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Autel Evo Nano Plus Review 2024: Discover the Ultimate Drone Experience 📸 🚀

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Product Name: Autel EVO Nano Plus

Product Description: The Autel Evo Nano Plus is a compact and advanced drone that offers exceptional performance and features for aerial photography and videography, packed into a small and portable design.

Offer price: 679.00

Currency: USD

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Personal Experience Summary

Embarking on my first flight with the Autel Evo Nano+ was an electrifying experience. As I launched it into the sky, I felt a rush of excitement coursing through me. The drone responded swiftly to my commands, maneuvering gracefully through the air with unparalleled precision. Capturing stunning aerial shots became effortless, thanks to the Nano+'s advanced stabilization technology. From sweeping landscapes to intricate details, every moment was immortalized in crystal-clear clarity.

Navigating through different flight modes was a breeze, allowing me to unleash my creativity and capture dynamic footage from various angles. Despite its compact size, the Nano+ proved to be a powerhouse, delivering impressive performance and enduring battery life. Whether I was exploring remote landscapes or capturing action-packed scenes, this drone exceeded all expectations.

With each flight, I found myself delving deeper into the world of aerial photography, fueled by the limitless possibilities that the Autel Evo Nano+ offered.

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


  • Compact and portable design
  • Advanced features for aerial photography
  • High-quality camera with stabilized footage
  • Long battery life for extended flights
  • Intelligent flight modes for enhanced control


  • Limited range compared to larger drones
  • Smaller payload capacity
  • Higher price point for its size
  • Limited availability of accessories
  • Learning curve for beginners

Introduction to our Autel EVO Nano Plus Review

Welcome to the skies with our comprehensive Autel EVO Nano Plus review!

Diving into the compact drone market, the Autel EVO Nano+ stands out as a noteworthy option for both amateur and professional aerial photographers. Its size belies its capabilities, packing a suite of advanced features into a sub-250g body. This lightweight build not only makes it exceptionally portable but also frees users from the burden of aviation authority registration in many regions. As the trend for smaller drones continues, the EVO Nano+ has entered the ring to go toe-to-toe with popular models like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, with enthusiasts eager to compare the two.

The EVO Nano+ features a capable camera system that raises the bar for drones of its size, offering 50MP stills and 4K video, supported by a 3-axis gimbal for stability. The drone's design is not just about performance; it’s also about convenience and accessibility, which Autel Robotics has focussed on to enhance the user experience. On that front, the manufacturer claims that the Evo Nano+ is equipped with Level 5 wind resistance which could potentially distinguish it in its class for its stability in varied conditions. As for pricing, the drone is positioned competitively, offering different package options, including the Autel EVO Nano Plus Premium, which provides additional accessories for a more complete flying experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Autel EVO Nano+ is a lightweight drone that promises high-end photography and videography capabilities.
  • Its design and build make it convenient for users while providing robust performance in varying conditions.
  • Competitive pricing and package options such as the premium bundle offer flexibility for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Overview of Autel EVO Nano Series

Before I go into the specifics in this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, let's talk about the Nano series.

The Autel EVO Nano series represents a major stride in my drone collection, especially with the introduction of the Nano+ model. As someone who admires cutting-edge technology, I find the Nano+ drone to be a testament to Autel's commitment to innovation. This series is especially notable for its foldable design, which makes it a compelling choice for aerial photographers like myself who value portability.

One of the talking points of the series is its sub-250g design, exempting it from certain regulations and offering unparalleled freedom in the skies. My experience with the EVO Nano+ has been enhanced by its lightweight nature without compromising on performance.

I relish the robust build quality and sleek aesthetics Autel has managed to pack into such a small frame. It's clear that considerable thought has gone into the ergonomic design, making it effortless to handle and deploy during my photographic ventures.

Additionally, the EVO Nano series is equipped with advanced features that rival heavier drones. The Nano+ model, which I use, boasts a substantial camera sensor that enables me to capture stunning, high-resolution photographs and videos. It's thrilling to see a drone this compact offer obstacle avoidance, a feature that I've found to be incredibly helpful in maintaining the safety of my flights.

