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Saundra is a freelance tech writer and has been for the past 9 years. She is a gadget junkie who’s always on the lookout for new products that can enhance life and living. She is a travel bug and coffee connoisseur and dreams of going to the Arctic someday.


Ultimate KoreScale Reviews 2022: Worth It Or Not?

Beauty & Personal Care , Electronics ,

The KoreScale Gen 2 generates the data as you stand on the scale, syncing it with the KoreHealth app on your phone.

28 September, 2022
Gopure October 10321 1

Honest GoPure Pod Review 2022: Is It a Scam or Not?

Beauty & Personal Care , Home & Kitchen ,

Diatomaceous earth, a natural filtration agent, forms the purification core of a standard GoPurePod.

28 September, 2022
Cooledge 32

Simplified CoolEdge Aircon Review 2022: Buy It or Skip It?

Home & Kitchen ,

The CoolEdge Personal Air Conditioner is a handy thing to have on hand regardless of the seasons as you can use it to both cool your space and keep the air within from getting too dry.

27 September, 2022
Primal Mind Fuel 3 Tereza Krasteva

Honest Primal Mind Fuel Reviews 2022: Does It Work Or Not?

Beauty & Personal Care ,

Nootropics are better than coffee in terms of improving mental alertness at work or play, and Primal Mind Fuel is a good source of these supplemental nutrients.

5 September, 2022
Tactical X Drone 3

Practical and Honest Tactical X Drone Reviews 2022: Worth Buying or Not?

Electronics ,

In this review, we will discuss the merits of the Tactical X Drone and whether it would be a help or hindrance to professionals considering it for their work.

5 September, 2022
Img4 20 20Ngoc 20Dang

Honest RangeXTD Router Review 2022: Should You Buy It or Not?

Electronics , Home & Kitchen ,

While the use of signal boosters are frowned upon by many telecommunications companies, one usually doesn’t have a choice but to use them in order to get any work done either at home or in the office. 

3 September, 2022
Drone Extreme 2

Our Simple and Unbiased Drone Extreme Review 2022: Worth Buying Or Not?

Electronics ,

But, as we’re so fond of saying, not all drones are made alike. Some just have a superior performance compared to others. In today’s review of the DroneXtreme, we’ll see if this device has the moxie to perform well in the field.

26 August, 2022
Karben 1

Honest Karben Wallet Review 2022: Is It Worth It or Not?

Consumer Product ,

Introduction to our Karben Wallet Review Welcome to our Karben wallet review! A wallet is one of the handiest things you need to have on your person. It holds your money, your credit or debit […]

23 August, 2022
Enence Translator F

Simplified Muama Enence Reviews 2022: Is This Translator Legit Or Not?

Electronics ,

As with other instant translation devices, the Muama Enence should not be expected to do letter-perfect translations of what you’re saying. But, for casual translation to make yourself understood (and to understand those around you) when you’re overseas, it’s a helpful little gadget to have.

2 August, 2022