engaging toys
  • Opinion on PupBox: Values the educational content for puppy owners

From professional standpoints, it seems that experts like Andrea Arden appreciate BarkBox for its diverse and playful box contents that keep dogs engaged. PupBox is recognised for its focus on puppy development, incorporating training guidance which is considered beneficial for new dog owners. The expert insights not only affirm the quality of each subscription box but also their commitment to canine enrichment.

Company Profiles and Philosophy

two dog subscription box logos facing off with speech bubbles representing their company profiles and philosophies

In exploring Barkbox vs Pupbox I'm keen to focus on their unique company backgrounds, business philosophies, and their commitment to giving back through charitable efforts.

BarkBox Company Overview

BarkBox, established in 2011, is a prominent player in the monthly pet subscription space. Its founders, Carly Strife, Matt Meeker, and Henrik Werdelin, aimed to delight dogs and their owners with a curated box of toys, treats, and chews. BarkShop, the company's retail arm, extends their product offerings beyond the subscription model. They thrive on innovation and customer satisfaction, delivering themed boxes that can be customized for dogs of all sizes.

Pupbox Company Background

PupBox reimagined the subscription box model to cater specifically to puppy owners. Featured on Shark Tank, this service is designed to support a puppy's growth and training requirements with age-appropriate items. Unlike BarkBox, PupBox includes educational material to guide owners through the early stages of puppyhood. It reflects their philosophy of providing an all-encompassing solution for new pet parents.

Charitable Initiatives and Partnerships

Both Barkbox vs Pupbox are committed to supporting rescue organizations. BarkBox showcases a strong record of charitable donation activities, partnering with over 3,000 rescues across the US through its BarkGood program. PupBox also prides itself on helping pups in need by donating to various rescue groups. These initiatives reveal a philanthropic approach ingrained in their business models, showing that their missions extend beyond profit to genuinely improving the lives of dogs and their communities.

Additional Pet Services and Products

two colorful boxes labeled "barkbox" and "pupbox" sit side by side, surrounded by an assortment of pet toys, treats, and grooming products

In this section, I'll highlight the exclusive offerings and unique product selections of Barkbox vs Pupbox, along with their collaborations with pet stores.

BarkBox Exclusive Offers

BarkBox often provides special promotions and exclusive items, capitalising on their own platform, BarkShop. In particular, I can purchase one-of-a-kind toys and treats that may not be found elsewhere. It's common for these items to reflect the fun and whimsical themes synonymous with BarkBox's monthly subscription boxes.

Pupbox Unique Selections

PupBox sets itself apart by offering products that cater specifically to a puppy's developmental stages, which can be particularly beneficial when I am training or nurturing a young dog. What stands out is that in addition to the typical assortment of goodies, PupBox includes training materials within their subscription, which are tailored to my puppy's age.

Related Pet Store Collaborations

Both Barkbox vs Pupbox have partnered with renowned pet retailers, such as Petco, to extend the reach of their products. These collaborations often mean that I can find exclusive deals, whether online or in physical Petco stores, providing more ways to spoil my canine companions. Moreover, these partnerships sometimes yield special edition boxes, which offer an exciting mix of products curated in collaboration with known pet brands.

Making an Informed Decision

two boxes sit side by side, one labeled "barkbox" and the other "pupbox." a thoughtful dog stands between them, pondering which one to choose

When choosing between Barkbox vs Pupbox, I consider how each service aligns with my dog's specific needs and my lifestyle. It's important for me to think about the dietary requirements, the flexibility I desire in a subscription, and how these factors affect my decision.

Assessing Lifestyle and Dog Needs

My dog's needs vary based on age, size, and activity level. For a new puppy, PupBox may be more suitable because it's tailored with training material in addition to toys, treats, and accessories. On the other hand, BarkBox could be more fitting for an adult dog due to its customisation options catering to dogs of all life stages.

Considering Dietary Restrictions

If my dog has allergies or requires a grain-free diet, I'm careful to pick a subscription service that can accommodate these dietary restrictions. BarkBox offers the option to customise for food allergies, which I find essential for maintaining my dog's health and wellbeing.

Evaluating Subscription Flexibility

I prefer a subscription that allows me to control the frequency of deliveries and has a straightforward auto-renewal policy. BarkBox and PupBox both offer a range of subscription plans, with monthly, 6-month, and 12-month options. BarkBox's long-term plans are more affordable, which I consider when making a long-term commitment.

Conclusion & Personal Recommendation

two boxes sit side by side on a wooden floor, each adorned with playful illustrations and filled with dog toys and treats

In this comparison, I've taken a detailed look at both Barkbox vs Pupbox, focusing on their offerings, pricing, and target audiences.

Who is BarkBox best for?

BarkBox is ideal for dog owners seeking themed monthly surprises. This service is especially suitable for those who prefer a service that caters to dogs of various ages and sizes, with options for customisation based on your dog's preferences and potential allergies. The flexibility in their plans also allows owners to choose the most convenient subscription according to their budget.

Who is Pupbox best for?

On the other hand, PupBox tends to be a better match for new puppy owners who could benefit from age-specific items and training materials. It's a comprehensive service that supports the growth stages of puppies, providing not just toys and treats but also useful training and grooming products, albeit at a somewhat higher cost.


For those who might not find either box suitable, various alternatives exist in the market. Some services specialise in eco-friendly toys and all-natural treats, while others focus on boxes for specific dog sizes or dietary needs. It's worth researching to find the best fit for your canine companion.

Final Word

I believe that the decision between Barkbox vs Pupbox should be guided by the specific needs and life stage of your dog. Whether you prioritise training aids or a wider range of products for an older dog will determine the most suitable pick. Consider your budget and your dog's needs carefully before subscribing to either service.

However, if you ask me, I go for Barkbox as comparison winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

a stack of dog-themed question cards with "barkbox vs pupbox" written on top, surrounded by playful dog toys and treats

In this section, I address some of the most common queries about the differences between Barkbox vs Pupbox subscription services to help you decide which might be the right fit for your furry friend.

What are the key differences between BarkBox and PupBox subscription services?

Barkbox vs Pupbox differ primarily in their target audience and content focus. BarkBox caters to dogs of all ages and sizes with thematic toys and treats. In contrast, PupBox is tailored for puppies, offering age-specific items that include training materials.

Which subscription service is considered more cost-effective, BarkBox or PupBox?

When comparing the cost of Barkbox vs Pupbox, BarkBox is generally less expensive than PupBox. With BarkBox, the cost per box decreases with the duration of your subscription, potentially making it more budget-friendly over time.

How do BarkBox and PupBox compare in terms of suitability for puppies?

While BarkBox is designed for dogs of all ages, PupBox specialises in products suitable for young puppies, including training guides to support a puppy's development stages.

Are there notable variations in the types of products offered by BarkBox and PupBox?

Yes, there are significant differences. BarkBox often focuses on creating a themed experience with toys and treats, whereas PupBox includes not only toys and treats but also training and grooming items, customised to the developmental stage of the puppy.

Can BarkBox be an appropriate choice for puppies, or is it designed for older dogs?

BarkBox can still be an appropriate choice for puppies as you can customise the box to fit your dog's needs. However, it's more of an all-ages service and doesn't provide the same level of puppy-specific items and information as PupBox does.

What are some alternative subscription services to BarkBox and PupBox mentioned on forums like Reddit?

Dog owners on platforms like Reddit discuss various alternatives for pet subscriptions. While specific names are often changing as new services debut, established alternatives like KONG Club and Pet Treater are frequently mentioned alongside BarkBox and PupBox for their curated selection of pet products.

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