The Autel EVO Nano+ has won my favour with its competitive pricing, and it often tempts me to choose it over its contemporaries when planning a shoot. While comparing it to alternatives like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, it's evident that the Nano+ provides compelling value, solidifying its position in my drone lineup.

Design and Build Quality

When examining the drone for this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, I immediately notice its durable construction and well-thought-out design features that cater to portability without compromising on build quality.

Compact Form Factor

The Autel EVO Nano Plus is designed with a compact form factor in mind. It's impressively portable, boasting a foldable design that makes it exceptionally easy to store and transport. The drone's light weight further complements its portable nature, allowing me to easily carry it in a bag or even a large pocket. What strikes me is how Autel has managed to integrate a solid build quality into such a small and lightweight body, thus offering both convenience and reliability.

Available Colours

The EVO Nano Plus drone comes in an appealing range of colours, tailored to personal preference and style. You'll find it in Blazing Red, Arctic White, Deep Space Gray, and Autel's signature Autel Orange. These colour options provide a sense of variety and personalisation, giving me the freedom to choose a drone that suits my taste. Each of these colours adds to the drone's sleek appearance, with the choice of a vivid Blazing Red or a more subdued Deep Space Gray, among others, ensuring the drone stands out in both aesthetics and functionality.

Camera and Imaging Capabilities

When examining the camera prowess of the Autel Evo Nano Plus in this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, I must highlight its impressive 4K video capabilities and the 50MP photo mode, brought to life by the robust 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor. The camera benefits significantly from its f/1.9 aperture and RYYB colour filter array, enhancing low light performance.

Camera Specifications

The Evo Nano Plus features a camera with a sizeable 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor which is a standout for drones of its class. It supports a high-resolution 50MP photo mode, allowing for incredibly detailed images. A noteworthy aspect of this drone's camera is its f/1.9 aperture lens, which gives me excellent low-light capabilities. Additionally, it records video in 4K resolution, ensuring that the footage I capture is crisp and rich with detail.

Advanced Photography Features

The camera system utilises a unique RYYB colour filter array, which distinguishes it from standard RGB arrays by providing superior low-light performance. In terms of focusing, the drone employs both PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) and CDAF (Contrast Detection Autofocus), enhancing the speed and accuracy of focusing in diverse shooting environments. This functionality is crucial when I need reliable autofocus performance in dynamic settings.

Video and Flight Features

autel evo nano plus review

In my Autel Nano Plus review, I've found that its video capabilities and flight features stand out, particularly for a drone of its size, offering robust performance that's worthy of note.

Video Performance

Video Quality: The Autel EVO Nano Plus captures footage in 4K resolution, ensuring crisp and detailed aerial videos. Its large 1/1.28″ CMOS sensor maximises light intake, enhancing low-light performance, a feature often highlighted in user reviews. With an adjustable aperture ranging to f/1.9, it takes clear and bright images even in dim conditions. Notably, digital zoom allows for getting closer to subjects without moving the drone, maintaining a safe distance while still securing the shot.

Stability and Transmission: The stability of the video is smooth, owing to the drone's solid flight performance and three-way obstacle avoidance system that keeps it safe from unintended obstacles. Moreover, the video transmission is reliable, with minimal latency, which is essential when framing shots or navigating through complex environments.

Flight Modes and Controls

For this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, what about flight modes and controls?

Flight Modes: My exploration of its flight capabilities reveals multiple intelligent flight modes that are engaging and user-friendly. Whether it's tracking a moving subject with Rocket, Orbit, or Flick modes, or utilising Fade Away for dramatic departure shots, the EVO Nano Plus adapts to diverse filming needs. I've noticed that these modes contribute to an intuitive flying experience, especially for pilots looking to create cinematic footage with minimal effort.

Flight Time and Controls: With a respectable flight time, pilots can enjoy extended periods in the air to capture the desired footage. The return-to-home feature is particularly useful and operates smoothly, which is reassuring when flying at a distance or when the battery gets low. Ludicrous mode stands out among its controls, providing a notable surge in speed, which could be handy for experienced pilots under certain conditions.

In summary, the Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus impresses with commendable video and flight features for its class, which include high-quality 4K video, effective obstacle avoidance, and various intelligent flight modes that enhance the overall user experience.

Drone and Remote Specifications

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As a tech enthusiast, I’m captivated by the technical intricacies of drones, particularly when it comes to their design and functionality. This section in my Autel EVO Nano Plus review delves into the precise specifications of the Autel EVO Nano Plus and its remote control, covering everything from size to connectivity.

Size and Weight Details

The Autel EVO Nano Plus impresses with its compact and portable build. The drone is foldable, making it an ideal travel companion, and it tips the scales at a mere 249 grams. When unfolded, its dimensions are 142×94×55mm, and it maintains a low-profile stature even when ready for flight.

Controller and Autonomy

The paired controller is ergonomically designed and ensures ease of handling for prolonged flying sessions. With built-in GPS capabilities, it complements the drone's autonomous flight modes. The Autel Sky App guides you through each flight, garnering a smooth piloting experience.

Battery and Charging

For this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, how goos is its battery system? Equipped with an intelligent battery system, the EVO Nano Plus promises prolonged periods of flight time. The battery used is a Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) which can be conveniently charged with the included charger. The drone aims for efficiency, offering admirable battery life within its class.

Connectivity and Range

Boasting Autel SkyLink video transmission technology, the drone maintains robust connectivity over considerable distances. The range of the signal allows pilots to explore far-flung vistas up to a distance of 10km, while ensuring the video feed remains crystal clear on your remote control display.

Autel Sky App Integration

I find the integration of the Autel Sky App with the Autel EVO Nano+ to be a seamless and vital component of the drone flying experience. In this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, it enriches the interaction between the drone and the pilot through its intuitive interface and powerful features.

App Features and Compatibility

Primarily, the Autel Sky App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring broad accessibility regardless of the user's smartphone preference. I can attest to its comprehensive set of features that provide real-time telemetry data, including GPS location, altitude, speed, and battery life. Moreover, the interface facilitates quick and easy access to camera settings and flight parameters, greatly enhancing my control over the drone. For instance, when using Autel's app, I can toggle between various flight modes, adjust camera exposure settings and manage aircraft calibration all from the convenience of my smartphone.

Flight Data Management

My flight data management becomes remarkably efficient with the Autel Sky App. It reliably logs every flight, stores telemetry data, and even tracks the GPS path taken, which I can revisit any time. This is particularly beneficial for reviewing past flights and assessing flying patterns. The SD card in the Autel EVO Nano+ is accessible via the app, allowing me to download photos and videos directly to my smartphone. This feature is quite practical, especially when I want to quickly share my aerial captures or free up storage space without needing to physically handle the SD card.

The integration of the Autel Sky App with the EVO Nano+ is a perfect example of how software can complement and enhance the hardware's functionality, making the flying experience more enjoyable and controlled.

Regulatory Considerations

autel evo nano plus 6

When it comes to operating drones such as the Autel EVO Nano Plus or the DJI Mini 3 Pro, my primary concern is adhering to the regulatory requirements set by aviation authorities. In this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, these regulations ensure safe and legal drone operation.

FAA Registration Requirements

I understand that drones exceeding a certain weight threshold must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before they can be flown legally in the US. The critical metric to look out for is the weight limit of 250 grams; any unmanned aerial vehicle that weighs more than this needs to be registered. Essential details about the Autel EVO Nano Plus and the DJI Mini 3 Pro:

  • Autel EVO Nano Plus: It weighs less than 250 grams, which typically does not necessitate FAA registration for recreational use.
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro: Similarly, if it falls below the 250-gram mark, registration would not be required for non-professional flights.

Additionally, for both drones, should they be used for commercial purposes, other FAA rules might come into play, regardless of their weight. It is imperative to stay updated with the FAA's guidelines, as changes could impose different requirements that could affect the operation of sub-250g drones like these. Moreover, flying drones necessitates a consideration of privacy laws and regulations, which can vary by jurisdiction.

Always check and comply with local laws to ensure there's no infringement on personal privacy. Remember, while the FAA provides overarching rules, local regulations also need to be considered for a complete understanding of my legal requirements as a drone operator.

User Experience and Accessibility

When considering the Autel Evo Nano Plus in this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, it's paramount to examine the user experience and accessibility. This drone garners attention for its ease of use and comprehensive features that cater to both novice and seasoned flyers.

For Beginners and Experienced Pilots

I find that the Autel Evo Nano Plus is an exceptional choice regardless of your experience level. For beginners, the drone is manageable, with intuitive controls and a streamlined user interface. Meanwhile, experienced pilots can exploit advanced settings and sharp flight performance, which allows for more complex manoeuvres and flight patterns.

Flight Learning Curve

The flight learning curve for the Evo Nano Plus is impressive. I've observed new users getting comfortable with basic operations in a single flight session. The drone’s stability and obstacle avoidance technology contribute to this, providing a safety net for learners. For advanced pilots, mastering the full range of capabilities can be quick due to the drone's responsive nature and clear instructions.

How to Use?

To operate the Evo Nano Plus, I follow a straightforward process. Firstly, ensure the drone's battery is fully charged. Next, unfold the drone, and link it with the remote control, which straightforwardly syncs with the Autel Sky app on my mobile device. Before takeoff, it's crucial to calibrate the drone's compass and check for firmware updates. After completing these steps, I can launch the drone and navigate using the joystick controls, accessing different flight modes and camera settings with minimal fuss.

In terms of flight performance, the Evo Nano Plus handles exquisitely. It’s evident during flights that Autel has optimised this drone for superior stability and image capture, which shines through particularly in challenging environments. The price point sits comfortably against its features, making it an attractive option for anyone looking to invest in a quality flying experience. Access to the premium bundle provides additional batteries, expanding flight time substantially—a valuable add-on for any pilot's toolkit.

When comparing the DJI Mini 3 Pro with the Autel Nano Plus, it's clear that both drones offer compelling features, but the choice between them may come down to specific user preferences like camera quality or flight time. This comparison is particularly relevant for pilots who are deciding on a drone that fits their experience level and usage desires.

Accessories and Add-Ons

autel evo nano plus 4

Exploring the range of accessories and add-ons for the Autel EVO Nano+ can significantly enhance your drone experience. For this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, whether you're looking to extend flight time or protect your investment, the right accessories can make all the difference.

Battery and Storage Options

The Autel EVO Nano+ offers a standard flight battery that provides a robust flight time, but for those long days of shooting, having spare batteries is a must. I recommend looking for the Premium Bundle which typically includes multiple batteries, ensuring extended flight sessions. For storage, investing in a high-capacity SD card is essential, as the drone's 50MP camera can fill up storage quickly. The right SD card will also ensure that you can capture footage at the maximum resolution without interruption.

Carrying Cases and Protection

A good carrying case is indispensable for drone pilots. The Autel Nano Plus drone is no exception. The cases are designed to protect your drone against bumps and scrapes when on the move. They often feature custom-cut foam inserts that keep your drone and its accessories snug and safe. Additionally, propeller guards and gimbal protectors are available to help prevent damage during transport and operation. If you buy a Premium package, it typically includes a rugged case that's tailor-made for the EVO Nano+ and its accessories, providing an extra layer of protection and convenience.

Performance in Different Conditions

In my examination of the Autel EVO Nano Plus, I've found its capabilities to handle various weather conditions and wind resistance to be particularly noteworthy.

Weather and Wind Resistance

The Autel EVO Nano Plus shows commendable resilience in challenging weather. I've observed that its stability remains mostly unfazed even when subjecting it to moderate winds. This is a result of its sturdy build and aerodynamic design, which allow it to maintain a steady flight path.

In terms of wind resistance, the EVO Nano+ impressively withstands gusts, maintaining altitude and position with minimal drift. Its operational tolerance appears acceptable even at the higher spectrum of the wind scale it's rated for, which is a significant achievement for a drone in the sub-250g category.

Users' Autel EVO Nano Plus Reviews

autel evo nano plus 5

When considering the Autel EVO Nano+, I find it helpful to investigate what users have to say. Many have shared their thoughts across platforms like TrustPilot and Reddit, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the drone's performance from a user perspective.

  • Camera Quality: Users remark that the 50MP camera of the Autel EVO Nano+ offers stunning clarity. The camera's larger sensor and fast lens compare favourably with rivals, such as the DJI Mini 2.

  • Flight Performance: In terms of wind resistance, users often note its capability to handle gusts reliably, aligning closely with the maker’s claims of Level 5 wind resistance; keeping steady in winds between 19-24mph.

  • Obstacle Avoidance: This is frequently highlighted as a defining feature. The inclusion of 3-way obstacle avoidance sets the EVO Nano+ apart, with users appreciating the added safety this brings to their flying experience.

  • Price: On the topic of the Autel EVO Nano+ price, feedback generally leans towards satisfaction, with users finding the cost reasonable given the drone's suite of features.

  • Comparable Models: Discussions on Reddit encompass comparisons to models like the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Users are often split between brand loyalty and feature sets. While DJI holds tradition, the EVO Nano+ earns credit for its advanced sensor and obstacle avoidance features.

  • Battery Life: Comments about the battery life typically reflect contentment, with the flight time meeting or exceeding users' expectations.

  • Portability: The sub-250g weight class is a major selling point; users enjoy not needing to register the drone in many jurisdictions, which enhances its appeal for those seeking a portable and less regulated flying experience.

From these reviews, I have observed a consistent theme of approval for the drone's advanced features among the consumer base. However, practical experiences vary, and I always recommend thorough research before making a purchase decision.

Customer Service Experience

When I purchased the Autel EVO Nano Plus, my experience with customer service was notably straightforward. In this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, Autel Robotics offers customer support that I found to be both accessible and proficient. Their support team is available through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring I could reach out at my convenience.

Here is a breakdown of my experience with Autel Robotics' customer support as I review Autel EVO Nano:

  • Response Time: I received prompt replies whenever I contacted customer support. The email response came within a few hours, and the live chat provided immediate assistance.
  • Knowledgeability: The representatives possessed a thorough understanding of the EVO Nano Plus and were capable of addressing my technical concerns efficiently.
  • Assistance Quality: I was guided through troubleshooting steps that were clear and easy to follow. This hands-on approach promptly resolved my issues.
  • Follow-Up: Impressively, I received follow-up communication to ensure my concerns had been entirely resolved, which speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

My experience with customer service was enhanced by the availability of informational resources on their website, including a comprehensive FAQ and downloadable manuals for the EVO Nano Plus.

AspectRating (Out of 5)
Technical Expertise4
Resource Availability5

Note: The drone's price might fluctuate, which is why I always recommend checking the most recent Autel EVO Nano Plus price for the latest deals.

I have not had a first-hand comparison of DJI's customer service regarding their Mini 3 Pro, but from second-hand accounts, it appears to be on par with what I experienced with Autel Robotics.

Autel Nano Plus Price and Variants

In this Autel EVO Nano Plus review, what about its pricing? The Autel EVO Nano Plus comes in a range of options tailored to suit different needs and budgets. Knowing the details of each variant, how it compares in price to competitors, and understanding the policies around purchase and ownership are key to making an informed decision.

Standard vs Premium Bundle

The Autel EVO Nano Plus is available in two primary packages: the Standard Bundle and the Premium Bundle. The Standard Bundle offers the essential items needed to operate the drone, while the Premium Bundle includes additional batteries and accessories, enhancing the flight experience and extending flying time. The Premium Bundle is notably more expensive, but for frequent users, the extra investment can be highly valuable.

evo nano plus pricing

Price Comparison with Competitors

When considering the pricing of the Autel Evo Nano Plus, it's important to compare it with peer products like the DJI Mini 3 Pro. The base price of the Autel drone is often found to be competitive, offering a strong balance of features and price.

Product Availability

The Autel Evo Nano Plus is typically available through major online retailers, specialised drone stores, and directly from the Autel website.

Global Availability

Autel has made the Evo Nano Plus available in many countries, however, prices and shipping options might vary depending on the region.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Some retailers offer a money-back guarantee within a specified period, provided the product is returned in its original condition. It is prudent to check the refund policy at the point of purchase.


Autel typically provides a standard warranty for the Evo Nano Plus; details are available on their official website or through authorised retailers.

Shipping (Domestic, International, Tracking, Fees)

Shipping options can include domestic and international delivery, with many sellers offering tracking services. There might be additional fees for international shipping or expedited delivery.

Return Policy

Most retailers have a set return policy that allows for returns within a certain time frame as long as the product is unopened and in its original packaging. It's always recommended to review the return policy in detail before completing a purchase.

To ensure you have your money's worth, protect yourself by buying this drone only through their official website.

Other Stores

Beware of reseller sites, like on AmazoneBayFacebook Marketplace, to avoid possible refund policy issues.

Comparative Analysis

In this section of our Autel EVO Nano drone review, we will scrutinise how the Autel EVO Nano Plus stands when compared to DJI's popular Mini series, focusing specifically on features, performance, and price points.

Drone ModelPriceCamera QualityBattery LifeRangeFeaturesUser-Friendliness
DJI Mavic Air 2$79948MP, 4K/60fps34 min10 kmObstacle detection, FoldableEasy
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0$1,59920MP, 4K/60fps30 min7 kmCollision sensing, 360-degree cameraModerate
Autel Robotics EVO II$1,49548MP, 8K/25fps40 min9 kmDual sensors, 360-degree obstacle avoidanceModerate
DJI Mini 2$44912MP, 4K/30fps31 min10 kmUltra-light, Level 5 wind resistanceEasy
Parrot Anafi$69921MP, 4K HDR25 min4 km180-degree tilt gimbal, Ultra-compactEasy
Skydio 2$1,34912.3MP, 4K/60fps27 min3.5 kmAutonomy system, Follow-cam modeAdvanced
Yuneec Typhoon H3$2,19920MP, 4K/60fps25 min2 kmHexacopter, Professional-grade cameraModerate
DJI Mavic 2 Pro$1,59920MP, 4K/30fps31 min8 kmAdjustable aperture, Omnidirectional sensingEasy
Hubsan Zino Pro$4394K/30fps23 min4 kmDetachable camera, Budget-friendlyEasy
PowerVision PowerEgg X$89912MP, 4K/60fps30 min6 kmWater landing mode, AI cameraModerate

Against DJI Mini Series

The Autel EVO Nano Plus distinguishes itself with a 1/1.28″ sensor, which is larger than the DJI Mini 2‘s 1/2.3″ sensor, offering potential benefits in image quality, especially in low light conditions. I noticed that the Nano Plus, much like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, boasts Level 5 wind resistance, capable of withstanding gusts up to 19-24mph. This places it on par with certain models in the DJI Mini series in terms of stability in windy conditions.

When it comes to pricing, I found that the starting price for the Nano Plus can be steep when compared to the DJI Mini 2. The Nano Plus often includes a variety of bundles, with the Autel EVO Nano Plus Premium bundle offering additional batteries and accessories, inevitably raising the price. In comparison, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is similarly priced, but it is worth noting that DJI offers more budget-friendly options like the Mini SE and Mini 2.

I observed that the Autel Nano Plus trumps in the sensor department, it is yet to make a name in user experience and software polish where DJI excels, particularly with their DJI Fly app. DJI also has a broader range of accessories and has generally been praised for its reliability and ease of use across its entire drone lineup, including the DJI Air 2S.

For prospective buyers weighing the DJI Mini 3 Pro against the Autel EVO Nano Plus, I'd emphasise considering what features matter most – such as camera quality, flight time, or budget constraints. The DJI Mini 3 Pro has a slightly longer flight time and advanced features like ActiveTrack, whereas the Autel Nano Plus has a larger sensor that could be critical for those prioritising image quality.

Conclusion & Personal Recommendation

In this final part of our exploration, we'll appraise the Autel EVO Nano Plus drone's optimal uses, its less suitable applications, and my definitive stance on its place in the market.

What is it best used for?

The Autel EVO Nano Plus is a masterclass in portability and imaging for enthusiastic photographers and videographers who demand high-quality footage from a drone that can slip into a coat pocket. Here's a comparison listing the offers available. Its 50MP camera, combined with a 1/1.28″ CMOS sensor, ensures crisp, detailed images even in challenging light conditions. The obstacle avoidance capability makes it a reliable choice for navigating in cluttered spaces.

Moreover, its size doesn’t only comply with regulations but also makes it a companion for travels and outdoor adventures. Given the drone's extended battery life, one can enjoy prolonged flight sessions – an aspect particularly alluring for adventurers and travel vloggers.

What is not best used for?

This drone may not be the go-to option for professional filmmakers who require advanced flight patterns, heavy payload capabilities, and longer endurance in varied weather conditions. The EVO Nano Plus, while advanced, does lack the robustness for complex commercial cinematography tasks. If your activities involve adverse weather or the necessity for more extended hovering time, you might want to explore specialised professional drones.

Final Word

My appraisal of the Autel EVO Nano Plus sets it as a top contender in the sub-250g category. Its imaging prowess is second to none in its class, despite the competition such as the DJI Mini 3 Pro. The price point is justified for the premium quality and features it offers.

If your criteria include lightweight, remarkable image quality, and user-friendly experience, the Nano Plus drone fits the bill. As for myself, the mix of these features at the price offered makes the Autel EVO Nano Plus my recommended choice for most aerial photography enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Autel EVO Nano Plus to help you understand its features and capabilities better.

What are the improvements in the Autel EVO Nano Plus over its predecessor?

The Autel EVO Nano Plus boasts significant advancements compared to its predecessor, including a more capable camera with a larger sensor for better low-light performance and higher resolution images. Its obstacle avoidance system has been enhanced, providing safer flight experiences.

How does the battery life of the Autel Nano Plus compare with other drones in its class?

My research indicates that the battery life of the Autel Nano Plus is on par with other drones in its class, offering approximately 28 minutes of flight time under ideal conditions, which is competitive with market offerings.

Can the Autel EVO Nano Plus be effectively used for tracking moving subjects with its 'follow me' feature?

The ‘follow me' feature in the Autel EVO Nano Plus is designed to track moving subjects smoothly and reliably. However, performance may vary depending on environmental conditions and the speed of the subject.

What distinguishes the Autel Nano Plus from the DJI Mini 3 Pro in terms of performance and features?

The Autel Nano Plus drone stands out with its robust camera specifications, including a larger sensor size and RYYB sensor technology. These features may provide distinct advantages in image quality over the DJI Mini 3 Pro, especially in varied lighting conditions.

What country is responsible for the manufacturing of Autel drones?

Autel drones are manufactured by Autel Robotics, a company headquartered in China. They are known for their innovation and competitive presence in the drone market.

How does the maximum velocity of the Autel Nano Plus compare to other consumer drones?

The maximum velocity of the Autel Nano Plus is approximately 15 metres per second, which offers a balance between speed and control, ensuring it can keep up with fast-paced subjects while still being manageable for pilots of different skill levels.

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